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			  Armored Warrior/Powered Gear

				By Benandanti
				Version: 1.5

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Since there is no guides on this title at the moment, I had a feeling people
might be interested in a few details about the game.


Version 1.0 30/4/01 :
Yes, this is the first revision, and yes it's crap, I'll be
honest. ^_^ Been wanting to play the game a lot more, but I'm kinda swamped 
the moment with work so any contributions would be more than welcome.

Version 1.2 1/5/01 :
Quite a lot of feedback on this one, thanks guys. ^_^
Added more stuff to the weapons sections and a few changes to the controls, 
it actually
looks a bit more substantial now. And I guess it really was a Shield Arm 
after all.. 6^_^

Version 1.3 8/5/01 :
Added a couple of additions to the moves, and changed the weapon names to 
their proper
versions... and I've still to play the damn game properly ! *sobs* ;_;

Version 1.5 9/8/01 :
Roger Hutchings has added a walkthrough to the faq and a few boss 
strategies, which gives me an excuse to update this thing again.

1. What is Armored Warriors / Powered Gear?

Armored Warriors was a side scrolling beat'em up that was released by Capcom 
in 1994. It was
unique in the way that you could pick up items to equip to your mech, and 
the fact that with
multiple players, you could team up your mechs to create one HUGE mech of 
terror (Just like
Voltron. hehehe ^^).

2. Any games I can compare this to?

Well, the closest I can think of is that other side-scrolling, part-swapping 
game Cyborg
Justice for the Genesis, but that doesn't play as smoothly as this. The mech 
designs in here
are replicated in Capcoms later one-on-one beat'em up Cyberbots. Purists 
will be probably a
bit annoyed that Jin wasn't the original pilot of the Blodia VA, but hey, 
what can you do? ^^

3. What's the game about?
You mean the story? Well...here it is.. (Taken from the flyer)

In the year 2281, the war spanning half a century over territory between the 
United World
Forces and the Raian Kingdom had at last come to an end.

But this peace was not to last. A year after a truce was signed between the 
two forces,
former Raian army captain Azrael, who has converted himself into a cyborg in 
an attempt to
become "the perfect warrior", has marshalled several thousand other cyborgs 
and declared war
against the Raian Kingdom. Robbing mobile weapons from the army, this group 
of rogues has
invaded the Raian capital of Merkid and begun to abduct the civilians.

The United World Government, receiving an emergency message from the planet 
Raia, has but one
choice: to organize and dispatch an army formed around its elite corps, a 
squadron of warriors
called "Bloody Armor", to eradicate the enemy forces and rescue the 

And so, in October 2282, the United World Forces begin to embark attack upon 
the planet Raia.

The most intense battle in human history is about to begin...

(And there was me thinking this was a mindless beat'em up. 6^_^ AND for some 
reason they call
the squadron Red Shield in the game, but hey)

4. So who do we get to play?

Name: 1st Lieutenant Jeff Perkins
Callsign: Rash
Details: Developed as a hand to hand combat unit, Blodia is capable of 
operating under
   various conditions through the use of optional equipment.
Story: Belonged to the 32nd ground squadron stationed at Campella Base in 
the southern
   hemisphere as part of the Unified Solar System Space Force. The perfect 
example of a
   reckless warrior, he always takes front position during raids on enemy 
Personal Opinion: Blodia is your average mech, no real strengths or 
weaknesses. Jeff himself
   reminds me a little of Marco from Metal Slug in his bio pic, though 
that's just my warped
   imagination. ^_^

Name: Captain Ray Turner
Callsign: Justice (Justis)
Details: Originally a Raian army unit. The armor plating itself forms the 
main framework
   structure, and is directly coupled with the drive system. This 
weight-reduced design makes
   it capable of high-speed combat.
Story: A Raian military bureaucrat dispatched to Earth upon the conclusion 
of the peace
   treaty with the Raian Kingdom in 2281, as an "Ambassador of Eternal 
Personal Opinion: Reptos seems to be a little bit faster than Blodia, and in 
turn seems to be
   a bit weaker. It's really a matter of preference who you choose.

Name: Major Glenn Reed
Callsign: Grey (Gray if you're a Yank ^^)
Details: Because special generators are built into each arm as well as the 
main body, this
   unit has overwhelming power and particularly shows its worth during 
fortress raids.
Story: Surviving member of the 13th Special Squadron (a.k.a. Gods of Death), 
the most feared
    by friendly and enemy forces. Bitter over the loss of most of his 
subordinates and colleagues
   during that time, he is known to take an excessively strict attitude 
towards his own men.
Personal Opinion: Ah, the hulking mech. Basically the strongest in the game 
but also the
   slowest, though since everyone can dash everywhere, that's not such a 

Name: 2nd Lt Sarah White
Callsign: Siren
Details: In addition to the use of a Light-Class frame, the unit itself is 
of very compact
   design, resulting in extreme mobility.
Story: The child of a human mother and a Raian father, she grew up in a slum 
camp. Though
   spirited and spunky, she occasionally shows tenderness to others.
Personal Opinion: Fordy is the hyper little robot of the team, which jumps 
around like no one's
   business. One of the fastest and most maneuverable, it's also the 
weakest, just bear that
   in mind. And she bears an uncanny resemblance to Meryl from MGS ^_^

5. The Mech Users Handbook (NB - Not affiliated with the AAA)

Thank you for your purchase of the Strategic Variant Armor Equipment system. 
Here are a few
pointers to help you become a better, more efficient warmonger.

| Walk             | Move the joystick (*smacks forehead*)
| Dash             | Moving the joystick twice in one horizontal direction 
will make you dash.
|                  |   eg -0 -0 is dash right
| Attack           | A button (Default: standard arm)
| Special Attack   | Direction + A (Depends on arm type)
| Dashing Attack   | Dash + A
| Jump             | B
| Downwards Attack | Down + A (in the air)
|                  | Can inflict a few more hits depending on leg type.
| Subweapon        | C button (Default: Vulcan)
| Desperatation 1  | A + B
|                  | A small desperation attack, which has only a little 
power and range; causes
|                  | a group of rings to surround you. This uses up a little 
of your life bar if
|                  | it hits. This is more of a defensive attack to get you 
out of a jam.
| Desperatation 2  | B + C
|                  | Activates a large desperation attack, which has more 
power and range, and
|                  | uses up more of your life bar whether it hits or not. 
Use this like a smart
|                  | bomb to clear the screen or damage a boss.

In case of emergency (and terminal stupidity), this FAQ can be used as a 
floatation device,
but we wouldn't recommend it.

6. Weapons - Arms

Power Knuckle - Your default weapon.
   A           - A punch in the direction of the enemy
   Forward + A - Extends two rods from the arm that hit multiple times and 
has pretty good range.
  Notes: One of the few weapons you can grab opponents with. If you changed 
this weapon, you
    can get another one by taking a teammate's if they drop theirs. Yoink! 

Death Drill - An industrial drill attached at the end of the mech's arm.
   A           - Mech stays still and starts the drill spinning.
   A (moving)  - Lunge forward with the drill spinning, causing a multi-hit 
   Forward + A - Causes the drill to open up and fire missiles.
  Notes: There is a difference between the above attacks, make sure that 
you're pressing the
    direction at the right time whilst doing it.

Chain Spark - Electrically charged metal pincers that deliver a shock to the 
   A           - Fires a large ranged horizontal blast of electricity that 
stuns opponents,
                 though does little actual damage.
   Forward + A - Causes you throw a ball of electricity towards an enemy. 
This can be charged by
                 holding down the A button.
  Notes: You can grab a person with this, and keep shocking them and anyone 
else in range by
    holding down the "A" button. While you're holding onto them, press left 
or right to move
    them around; if they come into contact with another mech, they'll take 
damage as well.

Laser Blade - A sword created by a laser that'd make even the most jaded 
jedi knight proud. ^_^
   A           - A quick swipe with the sword.
   Forward + A - Causes you to dash forward with a large slash. This can be 
charged like the
                 Pincer arm with the A button to do an even larger slash 
with a larger dash.
   Up + A      - Your mech fires a projectile forwards and upwards.
  Notes: Because of the nature of the projectile attack, it's only best used 
up close, or
    against tall opponents, like the bosses or certain large regular 

Force Claw - An industrial claw that seems more at home on a JCB than a 
   A           - A grab with the claw.
   Forward + A - Not much really, just seems to increase the range.
  Notes: You can either press a direction and A to smash them behind or in 
front of you to hit       enemies, or keep pressing A to smash them until 
they explode, you decide. The last method
    also lets you keep shaking more items out of them. ^_^

Shield Arm - Apparently a shield and not a flame-thrower, sorry!!! 6^_^
   A           - Fires a salvo of missles at your opponent.
   Forward + A - Fires plasma shots.
   Down + A    - Fires a missile spread starting from a low angle.
   Up + A      - Fires a missile spread starting from a high angle.
   Back + A    - Puts up your shield
  Notes: The shield doesn't protect from area weapons like Bomb.

7. Weapons - Legs

It seems that all the different tracks give your character a new rushing 
attack and also change
your characters jump and jumping attacks.
   Dashing: Dash attack
   Jump: Stationary jump
   Jumping: Direction and jump
   Flying: Forward + A while jumping
   Downward: Down + A while jumping

Treads - Your mech gets tank like treads.
   Dashing  - Your mech turns into a giant wheel and rolls over opponents 
for heavy damage.
   Jump     - Your mech turns into a giant wheel that bounces into the air. 
Good for close range
   Jumping  - Your mech extends their treads, coming down on your opponent 
for multiple hits.
   Flying   - Rush towards the enemy.
   Downward - Your mech descends as a giant drill for many hits and big 
  Note: This means you can perform combos on bosses such as dashing attack 
(several hits),
    jump attack (about 3 hits), then either jumping attack - the whole combo 
doing about 10 hits
    or so.

Turbo Jet - Your mech hovers slightly above the ground.
   Dashing  - Your mech turns into a giant drill and races across the 
   Jump     - Press A to fire shots down in a spread at the ground - good 
for keeping enemies
              away at bay. Can fire multiple shots.
   Jumping  - Spinning flame attack.

Power Bug - Your mech walks around on mechanical spider-like legs.
   Dashing  - Your mech spins its legs about like a spinning blade, hitting 
   Jump     - Like the rushing attack but much shorter and in the air.
   Downward - Your mech descends and hits any enemies below it for lots of 

8. Weapons - Subweapons

Vulcan - Your standard subweapon. Ammo varies per mech: Reptos and Fordy get 
40 rounds, Blodia    gets 50 rounds, and Guldin 60.

Missiles - Fires missiles at a slower rate than the Vulcan, but are more 
powerful. 10 shots.

Guided Missiles - You get more of these than the regular ones and they home 
in, but are pretty
   weak. 16 shots.

Laser - You don't get many of these, but if you quickly move from the bottom 
to the top of the
   screen, you can hit many enemies at once and everyone is knocked down. 5 

Bomb - A bomb that causes a moving wall of flame. Similiar to large burning 
oil in Dungeons &    Dragons 2. 12 shots.

Napalm - The most powerful subweapon, it hits basically everything on the 
screen. 6 shots.

Flame-thrower - Can be applied much the same as the laser, but no knock down 
effect. Good for
   attacking repeatedly but with low damage. 12 shots, equals 12 seconds of 

Note: A great suggestion with all these weapons is to continue moving around 
while firing,
which means you can use some of these weapons to clear the screen by quickly 
moving from
the top to the bottom firing as fast as you can.

Radio pack: If you have more than one person playing, this should allow you 
to join your mechs
at a later point. I'll add more information about this later.

7. Advice for the morally challenged (Cheats.. ^_^)

Team-up Change
  When the demo appears for joint machine, the player who gets the radio 
machine must enter the   following codes.
   Beta-Cannon     Hold left-up or up or right-up.
   Gamma-Battler   Hold left or right.
   Alpha-Fortress  Hold left-down or down or right-down.

Different Weapons
  At the stage title screen, hold B+C for over a second, then press the 
following directions:
   Death Drill	   Up
   Missile         Right-up
   Force Claw 	   Right
   Laser           Right-down
   Chain Spark     Down
   Flame-thrower   Left-down
   Laser Blade     Left
   Bomb            Left-up
  By doing this, you can select both sub-weapon and a main weapon, but 
picking two sub or main   weapons will only cause the last one to be 
selected. Also, if you die, you respawn with a
  Vulcan as normal.

8. Walkthru

Mission 1: Deserted Town
'Unit Red Shield, begin planet fall immediately! Raian city "Coorl" has been 
captured by the
enemy. Your mission directives are to liberate the city and its people.'
  Area 1 (2:30)
   Kill the S Balls (helicopter ball things) for the radio. Just hit 
everything else and pick up    the Drill Arm if you like :o)
  Area 2 (1:30): *BOSS* - Warlock 1
   This is the first of three times you have to fight this guy. His attacks 
are a dashing sword
   kick and a twin vulcan spread. Just pummel him senseless.

Mission 2: Win Back
'Unit Red Shield, this is Galager. According to our latest information, a 
large number of enemy
units have landed on Earth despite our armies resistance. Return to Earth 
and reinforce them
  Area 1 (3:00)
   Beat stuff up, and watch out at the end for loads of missiles flying your 
way :o)
  Area 2 (1:20)
   This round is a time attack; you have to kill everyone within 80 seconds 
or you get an
   earbashing from Galager and no free energy/weapons at the end.
  Area 3 (1:30): *BOSS* - Agmiss
   A big octopus mech, which loses arms the more you damage it. Attacks 
include hitting you with
   one of its arms; spinning its arms and moving across the screen; firing 
little homing drones
   which fly around for a bit and then drop for damage (you can tell when 
it's about to do this
   cos a little light flashes across the black band on its body, Knight 
Rider-style :o); a
   jumping attack which uses the spikes on its tentacles to cause damage; 
producing a current
   which pushes  you across the screen with a propeller which extends from 
its body; and firing    pairs of missiles (which I *think* don't home).

Mission 3: Chase
'Enemy units have gathered at the scrapworks in Los Angeles. Red Shield, 
pursue and destroy
  Area 1 (3:30): Shooting Area
   Your Vulcan is set to infinite for this round, and you just have to shoot 
down the S Balls,
   for each of which you get 1000 points at the end, with a Perfect bonus of 
20000 if you get all
  Area 2 (4:30)
   Just hit things and don't be in the way of the R Gori when it rolls or 
jumps :o)
  Area 3 (1:30): *BOSS* - Rad
   A huge tank, basically. You can attack its missile arms separately from 
its body to disable
   those attacks. Attacks include main cannon shot; jumping slam; missile 
arm strike and missile

Mission 4: Forgotten Ruins
'Unit Red Shield, return to Raia, proceed to inland area through the ruins 
of "Ol Poto". Be on
guard for the enemies' radar network!'
  Area 1 (4:30)
   Standard bashing. Look out for the Insect mech near the beginning (Power 
Bug legs); don't try
   and kill it, it appears near the end of the next area. There is also a 
Jage mech about halfway    through from which you can get Turbo Jet legs. 
Area ends with two R Gori mechs.
  Area 2 (4:30)
   More bashing. Nothing special, except the opportunity to get Power Bug 
legs near the end.
  Area 3 (1:30): *BOSS* - Sculd
   Lizard mech, which changes colour every so often (green, red, blue, 
blue/green flashing).
   Attacks include electrifying the floor in front of it combined with a 
couple of short Vulcan
   bursts, a rapid multi strike with its front arms (either stationary or 
dashing), tail laser
   (single shot and sweep), and a jumping slam.

Mission 5: Railroad In Flames
'The enemy forces are transporting their weapons by way of the old Raian 
rail system. Red
Shield, destroy the system and stop the flow of weapons!'
  Area 1 (4:00): *BOSS* - Warlock 2
   Standard stuff most of the way; you can get the Shield Arm at the 
beginning. Round ends with
   another battle with Warlock. Warlock has more energy this time round, and 
can do a flying
   napalm drop, a flying dive, and has a Chain Spark instead of its attacks 
in its previous    incarnation.
  Area 2 (3:00): Shooting Area
   Another shooting round. Just keep shooting the train, and move out of the 
way when you see
   its lasers charge up. You get a bonus for each Neam (spinning mech) you 
kill, and 50000 for
   the train. After the train, you get a boss :o)
  Area 2: *BOSS* - Helion
   Half-helicopter, half-mech. Attacks include a charged double laser 
cannon, homing mines, a
   smaller double laser, a flying bomb drop, a flying claw charge, a double 
vulcan, and a short
   range laser blade. Note that you can still hit it while it's flying; aim 
for its shadow.

Mission 6: Truth
'Red Shield, enter the enemies' base and rescue all captured Raians. Make 
sure to destroy all  equipment in the base including their cybernetic 
manufacturing center!'
  Area 1 (4:00)
   Just beat stuff up, nothing unusual. Smack the forklift at the end for 
some health.
  Area 2 (5:00)
   More beats. Hit the prisons at the back of the screen, and pick up the 
people for a bonus at
   the end. After you jump down from the upper level, watch the shadows on 
the floor to see where
   the mechs are going to fall (and get out of the way :o) Pick up the 
civilians and VIPs again,
   look out for the Insect (it can kick and shoot missiles at you as well 
this time).
  Area 3 (3:30)
   Starts off with two R Goris. And that's it :o)
  Area 4 (1:30): *BOSS* - Warlock 3
   Final showdown with Warlock, who's been running the cybernetic 
experiments on the Raians. More
   energy again, and a new attack: he can grab the floor and send homing 
shocks through it to
   electrocute you (just keep moving) as well as its previous attacks.

Final Mission: Starry Ocean
'Red Shield, this is Galager. The enemy's main forces are trying to escape 
from Raia into space.
Infiltrate their battleship and destroy it before they can reach deep 
  Area 1 (10:00)
   The battleship's engines fire every now and then, so stay out of their 
way (about half a
   screen) or take damage. Just keep going until you jump up a level. Make 
sure you hit the S
   Balls and get the radio, then after a few more mechs, you come to the 
first incarnation of the
   final boss, M Brain (Mother Brain?). This has two arms which spit out 
fireballs which cause
   walls of flame to shoot up when they hit the ground. Just keep hitting 
the middle section with
   dashing attacks and subweapons.

   The leader then retreats and jettisons the rear deck to try and escape. 
This time round, you
   have a pair of guns at the top and bottom which can shoot a moving laser 
beam vertically
   across the screen, a drone arm (ESP Claw), and two electric arms which 
can fire balls of
   lightning, laser shots from above, and create S Balls. Just keep up the 
jumping attacks, and
   you should stay out of the way of most of it. Now just watch the credits!

9. Stuff to do. (or reasons why the author is a lazy "best-head")

Well, that was, as we say in my country, mince. ^_^ This needs an awful lot 
work done to it, especially in these areas :

More to the radio team up section.
No public outcry, guess I might add more strange humour then... *grins 
evily* ^_^
A lot more things.

So if you can help, I'd be glad to hear from you, and if you want to 
just remember, it was this or nothing. ^_^

9. Standard ego-centric credits section

Me: for putting this together, I can thank myself can't I ? ^_^

The team at CPS2Shock: Where I got the cheats and flyers from, and probably 
for supplying
the reason why you're even reading this.. ^_~

Abby15: For nothing, stupid girl.. :P

The guys at Abertay Uni : For making these past 3 years seem less like a 
waste of time.

Ryouga, Chris Chambers, lo_wang_ngn, Zardoz, Ming-Chin Hsieh, but in 
particular Cmoon for all the
contributions they made towards the weapons sections, thanks guys. ^_^

Roger Hutchings (roger.hutchings@altavista.net ) for the walkthrough and 
bosses information.

Kayama: For those Sakura Taisen translations he keeps putting out. Please 
girls, donate
generously to his Nyan cause, pweese... *bats his eyes* 0_0