• Secret Ending Scene

    Beat the game twice to see the secret scene.

    Contributed By: fepnascimento.

Easter Eggs

  • Access The Slave or Fairy

    Hold ''Bomb'' button before inserting coins. Keep pressing ''Bomb'' button until after you finish typing your initials. At the "Fighter Selection Screen," press the ''Fire'' button while still holding the ''Bomb'' button to select the Slave. It doesn't matter which plane you highlight.
    *Note : If you highlight the 'flying blue pig', you'll get the Fairy instead.

    Contributed By: NicknJack.


  • Hidden Miclus/Fairy locations

    Scattered throughout the game are hidden "Miclus” icons, which will dispense many medals when shot. In order to make a Miclus appear, hover over the following spots with minimal movement until the Miclus crawls out from under that spot, where it can then be shot.

    Also, there are hidden Fairy objects, which will appear after certain conditions are met. Grab them for points, but beware as they can be killed if shot.

    Miclus locations are as follows:

    Level 5: There are a total of 3 Micluses in this level. There are 3 large, circular cannon-turrets throughout the level. Hover over each turret.

    Level 15: Hover over the small, circular bush, which is about the size of your plane. It’s on the left side of the screen after crossing the watery area.

    Fairy locations are as follows:

    Level 5: Near the end of the level, there is a large, silver, metal object in the middle of the screen running vertically along the railroad tracks. The top of the object is a suspended metal bar that runs from left to right. Hover above the left side of the bar, then fly back and forth in a straight line from one end of the bar to the other. It should blow up, revealing many Fairies.

    Level 15: From the beginning of the level, get a "Quick Shot!" bonus on every medium-sized plane that you see by destroying them before they have a chance to fire. A Fairy will appear.

    Level 15: Before the boss appears, do not shoot any small tanks. Two small tanks will drive into the boss’s path, where they will be run over to reveal two Fairies.

    Contributed By: The_Knifemaster.

  • Secret Medals

    There are 10,000-point medals in this game. First, however, you need to collect an Eagle Medal to have access to them. I find this best works in Level 05. To get an Eagle Medal, when a medal floats in front of you, move your ship so that floating medal runs into others. The medal will grow in both size and value. After the floating medal collects about 20 other medals, it will become an Eagle Medal, worth 2,048,000 points!

    After you have collected an Eagle Medal, if you can put nine medals on the screen at once, they will explode, and any subsequent medals will be large gold ones worth 10,000 points each. You can also increase the value of those medals by collecting them all (not missing any), up to 100,000 points each!

    Contributed By: LiteYear.

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