Glitch FAQ by Rat

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Mortal Kombat II (rev 3.1) glitches FAQ
Revision 5 (MK2 being 3.1, and this FAQ being rev. 5)
Filename: mk2bugs.v05 (please keep it named this)
April 14th, 1995

What's New (changes since the previous revision) ----------------------------
Corrected a spelling mistake.
Made a quick announcement.

Additions since version 3:
Added a couple glitches. (ever seen that before in a "what's new" section?)
Additions since version 3 marked with <NEW>

Coming soon  ----------------------------------------------------------------
Nothing. MK2 is dead.

Overview --------------------------------------------------------------------
What's New (changes since the previous revision)
Coming soon
The real MK2 FAQ
Quick intro
What didn't make it in here
The glitches

Copyright  ------------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, I don't have any copyright on this, but if you are a writer for a
magazine and want to put anything from this in it, please give credit where
credit is due.

Availability  ---------------------------------------------------------------

The real MK2 FAQ ------------------------------------------------------------
See the Mortal Kombat II FAQ for the usual MK2 stuff. It has ever legitimate
secret found that I know of. The best FAQ I have ever seen IMHO.
This FAQ covers the unintentional features of MK2, while the Mortal Kombat II
FAQ covers the intentional features.

Quick intro -----------------------------------------------------------------
All the legitimate secret characters, finishing moves, and -alities are
clearly written in the MKII FAQ. There are no legitimate secrets in this FAQ.
Rather these are bugs/glitches that breathe new life into an awesome game.

I'm calling this a FAQ in spite of the fact that there's no Questions. But
it seems everyone's calling a sheet full of info a FAQ these days, so I'm
going to call this a FAQ.

Everything in here I have done personally, so there's NO KANO MORPHS!

There are other methods of performing these glitches, but I have found
the ways outlined here to be the easiest.

What didn't make it in here -------------------------------------------------
I know of more glitches, but these are the best ones. The others were either
hard to do, or the results weren't that amazing. If you disagree, then I
could expand upon these.

* Baraka can do the blade fury after round 1 after a throw, even though
  the victim is already dead.
* Do sub zero's deep freeze on the dead pool stage, then very quickly
  do the dead pool uppercut while they are flashing. They will fly into
  the pool unfrozen.
* If you time it right, you can dead-pool uppercut Raiden in while he is
  warpy colors (time it so that he's getting up).
* You can time it so that if you try to throw the computer while they are
  throwing a projectile (works best with Kitana), they will throw you out
  of your throw, and you will get hit by both the throw and the projectile.
  I didn't put this in here because it's very hard to do.

The glitches ----------------------------------------------------------------

----- GLITCH -----   <----- * This means it's a start of a new glitch.

Players: Who the winner and victim has to be (in that order).
When: When the description picks up from.
Where: What stage you have to be on (omitted if it can be done anywhere).
Description: Describes the glitch.
Results: What cool thing happens if you do it right.
Variations: Some similar things to this glitch to try.
Troubleshooting: "I can't get it to work!!".

Some of these you can do to the computer, but for learning purposes, get
somebody to be the victim for you.

(in order of newness to this list)

----- GLITCH ----- <NEW>
Players:         Anybody vs. Computer
When:            Right after the computer throws you.
Description:     The computer will walk backwards right after they throw
                 you. Jump at them when they are walking backwards, and
                 don't attack, and keep walking towards them.
Results:         If the distance is right, they will keep walking away
                 from you. When they hit the corner, they will continue
                 to try to walk away from you.
Troubleshooting: I'm not sure what the distance is, but you will know it
                 works if the computer simply keeps walking away from you.
                 And don't forget to not attack.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Anybody vs. Kintaro
When:            During the match.
Description:     Keep punching him while he is in the corner, and he can't
                 do anything about it!
Results:         He will get hit until either you stop or he dies.
Troubleshooting: You have to punch pretty fast, and he has to be totally
                 in the corner.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Reptile vs. Anybody
When:            After you win.
Where:           The armory stage
Description:     Do his tongue fatality.
Results:         The floor will move.
Troubleshooting: Back-back-down-LP. Can't go wrong there!

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Kitana vs. Shao Kahn
When:            Just before winning.
Description:     Win by having the time run out, but with you having more
                 energy. Time it so that he is being lifted when the time
                 runs out.
Results:         The game will lock up.
Variations:      Put credits in, and push start to unlock it.
<NEW>            On the Nintendo version, all you have to do it make Shao
                 Kahn in the air when time runs out, and win. This might work
                 on the arcade version too.
Troubleshooting: Keep lifting him to survive. This practice will help when
                 you need to lift him for the time-out. Make sure you end
                 up winning when time runs out.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Sub Zero vs. Anybody
When:            After you win.
Where:           At the dead pool.
Description:     Do the deep freeze. Then do F-D-F-F-HP then immediately hold
                 LK and LP.
Results:         The screen will darken, fatality music will play, and Sub
                 Zero will hit the victim into the dead pool.
Troubleshooting: You have to be fast going from the HP to the LK+LP.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Shang Tsung vs. Anybody
When:            During the match.
Description:     Try to throw Shang Tsung out of his fireballs, and if you
                 get a double hit (both players get hit and take damage)
                 keep walking towards each other.
Results:         You will be able to walk through each other.
Troubleshooting: Make sure Shang Tsung isn't holding back when the throw is
                 attempted because you can't be thrown while holding back.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Baraka vs. Kitana.
When:            During the match.
Description:     Do the blade fury, but have Kitana throw her fan into you.
                 Her throwing hand will be the part of her that gets hit by
                 Baraka's blades.
Results:         Kitana will get hit with the blades, but she will still
                 manage to throw her fan at Baraka. This will cause Kitana
                 to get cut up, even though Baraka has been knocked down.
Variations:      If you do this at the end of a round, but not if that means
                 winning the match, blood will spew everywhere until the next
                 round starts. Very bloody.
Troubleshooting: This is very hard to time.
                 Do Baraka's blades as far as possible away, and you can't
                 just hit her with the blades, she has to throw her fan into
                 it so that her throwing hand gets hacked up.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Shang Tsung vs. Anybody
When:            After you win.
Description:     Morph into Sub Zero. Deep freeze opponent. Keep freezing
                 them until morph time. Morph into Jax. Do head pop fatality.
Results:         Color map will get screwed up. This is a very widely known
                 one, but here for completeness.
Troubleshooting: It's hard to do the Jax morph, fatality in time.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Scorpion or Cage vs. Anybody
When:            After you win.
Description:     Have victim get in corner. Win. Get real close.
                 Jump at them. Just after you leave the ground, do D-D-U-U if
                 Scorpion, or D-D-F-F if Cage. and time it so that you hit
                 the button part of the fatality as soon as you hit the ground.
Results:         Scorpion will pull off his mask before he gets pushed out of
                 the corner, and his skull won't get pushed out, resulting
                 in his skull appearing on his shoulder. Cage will reach
                 behind victim and do the fatality from too close.
Troubleshooting: If you land on the other side of the victim, it won't work.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Sub-zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Baraka, or Lui Kang vs.
                 anybody You may, however choose Shang Tsung and morph into a
                 character who it will work with.
When:            After you win.
Description:     Have the winner throw the victim to win the match. As soon
                 as they get thrown, have the victim hold down and tap any
                 attack button.
Results:         The victim will do the move, then go into their dizzy
                 animation. Then things progress as normal.
                 This is a setup for further glitches.

----- GLITCH -----
Players:         Sub-zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Baraka, or Lui Kang vs.
                 anybody You may, however choose Shang Tsung and morph into a
                 character who it will work with.
When:            After you win.
Description:     Using the previous glitch, throw the victim into the corner,
                 and have them try to uppercut you.
Results:         The winner gets smashed, and as soon as the victim finishes
                 with the uppercut, they go into their dizzy animation.
                 The winner can then do the fatality or whatever.
Variations:      Have the victim hold LP and LK while uppercutting on the
                 Dead Pool stage.
Results:         The winner takes a dip in the dead pool, and the
                 loser does the winning pose. The real loser has to pay
                 to continue though.
Variations:      Have Reptile be the winner, and throw the victim while
                 invisible, and have the victim dead pool uppercut.
Results:         Reptile will take a dip, and appear in a thrown position.
                 a few inches from the victim.
Troubleshooting: The thrower has to be one of the characters
                 listed after Players (above).
                 Try rapping on HP to do the uppercut.
                 Be sure to leave room in the corner for the victim to land,
                 if you do not, you will simply punch.

----- GLITCH ----- ***** BABY BASHING!! *****
Players:         Scorpion or Shang Tsung (if he morphs into Scorpion)
                 vs. Anybody The victim can be anybody, but it's hard to do
                 to Raiden.
When:            After you win.
Description:     First, you have to understand a few fundamentals.
1. You can do a friendship/babality only if you haven't hit punch.
2. You don't have to wait for your opponent to 'get up' in order to do the
3. Scorpion's air throw does not require the hitting of a punch button.
4. The glitch above defines the requirements for the victim hitting the
   winner, even after they are dizzy.

Take the victim an inch of his/her life. No more than one throw from death.

Position your characters as follows:

|                       |
|                       |
|                       |     * note that it doesn't have to be the left
|                       |       corner.
|                       |
|S  V                   |

S  Scorpion
V  Victim

Make it so that Scorpion is against the wall, and victim is about sweeping
range or so.

Have the opponent jump towards you, and you jump at them, then air throw them.
At this point, victim should be falling into the corner. If you threw
them away from the corner, you'll have to try again. They must land IN the
corner. Just after the air throw starts, have victim start trying to
uppercut. As soon as Scorpion lands, do his friendship (victim will land in
the corner, so if it's the left corner, the move would be

Results:         Scorpion will get hit out of the friendship, and you
                 can bash him for the time it would have taken to do the
                 friendship, uninterrupted.

 -Babality takes more accurate timing, but it's worth it to do some baby
 -After doing a babality, you can still do a friendship, or another babality
  provided you don't punch the baby.
 -Substitute the normal uppercut for the dead pool uppercut and there will
  be a baby sitting on the ground, and a person floating in the ooze.
 -If you use Shang Tsung, you can do lots of stuff:
 --Turn into Baraka and slice the baby (crashes the game every time).
 --Jonny cage ball punch the baby causes the baby to shoot up about an inch.
 --Throwing the baby will cause the baby to fly straight up.
 -There are many more. Find them! It's fun!

Troubleshooting: If you just get uppercutted, then you did the
                 friendship/babality too slow.