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                             Street Hoop FAQ
                            For the Neo Geo/CD
                      Version 1.0 (Created 7/12/2010)
                              By Devin Morgan

      This file is Copyright (c)2010 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Overview
5. Teams
6. Copyright Notice


-=  1. What's New -=

Version 1.0 (7/12/10): The first version.


-=  2. Introduction -=

Street Hoop (or Dunk Dream/Street Slam) is a basketball game reminiscent of 
NBA Jam on the Neo Geo. It is very similar to NBA Jam, but on a much more 
basic level. There are 10 teams to choose from, each with their unique stats 
that show how well the team can dunk, shoot 3-point shots, run, and defend. 
The gameplay itself is fast-paced, which is fun but tends to make the games 
really short. Being it was originally an arcade unit, it makes sense, but it 
may be a bit lacking for more hardcore fans. You either play in a single 
player tournament of sorts against every other team, or you can play against 
a second human player. Either way, it is still a fun game to try out, albeit 
a bit on the short side.


-=  3. Controls -=

Start: Start game

Select: Pause/resume game

Joystick: Move cursor on menu screens, move players during game

A: Make selection on menu screens, shoot/block (during game)

B: Cancel selection on menu screens, pass/steal (during game)


-=  4. Overview -=

Game Modes

At the title screen, you can choose to watch a demonstration (Demo Game) 
where the game teaches you the controls. You can listen to the game's music 
via the "How to Play" menu. Finally, you can start a regular game. After you 
press Start, you will go to a screen where you have a couple of options to 
change. You can choose the difficulty setting (Easy, Normal, Hard, or MVS). 
You can also change how long each half is (1:00 to 4:00 in 15 second 

Once you make your selections, you will go to the team selection screen where 
you can pick from 10 different teams. Each team has specific statistics, 
which you can view by highlighting each team. Once you pick a team, the 
computer opponent will be chosen and the game will begin.

General Gameplay

In this game, there are two halves (instead of four quarters in real 
basketball) with 2 minutes (2:00) apiece (you can change these settings when 
you start the game). You do not have the option to switch your players 
manually during the game; you generally have control of the person closest to 
the ball, and the person currently in possession of it.

During the actual game, your team's available actions will depend on if you
are on the offense (possessing the ball currently) or defense (other team has
the ball). Those controls are as follows:

    Offense: A - Shoot (attempt to score; Forward + A to dunk)
             B - Pass (great for avoiding being blocked by the defense; can
                      pass while in the air after beginning to shoot)

    Defense: A - Jump/block (attempt to block the opponent's shot)
             B - Steal (attempt to grab the ball from an opposing player)

Generally, the game will give you control of the player closest to the ball. 
This can become particularly annoying because the other players are computer
controlled, and you can become confused over who you are controlling rather 
quickly. At the start of the first half, both teams fight for the ball at 
center court. Press B repeatedly at the opening jump to hit it towards your 
own player. At the second half, the opposing team gets the ball at the far 
end of the court.

Fortunately, there are no fouls or rules to be violated in this game. It is 
essentially a true game of 3-on-3 street basketball. Therefore, you can get 
away with goal tending all you want! When a team scores, the opposing team 
will receive possession of the ball under the other team's hoop across the 

An interesting aspect of this game is the Super Shot meter at the bottom of 
the screen. Each team has their own meter, and it partially fills up with 
each scoring shot. It takes four baskets to fill the meter, at which point 
you will have the ability to shoot an unblockable shot against the opponent. 
You can either dunk or shoot a 3-pointer, but the shot is guaranteed to count 
so make it worthwhile! The Super Shot meter then empties after you use the 
powerful shot; it also empties after each half.

After a game, the defeated teams' flags will lose their colors and you will 
go on to face the next randomly selected team. After all nine other teams in 
your group are defeated, the game is complete and you are done playing. If 
the game is tied or you are losing at the end of the first half, you will be 
asked if you want to continue (costing a credit if you are playing in the 
arcade). Likewise, if you lose the game, you will be asked to continue. If 
the game is still tied after the second half, you go on to an Overtime period 
lasting just one minute (1:00). It plays just like any of the regular halves.


-=  5. Teams  -=

NOTE: In the Japanese and US versions of this game, the team names are
      different but the statistics are the same. The first team name applies
      to the non-US releases, and the name in parentheses is the US name).

China (Seattle)
    Dunk: 3
    3 Point: 7
    Speed: 3
    Defense: 5

England (Miami)
    Dunk: 6
    3 Point: 3
    Speed: 4
    Defense: 5

France (Los Angeles)
    Dunk: 4
    3 Point: 7
    Speed: 5
    Defense: 2

Germany (Detroit)
    Dunk: 6
    3 Point: 2
    Speed: 2
    Defense: 8

Italy (Phoenix)
    Dunk: 5
    3 Point: 4
    Speed: 5
    Defense: 4

Japan (Chicago)
    Dunk: 5
    3 Point: 4
    Speed: 4
    Defense: 5

Korea (Boston)
    Dunk: 7
    3 Point: 3
    Speed: 6
    Defense: 2

Spain (Dallas)
    Dunk: 4
    3 Point: 5
    Speed: 4
    Defense: 5

Taiwan (Philadelphia)
    Dunk: 2
    3 Point: 8
    Speed: 4
    Defense: 4

U.S.A. (New York)
    Dunk: 8
    3 Point: 1
    Speed: 5
    Defense: 4


-=  6. Copyright Notice -=

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