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Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike "Fight For The Future"

Chun Li Strategy Guide
v.4 (6/14/99)
By BishonenFY (Jay Kim) -<>-

Copyright 1999 Jay Kim, Private and Personal use only. Ask for permission, Give 
me credit and don't plagiarize. Not to be sold or reprinted in any way without 
consent from me. Street Fighter series are (c) Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom of 

This is my first attempt at a FAQ. Chun-Li's back in this latest installment of 
the Street Fighter series. Very fluid and smooth flowing, almost every attack 
you connect will bring her to life. Kick some @$$ and feel free to contribute 
with more moves/tactics.

~~~ Table of Contents

1. Gaps
2. Legend
3. Basic Moves
4. Special Moves
5. Super Arts
6. Strategies
7. Other Stuff
8. Versions


-Individual opponent tactics.
-Her quotes.
-Background story
Feel free to contribute.


 \ | /    LP MP HP
-  O  -   LK MK HK
 / | \ 

QCF - Quarter Cicle Foward 
QCB - Quarter Cicle Back   
HCF - Half Circle Foward  
HCB - Half Circle Backward 

Basic Moves
The percentages are my opinions on how good they are and how often I use them.

Jab ~ Tap LP
-1%-Standing, she throws her hand out and does very light damage. It can also be 
ducked and is almost useless. 
-2%-Crouching, she throws her hand out and does very light damage. Both moves 
are for poking purposes only. 
-4%-Jumping, she reaches out her hand and does very light damage, but the 
duration and priority is good.

Strong ~ Tap MP
-3%-Standing, she sends both fists sideways and in a weird fashion. It looks 
like she's shaping a C. Good for hitting opponents that jump over your head and 
for poking.
-2%-Hold back, and she does a double pimp slap good to pressure your opponent. 
Can be ducked low
-10%-Crouching, she swings her arm in an arc almost as far as MK. hits low for 
moderate damage. 
-10%-Jumping, is just like LP, but less duration and more strength.

Fierce ~ Tap HP
-80%-Standing, it has EXCELLENT range, and EXCELLENT priority. It's one of her 
slower moves, but still great moderate range poking. 
-30%-Close up, she sends both hands side to side and smacks the opponent. It has 
great priority but low reach. 
-30%-Crouching, she swings her hand down and hits low for good damage. Moderate 
reach and not as effective as HK. 
-80%-Jumping, this is her most traditional SF style jumping attack. It comes out 
fast, goes fast and does good damage with good priority. If pressed twice, 
she'll do a 2-hit air combo. Mix this up with jumping HK.

Short ~ Tap LK
-3%-Standing, she faces the screen, and sends out a little kick. It kinda looks 
like a 4. Very little damage and used for short range poking. 
-10%-Crouching, she sends out a small kick that hits low. it has the shortest 
low attack reach, but is fast as hell. 
-10%-Jumping, she kicks just like MK, but with much longer duration and moderate 

Foward ~ Tap MK
-20%-Standing, she sends out a foward roundhouse kick that can be ducked. It has 
very low anti-air capabilities but good reach. Use this after parrying.
-40%-Close up, she does an axe kick that has great priority and speed. After it 
connects, press MK 2 more times and she'll combo another kick in as well. 
Overall a great attack.
-80%-Holding toward, she does a little foward hop and kicks the opponent. 
EXCELLENT reach, moderate damage and low priority =(. Follow this move up with 
FP. You will very likely connect and put the opponent on the defensive. Use this 
tactic as an opening attack. 
-90%-Crouching, she sends her leg out longer than LK, and has EXCELLENT 
priority. Use this attack to combo almost any special or super. -70%-Jumping, 
she sends out her foot for a good duration. low priority against ground attacks, 
but good priority against air. Don't use this as an anti-air attack.
-40%-Jump, hold down on the joystick and press MK. she'll do her infamous Heel 
Kick and do small damage. It has EXCELLENT priority but low reach. 
It also has low duration so time it right.

Roundhouse ~ Tap HK

-80%-Standing, she does a small jump and swings her legs swiftly. It has great 
speed and also avoids low attacks made by your opponent. It also has small anti-
air capability. Use after parrying.
-90%-VERY close up, she does a small knee kick that is one of her best attacks. 
Use it after parrying, and as a very close anti-air. low reach and VERY fast. 
-85%-Hold the joystick diagonally toward your opponent and press kick. She'll 
flip over your opponent's head and smack them in the back with both her feet. 
great to combo and confuse your opponent.
-95%-Crouching, she sends both her feet out and balances on one hand. good reach 
(for her anyway) and it knocks down your opponent. Mix this up with her overhead 
attack (MP+MK) or her overhead-flip-kick (HCB + LK) or both ;). This move also 
has good recovery.
-70%-Jumping, she does a VERY short duration kick that hits good as an anti-air. 
It comes out blazingly fast and you MUST anticipate your opponent's move in 
order to use this right. The priority on this is EXCELLENT. You'll share hits 
against ryu's "invincible" DP
-80%-Jump straight up, and she does the splits in the air, attacking both sides. 
This is an excellent move with great priority, good reach and great speed.

Special Moves

Name: Kikoken
Command: HCF + P
Effectiveness: 20%
Her basic projectile. Weak ones have low reach and comes out fast. Strong ones 
go farther, but lags her for a sec. Empowered (2 punch buttons), it goes all the 
way across the screen very slowly. Overall a very weak move and should always be 
empowered. Useless against experts.

Name: Spinning Bird Kick
Command: Charge down, then up + K
Effectiveness: 65%
Her version of the hurricane kick. Weak ones can be comboed with crouching MP or 
MK. Strong ones go farther, but can't be comboed. It hits alot once it connects 
and use it to travel across the screen. It has almost NO anti-air. Empowered (2 
kick buttons), she stays in place, in a vaccuum, it hits 3-4 times. This can be 
comboed with crouching MP or MK. EXCELLENT anti-air.

Name: Overhead Flip Kick (Hazan Shuu)
Command: HCB + K
Effectiveness: 75%
This is her "confuser move". She flips in the air and comes down with her leg 
swinging down. This can only be blocked high and is great to mix up with 
Crouching HK. Weak ones have the least distance. Only use weak ones to mix-up. 
Strong ones travel MP going halfway, and HP going all the way across the screen. 
This move is also anti-fireball. Anticipate and smack them when they send a 
fireball. Just stronger when empowered. One weakness is the priority. While 
she's in the air of her flip, she's vulnurable to an attack.

Lightning Legs (Hyakuretsu Kyaku)
Command: Jam K repeatedly
Effectiveness: 40%
Also a great move, she kicks hundreds of times in same 3 places and comboes for 
3-5 hits. It has low reach, high priority, but is hard to get out quickly. It's 
also weak against fireballs, so use this after a close attack, like a Spinning 
bird kick. With 2 Kick buttons, its just stronger and it might get another hit 
or 2.

Super Arts

Name: I. Super Kikoken (Kikou Shou)
Command: QCF, QCF + P
Super Bar: <====================> x1
Effectiveness: 90%
It's only 1 bar, but when this move connects, it HURTS. She gathers all her chi 
and sends it in a big spherical force in front of her. Short range for a super, 
but it does massive damage. Combo with any Low or Medium attack and watch her go 

Name: II. Houyoku Sen
Command: QCF, QCF + K
Super Bar: <===============> x2
Effectiveness: 100%
2 moderately long super bars, so they fill up rather quickly. She goes into a 1 
leg stance, and zips foward 3/4 of the screen. She unleashes a flurry of kicks, 
switches to her other leg, unleashes another flurry of attacks, and switches 
back, doing a launcher kick that sends her opponents reeling. After the 
launcher, you can cancel into her Super Jump (down back, then up toward). This 
is, in my opinion, her best super. It travels thru fireballs, can be comboed, 
and most of the time totally surprises your opponent. It does Great damage. One 
of the funnest ways I use this super is to combo it with a crouching MK, dash 
toward his fallen body, hold diagonally toward with a HK, hit the back of his 
head and combo the super again. ;) I won in 12 seconds. Totally cheap if used 
too often.

Name: III. Tensei Ranna
Command: QCF, QCF + K
Super Bar: <===========> x3
Effectiveness: 80%
This is a very flexible super art. She does an enhanced version of her Overhead 
Flip Kick. From the ground, it hits with very short range and if connected, 
sucks your opponent in for the rest of the 8 hits. If used as an anti-air, 
you'll hit 99% of the time if timed correctly. The first hit also sucks your 
opponent in for all the hits. It can be comboed from VERY short range, and it 
does decent damage. Expert players should graduate to this super after mastering 
chun-li, because its a hard super to use effectively.



--Opening attacks are one of the most important aspects of an unpredictable 
game. Start your rounds off in different fashions. I mix up her lunging MK, 
Jumping FP, and sometimes I start defensive and ready my parries.
--You can combo her crouching MK with her LK spinning bird kick. Follow it up 
with lightning legs or throw, or sweep, or diagonally toward + HK.
--You can also combo her crouching MK with her empowered spinning bird kick. 
--her diagonally toward + HK attack can be comboed into a crouching MK, and then 
combo more from there.
--Mix up a specific series of attacks. i.e. jump with a FP, immediately go into 
LK overhead flip kick, then crouching HK. Do a MK overhead flip kick and do a 
regular overhead attack (MP+MK). When your opponent is so disoriented from the 
confusion, combo her crouching MK with her super.


--One the weaknesses I've noticed from her is her lack of anti-air. the best 
I've found so far is her level 3 super art or empowered spinning bird kick. her 
standing close-up HK and jumping HK are also moderate anti-air attacks. But her 
options are severely limited compared to others. 
--It is very important to master parrying if you want to use chun-li 
effectively. Don't let this discourage you because she's an offensive character. 
Parrying also makes a great anti-air attack. If you're fighting a newbie, 
practice parrying. Also be sure not to lose that 3rd round 
--Poking tactics work GREAT when both of you have low life. She's faster than 
most opponents so use her LP, LK, MP, and MK attacks. Never jump-in on a poking 
game. Dash. Your opponent will most likely be on the defensive so use your speed 
to your advantage.
--She's one of the few characters that can do an Air-throw, but some consider it 
cheap. Do it once in a while, or don't do it at all.

Other Stuff

--She has 4 taunts. First one, she yawns, bends her back and gets ready to 
attack. Second one, She yawns, rubs her back a little and gets ready to attack. 
Third one, she yawns, and cracks her neck side to side. The last one, she just 
--She has 8 different Colored outfits. Press any button and you get her Green 
outfit. Hold start and press LP for her light blue outfit. Press MP for her Pink 
outfit. Press HP for her dark blue one. Press LK for her purple outfit, MK for 
her grey outfit, and HK for her Pink one. Her EX outfit is obtained by holding 
start and pressing LP + MK + HP. One of her punch buttons is the blue outfit, 
and I have yet to find out her EX color.
--She has 3 different victory poses. First, she does her traditional jump twice 
bust out with a peace sign and say "ya tai!". Her second one is also a 
traditional one. She faces the screen and puts her arms together, and bowes her 
head. The 3rd one, she does a little tai-chi excersize, attacking her left, then 
her right. 
--I can't remember what she says exactly after winning, but it's something like: 
"I've never thrown away my bracelets. Why do you ask?"


v.1 - First version. (6/12/99)
v.2 - Fixed a couple stuff. Added effectiveness aspect. Also added the versions 
v.3 - Fixed a BUNCH of mistakes. Thanx to -<Yun Lee>-.