Jotaro by ECSy

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                          JOJO'S VENTURE / JOTARO FAQ
                          Version 2.00 / July 20, 1999

                    By Edward Cheson Sy (a.k.a. ECUS, Strat)

                This document Copyright 1999 Edward Cheson Sy

This FAQ is for private and personal use only. You can NOT use this FAQ for 
profitable purposes. You can copy it, you can print it out and you can read 
it all you want but if it's placed on a web page or site, it should not be 
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know where my FAQ is being placed and so I can also update the "This FAQ can 
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are acknowledged if they're not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Please 
give credit where it is due.

          Jotaro and the other characters are a trademark of Capcom. 

This FAQ can be found at:
1. My friend WilliamEva's site, Black Noah Island 
2. GameFAQs (


 1. Introduction
  A) About Jojo's Venture
  B) About this FAQ
  C) What's so Special About Jotaro?
 2. Revisions/History
 3. Controls/Legends
 4. Character Information
 5. Basic Attacks
  A) Standing
  B) Crouching
  C) Jumping
 6. Move Lists
  A) Special Moves
  B) Super Moves
 7. Combos
  A) Normal Mode
  B) Stand Mode
  C) Making More Possibilities for Combos
  D) Stand Crash Combos
  E) Extra Juggling Possibilities
 8. Strategies
  A) Going More Further about the Basics 
  B) Which Mode Should I Use?
  C) General Combat Strategies/Tricks
  D) The vs. Section
 9. Misc. Game Info
 10. Conclusion
  A) Planned to be added in the Future
  B) A Few Last Words from Me
  C) Credits

 1. Introduction

 A) About Jojo's Venture

Jojo's Venture (Japan: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) is a new 2D fighting game by 
Capcom, which uses the CPS III arcade board. The game is based on the third 
installment of the Jojo manga and the OVA. This game implements the new 
original "Stand" feature. Each character (Stand-user) possesses his own 
Stand, which fights together with him. Not only can the Stand assist the 
Stand-user in battle, but should the Stand sustain any damage, the Stand-user 
is also affected. Capcom has created an innovative fighting game, which is 
easy to pick up and fun to play.

Jojo's Venture... this game rocks! At first, I had bad impressions of the 
game because of the weird title and the bizarre characters.  I was also 
wondering what the heck are those weird-floating things following the 
characters (the Stands). But then, out of boredom, I soon gave the game a 
shot and played it. And I enjoyed every minute of it! What makes it so great 
is because of its unique fighting style and the new Stand system. 

If you don't know anything about Jojo's Venture especially the basic moves, 
game and Stand system, I suggest going to Kelvin Koh's FAQ also in 

 B) About this FAQ

This FAQ focuses mainly and obviously on Jotaro only! This FAQ includes the 
move lists and strategies needed to become an expert Jotaro player. I also 
added (planing but not yet) some of that misc. game info like his colors, 
taunts, and quotes to expand this FAQ into a very good one that's detailed.

After months of playing, practicing and fighting other human players, I 
decided to make a FAQ on my best character, Jotaro (this is also my first one 
so please bear with me). I also decided to make this FAQ because there wasn't 
much in-depth information on Jotaro on the net. At first, I just submitted 
some strategies to my WilliamEva. Then, he posted it and I checked it out. 
Then, I just thought of this idea. Why not just make a FAQ? So, I did and 
you're looking at right now. :) Check the "Revisions/History" section for the 
dates when this FAQ was created and updated. I hope this FAQ will convince 
others to give the game a try and also improve your gaming skills using 

 C) What's so Special About Jotaro? 

First of all, he's a very easy character to learn for beginners and he's very 
powerful too (a little cheesy if you ask me). Jotaro is a good example of the 
"You can attack while your Stand is unleashed and attacking" since the 
Blazing Fist give you time to dash-in and attack for more damage. Jotaro has 
no projectile attacks but he has a lot of moves used for up-close combat and 
very powerful if used correctly. Both of his modes are very effective in 
combat and both modes are not similar. Which is good to fool your opponent in 
what style you are using. 

Jotaro is also the main character of the story so if you're used to using the 
main heroes of each game, then Jotaro is your man. Plus, playing Jotaro while 
trying to finish the game gives you the complete story in the manga (Ok, not 
complete. It's more of straight...)

I like Jotaro because he has a lot of killer combos. Some of his moves remind 
me of the moves of Wolverine in Marvel vs. Capcom. I also like him because of 
his cool and damaging supers like the Star Breaker and the World. Ok, maybe 
he's a little bit cheesy because of the high damaging supers but he's still a 
character that needs skill to master. What's good about Jotaro is that even 
if you use either which mode, both are as same as effective and still good 
fighting style to defeat your opponent. To use Jotaro, you must always stick 
to your opponent and keep attacking. And since he's more on offense than in 
defense which is the most thing I do in every game I play.  :)

 2. Revisions/History

Version 2.00 / July 20, 1999
-Redone a little format of the FAQ to make it easier readable
-Moved some part of the FAQ into new/other sections
-Organized the vs. Section to different parts

Version 1.30 / June 24,1999
-Fixed e-mail address and revision history
-Renewed introduction
-Added a few new sections
-Added some things in the "Move Lists" and "Strategies" sections
-Changed more mistakes in the move list

Version 1.20 / June 13, 1999
-Included more stuff in strategies
-Made Stand crash combos 

Version 1.10 / June 9,1999
-Decided to make mini-FAQ into a complete FAQ
-Fixed all mistakes
-Included all sections
-Made the introduction
-Added basic moves list, special moves list and super moves list
-More combos added
-Made the conclusion

Version 1.00 / May, 1999
-Just a mini-FAQ about Jotaro with only combos, strategies and VS. Section 
with some mistakes, which can be found in Black Noah Island.

 3. Controls/Legends

Here's how the joystick and buttons should look like while you're playing:

     UB  U  UF 
       \ | /           A1  A2  A3
    B -– o –- F 
       / | \           S
     DB  D  DF

Note: all controls and moves listed in this FAQ are facing to right side. 
Reverse all right and left when facing to the left side.

N - neutral
U - up
D - down
F - forward
B - backward
UF - up-forward
DF - down-forward
DB - down-backward
UB - up-backward
QCF - quarter counter forward (D, DF, F)
QCB - quarter counter backward (D, DB, B)
DP - dragon punch motion (F, D, DF)
HCF - half quarter forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
HCB - half quarter backward (F, DF, D, DB, B)
A - any attack button
AA - any two attack buttons
AAA - all attack buttons
A1 - weak attack
A2 - medium attack
A3 - heavy attack
S - Stand button (activates/deactivates Stand)
Normal Mode - Stand off/deactivated
Stand Mode - Stand on/activated

 4. Character Information

Jotaro (Kujo Jotaro) is the main character of Jojo's Venture (The game takes 
place in part 3 of the whole story). He is also the holder of the Star 
Platinum Stand, which is very powerful. He's related to Joseph and is his 
grandfather, because he married Joseph's granddaughter, Holly. (Um, somebody 
give me more info. on this guy)    

 5. Basic Attacks

In this part, I will describe to you what basic punch and kick does according 
to the animation. I'll be also giving what are the uses and priorities of 
each move. I'll be also giving tips on how to use the moves effectively in 
the next paragraph. Since there are two modes in the game, I'll be showing 
you what each attack does and my tips, one-by-one according to which mode.

 A) Standing

Normal mode:

A1 - Jotaro does a quick short-ranged knee to the stomach of your opponent
     while both of his hands are in his pockets. 

     This move maybe short-ranged but it's very good for the combos since it
     can be easily cancelled into a special move. The only purpose of this  
     move is for the combos since it's practically short-ranged, low damaging
     and for up-close battles only but it's quick so I guess it can done
     twice than once while executing it in a combo. It can also hit some low
     opponents while they're crouching. But I rather stick to the crouching  
     version because this move sometimes misses after trying to do it twice  
     for more damage.

A2 - Jotaro steps one foot forward and does an average-speed downward hook  
     using his left arm while keeping his right arm in his pockets.

     This move has medium range since Jotaro steps forward. But it's mostly
     for combos because it's stronger than the regular A1s and can still be
     cancelled into special moves. But it has a bit slow start-up compared to
     the other moves. Even the standing A3 is faster than this. Like the
     standing A1, it can also hit some low opponents while they're crouching.
     Even if the move is a bit slow than normally (but not that totally slow
     like Ryu's overhead, F + MP), it is NOT an overhead!

A3 (N and holding B) - Jotaro turns his back to the side and Star Platinum
                       shows up using his left arm to punch. Even though the
                       Star Platinum is using only one hand to punch, you
                       will see him doing a multi-punch that hits 2 times
                       because we see FOUR fists of the Star Platinum
                       punching simultaneously. After the move, the Star
                       Platinum disappears.

                       For a regular attack move, this thing hits multiple
                       times than the other attack buttons (actually, this is
                       the only multiple hit regular attack move of Jotaro).
                       It's pretty strong because it hits twice than once. It
                       has slower a recovery time than the rest of the
                       attacks but it's not that noticeable (you can only
                       notice when your opponent jump-ins and you should have
                       recovered, but you didn't  :P ). It has medium good
                       range that you can do this move when your opponent is
                       that close then he won't have much time for a counter
                       except a super or guard cancel.  

                       NOTE: While the Star Platinum is out, doing something
                       like a Blazing Fist or Star Fingers, when pushing the
                       A3 button for an attack, The Star Platinum won't do
                       the attack and Jotaro will do an A2 attack instead.

A3 (holding F) - Jotaro just stands then suddenly the Star Platinum lunges
                 forward performing a downward punch using his right hand
                 hitting low at the opponent's feet. Then the Star Platinum
                 disappears into thin air.

                 The best part about this move is that it has great range and 
                 can still hit crouching opponents. It's quite strong but
                 like the other standing A3 attack, it has a slower recovery 
                 time than the rest of the attacks but it's not that 
                 noticeable. I'm still not sure if this move will knock down 
                 your opponent when it hits. (I'll go check it out and make 
                 the changes on my next update) 

                 NOTE: While the Star Platinum is out, doing something like a 
                 Blazing Fist or Star Fingers, when pushing the A3 button for 
                 an attack, The Star Platinum won't do the attack and Jotaro 
                 will do an A2 attack instead.

A3 (dashing) - While Jotaro dashes toward the opponent, he turns his back to 
               the side and Star Platinum shows up using his left arm to 
               punch. (But no multi-hits this time like the standing A3 while
               holding backward or neutral) Then he disappears after the 
               whole dashing move and attack. 
               Unlike the standing A3 while holding backward or neutral, this       
               move has very short range because the punch moves back while
               Jotaro is still dashing. But for a dash move, I think it's
               better than any other move there is while dashing since it's
               the strongest attack and the range does not really matter 
               because you're going near the opponent anyway. 

               NOTE: While the Star Platinum is out and doing something like
               a Blazing Fist or Star Fingers, when you push the A3 button
               for a dashing attack, The Star Platinum won't do the attack.
               Instead, Jotaro will do an A2 dashing attack instead (which is
               just the same with a regular standing A2 but dashing).

Stand mode:

A1 - The Star Platinum does a high-hitting quick jab punch using his left   
     hand to the opponent's face.

     This move is quite good; its range is bit of medium range like the 
     crouching A2 while in normal mode. It's very quick and can be cancelled
     into special/super moves and stronger basic moves like A2 and A3. Since
     this move hits high, it's good for land-based air juggling.

A2 - The Star Platinum lunges forward a bit while doing an uppercut to the
     chest of the opponent using his left hand. 

     The great thing about this move is that it has a bit of a range since   
     the Star Platinum lunges a bit forward. Other that, it's because it can
     be cancelled into special/super moves and a stronger basic move, the A3
     button. This move hits in the middle of your opponent so it might not be
     effective for land-based air juggling.

A3 - The Star Platinum does a straight long-range punch to your opponent's  

     Now this has great range! Not only that, it has quite of great damage   
     when it connects. It's good for surprising your opponent when they're
     still just one inch away from you. But the problem is that its speed
     isn't that fast, it has a bit of bad recovery time and it can't be
     cancelled into anything else. BTW, even if the damage is that great, I
     would still stick to special moves when doing a combo.

 B) Crouching

Normal mode:

A1 - While Jotaro is crouching, he does a quick back fist using his left hand 
     going sideways to his left.

     This move, like the standing A1 is very quick. So quick that you can do
     this twice than once like the standing A1 in combos and like the
     standing A1 as well, it's easily cancelable to perform special moves but
     I doubt that the damage is that good just like the standing A1.

A2 - While Jotaro is crouching, the Star Platinum shows up besides him (only
     in half-body without the legs showing) and does a normal straight punch
     using his right hand while saying something. Then the Star Platinum

     This move is like the standing A2, it's stronger than the crouching A1
     and can be cancelled into special moves. But unlike the standing A2,
     this move doesn't have much range but its speed is quicker and has well
     enough range to reach you're opponent when he's close.

     NOTE: While the Star Platinum is out, doing something like a Blazing
     Fist or Star Fingers, when pushing the A2 button while crouching for an
     attack, The Star Platinum won't do the attack and Jotaro will do a
     crouching A1 attack instead.

A3 (N and holding B) - While Jotaro is crouching, the Star Platinum shows up
                       in front of him (only in half-body without the legs
                       showing) and lunges forward doing a long-range punch
                       using his right hand that can knock your opponent out.
                       After the move, the Star Platinum disappears again
                       just like the other moves.

                       This move is like a couching version of the A3 attack
                       while holding forward. Like the same move, it has
                       great range and damage. I'm also sure that this move
                       also knocks down your opponent to the ground. Again
                       like any other A3 attack, it can't be cancelled into
                       anything like a special/super move. But why would you   
                       do such if it does hit anyway, it knocks down the
                       opponent and misses the special if it can be
                       cancelled. Worthless because you'll totally miss it if
                       it does but actually doesn't. 

                       NOTE: While the Star Platinum is out, doing something
                       like a Blazing Fist or Star Fingers, when pushing the
                       A3 button for a crouching attack, The Star Platinum
                       won't do the attack and Jotaro will do a crouching A1
                       attack instead.

A3 (holding F) – While Jotaro is crouching, the Star Platinum shows up behind
                 Jotaro's back (only in half-body without the legs showing)
                 and does a downward hook using his left hand that will hit
                 right above your opponent's head. Then the Star Platinum
                 disappears after the move.

                 This move is pretty short ranged on crouching normal mode 
                 opponents and makes your height double while crouching since 
                 the Star Platinum shows up somewhat standing behind Jotaro. 
                 I'm not sure what's the overall use of this move but I 
                 assume it's somewhat an overhead because of the bad range 
                 that's going downward. Not really sure, I'll still check 
                 this thing out. BTW, this move quite makes a great air 
                 defense, because the Star Platinum's height extent and good 
                 range against opponents that are tall enough or jumping.

                 NOTE: While the Star Platinum is out, doing something like a
                 Blazing Fist or Star Fingers, when pushing the A3 button for
                 the desired crouching attack, The Star Platinum won't do the
                 attack and Jotaro will do his crouching A1 attack instead.

Stand mode:

A1 - While Jotaro and the Star Platinum are crouching, the Star Platinum does
     a downward punch using his left hand.

     Well, for a jab move, it's quite slow because it can't be chained by
     another crouching A1 again. But why would you do that since it can be
     cancelled into special/super moves and stronger basic moves like A2 and
     A3. Overall, it's a downward punch move that's quick and has decent

A2 - While Jotaro and the Star Platinum are crouching, the Star Platinum does
     a downward punch using his right hand.

     In my opinion, this is better than the crouching A1, since it's range is
     farther and both have the same speed anyway. But that doesn't mean you
     don't have to use the crouching A1, it's needed for full damaging combo.
     This move can be cancelled into special/super moves and a stronger basic  
     attack, the A3 button.

A3 - While Jotaro and the Star Platinum are crouching, the Star Platinum does
     an uppercut that launches your opponent in to the air.

     This move is quite great since it has anti-air priorities. But the only
     problem is that it's range is quite short and must be used close and
     it's recovery time is quite slow. Like other heavy attacks, it can't be
     cancelled into special/super moves. (Sorry for the mistake in the
     previous versions of this FAQ) But in combos, it's better to use this
     than canceling into special moves since you still juggle the opponent
     with a special or something. But he can still escape with the air 
     recovery so I suggest jumping in and attack to be sure.    

 C) Jumping

Normal mode:

A1 - While Jotaro is jumping, he extends quickly one of his leg
     straightforward making the opponent get hit by his knee. (Is he still
     putting both of his hands in his pockets?)

     Well, what can I say about this move... ok, basically it's short ranged
     move that has better close air-air combat. But it can still be used in 
     jumping-ins; you only have to connect the knee in deep. But not worth it
     in my opinion, it has pathetic damage, which can be replaced easily with
     the A2 instead.

A2 - While Jotaro is jumping, he extends one of his legs straightforward
     making the opponent get hit by his knee at a speed slower than
     previously. (Is he still putting his hands in his pockets again?)

     This move is just as same as the jumping A1, except that it's a bit
     slower to come out and it has higher damage. Just like the A1, it can be
     used for jump-ins but must connected in deep. Use this in air-air combat
     because it's the best of all his moves in normal mode since it has
     better damage, forget about the speed because the opponent sometimes
     don't even attack while both of you are in the air. 

A3 - While Jotaro is jumping, he extend his right leg making a diagonal
     downward-forward attack that reaches pretty well. I'm sure that he's
     keeping his hands in his pockets. 

     This move is the best jump-in in my opinion. Unlike the rest of the
     attacks, this move has range because it Jotaro extends his foot and it's
     the most powerful damage that Jotaro has as a jumping attack. Its start
     up time and air-air priorities is not that great because he attacks in a
     diagonal forward-down direction. So, I suggest using it as a jump-in
     attack only because it has great priority in doing so and bad priorities
     against air-air priority. 

Stand mode:

A1 - While Jotaro and the Star Platinum are jumping, the Star Platinum
     quickly extends his right hand straightforward below himself making a
     punch to hit at the face of his opponent.

     This move has great range (both downward and straight) and air-air
     priorities. Although it does only a bit damage, it can be continued by a
     combo for more damage or a dash-in and follow up an air juggle when you
     hit your opponent in the air.

A2 - While Jotaro and the Star Platinum are jumping, the Star Platinum
     extends his right hand straightforward below himself making a punch to
     hit at the face of his opponent at slower speed rate than the jumping  

     Although this move is almost the same like the jumping A1, its
     difference is that it's just slower but more damaging. In my opinion,
     it's the best jump-in that Jotaro has. It's good in jump-ins because
     even if the fist part doesn't hit and his arm does, it still counts as a
     hit and you can continue your ground combo. And since his arm is below
     himself, it's acting as if it had great range going downward.

A3 - While Jotaro and the Star Platinum are jumping, the Star Platinum makes
     a downward right hook punch on top of your opponent.

     Even if this move has the highest damage in jump-ins, it has bad start   
     up time and must be timed right for combos to be registers. It's not
     very good in air-air combat because of its slow start up. Use it in jump
     ins if you want damage but I rather stick to A2 because the damage in
     jump ins doesn't really count if you won't be able to get that killer
     ground combo to take your opponent's life quickly.

 6. Moves List

In this part, I will describe to you what each move (special and super) does 
according to the animation and what are the uses and priorities of each move 
(just like "the basic attacks" section). I'll be also giving tips on how to 
use the moves effectively in the next paragraph. Since there are two modes in 
the game, I'll be showing you what each move does, one-by-one according to 
which mode.

 A) Special Moves List

1) Blazing Fists – QCF + A

Normal mode:
Jotaro slouches and the Star Platinum suddenly comes out of Jotaro while 
performing a charge attack doing multiple punches at the opponent while 
saying "Ora, Ora, Ora". The duration and length of this move depends on the 
attack button you push. If you push A1, the Blazing Fist will only reach for 
a short range and lasts only for a very quick time. If you push A2, the 
Blazing Fist will reach almost half the screen and the duration is now longer 
compared to A1. If you push A3, the Blazing Fist will reach up to 1/2 of the 
screen and has the longest duration of all with about 2-3 seconds. The best 
part about this move is that Jotaro is free to join the attack.  

Well, what can I say about this move. It's VERY good for damage and can be 
easily done in combos. Furthermore, it may be a good move to counter far 
jump-ins of your opponent. If you see your opponent is going to jump at you, 
quickly dash back and do this move. It's like have a wall of punches blocking 
your opponent's way to get your hands at you. Because of the long duration 
when you use the A3 button in this move, you can still dash-in then jump-in 
for two more damages in a combo. This move while in normal mode also has 
great cornering abilities, just jump-in, do a crouching attack then Blazing 
Fist. Repeat whole process.        

Stand mode:

The Star Platinum charges back quickly and does a set of many punches while 
moves forward slowly in a just short distance toward your opponent (very 
short compared to just normal mode) while still saying "Ora, Ora, Ora". But 
this time, you can't control Jotaro and he moves along with the Star 
Platinum. Like Wolverine's Berserker Barrage, you can press the attack button 
rapidly for more hits and increase the time duration of the move. The punches 
of this move does more damage compare to the normal mode. You can now also 
perform the Blazing Fists in the air. The duration of the move depends on the 
attack button you press. The heavier the attack button you push, the longer 
the duration of the Blazing Fist. If you use the A3 button, the Blazing Fist 
goes for a long time. Using the other buttons reduces the duration, making 
the hit counts reduce by 2-4 hits. BTW, he doesn't move at all when you use 
A1. So, stick to A3 for more damage than A2 or A1.

This move in this mode is now better in my opinion. I mean, the damage is now 
better (a lot better) and you can push the buttons rapidly for more damage. 
This move is only best for combos. But it does has its defensive priorities 
than offensive priorities only, like if you keep doing this move while your 
opponent is jumping, he might land on the punches and might get hit by them 
(like what the computer Dio in round 1 does). Or if you know that your 
opponent is gonna jump, you can jump-in also and use the A1 and cancel into 
the Blazing Fist for more damage. Another suggestion is that you can just 
jump and do the Blazing Fist acting like an air wall against your opponent's 
jump-in. Wanna show off or go crazy and have some fun? Double jump then do an 
air Blazing Fist and keep pressing the attack button for levitation. (Let's 
see if he can reach you. You can also check how long it takes for you to land 
while pressing the attack button all the way)    

2) Blazing Strike - QCB + A

Normal mode: 

Jotaro steps to his right as if he was dodging a projectile attack or 
something but only to give to the Star Platinum who just suddenly appears out 
of Jotaro performing a dashing clothesline and saying "Mach-Ora" (not sure) 
for 1 hit. Then after reaching a certain distance depending on the attack 
button pressed, he disappears. Using the A1 button, he takes up 1/2 of the 
screen. Using the A2 button, he take takes up 3/4 of the screen. Finally, 
using the A3 button, he takes up almost the whole screen. Now this move 
reminds me of Wolverine's QCB + P move in Marvel vs. Capcom. Although, the 
Star Platinum doesn't much have bad recovery time like his. 

If you think about it, this move is like a projectile move. Although it 
doesn't penetrate other projectiles, it still has range, great speed and a 
bit of damage but mostly the element of surprise. You can use this move as a 
good surprise attack while retreating or walking backwards. I got a lot of 
people to get hit by this trick during the first time they fought me. This 
move might also serve as a keep away move. Try to catch them with this move 
while they're landing from a jump to give some more "hit and run" damage. Too 
bad Jotaro can't join the attack since the move finishes too fast.

Stand mode:
The Star Platinum dashes quickly again doing a clothesline while Jotaro moves 
and dashes along with the Star Platinum and the Star Platinum still says the 
same thing. If you can do another Blazing Strike motion (QCB + A) after the 
first one hits, the Star Platinum does a downward punch using his other hand 
that knocks down your opponent all the way to other side of the screen. The 
Blazing Strike can be put into combos but if you make a mistake by missing 
your Blazing Strike, you'll have horrible recovery time (same as Wolverines). 
I think the first hit doesn't have much lag time like the second hit. 
Depending on the button you press, the length of this move is the same to the 
normal mode but a bit shorter. BTW, while in Stand mode the speed of this 
move is slower.

Now if you think about it, this move in this mode looks like a charging move. 
Try to catch them sometimes with this move. If you do, perform another 
Blazing Strike motion for the second hit. If you don't, they'll most probably 
think the Blazing Strike hasn't poor recovery time and won't attack. I use 
the Blazing Strike after a combo that has been blocked to get near them to 
continue my offensive streak. It also gives of insane juggle opportunities 
after you do this move (see "Extra Juggling Possibilities" section). 

3) Star Finger – DP + A (Hold A to charge, then release A to attack)

Normal mode:

Jotaro just stands and closes his eyes while the Star Platinum shows up 
moving his hand backwards (if you hold the button, it shows the Star Platinum 
charging up the move by showing his hand is still being held back). Then, he 
releases his arm and his finger becomes a rope-like thing that pulls your 
opponent toward you. Even if blocked, the opponent still comes near you. Not 
only can Jotaro move freely to attack, but also this move brings your 
opponent closer to you so that you can use him as a punching bag. After the 
move, the Star Platinum disappears.  

Man is this move so SLOW! It's so slow I hardly use it for attacks. And when 
you're charging this move, you're opponent can go near and attack you with a 
super. Gulp! But this move does have some tricks. Here's what you do, while 
you're opponent is being pulled by the Star Platinum, use the ditch (AAA, go 
below for more info). If your opponent has slow reactions, he won't know that 
you are in the other side already. Then he won't be blocking and you can dish 
out anything you want. You can also do this other trick, while your attacking 
charge up a Star Finger. Keep attacking and charge the Star Finger then 
suddenly let go while you're jumping to the other side for a cross-up attack 
for a surprise. 

Stand mode:

The Star Platinum again moves his hand backwards (if you hold the button, it 
shows the Star Platinum charging up the move by showing his hand is still 
being held back) then he releases his arm while Jotaro just stands beside 
him. While releasing his arm, a finger from his hand becomes a rope-like 
thing that pulls your opponent toward you. Since your in Stand mode, you 
can't move Jotaro to attack or The only problem now if you're charging up the 
Star Finger, you're very open for any super your opponent dishes out. 

Don't think since you can't move Jotaro this move now sucks. You're wrong! 
Actually, this move is not that bad since it can do some set-ups. Like while 
you're doing a combo, let Star Fingers go in with the combo (meaning do a 
Star Fingers than an A3 in your regular combo). Then since he's near just go 
toward him and throw (it's kinda cheap but I had to put it since it give the 
move some effective use). The Star Fingers can also start a combo. After 
you're opponent gets pulled, the opponent will have a bad recovery time and 
you can still start a combo. BTW, Star Fingers kinda takes out a lot of Stand 
Meter. So, it's very useful in a Stand crash combo that I made (check combo 
section for more details). Again, be careful while doing this move and 
especially charging it, its slowness will give your opponent enough time to 

 B) Super Moves List

1) Super Blazing Fist – QCF + AA

Normal mode:

Jotaro slouches while he points his finger forward and the Star Platinum 
moves forward at normal walking speed while doing multiple punches over and 
over continually saying "Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora..." This move lasts for a VERY, 
VERY long time and adding up to 30+ hits if fully connected. Jotaro can move 
around and join adding more hits. If the first punch hits your opponent, he 
can't escape the rest. After the whole Super Blazing Fist, the Star Platinum 
will disappear without giving your opponent any time to counter. This move 
does almost half-life of damage. Let me see. This move has a long duration 
time as well as good recovery time and Jotaro can join for more damage. What 
more can you ask for?

This move is well... awesome! After you're opponent gets hit, quickly dash 
forward a few times and ditch then start mashing those buttons. You'll see 
the Star Platinum and Jotaro ganging up on your opponent and beating him up 
like heck. If you are watching your enemy life bar, you'll see his life go 
down bit by bit. But watch out when you miss this move, because your opponent 
may push block then counter. Now, the only problem is how to connect it. 
Might not be used in combos but can substitute for a surprise attack or a 
powerful counter attack.

Stand mode:

The Star Platinum charges back quickly and does a continual Blazing Fist 
while saying "Ora, Ora, Ora," and Jotaro follows him all the way until the 
move ends. If you look at the damage of this move, the first hits do little 
by little damage while the last one is BIG one. After the move, the opponent 
gets knocks down. If your opponent blocks this move, like the normal mode, he 
won't have time to counter because of its recovery time. (To summarize this 
move: a VERY long and VERY powerful Blazing Fist)

Like the normal mode, the Super Blazing Fist is still good as it is. It now 
can be easily put into combos and has damage and great recovery time. 
Although Jotaro can't join to do some more damage, the Super Blazing Fist 
does great damage already. I mean, check the last hit of this move, it's a 
big wallop. In my opinion, the Super Blazing Fist is very good for damage and 
some reducing of the Stand Meter since it doesn't have horrible recovery 

2) Star Breaker – QCB + AA (Hold AA to charge, then release AA to attack)

Normal mode:

The Star Platinum appears and charges his hand. Then, he releases it causing 
a wave energy motion all around his hand while striking the opponent in a 
short range. If you keep holding AA, the Star Platinum will be seen still 
charging his hand and he continues to glow rapidly. I think Jotaro is free to 
move so you can keep charging the move while you're attacking Jotaro to make 
distraction (yeah right, with one attack button and while he's still 
blocking?) After the Star Platinum strikes, he disappears not giving the 
opponent to counter attack. If the Star Platinum gets hit or if Jotaro gets 
hit too much, the super cancels, whiffs, and you also lose a level of the 
super meter.  

For just one hit, it sure does a lot of damage. This move takes almost half 
of your opponent's life and it's not fully charged. The only problem is that 
it's very hard to combo here in normal mode (actually, I think it's 
impossible). The Star Breaker has great defensive properties against jump-ins 
when well timed and it does act like some sort of projectile because of the 
wave motion figure. And try doing this; go near your opponent and charge up a 
Star Breaker. Then, just go near him to attack and do some poking. Most 
probably, he won't resist attacking you and if he moves a muscle release the 
Star Breaker.     

Stand mode:

The Star Platinum charges his hand (If you keep holding AA, the Star Platinum 
will be seen still charging his hand and he continues to glow rapidly) and 
releases it. You'll see the wave energy and all again but the only thing 
different is that you can't move Jotaro anymore. This move has bad recovery 
time most exactly like the Blazing Strike in Stand mode. But if it does 
connect you're opponent gets knocked out all the way to the other side of the 
screen. Again like in normal mode, if the Star Platinum gets hit or if Jotaro 
gets hit too much, the super cancels, whiffs, and you also lose a level of 
the super meter. (To summarize this move: one BIG Blazing Strike with a 
glowing hand) 
There's a better chance to combo the Star Breaker by a crouching A3 but your 
opponent can escape by air recovering. But even if you miss the Star Breaker, 
the opponent has only a little time to counter it. This move is so strong 
that it takes HALF of your opponent's life. Yes... half of your opponent's 
life and it's not even charged! Think of the damage this baby can do when 
it's fully charged, it's most probably gonna be 5/6 or more of your opponents 

3) The World – F, A2, A1, F, S (at level three or above)

Normal mode:

The Star Platinum shows up charging himself while Jotaro can't move and just 
stands there. If your opponent doesn't stop the Star Platinum in time, you'll 
see everything turn black and white (except the characters). At this point, 
the Star Platinum has been successful in performing the WORLD! During the 
WORLD, your character is the only one who can move and you can do most 
anything to your opponent. Also while in the World, you have INFINITE supers! 
Yes... infinite supers. So knock yourself out by giving them punishment with 
supers. The World's duration depends on your level upon your use, I estimate 
a second per level you had while activating this move. After the time 
finishes, everything stops for a while. Then, you'll be seeing the part when 
your opponent dies while you see his last look. 

This move is THE BOMB! Once this move activates (but that's the hardest part 
about this move, your opponent is as sure as dead. You can dish out anything 
now you want like a Star Breaker. You don't much have time so you better 
dash-in immediately. After a successful beating, watch back and enjoy the 

Stand mode:

The Star Platinum starts charging up and the opponent can still hit him. If 
this move does activate (which takes at least 4-5 seconds), you'll see the 
background turn black again and time will stop. Then you'll have time to kick 
your opponents butt. After the time finishes, everything stops for a while. 
Then, you'll be seeing the part when your opponent dies while you see his 
last look. If you don't finish your opponent off, you'll just see him get 
knocked down all the way to the others side. Even if you still get hit while 
your performing the World, you don't lose your levels until the move 

Like I said before, this the moves of moves. If you want to see this move so 
much, you try charging up your gauge bar. I suggest charging up just by 
dashing backwards very far and start doing the Stand rush combo (see below in 
"combo" section). If you notice, this is fastest way of charging than just 
attacking. If your opponent seems to do a well timed jump when the World 
activates, the only thing you can do is jump and do jumping A2 cancelled into 
an air Blazing fist (then push A rapidly for more hits) because Jotaro's 
supers don't have reach to connect. 

 7. Combos

Combos... Combos are very essential in almost any game you can find. And in 
Jojo's venture combos are very important! So right here, I'm putting all the 
killer and non-killer combos that I've found. And also give some in-depth 
things like how to make your own combos and extra damaging possibilities.

TRIVIA: In normal mode, you combo like Alpha style in which you do a jump-in 
attack, then do a basic attack, and finally a special move. While in Stand 
mode, you combo like Marvel vs. Capcom style because of the Stand rush 
combos. Chaining all of your attacks and canceling into specials and supers. 

 A) Normal Mode

1) Jump-in, crouching A3 (while holding backward or neutral)
Comments: The old flying kick then sweep combo.

2) Jump-in, crouching A1, Blazing Fist, dash-in A
Comments: While in normal mode, this will be your MAIN combo. You can do 2 c. 
A1 instead of one and I suggest/prefer that you use the A3 Blazing Fist. The 
dash-in then another attack sometimes connects depending if you're fast 
enough to get near.

3) Jump-in, crouching A2, Blazing Fist, dash-in A

4) (In the corner) Jump-in, crouching A1 x2 or crouching A2, Blazing Fist, 
jump-in, crouching or standing A 
Comments: You can hit 'em with a jump-in combo while you're in the corner 
when the Blazing Fist is hitting your opponent.

5) Jump-in, crouching A1, Stand Appearance Attack (QCF + S)
Comments: After doing the c. A1, the Star Platinum shows up doing a punch to 
your opponent. A great way to activate your Stand while still going 
offensive. The crouching A1 can be repeated twice if you're close enough to 
the opponent.

6) Jump-in, crouching A2, Stand Appearance Attack (QCF + S)

7) Star Finger, crouching A1, standing A2
Comments: Hard to connect combo because of the speed of the Star Finger and 
it's practically worthless in damaging but I added it since it's a combo.

8) Super Blazing Fist, repeated dash-in A
Comments: Just a simple and neat combo to look at...
9) Super Blazing Fist, dash-in ditch or jump while dashing for the high jump 
to move in the back, while in the back do the repeated A
Comments: This is the fun combo to see that I mention earlier. Does a lot 
amount of damage.

10) Dashing A3 (must Stand crash), Super Blazing Fist, repeated dash-in A
Comments: Sorry, guys. But the only way to connect the Super Blazing Fist is 
only when he's open or by Stand crash. The dashing A3 makes a good surprise 
attack while he's Stand meter is already low.  

Note: For the jump-ins to register in the combos, you have to make sure that 
they hit deep.

 B) Stand Mode

1) A1, A1, A2, A3 
Comments: Your normal 4-hit Stand rush combo.

2) A1, A1, A1
Comments: Star Platinum performs two left quick punches then one 
straightforward punch. Auto combo?

3) F + A1, F + A1, A2, D + A3
Comments:  This is a special Stand combo for the Star Platinum only. He 
performs the first 3 hits of his Stand rush combo then the 4th hit is 
replaced by a kick to the opponent's feet, which must be blocked low.

4) F + A1, F + A1, A2, A2
Comments: Another special Stand combo for the Star Platinum only. Again, he 
performs the first 3 hits of his Stand rush combo while the 4th hit is 
replaced with a turn around back fist, which must be blocked high. Watch out 
when using the rush combos because the 4th attacks are a little slow. If 
you're opponent does a super while in this point, you're dead.

5) Jump-in, A1, A1, A2, Blazing Fist (push A rapidly more hits)
Comments: This is your main combo while in Stand mode. It does great damage 
and can remove a good amount of your opponent's Stand gauge.

6) Jump-in, A1, A1, A2, Blazing Strike, Blazing Strike
Comments: This combo is stronger than the Blazing Strike combo is because if 
you're close to the corner, you can still dash-in to do an extra juggle on 
while your opponent bounces of the corner. 

7) Jump-in, A1, A1, A2, Super Blazing Fist
Comments: Your super sure-hit that can't be escapable in any way when the 
first ht connects. Is it just me or does the Super Blazing Fist do less 
8) Jump-in, crouching A1, crouching A2, crouching A3, jumping A2, air Blazing 
Fist (press A rapidly for more hits)
Comments: After the c. A3, you're opponent gets launched to the air. You can 
follow him by a jumping A2 then cancel into an air Blazing Fist. But it 
doesn't quite hit at all since he moves back when hit. Only best works on the 
9) Jump-in, crouching A1, crouching A2, crouching A3, A3 Blazing Fists (press 
A rapidly for more hits)
Comments: You're opponent gets launched to the air and he can land to the 
Blazing Fist and get air juggled a lot of times. Unfortunately, he can escape 
this with an air recovery.

10) Jump-in, crouching A1, crouching A2, crouching A3, Super Blazing Fist 
Comments: Same as above but it's a Super Blazing Fist than a regular Blazing 

11) Jump-in, crouching A1, crouching A2, crouching A3, Blazing Strike
Comments: Same as above but more worthless because you have to time them 
really well to catch them with a fast moving Blazing Strike.
12) Jump-in, crouching A1, crouching A2, crouching A3, Star Breaker
Comments: This is the ONLY Star Breaker sure-hit. It's very worth it since 
the Star Breaker is a very powerful move. But again, unfortunately, your 
opponent can escape with an air recovery. 

13) Jump-in, crouching A1, crouching A2, crouching A3, The World
Comments: If your opponent doesn't air recover, as soon as he gets up the 
world will take place. Now, you can do almost anything you want to kill him 
(I suggest a couple of Star Breakers). If your opponent does air recover, is 
he fast enough to stop the WORLD?

 C. Making More Possibilities in Combos

There are a lot of combinations of combos but still with the same motive like 
replacing the crouching with the standing. To prevent from putting up too 
many combos of the same kind follow my tips below so that you change only 
little details of the combo. 

Normal mode: You can interchange the crouching attacks into standing attacks.    
             You can also change the standing attacks into crouching attacks. 
             Both are fine as long as it's range or start up time does not 
             interfere in connecting the combo.
             Instead of jumping-in in combos, you can just dash-in and do the 
             ground combos for adding an element of surprise but doing so 
             will lower the number of hits because of missing the jump-in 
             part of the combo.

Stand mode: If you want more hits than your regular combo, instead of a     
            crouching A1, crouching A2, crouching A3 combo, do a standing A1, 
            standing A1, crouching A2, crouching A3 combo. You can also 
            replace the A1, A1, A2 combos with a crouching A1, crouching A2 
            combo if you think they won't block low after the jump-in.
            You can replace the jump-ins with a Star Finger instead. But   
            trying to hit this is very hard so do a dash-in Star Fingers 
            without holding the attack button for much better results and 
            chances of catching your opponent off guard. If the Star Fingers 
            does connect (which is rarely), you can continue your combo and 
            it will connect and also add another hit to replace the jump-in.

            Like in the normal mode, instead of jumping-in in combos, you can 
            just dash-in and do the ground combos to surprise your opponent 
            but doing so will lower the number of hits because of missing the 
            jump-in part of the combo.

 D. Stand Crash Combos

Stand crash combos are not really combos (ok, some of them are). But 
actually, they're just combos I invented while trying to make an imitation of 
the guard crash combos using V-ism in SF Alpha 3. The point in these combos 
are that they your opponent block until they're Stand meter runs outs which 
makes them Stand crash if they don't think of something to escape. When they 
Stand crash, they'll be open for a while so you can now combo them. Stand 
crash combos maybe used for continual chipping also. Your opponent can 
prevent Stand crash combos if they push block or do a super to cancel your 

Normal mode:

1) Jump-in, crouching A1, crouching A1, Blazing Fist, jump-in, crouching A1, 
crouching A1, Blazing Fist, Repeat whole process...
Comments: Like I said before, this is a corner combo but it can be started 
even if not in the corner. Instead of doing jump-ins again, you can just dash 
in and do the two or three crouching A1s. Works best at a corner.

2) Jump-in, crouching/standing A1, Star Fingers, crouching/standing A1 while 
Star Fingers are in progress, crouching/standing A1, Star Fingers, 
crouching/standing A1 while Star Fingers are in progress, crouching/standing 
A1, Repeat whole process...
Comments: You get the picture with this combo. The standing/crouching A1 
maybe increased as you wait for the Star Platinum to disappear to do the Star 
Fingers again. But beware if he does a super to cancel your attack and hurt 

Stand mode:

1) Jump-in, A1, A1, A2, Star Finger, A1, A1, A2, Star Finger, Repeat whole 
Comments: This is another use I've found for the Star Finger. By continually 
bashing him up with combos ending with a Star Finger to give em' more, he'll 
Stand crash in no time. 

2) Jump-in, A1, A1, A2, Blazing Strike, A1, A1, A2, Blazing Strike, Repeat 
whole process...
Comments: Something that's almost similar to above except that you're moving 
towards him and you may have some recovery time problems (only a short time 
and your opponent may not notice this)

E. Extra Juggling Possibilities

This is a section where you can find those extra juggle combos that can be 
done but not that obviously found immediately. To do these "extra juggles", 
you're positioning must be correct and dashing is also important. The juggle 
combo that you will be using to do extra damage can anything you want but 
sometimes in a certain juggle, a specific move must be done to make the 
juggle successful. Most of these juggling capabilities are for the Stand mode 

Both modes:
1) After a jump-in attack that intercepts your opponent's, you can dash-in 
then do a Star Breaker or do a high hitting combo if only they are in a 
"knocked out" in which they fall to the ground slowly. 

Stand mode only:
1) After using a crouching A3 in a combo or as an anti-air attack, you can 
jump-in or wait for them to land to hit him.
Comments: After being hit with the crouching A3, your opponent gets launched 
into the air. Thus, he can be still juggled. This is the simplest juggle he 

2) After a Super Blazing Fist ends in the corner, do a crouching attack for 
an extra one hit.
Comments: The Super Blazing Fist must be done as a ground combo and not a 
juggle. After the crouching attack, you can still cancel to do a 
special/super (except A3) but I'm not sure if it will connect. If you don't 
have plans of doing a cancel, use the A3 attack button.  

3) After a near the corner Star Beaker, you can dash-in and do a combo to 
juggle them.
Comments: Yes... you can still add a combo to juggle them if they manage to 
survive the Star Breaker. They bounce off the wall then you can dash-in and 
juggle them with a combo you want.

4) After a near the corner Blazing Strike x2, you can dash-in and do a combo 
to juggle them. 
Comments: Again like the previous, you can still add a combo to juggle them 
when they bounce off the wall and then you can dash-in and juggle them with 
any combos you like. To tell you the truth, I haven't tested this yet. But 
I'm sure about the Star Beaker can add more juggles after you've done it.

 8. Strategies

 A) Going More Further in the Basics

Ditch, Tandem Attack, Stand Appearance Attack... Many players don't use them 
at all... What are these things? Well, in this part of the FAQ, I concentrate 
on these kind of different moves like the moves found in the game and Stand 
system that can be used by any character. I'll also state their importance 
and my opinions about them. Plus, I'll include some tactics your opponent 
might do, and how to counter them or prevent them from doing what they 
planned. The basics of Jojo's Venture are quite different from what I played 
and there are so many of them that your opponent might not recognize them at 
all and get surprised.

1) Push Block (Advance Guarding)- push AAA simultaneously 

Jotaro or the Star Platinum (depends on which mode) pushes his opponent away 
from him (we also see this shield kind of animation that we also see in 
Marvel vs. Capcom).

This move is very essential when blocking. Not those this only get your 
opponent of your back from cornering you; it also reduces the amount of 
chipping done from you. The good thing about push block is that it helps you 
get into position again for an attack and such... A good example of counter 
attacking is by push-block then doing a Star Breaker.

Most probably if your opponent push blocks too at some part of your combo 
with a Blazing Fist, it's better not to continue the Blazing Fist by pressing 
A rapidly. If you do, your opponent might do a super to hit you or do a jump-
in combo attack. Make sure that the Blazing Fist never misses, because if it 
does your opponent WILL push block then counter.

2) Air Recovery - push AA simultaneously (when knock out in the air)

Jotaro or the Star Platinum (depends on which mode) gets back into his normal 
jumping stance after he gets hit and is during on his hit stance on the air.

This move is very important especially to prevent from getting hit by some 
sure-hits and juggles. You can also control where you can air recover so that 
you can position your character. Like to escape from nasty air-juggles 
(especially D'Bo and Joseph) or to get back on the offensive.

3) Ditch - push AAA simultaneously while in normal mode only

Jotaro turns around and moves forward while we see him all blurry (kinda like 
Akuma's teleport move).

Ditch is a great move for defensive as well as offensive purposes because 
ditch can go to your opponent's back and he can't hit you while you're all 
blurry. You can ditch your opponent to get on his back and surprise him with 
an attack. You can also use ditch to prevent getting hit by fireballs or the 
alike. Unlike any teleport move in the game, the ditch has no bad recovery 
time. A good surprise move is to ditch then do a Super Blazing Fist since 
everybody I played against (even me) tries to attack for chipping damage. 
Against those pesky turtlers, try to ditch to go near them and throw (works 
like a charm).

If some show-off tries to make fun of you by keep ditching around to prevent 
all your means of attacking, the only solution for this is throw. Well, 
that's the only way I could think of to counter a ditch crazy player waiting 
for time over or making fun of you by preventing all of your attacks.

4) Guard Cancel - QCF + A while blocking an opponent's attack.

The Star Platinum suddenly counters the attack by doing a clothesline to hit 
your opponent after you block your opponent's attack.

This move is very important in an intense battle between your opponent. If 
your opponent knows how to block everything you dish out, try blocking then 
guard cancel to attack to get some damage done. Put guard cancel reduces an 
amount of your super meter and might not be effective in multiple attacks 
like a repeated attack of Blazing Fist or the start of the combo. Doing so 
will just reduce the amount of super meter and you'll just get attacked.

5) Throw - F + A3 when close to the opponent

Jotaro grabs your opponent by the shirt while the Star Platinum appears and 
punches him to the face. Knocks your opponent to the other side of the 

The only use move is to either do some damage and surprise those turtlers or 
to escape on your opponents throw move. The throw does quite damage and can 
actually set up the World! That's right... Here's what you should do, you 
must be in the corner then grab your opponent and he goes to the other side 
and he's still also knocked out. Then, activate the World. By the time he 
gets up, he won't even have enough time to get near you to attack and 
interrupt your level 3 Super. Even if he jumps up when time freezes, at least 
you'll be even deal a little damage. That much damage is quite important when 
your opponent knows how to block everything. Yes, I know. This tactic is 
cheap but it's really something that I thought I should put in this FAQ.

But NEVER EVER use the throw to do some cheap damage by repeatedly grabbing 
him and cornering him after each throw you do! Don't be a cheater or a cheap 
scrub... Play fair!!! Don't even do this tactic when you're losing. Accept 
your defeat!!! 

Sorry about that... Let's continue...

 B) Which Mode Should I Use?

Actually, I can't decide for yourself which mode you should use because I 
don't really know your fighting style. But here's what I'll do: I'll tell you 
the advantages and disadvantages of each mode (normal and Stand) of Jotaro. 
Then, you can pick out which way of fighting suits you better. If you still 
can't decide (like me), you can just follow an interchange of both modes. 
It's hard choosing which mode is better for Jotaro because each mode has its 
advantages, disadvantages and fighting style. And also because both are still 
as each mode when using Jotaro. That's what so good about him (like I 
mentioned previously). I also go in-depth on what each mode does and how do 
you act/fight in that mode.

1) The Differences

Normal mode:

Advantages - 1) Ditch can be done as soon as you want to evade most attacks 
                and to counter it.
             2) Jotaro can join the attack or something else like taunt while 
                the Star Platinum is attacking or doing something else.
             3) You can do the Tandem Attack.
             4) Moves have better recovery time than Stand mode since Star 
                Platinum disappears after the move.
             5) Has great cornering abilities using combos.

Disadvantages - 1) You lose life by chipping just because your opponent      
                   attacked you with the basic moves in Stand mode or with 
                   special move attacks.
                2) Some moves are weaker than the moves in Stand mode.
                3) Some moves/supers can not be put into combos.
                4) Must use special moves to reduce the Stand meter of your 

Over-all: Somebody using the normal mode uses Jotaro like a character that 
          calls out his Stand to attack then Jotaro himself will attack with 
          his Stand simultaneously. Because of this along with the Tandem 
          Attack and ditch, Jotaro has good abilities of making the opponent 
          trapped in the corner while he keeps attacking until he gets Stand 
          crashed or chips him out until his life is a mere size of a 
          toothpick. Since normal mode has ditch, he can do cross-ups 
          attacking at both sides at the same time and evade other attacks to 
          counter it with a super. A Jotaro in normal mode has full of 
          surprises, which is used for manipulation and mind games since his 
          Stand suddenly appears to attack. Even though, he's pretty hard to 
          catch off guard because with the ditch and everything, he can 
          chipped until he's life is so low. If you're using normal mode, 
          it's either you're using your brain power for tricks (since his 
          damage is a little bit weak and has no super sure-hits) or you're 
          up for the cheap cornering capabilities. But I suggest using the 
          Jotaro with Stand off, by doing psyche games since he can. Try 
          switching Blazing Fist and Blazing Strike sometime around to 
          surprise them.   

Stand mode:

Advantages - 1) Some moves (including basic) are sometimes stronger/better 
                than normal mode. 
             2) Can now perform the Stand rush/special Stand combos.
             3) Can reduce the Stand meter with just the use of the basic     
             4) Can put supers into combos.
             5) You have double jump!

Disadvantages - 1) Blocking is only limited because of the Stand meter and 
                   Stand crash rule. 
                2) Some moves have worse recovery time and are now slower 
                   than the normal mode.
                3) He's a bigger target for those unblockable moves.
                4) Since he's a bigger target he can be still hit by standing 
                   attacks while you're crouching.
                5) You can't do some moves in the game like Ditch, Tandem 
                   Attack, etc.

Overall: Somebody using Jotaro in Stand mode is more of using the Star 
         Platinum. And because you're using the Star Platinum, you have great 
         combo opportunities, which make you a combo crazy-like player. Not 
         only that, while using the Star Platinum most of your moves are now 
         stronger and you can sure-hit supers. If you think about it, this 
         mode is all about brute strength. But you should always be careful, 
         when using this as a defensive character because you have the Stand 
         meter and Stand crash system. I would say this an offensive mode 
         because you use combos and you does special Stand combos to 
         penetrate your opponent's defense. If you're used to Marvel vs. 
         Capcom combos, I suggest you using this mode. It's very powerful in 
         offense especially because of the killer combos that you can get 
         used to.

2) Interchanging modes

When I mean interchanging modes, I mean switching from a Stand to normal mode 
and changing normal to Stand mode from time to time. Not only those this make 
you experience using Jotaro fully but it also fools your opponent. When I 
mean fully, it's because you're using both modes. Because when change your 
mode, it's like changing your fighting style. The best time to change mode is 
during a middle of an intense battle because it gets your opponent more 
frustrated and most of all pressured. Switching modes is like manipulating 
your opponent and playing the psyche game. Since the normal mode is more of 
using brains and the Stand is more of using brawl. Have fun in fooling your 

 C) General Combat Strategies/Tricks

Well, in my opinion, Jotaro is best and most effective when used for 
offensive and combo capabilities. So, that means he should always 
charge/dash-in, poke and go near your opponent doing some ticking. Overall, 
anything that gives out good damage to your opponent by means of offense or 
defense then counter attack will do fine.

Note: Some strategies and tricks can be found by just reading the moves list 
section or the previous/next parts of this section. I don't actually remember 
what I already putted, so that will explain most of the repetitive parts that 
might happen.   

Normal mode:

Offensive - Keep putting out the Star Platinum and join in the attack, you're 
            key here is to attack repetitively while trying to confuse your 
            opponent. But even though you keep attacking, you should always 
            watch out for those defensive moves of your opponent. You should 
            try cornering them until they Stand crash or chip him until they 
            have VERY little life. If they Stand crash or open by mistakes, 
            dash-in and do a Super Blazing Fists or just a Star Breaker. Try 
            to also fool them by doing the Blazing Strike than the Blazing 
            Fist for speed and range. If they turtle too much do the World        
            (or a throw), some people don't know this move and just let you 
            do the World. But if they do know it, you must dash back to 
            prevent from getting hit while the World is in progress. Another 
            way of breaking his defense is poking, try to poke with crouching 
            A1 and A2. He might get tempted to attack you but trying to 
            counter attack with basics but he'll get himself hurt instead. 
            Tandem attack maybe well for breaking your opponent's defense if 
            you do the Tandem attack correctly. You should do the Tandem 
            attack then input the command for that special Stand combo that 
            includes the back-fist. Let go then dash-in and ditch; keep doing    
            a crouching A1 at your opponent's back.

Defensive - Walk or dash backwards. They should follow you, suddenly do a 
            Blazing Strike (some don't see it coming). Against jump-ins, jump 
            vertically then attack (A2 most recommended) or you could do 
            Blazing Fist or Blazing Strike on far jump-ins. They should fall 
            down, now you dash-in and start to attack turn to go on offense. 
            Another way of dealing with jump-ins is to jump and do an A2,
            then dash-in for more juggling possibilities with combos or a     
            Star Breaker. Push-block and ditch are very useful to prevent 
            chipping damage. This is tricky; at the moment of impact of their 
            attack, do a Star Breaker. They'll get screwed. Always know when    
            to block high or low. If you don't, you might sometimes regret 
            that bit of damage.

Stand mode:
Offensive - Just keep attacking by dashing-in and jumping-in mostly. Also use 
            the special Stand combos once in a while to fool them and for 
            poking. It's nice to keep attacking because your basic attacks 
            can chip or reduce a huge amount of your opponent's Stand meter. 
            Once you get an opening or Stand crash, do the Super Blazing Fist 
            sure-hit with no juggle. (Juggles are cool but they can air 
            recover, which makes it difficult to sure-hit, but if you get a 
            chance, do a Star Breaker because its very powerful) You're key 
            of winning is by concentrating on those killer combos since your 
            damage is very strong. Keep attacking if you think they're motive 
            is offense  because you can intercept they're almost all attacks 
            since the range of your moves are farther than theirs. You can 
            also try poking them with special Stand combos. If you do get to 
            intercept them while they're in the air with an A1 or A3 attack 
            that's standing, you can really do because of its great range. 
            Then, you can still dash in and juggle them for extra damage. If 
            they turtle too much, dash backwards and do the World, some 
            people don't know this move and just let you do the World then 
            you can dash in and do some punishment since you only have a few 
            seconds. BTW, when you are always attacking doing the Stand rush 
            combos and your opponent is using normal mode, watch out if 
            they're crouching because all of your attacks miss at all, and 
            they might do super on you while your hitting the air with your 
            Stand combo. 

Defensive – Three-word advice: "DON'T PLAY DEFENSE". The Star Platinum is 
            totally better on offense. But if you must, try dashing backward 
            to retreat then do a Blazing Strike for a surprise attack. Or try 
            a Blazing Fist on a far jump-in or an air Blazing Fist on a near 
            jump-in. You can also jump the air and intercept their jump-in 
            with an A1 or A2. Then, dash-in and do your normal combos to 
            juggle them. You can also dash-in to go underneath them to attack 
            them at the back and juggles them. A Star Breaker near the impact 
            of your opponent's attack can be also useful to hit them with 
            very powerful. If your Stand meter is low, push-block your 
            opponent then turn your Stand off. Always know when to block high 
            or low. If you don't, you might sometimes regret that bit of 

 D) The vs. Section (Against Humans)

One of the important parts of fighting a human enemy is knowing their moves 
of the style they're using. And in this section, I focus on the tricks they 
most probably do and good ways to counter them. And also, yes... they're 
separated in which mode he is using. So read on...

Note: I didn't make a VS. Section against the computers because they're so 
easy to beat. The only things you have to do are to put out your Stand, do 
those combos and finish them off, with those sure-hits. There might be also 
repetitive parts in this section like the previous.

1) Jotaro:

General - Against a Jotaro, it will be like those games that you see a 
          Wolverine against a Wolverine in Marvel vs. Capcom (in other words,
          both are offensive trying to hit their opponent with a killer combo
          by outsmarting him). He'll most probably keep doing jump-ins so use 
          the A1 or A2 while jumping-in against his jump-in. Or you could use 
          the c. A3 as an anti-air move or a well-timed Star Breaker. If he
          does a Super Blazing Fist and misses, push-block and do a Star 
          Breaker. Do not let him do the WORLD, try to prevent this by going
          in his face offense and if he does the World (which I doubt), do a 
          Star Breaker if you're near him to give 'em punishment. Want to 
          piss him of when his gonna do the WORLD? Do and time a double jump, 
          if correctly executed you're so high in the air while the world is 
          now taking place. He can't reach you to connect a super. :)

Normal mode – He frequently does that repeated Blazing Fist corner combo. Get 
              away the corner as soon as you're near or try to escape by 
              ditch or double jump when you're already cornered. Don't try to 
              counter or else you'll just get hit. Watch out for the fast 
              Blazing Strike surprise. I recommend using your Stand since it 
              chips some of his life even if blocked, but if you want a show-
              off fight try fighting without it.

Stand mode - You can fight "fire with fire" by using your Stand immediately 
             and do your most massive damaging combos or a super sure-hit. 
             Air recover from the juggle combos to prevent getting hit from 
             supers. Watch out because he might do that special Stand 
             combo (any actually, just to confuse you). If he does at the
             moment of the 4th attack do a Super Blazing Fist. I also 
             recommend watching out for his range game. And watch your Stand 
             meter, he can take it out as quickly as you can, which is about 
             15 game seconds of just blocking.

2) Joseph:
General - One cheesy character, some Joseph players just combo and keep using 
          that air-juggle priority (insane priority) but an expert player 
          will also use the Energy Tempest (360 + A) or Hamon's Overdrive 
          (720 + A). Don't even try to counter if he misses, it's quite fast 
          in recovery times. That's what's scary about this character, he's 
          fast, got a SPD throw move, a roll move to get near you and two 
          nasty supers. Keep away from him and keep turtling but avoid the 
          Energy Tempest. If you're sure that the Joseph player, you're 
          fighting is more on comboing than the 360 moves, forget about what 
          said above and stick to offense as if you were fighting Jotaro. 
          Watch out for the Master's Teachings (QCF + AA), this super is very 
          strong and has anti-air priorities. After a missed Master's 
          Teachings, dash-in and combo him. But it will only connect if 
          you're fast enough to get near him in a split second. Like Jotaro, 
          a jump-in using A1 or A2 to intercept against his jump-ins. Watch 
          out for his overhead, it involves a very slow flying kick that 
          looks like Charlie's F + MK overhead. It's better to use your Stand 
          because Joseph players always use there Stand too. 

Normal mode – Not many people use Joseph without his Stand. But if they do, 
              they would most probably do jump-in combos (Joseph still has 
              one without using his Stand). Some people might also ditch to 
              get near you and do a throw move. Somewhat like a "roll then 
              grab" tactic in KOF. So just dash backwards, then find a way to 
              get an attack. Maybe by turning your Stand off, and attacking 
              with range attacks like Blazing Strike and Blazing Fist. He has 
              this counter move in which he does something like his taunt, 
              but if you hit him, he does his defensive force field move in 
              which he surrounds himself with electricity. So you better 
              watch out when to push the attack button especially since he 
              still has the Master's Teachings.

Stand mode – The thing bothers me the most is when he gets to hit you with 
             his uppercut move (F + A2, up-close). It can give your opponent 
             a lot of chance to air juggle with many more uppercuts or even 
             connect with the Master's Teachings. So air recover in the right 
             direction to stop from getting hit. If he does the Energy Snare 
             (QCF + A), JUMP! He's now open for any combo or even a sure-hit
             super combo. Like the Star Platinum, he has a special Stand 
             combo in which he does a sweep in the last part of the combo. So 
             you better keep your eyes on the game and be alert. Don't even 
             think of countering during or afterwards the combo, it's quite 
             fast and he has a quick recovery time. Match out when you jump-
             in, he has this all around defense move in which electricity 
             surrounds him (QCB + A) if you try to hit him.

3) Avdol:
General - A character that has VERY good defenses especially for air. His 
          most of his moves (more of Stand mode) hit upward and since, he has 
          something like Sakura's uppercut move (Fire Wall, DP + A) that's 
          OBVIOUSLY an anti-air move. Go offensive (just dash in and combo, 
          your special Stand combos to fool 'em) but watch out, he goes 
          offensive sometimes too. He has this powerful throw move (the 
          Flames of Hell, HCB + A) that can be block but can be used in a 
          combo and it's also very painful. His fireball move (Cross Fire
          Hurricane, QCF + A) is slow especially in Stand mode. So just jump-
          in and combo. He can't sure-hit his supers so just block em'. But 
          if you miss the Super Blazing Fist, he now can. Although he's super 
          has good anti-air priority, it's very slow and it can be seen afar
          and blocked.

Normal mode – Never EVER have I seen an Avdol Player using normal mode. So 
              that's why I suggest activating your Stand when fighting this 
              guy to even the odds. But most probably, the only he can do is 
              go far away and start shooting fireballs (he has two, QCF + A 
              and QCB + A with hold the button). The only way get through is 
              either double-jump or ditch. Or maybe, he can also do some 
              corner like Jotaro's except using the A3 Fire Wall. Just do 
              some stuff to get out of it. 

Stand mode - His crouching A3 has insane anti-air and range priority. So 
             insane if he does crouching A3 all the way, you'll never get 
             close. So, you should just dash-in and quickly do a Super 
             Blazing Fist. Your super will cancel his crouching attacks and 
             he'll get hit. But if he does block it and push block, there  
             might be a chance that the projectile supers of his might still 
             miss. Again, he has that Sakura-like uppercut move for air 
             defense. If you are trying to do a jump then block it hoping to 
             counter the anti-air DP move, it's worthless because they also 
             know this and since Avdol's range is so good why bother using 
             that move while you combo him and it's also unblockable. (Since 
             you cannot air-block basic moves in this game) While he's in the 
             air, he can do this move in which the Magician's Red (Avdol's 
             Stand) dives from the air moving in a forward-down diagonal 
             motion. This move is kinda like T. Hawk's condor dive and it's 
             quite fast so it might surprise you. But if you're quick and see 
             them coming down, you can always catch them with a Star Breaker.

4) Kakyoin:
General - A Kakyoin player plays mostly with his Stand and will play 
          defensive then suddenly go offensive. Or just defensive all the 
          way, hoping that through your mistakes of attacking he'll get to 
          damage you (so, don't make any mistakes). If you're gonna jump-in 
          on a defensive Kakyoin just block because they're always gonna do 
          the Majestic Field (QCB + A). Never take out your Stand. He'll do 
          the 20-Meter Emerald Splash (QCF + AA) on you and you'll take a lot 
          of life because of the cheese. Watch out for that raging demon move  
          ("ShichiJikan", A1,A1, F, A2, A3), it's fast and caught me a lot of 
          times. I suggest trying to jump backwards then another jump again 
          using the Star Platinum's double jumping ability. But never jump-in 
          by far because he might do this move while you're landing! I 
          frequently go for dashing-in instead. He also has this move in 
          which he grabs you in the legs and Kakyoin starts attacking you 
          while you're held. I think that move is not quite effective because 
          it's slow and leaves Kakyoin for you to just jump-in then start 
          pummeling him with Super move or combo. 

Normal mode – Again like Avdol, Kakyoin players using normal mode are rare! 
              They think he's not that effective in normal mode because he's 
              Emerald Splash is just short ranged. Well, they're wrong 
              because one time, I saw a normal mode Kakyoin player who just 
              go offensive and do a cornering combo like Jotaro's except 
              using the short-ranged Emerald Splash. I'm not sure if it's 
              effective and all but if you ever met an opponent who does this 
              just intercept his jump-ins and you won't have much problems. 
              Some Kakyoin normal mode players, turtle a lot with the 
              Majestic Field on their side.

Stand mode – Kakyoin players in stand mode play defensive by the Majestic 
             Field or by jumping and doing an Emerald Splash (QCF + A). Wait 
             for him to do a mistake (like a missed jumped Emerald Splash) 
             then punish him with a Star Breaker. But beware, Kakyoin has 
             great offensive capabilities. His basic Stand rush combo has 
             very great range and some of them hit low so immediately block 
             low. He also has these drill moves in which the Hierophant Green 
             (Kakyoin's Stand) extends his arm in a forward down angle and 
             they're quite fast. BTW, also be alert because some Kakyoin
             players do a well-timed drill while they're just jumping
             upwards. They can do this because Hierophant Green's jump speed
             is so slow when moving. His ground combo is pretty slow as well
             as his Emerald Splash and Majestic Field, so just jump-in and
             combo him. Sometimes, I got to hit him even before he gets the
             Majestic field out. Again about trying to jump hoping he'll do a
             Majestic Field, don't jump-in and block frequently. Most Kakyoin
             players just use basic attacks as an anti-air because it's
             unblockable and has great range. I've seen also some scrub 
             Kakyoin players who turtle and just keep doing the Emerald 
             Splash and Majestic Field. Try to dash-in until you're in a 
             position one-inch away. When he does a Emerald Splash, do the 
             Star Breaker and they will get with a cancel. If you don't have 
             levels yet, I suggest charging by keep attacking or double jump 
             away and do an attack to charge the Super meter bit by bit.

5) Iggy:
General – Always be alert for that powerful quick charge move (charge B for 2 
          seconds, F + A). It's good for a little chip or to reduce the stand 
          meter especially since it's really hard to counter it, because of 
          it's great recovery time. Beware, he has this teleport move (Sand 
          Magic, DP + AAA) that has a bit lag, so just dash-in and combo. But 
          if you're unaware, he can sneak up behind you if you turtle too 
          much and give you the Raging Demon or a super sure-hit. If some 
          cheap player tries to keep doing his gliding move (Up when jumping) 
          and throw some bits of sand, just dash behind him and do a jump 
          attack to hit him (preferably the strongest air combo, see combo 
          section). Or if you're brave, try double jumping in front of him 
          and attack. If you're pissed because of the cheapness this guy is 
          doing, try dashing backwards and do the World. I know he'll get 
          frozen in time while in the air. So what? It's worth it (sometimes) 
          to show off and do some bit of damage at the least. If he       
          retaliates by attack, chances are he'll get frozen time when he 
          lands. Against Iggy, it's okay to use either normal mode or Stand 

Normal mode – HE'S SO FREAKIN' SMALL! He's so small that he doesn't even need 
              to crouch to avoid standing attacks. So, you should always use 
              crouching attacks because they're the only things that connect 
              anyway. Some tricky Iggy players walk backwards retreating then 
              quickly does that charging attack to surprise you, so be 
              careful and always be alert. Most of his attacks quite short 
              ranged, so basically you can poke with a normal mode crouching 
              A3 (holding A3 backwards or neutral). Countering after that 
              charge move is pointless because his stand disappears after the 
              move. So try fighting the same way with a Blazing Strike in 
              Normal mode. :)

Stand mode – He's better and more dangerous in this mode. While in stand 
             mode, he can do a lot! He has a very painful combo involving the 
             stand rush combo ending with a fierce and canceling into the 
             charge attack with a total of 25% damage of your life. He also 
             can sure-hit his Big Sand Wave super (QCF + AA) by comboing it, 
             which really hurts compared to Jotaro's sure-hit. Finally, he 
             has a raging demon move ("Sand Storm", A1, A1, F, A2, A3), 
             that's unblockable and wastes 50+ percent of your life. But 
             luckily, it's very slow and short ranged so just jump back. Like 
             the rest who are totally offensive in stand mode, go defensive 
             and when they jump, try to get under them and attack with basic 
             attack combos. You can also jump-in and intercept them with a 
             jumping Stand mode A2, since it does have great range. You're 
             offense should be those massive damaging combos and the special 
             Stand combos to trick them as well. His super has poor recovery 
             time if missed, so do a Star Breaker for punishment. I don't 
             know if this works, if he does that raging demon thing, do a 
             Star Breaker. I think he'll get hited. Anybody wanna try? 

6) Polvareff:
General - Always be alert for those charging moves of his (both diagonal 
          forward downward and horizontal). His Armor Takeoff (QCF + AA) is 
          also anti-air and he can cancel most of your attacks by just doing 
          it while you're doing your combos to surprise you. So, be VERY 
          careful. He doesn't much have massive combos, since he can't combo 
          his charging moves. Don't turn off you're Stand or he can do some 
          cheese with that Last Shot (QCB + AA) super. But that has some poor 
          recovery time and can be hited by dashing-in to do a Star Breaker 
          or a Super Blazing Fist sure-hit! If some scrub just pushes the A 
          attack rapidly to the move, which looks like Chun-li's Lightning 
          Kicks, you can either do a Star Breaker immediately or double jump 
          then combo him. That move is quite essential to Polvareff since 
          it's quite damaging and it's the only special move that can be 
          comboed. BTW, he can also do some psyche games by those horizontal-
          charging attacks as well as his diagonal downward charge attacks. 
          But overall, I don't think he won't be much of a problem unless he 
          plays Polvareff by always canceling your attacks with his Armor 
          Take-off. Which of course, will hit. You can use any mode with 
          Jotaro for this guy...

Normal mode – He's quite effective using this mode. Just like Jotaro, a 
              normal mode Polvareff uses his brain doing psyche games to 
              damage his opponent since he does have quite a lot. Like Jotaro 
              and Iggy, he can walk backwards retreating then he quickly does 
              a charging attack to surprise you. He also can charge up the  
              diagonal forward backward charging attack. When you try to 
              attack him, he releases it and you'll get hit about 40% of the 
              time, then he can join the attack to do more damage (only if 
              that charge attack is charged up for about quite a time). He 
              also has that "Control Stand". This is the ability in which he 
              can detach his Stand from the Stand-user. With this ability, 
              you'll most probably be tempted to attack and will. By doing 
              so, the Silver Chariot can just be at your back to attack you 
              while you're trying to attack Polvareff himself. Even if you're 
              attacking Polvareff, the Silver Chariot can still attack and 
              damage you. Which players actually do is that they attack you 
              with a Super move! So that's why you should be more careful and 
              alert especially on his mind games.  

Stand mode- He can sure-hit his super but it's very difficult, because the 
            special Stand combo of the Silver Chariot has an air juggling 
            move in the middle of it but it can be block even if the first 
            two hits connects :P . So just block even if you're being 
            comboed. Go offensive by dashing-in and do those massive combos 
            to reduce his Stand gauge. Like I said previously, he doesn't 
            have much powerful combos. The only maximum combo is REALLY only 
            5 hits! If he tries doing that charging downward-forward attack, 
            just like Avdol's dive move catch him with a Star Breaker. 

7) Chaca:
General - I HATE THIS GUY! He's the hardest guy to fight other than Joseph 
          and Jotaro. He has great air priorities so you have to push the 
          attack button much earlier when you're trying to intercept them 
          with a jump-in. If his super misses, it has bad recovery time and 
          can be punished if you're near enough. Since this guy uses offense 
          and his Stand (the Anubis sword), I would go for defensive and use 
          those techniques that counter offensive crazy opponents, which are 
          mentioned above.

Normal mode – Yeah, right... a normal mode Chaca... don't make me laugh. Most 
              the time Chaca always uses Stand mode (obviously, since his 
              moves are needed to be in Stand mode to be initiated. And just 
              use normal mode when they're running out of the Stand meter. If 
              he is, it's not that smart to attack for just a little chip 
              damage. Since he has the Dimensional Cut (QCF + AA without 
              Stand), which it has good anti-air priorities and very long 
              range, so don't even think jumping backwards while you're 
              pressing the attack button won't hurt you. You'll still get 
              caught and get damaged.

Stand mode - He can also sure-hit his super easily and he also has combos to 
             confuse you to block high or low. Push block is essential here. 
             Go defensive and if he makes a mistake go offensive. After his 
             parry move (Forget me not, QCB + A, he flashes) and the Ogre 
             Slash (the QCF + A x3 move, the last part only), he has bad 
             recovery time so just block it and counter. Do not get parried 
             more than 2 times! He has now the ability to counter while your 
             doing a normal move if he gets more than 3 parries (unless you 
             don't use the same attack that was deflected by the parry). 
             Jumping in might be effective to catch them of guard, but stop 
             once in a while because if your opponent gets smart, he can use 
             his Reflection Slash (DP + A). It's quite point less to do a 
             fake jump-in for an air block to counter since it pushes you 
             back and you're just risking some of your life. His special 
             Stand combos which involves an upward in the end has quite bad 
             recovery time, so just dash in quickly and do a high damaging 

8) Midler:

General – Just avoid the harpoon shots including the big one (Mega Harpoon 
          Strike, QCF + AA) by jumping or double jumping. Don't jump too much 
          or else she'll ram you with the move that involves hitting you by a 
          car coming from the ground (Motor Head, QCB + A). You can try to 
          trick her by double jumping while you're landing from your first 
          jump. If she misses the move while the car is at the back, you can 
          dash-in and hit her with a combo. Her other super involving many 
          cars to ram you continually (QCB + AA) is also great against 
          jump-ins so watch out before you leap. Always be alert for that 
          "Dinner Time" super (DP + AA), it really hurts and is also 
          unblockable but has very long recovery time. So just dash quickly 
          and give punishment like a super sure-hit. Basically, that's just 

Normal mode – The only difference when she's in normal mode or Stand mode 
              besides the Stand combos is that her recovery time is better 
              and she still can attack while doing the Motor Head move. Not 
              much difference at all in my opinion except that catching her 
              of guard after she misses her special moves will be harder. But 
              overall, Midler players prefer to use Stand mode than normal 
              mode better because of the combos.  

Stand mode - She's quite slow with her Stand combos. So, if she's far doing 
             her normal Stand rush combo, do a Star Breaker. Another way to 
             do this even if she's close doing the Stand rush combo is just 
             push block and do the Star Breaker since the ending of her Stand 
             rush combo, a standing 3-hit heavy attack is SO slow. But its 
             pretty risky in wasting a super since all characters can 
             obviously stop they're combos while in the middle of it, but 
             what the heck the damage when it connects is worth it. Her dash 
             move, involving her to back-flip with two hits has bad recovery, 
             so just block it then try to counter attack with a combo. And 
             here's another reason not to jump too, she can redirect her 
             standing fierce going to a upward-forward diagonal direction and 
             it has good anti-air priorities.

9) Alessy:
General - Not much Alessy players I can ever see anywhere. But Alessy is most 
          probably a poking character and going defensive since he can't 
          combo. By just blocking the standing A3, it takes a whole lot of 
          Stand meter. So, watch up for your Stand Meter. Don't jump too 
          much, his Ushi-ushi-ushi super (QCB + AA rapidly, that Shadow 
          rising thing) is a good anti-air move (obviously) and turns you 
          into a little child for more punishment and torture. If he turns 
          you little, run away then he'll do that gun thing (Hachi no 
          Nosu-da, HCF + A) and just dodge that by jumping back and forth to        
          confuse him. Go for your special Stand combos to confuse him when 
          you get near him. Don't turn you're Stand off, or he'll cheese some 
          of your life with that gun. Try to do some ticking with your combos 
          ending with a super. But be warned if he crouches a lot, you have 
          to crouch too to attack. Since his height won't make him taller 
          even when his Stand is activated because it's flat and most of your 
          standing attacks will miss. BTW, watch out because since Alessy 
          doesn't much have any defense breakers or great offensive 
          capabilities, he will indeed have to throw to get some damage done 
          to a human player. So just be aware if he's suddenly going near you 
          all of a sudden.

Normal mode - IMO, Alessy is better in Stand mode. The only thing he can do 
              is poke you to death with a fast crouching A1. He can also 
              intercept you with a fast jumping attack while you're doing a 
              jump-in. Those are the only things he can do because like any 
              body in normal mode, it's very hard to do damage and combos 
              than just jump-in with a normal attack then another 
              standing/crouching normal attack. :P  Most probably, Alessy 
              players will stick to Stand Mode. BTW, the Gakinchiyoga 
              (HCB + A) without Stand must be blocked low, and some players 
              do this while you're jumping-in to the Sethan (the shadow-like 
              Stand) and if you don't know how to block it, you WILL get hit. 
              If you do, prepare for punishment...

Stand mode - Watch out all of his normal moves does more damage than the 
             average character and has good ticking priorities on your Stand 
             meter. His crouching A2 is also anti-air too, which can't be 
             block if you try to risk doing a jumping block hoping that he'll 
             do a super (the "Ushi-ushi-ushi" super in particular). Try doing 
             a right timed double jump to get to his back and surprise him. 
             But be warned if he crouches a lot, you have to crouch too to 
             attack. Same goes when he's Stand is activated since his Stand, 
             Sethan is always sticking in the floor and might surprise you 
             because his range is farther than normal. When he jump-ins 
             (which is VERY rarely), you shouldn't look up but down since the 
             one who'll be attacking is Sethan from the ground not Alessy. So 
             don't wait for him to come down since the only flying attack 
             while in Stand mode of Alessy is a quick jump-in A1! If he does  
             jump-in, you can just go to his back by dashing then counter or 
             intercept his jump-in with jumping A1.

10) D'Bo:
General - D'Bo players are very rare. D'Bo is one of the hardest characters 
          to use but fun in my opinion. The main thing to do is to WATCH YOUR 
          BACK because his Stand (Ebony Devil, the dummy) can be attacking 
          you and you might not know this until he's already beating the crap 
          out of you. But even though, he's a hard character to use doesn't
          mean he can't beat the heck out of you. In fact, his Dummy Cutter 
          (D,D + A) move is a very good move against air jump-ins. And the 
          Dummy Dive has great range since the Ebony Devil runs before 
          attacking you during this move. BTW, the Barrel Roll Crusher super 
          (QCB + AA) is a good move that's like the Star Platinum's Super 
          Blazing Fist and can be joined with D'Bo for extra damage or MEGA 
          poking while you're blocking. 

Normal mode - Sometimes he'll fight without his Stand on; he'll just keep 
              doing Dummy Dive and Dummy Hunter while D'Bo himself is    
              attacking to confuse you and corner you until your Stand meter 
              runs out or where to block either low or high. Don't get hit 
              because like Jotaro, he can dash-in and follow up normal 
              attacks for more damage. And again, watch your Stand meter. You 
              should also watch for that quick ramming move without his Stand 
              (F + A2). But if you block it, he's very open for your combos. 
              If the charge attack hits you, it launches you into the air and 
              set you up for a lot of air juggles with his standing A2. Not 
              sure of this, but that move may also have good anti-air 
              priorities. If it those hit you, it will launch you to the air 
              for more juggles so quickly air recover.

Stand mode - If he does activate his Stand and D'Bo is in the opposite side 
             of the Ebony Devil, do a Star Breaker. It will connect. Watch 
             out while you're doing a combo on him, because the Ebony Devil 
             might be on your back and will do a Junky Carnival (QCF + AA, 
             the spear attack then a combo) super. Another example of this 
             trick is the "attacking the Hulk with super armor when he 
             suddenly does the Gamma Crush". D'Bo players don't really 
             activate their Stand for the combos because it leaves then VERY 
             open. They only do it for the positioning and the cornering 
             capabilities. Once they see you coming, they immediately 
             deactivate your Stand and quickly do sneaky and surprising moves 
             like the charging ram or an anti-air move. BTW, his Dummy Cutter 
             move and Dummy Dive can be repeated for more hits during in this 
             mode. So don't get hit for it's additional hits.

 9. Misc. Game Info

Will be filled in future update. Sorry, it's hard getting this kind of info. 
Besides, many people aren't much interested in this kind of information 
anyway but I'll still add it. 

 10. Conclusion

 A) Planned to be added in the Future 

1) Misc. Game Info Section 
-The whole story word-by-word, Poses/Taunts, Colors, and Quotes. 

2) Even MORE combos using the normal mode

3) Tips against secret characters in the VS. Section

4) More information on Jotaro
-If anybody gives me one.

 B) A few last words from me

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this FAQ and it has been useful in 
improving your gameplay with Jojo's Venture using Jotaro or any another 
character. If you have any suggestions/comments about this FAQ, please e-mail 
me, I'm open to accept any comments (except bad and rude ones) and to hear 
any suggestions you may have to make this FAQ better or make it more easily 
readable (since this is my first FAQ only). If you have any information that 
can help me complete this FAQ, please, please e-mail me! I'm going to the 
arcades right now since school just started here and I don't have the time. 
My e-mail address is on top of this FAQ besides my name. If you want to put 
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first. (I have my reasons) My next update might finally get the Misc. Game 
Section working, which might be a long time since I'm focused on SF3: 3rd 
Strike.  :)

P.S. I'm sorry if some of my information that I have put in this FAQ are 
wrong in my previous versions of this FAQ. I'm also sorry for messing up my 
e-mail address, if there's somebody out there is trying to give me some 
information, comments or something else. Please try again. 

Thank you VERY much for reading!

 C) Credits

I would like to thank following:

-Capcom of Asia/Japan (
For making another great game. 

-WilliamEva (
For the information about Jotaro and the move lists names of Jotaro. Also, 
for posting up my first strategies in his site. (Visit his site! Quite good 
even if it's still under major construction. The URL is in the part top of 
this FAQ) 

-GameFAQs (
For being a great site that helps a lot of people (including me) in some 
other games played. And for posting my FAQ.

-Kelvin Koh (
For some of the names of each move, some intro tidbits and the game system 
that I took from his FAQ. And also for the joystick and buttons design. ;)

-Christian Llagas ( / Kao Megura (
For the copyright thing, it's a short and ironic story that Kao doesn't even 

-BJ Tuaño (
For trying to help me in getting some information to this FAQ. And also for 
letting me join with his ride going to the arcades. :) 

This document Copyright 1999 Edward Cheson Sy