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    Short Move List by Bmuig

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/19/07 | Printable Version | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ------- STREET FIGHTER II' - Champion Edition -- Quicksheet Version 1.2 -------
    7 8 9  j jump   P Punch (any)  Ps short Punch  Pm medium Punch  Pf fierce Punch
    4 5 6  c close  K Kick (any)   Ks short Kick   Km medium Kick   Kf fierce Kick
    1 2 3  . charge  .. repeatedly  x+y press simultaniously  [x|y] choose one  
                                    (t) Throw     (g) Grab    (at) Air Throw
    |   If you get to press any Punch or Kick Button, then short/medium/fierce    |
    |   usually determines the speed, length, height or duration of that action   |
                236P  Ha Dou Ken                     214K  Hurricane Kick 
                623P  Dragon Punch 
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Shoulder Slam (t)         c6[Km|Kf]  Back Roll (t)
    CHUN LI___________________________________________________________________CHINA
                2.8K  Spinning Bird Kick              K..  Lightning Leg
                j2Km  Heel Stomp                     c6Km  Backflip Kick 
                c6Kf  Flipping Neck Breaker
           c6[Pm|Pf]  One Arm Slam (t)         jc6[Pm|Pf]  Air One Arm Slam (at)
                4.6P  Sumo Torpedo                    P..  Hundred Hand Slap
                c6Pm  Body Toss (t)
           c6[Pf|Kf]  Bear Hug | Knee Bash (g)
                4.6P  Rolling Attack                  P..  Electric Thunder
            c[4|6]Pm  Double Head Butt           c[4|6]Km  Double Knee Kick
                c6Pf  Blanka Bite (g)
            Ps+Pm+Pf  Spinning Clothesline       c632147P  Spinning Pile Driver
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Piledriver|Back Drop (t)  c6[Km|Kf]  BackwardDrop|BodySlam(t)
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Face Grab | Head Chomp (g) <- stand 1 step away from enemy   
           c2[Pm|Pf]  Stomache Grab (g) | Back Toss (t)  
                4.6P  Sonic Boom                     2.8K  Flash Kick
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Body Toss (t)
          jc6[Pm|Pf]  Throw Down (at)          jc6[Km|Kf]  Air-to-Ground Drop (at)
                236P  Yoga Fire                    41236P  Yoga Flame
           j2[Pf|Kf]  Drill Kick | Yoga Mummy          2K  Slide	
                c6Pf  Body Toss (t)                  c6Pm  Yoga Noogie (g)	
    BALROG______(JP:  M.BISON)__________________________________________________USA
                4.6P  Dashing Punch                  4.6K  Dashing Uppercut
           Ps+Pm+Pf.  Turn Punch                Ks+Km+Kf.  Turn Punch
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Head Bash (g)
    VEGA________(JP:  BALROG)_________________________________________________SPAIN
                4.6P  Tumbling Claw                    44  Double Backflip
            2.[7|9]K  Wall Spring               2.[7|9]KP  Screaming Eagle
                 2Kf  Slide
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Suplex (t)               jc6[Pm|Pf]  Air Choke (at)
                236P  Tiger Shot                     236K  Ground Tiger Shot
               2369K  Tiger Crush                    623P  Tiger Uppercut
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Body Toss (t)
    M.BISON_____(JP:  VEGA)________________________________________________THAILAND
                4.6P  Psycho Crusher                 4.6K  Double Knee Press
                2.8K  Head Stomp                      2Kf  Slide
           c6[Pm|Pf]  Deadly Throw  (t)
                      Created by Bmuig on 07/13/2004. Copyright 2004.