Liu Kang by Aoi

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                 	       pocket guide|___/ 
			       version 2.0
		      m o r t a l  k o m b a t  4   r e v. 2

		            w r i t t e n  b y  a o i
				6:10 PM 12/6/97
	     !.	prolougue
             !. version history
             I. mortal kombat 4 storyline
            II. liu kang's story
           III. primer
            IV. moveslist
             V. fatalities
            VI. combo system
           VII. combos
          VIII. credits


   This wasn't really designed to be a big faq but a pocket guide. What I mean 
   by that is something that's about 5-6 pages or so and can come in handy at
   the arcade without the excess pages. You can develop your own strategy cause
   yours is the best suited for you. Why use someone elses? You can base some
   of your fundmentals on someone elses, but I think making up your own sets you
   apart from the rest. A known strategy gets learned by your competitors and is
   less effective, so you can make your own and make adjustments when the 
   opposition starts catching on. Well on to Liu Kang.

  version history

   9:32 PM 10/16/97 - First version
   6:10 PM 12/6/97 - Second revision ----> Added dragon fatality


   "Thousands of years ago in a battle with the fallen elder god known as
   Shinnok, I was responsible for the death of an entire civilization. To rid
   all realms of Shinnok's menace I waged a war that plunged the earth into
       centuries of darkness and banished Shinnok to a place called the
   Netherealm. Now after Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of Earth's warriors, 
   Shinnok has managed to escape his confines of the Netherealm. The war is 
   now being fought once again, and this time it can be won by mortals." 
				     - Raiden -

 lui kang's story

   Still the immortal champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang finds himself
   venturing into the realms of Edenia to rescue the princess Katana from the
   vile clutches of Quan Chi.  Unsuccessful in his mission Liu returns to
   Earth and mounts an effort to bring together Earth's greatest warriors.
   He does it this time to not only to free Katana's home world but also to
                 assist his mentor and Earth's protector - Raiden.


                 F - tap forward                   UF - tap up/forward 
                 B - tap backward                  UB - tap up/back
		 D - tap down                      DF - tap down/forward
                 U - tap up                        DB - tap down/back

 		     HP - high punch           HK - low punch          
 		     LP - high kick            LK - low kick           
				    BLK - block
				     RUN - run

			Cross Punch    :  HP
			Body Punch     :  LP
			Face Kick      :  HK
			Body Kick      :  LK
			Block          :  BLK
			Run            :  Forward + Run
			Pick up weapon :  Down+Run
			Pick up rocks  :  Down+Run
			Hard Face Hit  :  HP (close)
			Throw 	       :  LP (close)
			Knee Smash     :  HK (close)
			Bone Break     :  LK (close)

			Jump Kick   :  Up + HK or LK
			Jump Punch  :  Up + HP or LP
			Hook Kick   :  Back + HK
			Foot Sweep  :  Back + LK
			Uppercut    :  Down + HP
			Low Punch   :  Down + LP
			Groin Kick  :  Down + HK
			Low Kick    :  Down + LK
			Sidestep    :  Block + Run


			      Draw Weapon   :  B,F + LK
                              Fireball      :  F,F + HP
                              Low Fireball  :  F,F + LP
                              Flying Kick   :  F,F + HK
                              Bicycle Kick  :  F,F + LK

              In Revision 2.0 Bicycle is:  Hold LK 3 secs. then release



 		       Prison/Fan Stage Fatality - F,F,B + LP
		       Dragon Fatality - F,F,F,D+HK+BL+LK (sweep range)

 combo system

	      There are no more long button tapping combos. Now combos consist
			  of punches - kicks and special moves.


		  These are combos I have done so when I get more you'll
			        have a full list to choose from.
		These were all done on the CPU, so I don't know the effectiveness
					 on humans.

			       *means Tragics' (Ben Cureton) combo

		(NOTE: These are not juggle combos, all are standing custom combos)

					HK,HK, B+HK
			            HP,HK, flying kick
			  HK,HK, bicycle, flying kick, low fireball
			  HK,HK, bicycle, high fireball, flying kick
		  HK,HK, bicycle, high fireball, flying kick, low fireball

				  flamberge (cris sword) combos

		    drawn sword....HP,HP, bicycle, flying kick, low fireball
        *drawn sword....if they jump HP,HP, bicycle, HP slash, jump kick, high fireball


	     I haven't dabbed in any juggling yet, but I'll have some more soon.
			    This is the only ones that I have done....

			 drawn sword....HP, flying kick, low fireball
			 back + HK them into the corner, low fireball
		       down + HP, jump kick, high fireball, low fireball


	             Midway.................for Mortal Kombat 4
		     Tragic.................for one of the weapon combos

	              Ideas in this pocket guide are  1997 Aoi
			 Mortal Kombat 4  1997 Midway Games