Chaka by SlimX

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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] / JoJo's Venture 
(Arcade / Dreamcast)

Chaka / Chaca Character Guide

Version 2.1

Written by / Copyright 1999, 2001  Kenneth "SlimX" Miller

kiri tarine!!
"I must slash more!!"

I. Introduction
II. Character Information
III. Description of Notation
IV. Normal Attacks Analysis
V. Hissatsuwaza [special attacks] Analysis
VI. Chouhissatsuwaza [super attacks] Analysis
VII. Some Useful Combos
VIII. Strategy
IX. Style
X. Intro / Ending
XI. Conclusion
XII. To Be Added
XIII. Version History

I. Introduction

I started playing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo's Venture) pretty much as soon
as I saw it (soon after it came out in US arcades) and the character I put the
most (read: all) work into was Chaca. (While he's referred to as both Chaca and
Chaka in the game, (Chaka is correct) his name is Chaca on the character
select screen, so I have chosen to spell it this way for the purpose of
clarity.) I really like Chaca (as opposed to the other characters) because of
several factors:

1. His Stand is a weapon as opposed to another human shaped character or
follower of some sort like most of the others.
2. He doesn't have any cheap, throw-away moves that are easy to use with little
effort like projectiles or Stand projection moves like most characters have.
(Even Joseph, who also has a "hand-held" Stand, has a long distance grab move
that is not vulnerable from far away.)
3. His reversal is a really useful and original move.
4. Great combos
5. Swords are cool

. . . and plenty of other little things. (The cackling he screeches as he
performs his multi-slash super comes to mind.)

In general, Chaca is a character that takes skill and creativity to use well.
Since he lacks many of the abilities that most of the other characters have
(in that his Stand does not act as a separate attacker), he is a little more
difficult to play. He's a lot of fun, however, and, in my opinion, the best
character in the game. (If not, why would I write this?) Now, I've not seriously
played the rest of the characters, but I've tried most of them out a few times
and seen plenty of other people use them (sometimes while losing to me) and
remain steadfast in my opinion of Chaca.

BTW, the quote at the beginning of this guide is what Chaca says when he wins a

Note: Some of my explanations of the attacks and techniques can get rather
lengthy, but I assure you, it's worth the time to read it. If it's not
important, I won't write it.

Another Note: Any phrases like "I just figured out" or "recently" were written
in the original versions of the guide (in 1999), and are now "outdated" in the
(obvious) sense that they are no longer recent.

II. Character Information

Here's a quick description of his storyline and his differences in play style 
from the other characters.

Chaca's Stand is the Anubis Sword, which contains the spirit of a swordsmith
from 500 years ago. Whomever draws the Anubis Sword becomes its servant and,
if Chaca is any indication, a crazed killer. I did get a response via e-mail on
Chaca's origins in the manga, thanks to Monster Turtle (
I'll just quote it as I received it:

"Anyway, Chaca WAS in the manga, albeit briefly, if I remember right. He was the
guy who attacked Polenareff with the Anubis sword in Cairo.  Polenareff kicked
his ass, but then picked up the Anubis sword and was posessed.  After that,
Jotaro had to break the sword, and eventually they managed to throw the sword
into the river."

So there ya go. =)

Chaca plays very differently from all the other characters except Joseph (not to
say he plays like Joseph) because his Stand is a weapon he wields by hand
instead of a helper that fights near or with him as its own entity. Joseph's
Stand is similar (in that it's attached to his hand and used as a weapon), but
of course his play style is also rather different. Because of this, I have not
included any technique on using the tandem attack with Chaca. Chaca's tandem
attack, like Joseph's, involves his rushing out at high speed with the ability
to chain many attacks as your Stand would normally do with most characters. It's
difficult to use this tandem effectively and it's dangerous, so I always
recommend saving that super bar for an actual super move. Chaca also lacks any
other moves that involve sending out the Stand in an attack and should basically
be considered to be without a Stand at all as far as all normal attacking and
defending is concerned.


Attack button: Tan shirt, brown pants, red scabbard
Stand button: Dark orange shirt, dark brown pants, light blue scabbard

III. Description of Notation

In this guide, I use what I call the Universal Numeric Direction Key, which,
while not given that name, is popularly used in Japanese game guides and I
desperately wish it would catch on in the US. It's very compact and standard to
all games. If you have a numeric keypad on your computer, it's
easy to figure out, but I'll draw it out anyway. Imagine a joystick coming out
of the 5 on the keypad and you push it in the direction indicated by the number
like so:

 7  8  9
  \ | /
 4- 5 -6
  / | \
 1  2  3

So the classic fireball motion of down, down-forward, forward would be written
as 236. It's very simple.

As far as attack buttons, I'll use the same as listed on Capcom's page of Weak,
Medium (middle), and Strong.

All commands assume Chaca is facing to the right. Reverse when facing left.

Importantly, to avoid confusion with the word Stand as part of the play system -
I shall describe all attacks performed while holding the stick in a downward
direction as "Low" attacks.
All attacks performed while keeping the stick in a vertically neutral position
are referred to as "High" attacks (instead of the commonly used "standing")
All attacks performed while jumping are referred to as "Air" attacks

Overall, I assume you understand the basics of the game before reading this
guide. If you don't, then read Kelvin Koh's beginner's guide located at

IV. Normal Attack Analysis

Here, I'll describe all of Chaca's normal attacks performed with only one button
press (or in the case of command attacks, forward + one button). To avoid a
silly rating system, I've listed what I think is good about each move following
a + symbol and what is not good about the move following a - symbol, then a
listing of its general priority against other characters' attacks via a "low"
"medium" "high" description. You can draw your own conclusions as to how you'd
rate the attack based on this.


Weak: Low short kick

 + Can chain two together
 + High speed
 - Low damage
 - Short range
 Priority: High

Medium: Low sliding kick

 + Good range
 + High speed
 - Can be thrown if guarded
 Priority: High

Strong: Quick sword slash

Chaca quickly pulls the sword out of the scabbard and slashes diagonally
up-forward before returning it to its sheath.

 + Good against jump-in attacks if timed correctly
 + Very fast
 - Very short range
 - Will not hit if opponent is crouching
 Priority: Medium


Weak: Stab with sword hilt

 + Good for surprise
 + Can chain two
 - Short range
 Priority: Medium

Medium: Shin kick

Chaca does a low, very short range kick with a tiny slide forward

 + Nothing. This move sucks.
 - Short range
 - This move is terrible. Don't use it at all.
 Priority: Low

Strong: Long front kick

 + Good range
 + Good speed
 - Long recovery
 Priority: Medium

Be careful with this move. It's good if you connect or even if it's guarded, but
if you miss with it, it's easy to eat a fast moving super.


Weak: Quick downward kick

 + Good at snuffing attacks as you jump in
 - Poor air to air attack
 Priority (air to air): Low
 Priority (air to ground): High

Medium: The medium is the same as the weak, only a tiny bit slower and a tiny
bit better damage. To snuff attacks, use weak. To try for slightly higher damage
on jump-in, use medium.

Strong: Horizontal sword slash

Chaca pulls the sword from the scabbard and slashes horizontally very quickly.
Very similar to Low Strong with Stand Off, except he
attacks straight horizontally, instead of diagonally.

 + Good range
 + Good speed
 - Small hit area
 Priority (air to air): Medium to High depending on timing
 Priority (air to ground): (almost impossible to hit when used air to ground)

This is probably Chaca's best air to air attack, which is kind of sad. If used
early enough that the sword is at full extension when it hits your opponent, the
range and priority are both good.

Basically, Chaca should not be used without his Stand on, for the only useful
moves he has with the Stand off are the Low Medium, the Air Strong, and to some
degree, the High Strong. You should rarely have Chaca's Stand off while
attacking unless trying for style in certain situations. I'll address this later
in the guide. =)

LOW ATTACKS - With Stand ON:

Weak: Low backhand slash

 + Very fast
 + Good range
 + Good combo starter
 - Basically nothing. A great attack.
 Priority: High

You simply can't use this move too much. It's got great speed. It's easy to hit
with it. You go into a chain combo or even a super off of 1 or 2 of these. I
don't think I've ever been hit out of this attack. It's very useful, so use it
often. It's one of the attacks that makes me like Chaca so much. =)

Medium: Upward swinging slash

 + Similar range to weak
 - Swings up rather than forward
 Priority: Medium

Basically, only use this attack in a combo, if even then. There's not really
anything wrong with it, it's just not very practical to use it in most

Strong: Long range lunging swinging slash

 + Great range
 + Decent speed
 + Can often follow with High Strong
 - Long enough recovery time to be countered be some moves
 Priority: Medium

This is a pretty traditional attack to trip your opponent, but since it's
possible to follow it up and it has a nice ratio of speed to range, it's a
useful and relatively safe attack to use. It's especially useful against human
opponents as it's a good surprise attack.


Weak: Low backhand slash

Chaca swings the sword downward toward the area of his opponent's shins.

 + Very similar to Low Weak
 + Great for combos
 Priority: High

This attack is very similar to the Low version and just as useful. It's even
better for combos, but can be guarded high or low, so make a decision as to
which version to use based on their guard. Like the Low version, use this
attack often - it's very fast and has great priority. As with the Low version,
and, in fact, even better, land just one of these (which is easy to do), and you
open up a huge amount of combo possibilities. (Enough commas for ya?)

Medium: Upward slash

 + Height is useful for anti-air
 - Similar to Low version

As with the Low version, not very practical to use outside of a combo. Mildly
good as anti-air.

Strong: Two-handed stepping overhand swinging slash

 + Good range
 + Good speed
 + Hits twice
 + Can combo (236 + attack) or super LONG after it hits
 - Somewhat slow recovery
 Priority: Medium

Like all those pluses? =) This attack is fantastic. It should be basically your
staple attack with Chaca. Any time you can hit with one of these, do it. Every
time you hit with it, follow it up with the 236+attack special move or super.
When I say you can combo long after it hits, I mean a HUGE amount of time,
especially if you follow with the super. You can wait almost a full second after
the 2nd hit of the High Strong before performing the super and still hit.
(Which, in a fighting game, this is a LONG time) You easily have enough time to
see if the High Strong hits before you have to even consider if you want to
follow it up with the super. You can be really lazy about it. =) You can even
combo into a super if the High Strong hits the opponent out of the air, if timed
correctly. I'll address that more in the combo section.

AIR ATTACKS - With Stand ON:

Weak: Downward swinging slash

 + Good speed
 - Low damage
 Priority: Medium

Medium: As with the Air Attacks with Stand OFF, the Medium and Weak Air attacks
have the same animation, just a slight difference in speed and damage. Since you
won't get much damage off of either, I'd suggest using the Weak if you're
looking for a quick attack as you jump in.

Strong: Two-handed slash

 + Similar range and speed of High Strong
 - Very low priority
 Priority (air to air): Low
 Priority (air to ground): Medium

Geez. If you can hit with this attack, great. The damage is not bad and you can
actually pull some combos off of it if you're close enough to the ground.
Otherwise, try not to use it. (I know it's a reflex to hit Strong, but try to
avoid it) I've been hit out of this attack in the air by just about every other
character and I don't think I've beaten another attack with this one ever. It's
got terrible air to air priority. Chaca is not good at all in an air to air
fight, but I'll address that later. If you have to attack air to air, put the
sword in as soon as you jump and use the Air Strong with Stand OFF. As a
jump-in, it's not bad, and it's easy to combo off of it if it hits. I tend to
use this as my main jump-in attack, but an Air Medium will do too, and has
better priority. Learning to not use the Air Strong too much is important to
playing Chaca well.


Forward + Weak attack: Forward horizontal swinging slash

 + Good range
 + Good speed
 - Leads to short combos
 Priority: High

Forward + Medium attack: Hopping overhead swinging slash

 + Must be guarded high
 - Slow
 - Easy to punish if guarded
 Priority: Medium

V. Hissatsuwaza [special attacks] Analysis

All special attacks can only be done with Stand ON.

Order of name:  Command to use move  ,  Japanese name  ,  "translation of
Japanese name"  ,  name on US cabinet

236 + any attack button  (up to 3 times)  ,  kirenzan  ,  "demon/ogre
multi-slash"  ,  Ogre Slash

First: Lunging slash
Second: Upward slash (will combo with first for 2 hits)
Third (with Weak attack): Lunging low sweeping slash (must be guarded low, will
not combo)
Third (with Medium or Strong attack): Hopping overhead swinging slash (must be
guarded high, will not combo)

 + Fast
 + Good range
 - Easy to counter if just first 2 are guarded

Using this move once, twice, or thrice =) is almost like 3 different moves. I
recommend usually only using the first slash most of the time, as it has fast
enough recovery time that I don't think you can be punished if you hit with it.
The 2 slash version looks nice, but even if you hit with it, you can't guard any
fast attacks they might throw right afterward. The 3 slash version is quite odd,
regardless of if you use the low or overhead versions. Neither will combo, so
it's the classic guessing game as to which direction your opponent will guard so
that you can attack accordingly. The low version is so slow that you can see it
coming in time to guard low even if you guarded the first 2 slashes high, so
it's basically useless. The overhead slash is somewhat useful and not too easy
to punish if it's guarded, but not completely safe either. Usually, people will
be concerned enough with guarding that they won't counter fast enough.

623 + any attack button  ,  tsubame gaeshi  ,  "swallow returner"  ,  Reflection

Large flashing upward slash

 + Good upward range
 + Knocks opponent very high if it connects
 - Next to impossible to combo
 - Very short forward range

It's very hard to land this move unless they are right on top of
you in the air, where you could pretty easily hit them with the High Strong or
just reverse their incoming attack. (More on that reversal next) This move is
most useful as a juggle combo ender in the corner if you don't have a super
stocked. If they don't flip out, (who doesn't?) you can wait for them to fall
and hit with a High Strong into another tsubame gaeshi, or skip the High Strong
and knock them even higher and repeat several times if they still don't flip.
Usually you'll only get the one hit, but since most people flip out backwards,
they will fall into range again. Just beware of a counter attack. The
recovery is somewhat slow too. Now, the one thing that puzzles me is that the
name of the move on the Japanese version as well as the US version involves
something about returning or reflecting. It makes it sound like a projectile
reflector, but there are very few projectiles, and I tried using it on Kakyoin's
projectile and just got smacked.

214 + any attack button  ,  oboetazo  ,  "I learned it"  ,  Forget me not

Attack reversal

 + Works on most attacks
 + Remembers attack
 - A bit of recovery time allows for counter attack if reversal doesn't connect
with attack

Gonna take a bit of explaining on this one, as I only just recently learned all
of how this move works. When you enter the command, Chaca bends his knees
slightly and holds the sword pointing down while flashing blue. He remains in
this position for around a second, with the first 2/3 or so of the time being
the actual reversal period. The rest is recovery time. If Chaca is hit with any
attack that he could normally guard during this time, the action will pause for
a moment, then he will strike the opponent (or Stand) up into the air with an
attack that looks a lot like his 623+attack and then point his sword at his
downed opponent and say "Oboeta zo" which means "I learned it" You recover from
this at the same time your opponent does, so there is no time to follow up or be
countered. The reversal works on any attack you can normally guard, including
some supers. It does not work on projectiles, grabs, throws, or any super that
does not stop in place when you guard it. (Meaning it would not work on supers
such as Chaca's that pass through the character. (At least I don't think so.
Honestly, I don't know, as I've never actually tried it. Try to reverse his
supers at your own risk.)) Now, the significant thing about this that makes it
better than any normal attack reversal in any other game I've played is that he
learns and remembers the attack. At any time, even during a combo, if you
successfully guard an attack you reversed before, Chaca will flash blue, much as
he does when you activate the reversal. Any time while he's blue, you can press
any attack button and the action will freeze as it does on the normal reversal,
just for a shorter amount of time, and Chaca will strike with whatever attack
you pressed. It appears to be possible to do a Low attack or special attack, but
I recommend always doing High Strong into super if you have a super stocked or
High Strong into 236+attack or, if you can time it right, a chain combo starting
with High Weak. If you're astute, you may be saying "But that's just like a
guard cancel, and guard cancels work on the same attacks, and you don't have to
reverse anything first!" Well, just let me explain. It's true that the guard
cancel can be used at all the same times that the learned move attack can be,
but guard cancel always just does one single, uncomboable attack, and does not
stop your opponent, so if they are doing a multi-hit attack, you can trade or
even be hit out of the guard cancel entirely. By countering a learned attack,
you always stop them so multi-hit moves don't matter. You can just watch for the
blue flash and hit the button on reflex. You can combo from the counter attack.
For these reasons, this learned move counter is far superior to the normal guard
cancel. Only Chaca has it - use it well. =) In fact, since his uppercut-type
attack is so difficult to connect, it's better to just wait for an incoming
attack and reverse it. BTW, for every attack you learn, one sword icon is placed
above your super meter. After you learn 5, they change to a sword with a small 5
next to it, then begin to add more normal icons next to it. If you manage to
learn 10 attacks in one round, the symbol becomes a larger sword with a 10 next
to it. Also, in case you're curious, if you use the reversal on a move you've
already learned, it counters as normal with normal damage, but Chaca just laughs
and you receive no sort of bonus.

VI. Chouhissatsuwaza [super attacks] Analysis

With Stand OFF - 236 + any two attack buttons  ,  jigenzan  ,  "Dimensional Cut"

Chaca crouches for a moment, then slides across the screen while drawing his
sword in one massive slash. (A samurai move known as iainuki) This super hits
one time.

 + Very fast movement
 + Very high priority
 - Can not combo except as juggle

Both of Chaca's super attacks are good, but this one you will probably use less
than the other. Even so, it is a very fast and high priority super with great
range, so use it when someone does an attack with long recovery even from far
away. If they are close, you can perform this super as soon as you see them
start to do any sort of attack (except perhaps just one High Weak attack) and
you will hit every time. Since he crouches before doing the super, it's even
easier to surprise someone with it. If you have the Stand OFF, you can crouch
and stay there as long as you want, then just rotate to forward and press the
buttons and he will perform the attack from a crouching position. It's great for
surprise tactics.

With Stand ON - 236 + any two attack buttons  ,  kekkazan  ,  "Blood Flower Cut"

Chaca rushes forward for about 3/4 of the screen and if he connects with his
opponent, he repeatedly slashes them, ending with a slash that knocks them into
the air. If the first hit connects, the following hits always connect. (A common
super attack style called ranbu or "wild dance") This super hits 9 times.

 + Speed is good
 + Very easy to use in combos
 - Distancing on hitting a distant opponent is somewhat difficult

O.K. This is Chaca's main super attack, and as far as I can tell, the best for
combos of any super in the game. Neither of Chaca's supers do very much damage,
(about as much as Iggi's insanely high damage Stand combos) but this super is so
easy to connect with, that it makes up for it. Any time you have a full super
bar, this attack is almost trivial to land successfully. You can combo it very
easily off of the High Strong, as stated earlier, and at other intermittent
times in his combos. This super can easily catch someone who is in the air, as
long as they are not too high off the ground. If your opponent has his (or her)
Stand on, the last hit of this super will always Stand Crash. (I believe that is
true for most supers in the game) If you do get this Stand Crash, the opponent
floats a little longer after the last hit and can be sometimes juggled outside
of the corner. ( Note: Chaca switches sides with his opponent upon
connecting with this super, so if they are in the corner when you connect, they
will not be following the final hit.) It is possible to use this super 2 times
in one combo. I'll discuss this in the combo section.

Overall, Chaca's super gauge should never stay full for long. =) You can do
some great combos involving the Blood Flower Cut super or just use it any time
you connect with a High Strong.

VII. Some Useful Combos

Pretty much all of Chaca's combos can start with a jump-in attack, Air Strong
being the easiest to combo from but lowest priority. All combos must have
Stand ON. (They're actually called "Stand Combos") With Stand OFF, the most
hits I've put in a combo is 3. (Jump-in, chain 2 Weak attacks)

High Weak x 4 - 3 High Weak attacks followed by a High Strong

This combo is very easy to land and to pull off. It's very safe if you just do
the first 3 High Weak attacks, so just tap the button 3 times and if it
connects, press it a 4th time.

Low Weak x 3 - 2 Low Weak attacks followed by a Low Strong

The Low Strong does not actually combo, (at least as far as I can tell usually)
but if you do this combo when you are a few steps from your opponent, the Low
Weak attacks will not connect, but the Low Strong will come out suddenly and can
catch your opponent off guard.

High Weak, High Medium, High Strong, High Medium - Normal attacks but the last
High Medium becomes upward slash

This combo should be your main combo under most circumstances. It's easily
expandable, (Can often do 2 or 3 High Weaks to start and can sometimes let the
High Strong connect for 2 hits before pressing High Medium and it will still
connect. (It misses more often than not, though.)) and the High Medium at the
end puts your opponent in the air on connect, which can lead to juggles,
especially in the corner. You can also replace the High Medium at the end with a
Low Medium, which will hit if they are not guarding low. (It may be possible to
follow it with kirenzan or kekkazan super. I've not tried it.) Basically, use
this variation if they are guarding high with you begin the combo.

Low Weak x 2, High Strong - Exactly how it sounds

This is a really useful combo. While it doesn't do a lot of damage, it's
very easy to connect with it. If you connect with a Low Weak, use this combo!
=) It's particularly useful against Iggi, (I discovered this combo when
fighting a turtling Iggi scrub) as his attacks come out somewhat slowly and
higher than Chaca's Low Weak attack.

High Strong, kirenzan or kekkazan  - You can let the High Strong hit twice
before following it

As I said earlier, it's very easy to follow the High Strong with one of these
moves. It's a free hit. Do it - period.

Low Strong, walk forward slightly, High Strong - Opponent must have Stand ON for
this combo to connect

This combo usually hits, but not always. Not sure exactly why. It also will only
hit for 2 hits, as the High Strong is too far way to hit twice. If this is in
the corner, you can usually follow with more than one High Strong and/or a

Advanced Combos:

With opponent in corner, (Jump-in Air Strong), High Weak (x2), High Medium, High
Strong, High Medium, juggle with High Strong (x2+), kekkazan super

The items in ( ) are optional and in some situations, can cause the combo to
fail. To insure the best chances of connecting with the entire combo, do not use
the extra attacks listed in the ( ). This is the combo I use most often to
connect with a super. (Besides High Strong into super) The only part that is
difficult at all is juggle timing after you knock them into the air. You can
either press High Strong immediately and then wait a moment before using the
super or wait a moment before using High Strong and then use the super
immediately. I find the latter to be easier. It may be possible for your
opponent to flip out of the juggle following the High Medium at the end of the
Stand Combo, but I have yet to have this happen when I've used it. It is
possible to land this combo out of the corner sometimes, but only if the High
Medium at the end Stand Crashes your opponent, which does not happen often.
Also, often, if the High Strong juggle hits twice, the opponent falls straight
down and can not be juggled. Thus, try to hit with the High Strong early enough
that it only hits once or combo immediately into the super after the High Strong
to make sure it hits. I usually hold back on the lever for just a moment before
hitting High Strong as it decreases the chance that it will hit twice and also
sets the super timing a little better. Almost every time I use this combo, the
opponent falls straight down after the end of the super, so you can not juggle.
This may not be the case if they have their Stand ON when the super connects.

Any time opponent has Stand ON, ((Jump-in Air Strong), High Strong), connect
with kekkazan super (will Stand Crash), walk forward, juggle with
High Strong, kekkazan super

If you are backed into the corner when beginning this combo, you do not need to
walk forward before juggling with the High Strong.

Yes, that's right, 2 supers in one combo, and it's really not that hard to do.
Obviously, you must have at least 2 full super bars to perform this combo. Since
Chaca switches sides when he hits with this super, you need to be in the corner
yourself when use the super to have your opponent end up in the corner at the
end of it. In general, it's much easier to pull off if they're in the corner
when you juggle them with the High Strong, but not necessary. Thankfully, almost
everyone, even the CPU will have their Stand on most of the time, so it's not a
big issue. Almost every time the second super finishes, the opponent falls
straight down and can not be juggled, plus, they will always have their Stand
OFF (you Crashed it with the first super), so it is not possible to juggle

(Note: If you read v1.0 of this guide, you would have see that I had a section
here about performing a combo with 3 supers in it. Since then, I have determined
that it is not possible to juggle someone after this super if their Stand was
OFF when you connected with it, regardless of where on screen they are, even in
the corner. Thus, the 3 super combo is not possible under any circumstances.)

Obviously, there may be other combos, especially of the chain variety, but I
didn't feel the need to try and put down every single combo he has. These are
the ones that I use the most and are the most useful of the ones I have
discovered. As there are no combo guides online that I know of yet, (besides the
2 combos listed on Capcom's site which aren't even that good) I have had to
discover all these combos myself through experimentation and spending of many
quarters, so cut me some slack. =) If you have improved on any of these combos
and are sure they can be reliably pulled off, send me an e-mail and I'll mention
it in a future version of the guide and give proper credit.

VIII. Strategy

Ah, this is always my favorite section to write for a guide. In here I will put
the general strategy (and some specific ones) when playing Chaca, and you can do
with this information what you see fit.

Abuse Chaca's fast combos, especially those starting with High or Low weak.
They're very easy to connect and even if guarded, you are almost 100% safe, as
long as you don't throw in any slower attacks until you hit with the Weak
attacks. The Low Weak combos seem to be especially useful against scrub-friendly
Iggi, and his very powerful combos. (To any Iggi players out there, I'm not
calling you scrubs. =) Iggi's supers are lousy, so it balances his other moves,
but landing a High Weak, High Medium, High Strong combo with Iggi does as much
damage as Chaca's supers do.)

Chaca's High Strong is a great move, as I've said many times. It is so easy to
combo off of it that it's stupid not to. I can't repeat that enough. Be careful
with it, since you can be punished if it is guarded, but the range and speed is
such that you can use this attack a lot without much concern.

Chaca's throw conveniently puts your opponent up in the air, though it's easy to
flip out of it. However, if they don't, (the CPU often doesn't) you can juggle
if you're near the corner. You can even juggle with a super if you hit with a
High Strong or even by itself if you time it right.

I say again, do not try to use the Air Strong in an air to air fight. It is
really terrible for this purpose. The only time you have a chance is against
another Chaca. You must try to use another attack, either a Air Weak or Air
Medium or Air Strong with Stand OFF.

Any time someone is Stand Crashed on the ground, you have time to hit with a
High Strong and combo from it. So, if you do a combo such as Jump-in Air Strong,
High Strong, and their Stand Meter is low, try to watch to see if you Stand
Crash them with the High Strong before comboing into super. If you Crash them,
you can land another High Strong before you use the super. Stand Crashing
someone in the air is good for juggles, but not quite as exact as on the ground.

Chaca has good combos and attacks, but don't be overly aggressive. You have a
great attack reversal, a move I don't even use enough. Try to gauge your
opponent's style and adjust accordingly. Afterall, this is Chaca's method of
fighting. Let it be yours as well.

Keep your Stand Gauge high. If you are knocked into the air, flip out to safety,
then put the Anubis Sword in while in the air to replenish it while you fall.
Don't do this if your opponent has you pinned in the corner, though. Being Stand
Crashed is dangerous and embarrassing for stylish Chaca. =) Any time you can,
put the Stand OFF to replenish it. Even if only a small amount is gone, it never
hurts to get it back.

Chaca's Oboeta zo move reversal is very important. If you memorize your
opponent's main Jump-in and High attacks, especially those he uses for starting
combos, then he has to completely change his style of attack or taste the cool
edge of your blade. If you are playing another Chaca that knows what he's doing,
be careful. If he memorizes your High Strong, you are in trouble. The High
Strong will be very easy to counter if memorized as it's slow enough to react on
reflex. If this happens, just use combos starting with High Weak. (You can
combo off of High Weaks into super) Also, of course, memorizing another Chaca's
High Strong gives you the same advantage. If he's not as good as you are (And
face it, who is?) then there is a good chance he will slip up and attack with
High Strong on occasion anyway. Guard, counter, and slash him to ribbons.

Don't ever forget about the slide and the impact guard. Both performed by
pressing all three attack buttons. To slide, you must have the Stand OFF, press
all three attack buttons and you will move forward a good distance, impervious
to any attacks. This is most useful against Vanilla Ice / Iced and his red ball
Stand attack. If you use the slide anywhere near the ball as it comes at you, it
will pass harmlessly through you. This makes him trivial to fight. Just make
sure you remember that your Stand must be OFF to perform the slide. The impact
guard doesn't serve a huge purpose, but it's especially useful for people trying
to pressure you, often in the corner. You can perform it with the Stand ON or
OFF, just press all 3 attack buttons immediately after you guard an attack.
Easiest to use on multi-hit moves like Jotaro and DIO's multi-punch attacks.

IX. Style

O.K. Everything in this section is completely optional, of course, but playing a
fighting game, especially with Chaca, is not just a battle of skills of the
hand, but also skills of the mind. Throwing off your opponent's concentration
can be signficant in helping you attain victory. Chaca's Stand especially allows
for stylish play, as the motion of sheathing and unsheathing the sword looks
really cool. =)

Whenever you are not in attacking distance, keep the Anubis Sword sheathed.
There's no reason to have it out at long distances unless you are fighting an
opponent with a projectile. (Kakyoin's projectiles, including the super, do
little or no guard damage if you have your Stand ON when you guard.) Put
the sword back in after a super when you can not combo afterward, or after
a throw that you can not juggle, or a combo of the same sort. Basically, if you
knock your opponent far away, put the sword back in. All this not only looks
good, but will keep your Stand Meter as high as possible.

Purely for style, there is exactly enough time after a round ends to return the
Anubis Sword to its scabbard, taunt (press start), then pull the sword again
before the next round starts. This looks very cocky =) and can entice your
opponent to attack as soon as the round begins (if he is close to you), which
you will be waiting for with an Oboeta zo move reversal, of course. =)

Try to walk instead of jump when you can. This leads your opponent to try and
jump-in, which is easier to counter, and also makes it easier to throw him if he
remains on the ground.

X. Intro / Ending

Here's a transcript of Chaca's Intro and Ending. They should be correct
verbatim, but I may have missed a word or punctuation mark here and there.
(I just wrote it down as I watched it) Any time the same person is talking from
one screen to the next, I didn't repeat their name, even though the game often
does. I hope to have Chaca's pre-match and post-match dialog with every
character eventually.


The Anubis Sword was created by a swordsmith over 500 years ago...
When the swordsmith died, his Stand continued to live...
It lived as a Stand with no wielder...

Anubis Sword: Sir DIO rescued me from the darkness of the museum warehouse. His
Stand is so powerful, I don't stand a chance against it! For that reason, I
swore my loyalty to him...

One day, a man pulled the ancient sword out by mistake...

Anubis Sword: Chaca, you released me... You must be my wielder now! Wield me to
kill Jotaro and his men! You are the unrivaled master!


After beating DIO -

Chaca: I'm stronger than anyone else!

DIO: Guh... Guh... Perish! Chaca!

Chaca: It is you who will die!

(Chaca proceeds to slash the hell out of DIO)

DIO: No... It can't be! How could I lose? DIO can not be beaten!!

(Chaca is seen standing in front of his normal stage background (the one with
the pillars) clutching the sheathed Anubis Sword)

After defeating DIO, Chaca now travels in search of stronger opponents.

(A close-up of Chaca's head, bobbing up and down as he walks in front of a
backdrop of sand dunes)

The Anubis Sword continues to whisper to Chaca...

Anubis Sword: Chaka, you're the master of the blade! Anything can be yours for
the slashing!

(We see Chaca standing on a sand dune with really lousy animation to simulate
him walking into the distance)

Chaca: I feel like slashing anyone... I don't care who it is... I must slash
flesh! Anyone is fine with me...

Chaca has never been seen since then. No one knows if he was ever released from
the power of the Anubis Sword.

XI. Conclusion

Not much to say here, but I hope you've enjoyed and learned from this guide.
There is always more to learn, but using this guide, hopefully it can help you
become the unrivaled master of the blade!

XII. Version History

Version 2.1 - 12.22.01
Various edits
Fixed some minor mistakes
Updated personal info

Version 2.0 - 4.20.99
Various edits and additions to several sections
Debunked the 3-super combo in VII. Some Useful Combos

Version 1.0 - 2.28.99
First version

Thanks for reading. Do me a favor and don't modify this guide or reproduce it
without letting me know.