• Cancel all modifiers

    If you have any modifiers on (i.e. LEFT, SHUFFLE, LITTLE, etc), this will cancel all modifiers. This will also allow you to play with LITTLE off if you are in BEGINNER mode (no visual prompts however). A Konami chime will confirm that this has worked.

    Cancels all modifiersHit DOWN 4x on the foot panel during the song select screen

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

  • Change modifiers

    As with the previous incarnations of DDR, to add modifiers, you will need to input them in the foot panels during the song select screen. To cancel any of the codes, either use the ALL CANCEL code or re-input the code. After each code is inputted successfully, you will hear the Konami chime. These codes work on all versions of DDR Solo Bass Mix.

    "LEFT" Flips orientation of arrows as if you were facing leftHit LEFT 8x on foot panel
    "RIGHT" Flips orientation of arrows as if you were facing rightHit RIGHT 8x on the foot panel
    This will "SHUFFLE" all arrows in a random order.Hit UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT 2x on the foot panel
    This will flip all the left arrows to right and vice versa: "FLIP L/R"Hit LEFT, RIGHT 4x on the foot panel
    This will flip all the up arrows to down and vice versa: "FLIP U/D"Hit UP, DOWN 4x on the foot panel
    This will make all arrows fade in as they rise up the screen: "SUDDEN"Hit LEFT, UP, RIGHT 2x on the foot panel
    This will make all arrows fade out as they rise up the screen: "HIDDEN"Hit LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT 2x on the foot panel
    This will remove all off-beat steps, requiring you only to step on the quarter-note beats: "LITTLE"Hit LEFT, DOWN, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN on the foot panel

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

  • Disable multiplayer play (multiplayer machines only)

    This only works if you have multiple machine linked for team battle play.

    Cancels multiplayer playPush both left and right select arrows on the machine and hit start while being held during the attraction mode.

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

  • Play ''ULTIMATE MANIAC'' mode in normal game play

    You may need an arcade operator to input the Registration Code in the operator menu to enable this. You can only access this mode on Expert and Nonstop Megamix Mode. You will hear a confirmation noise if this is inputted correctly and it will be indicated on-screen. This mode will only give you 3 life balls, and they will all be red. Furthermore, it is VERY difficult to build up your life meter in this mode. You can cancel this difficulty mode only during difficulty and mode select.

    MANIAC difficulty changes to ULTIMATE MANIACHit UP-LEFT, UP-RIGHT, UP-LEFT, UP-RIGHT on the foot panel during mode/difficulty select

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.


    By default, all Solo Bass Mix machines do not allow MANIAC and MANIAC ULTIMATE to be played. You will need an arcade operator to input this code. A Konami chime will confirm this has worked. Once it's worked, go into the GAME OPTIONS menu and switch "MANIAC" to ON and exit to GAME MODE once changes are saved. This will permanently unlock MANIAC and MANIAC ULTIMATE.

    Enable MANIAC and MANIAC ULTIMATE for normal gameplay.1: Go into the TEST menu. 2: Go into SCREEN CHECK. 3: hold the UP-LEFT foot panel arrow, then hold the LEFT and RIGHT machine select buttons.

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.


  • Unlock the Extra Stage

    This will allow you to play an EXTRA STAGE after your FINAL STAGE. This code only works on EXPERT mode. The conditions are: 1)Your FINAL STAGE must be one of the following three songs: Super Star, Hysteria, or PARANOiA Evolution (any difficulty). 2)You must achieve a minimum combo of 150 or more. 3)You must have a full life gauge by the end of the song. 4)Modifiers are allowed to get the EXTRA STAGE (if need be, if you full combo Super Star with LITTLE on, that will net you a 153 combo). The two caveats are: 1)Your song select wheel is stuck on ROULETTE, 2)You are locked on MANIAC ULTIMATE difficulty. Modifiers are enabled, so if you are having difficulty, you can use LITTLE. You will get a prompt "CHALLENGE EXTRA STAGE" is this is done correctly.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra StageHold the Left select button on the machine after your FINAL STAGE when you receive the "CLEARED" message.

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

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