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From: Thomas H Harper <>
Subject: [VF2] Jeffry FAQ, v.7
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 22:28:26 -0400

The formatting may be a little messed up... but other than that it's
ready to go. I'm releasing this to coincide with Mason's Jeff Supreme
Tactics Guide coming out shortly. 

And if it is messed up, it looks a lot better on the web page! Swear! ^_^

version 7.0
Maintained by Thomas H Harper (, local Jeffry fanatic!


Some General All Around Strategies
Jeffry's Moves
-Ground Hits
Move Analysis
Executing Low Throws
Specific Tactics
-Crouch Dashing
-Low Punch As A Major Counter
-Delaying Follow-Up Moves
-The Senbon Punch
-If Jeff's P+G Throw is Broken
-If Jeff Breaks The Opponent's P+G Throw
-Hopping And Jumping Attacks
-Rising Attacks
-Turnaround Attacks
Strategies Versus Other Characters
Wish List For Future Versions!
Version Chronicle
Credits And Kudos!

Most of the guys/gals in VF2 are FAST. So, what's a big slow guy like
Jeffry to do? Simple. POUND 'EM!!! STOMP ON 'EM!!! THROW 'EM AROUND LIKE
RAG DOLLS!!! It's easy to see the appeal of characters like Jacky and
Kage, but hey, Jeffry picks people up by the FACE. With ONE HAND. 

Hey there Jeffers! It's been a while since the last huge overhaul. This
has been updated to go along with Mason Wood's upcoming Jeffry Supreme
Tactics Guide, due to be posted soon. Good luck at MoaT 2.1!!


Jeff's power lies in connecting with his big moves and throws. He can be
a tough opponent if played defensively just like Wolf. An offensive Jeff
tends to get in trouble due to his slow recovery time. If you are going
on the offensive, stick to the nitty gritty up close. Excellent moves
are his Punches, Low Punch, Elbow, Dash Low Elbow, Low Kick, Side Kick,
Uppercuts, Hell Stab and any throw you can do the motions for quickly.
Against ducking opponents, his Side Kick, Drop Elbow, and Heel Axe are
excellent--they won't know what hit 'em!. If you're close, or if your
opponent whiffs a low move, dash in and go for a low throw. This is what
separates Jeff and Wolf from the rest. And if they persist in turtling,
go ahead and sit on them with the Flying Butt Attack. In fact, Jeff has
an arsenal of mid-level hit moves!

Jeff can't dash out of dangerous situations or dodge to the side quickly
like Shun or Lion. To be successful you MUST use the defense button.
When you do block, have a throw ready to go, or a big float move like
his Knee or Uppercut. The key to being successful with Jeffry is making
the most out of every oppurtunity you can seize. And then, mix up your
attacks--some throws, and some Lau-esque floats.

Here's a quick note about pouncing... if you do his short Splash Pounce
be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it will hit. Jeff is a sitting duck when he gets
up from a missed one. After his Body Press and Powerbomb throws, use his
d/f+K Stomp.  Try using "Jeff of the Jungle"--the 2P Jeff colors--to
practice learning when you can pounce. He has a shorter range and thus
you must be more careful about pouncing.

When playing Jeff, THROW. Look for the opportunity and slam 'em. Stress
the P+G Fireman's Carry throw. If the throw isn't broken it does very
good damage! If it is broken, Jeff has many options. If you break your
opponent's P+G throw, that's less damage done to you. See the new P+G
Throw Breaking section!

Also, some players will try and duck and stand rapidly so it'll be tough
to try and throw them. Try a low throw. See the Low Throws section for
more information!

All in all, use whatever the situation demands.


These are taken from Chia Jin Ngee's excellent VF2 FAQ.
After the Description is the Damage Points under "normal" circumstances,
the Execution Time and Recovery Time in frames (remember 1 frame is
1/60th of a second) and who can Reverse the move. A=Akira, P=Pai,
K=Kage, W=Wolf. Under the Notes column, S denotes a moves that changes
foot stance, F means the moves will set Jeff up for float or combo
opportunities, and G means you'll be on the ground after the move.

Description        Motion       Hits    Damage  Frames  Reversals       Notes
Punch                      P            H       14      12,6    APK             F
Low Punch          d+P          L       10      10,8    A
Kick               K            H       36      16,20   AP
Low Kick           d+K          L       17      16,25   A
Side Kick          d/f+K                M       33      16,35   APW
Hell Stab          d+P+K        H       30      14,19   PK              F
Uppercut           d/f+P                M       22      15,22   APK             F
2 Uppercuts        d/f+P,P      M       22      20,22   APK             F
Uppercut from      D,d/f+P      M       22      13,22   APK             F
Toe Kick           d+K          M       24      18,24   P               F
Toe Kick &           d+K,P      M       43      24,30
Toe Kick Of   See Below M       124     NA,248
Elbow              f+P          M       19      12,26   AP              F
Elbow & Hammer     f+P,b+P      M       49      28,28
Dash Elbow         f,f+P        M       19      16,20   AP              SF
Dash Elbow &       f,f+P,P      M       38      12,26   AP
Drop Elbow         b,f+P        M       30      14,31   AP              S
Starfleet Maneuver b,d/f+P      M       30      18,44
Heel Axe           f,d+K        M       36      19,29                   S
Knee               f+K          M       30      
Big-Ass Boot       f,f+K        M       40      26,23   APW
Head Butt          f+P+K        H       40      28,13                   F
Stomach Crash      d/b,f+P+K    M       40      19,35
Flying Butt Attack P+K+G        M       30      26,21                   G

Now, to really punish the opponent!! SLAM 'em with these!
Here Frames refers to the total time it takes for the move to do damage.
Be especially careful near the end of a round!

Description             Motion          Grabs   Damage  Frames  Missed?
Fireman's Carry         P+G             H       60      163     Canceled Punch
Military Press          b+P+G           H       60      252     Canceled Punch
Crucifix Piledriver     d/f,d/f+P+K     H       80      248     Low Punch
Power Slam              f+P             H       50      158     Elbow
Single Head Butt        b,f+P+K         H       20      86      Head Butt
Double Head Butt        See below       H       40      123     Big Trouble
Triple Head Butt        See below       H       80      129     Big Trouble
Chiropractic Adjustment b,f,f+P+K+G     H       70      159     Flying Butt
Iron Claw               d+P             L       50      198     Low Punch
Machine Gun Knee        d,f+K           L       60      130     Knee
Powerbomb               d/f+P+K+G       L       70      159     Low Punch
Chiropractic Adjustment P+G             B       100     199     Canceled Punch

-Ground Hits

Description             Motion          Damage
Stomp                   d/f+K           20
Splash                  u+P             30
Butt Bomb               U+P             40


Jeffry punches straight out.

True, Jeffry has the damagimng throws, but don't overlook the basic
moves. Use the Punch with other quick recovery moves up close. The Punch
can be also followed up with a Kixk for the Universal Punch-Kick combo,
and of course, the 2 Punches and Uppercut. Save the PPP for floats,
beacuase the Uppercut in this case has a long recovery. But the PK is
almost always a good counter, and is guaranteed if your Elbow staggers
the opponent, and the opponent doesn't struggle out.

-Low Punch
Jeffry ducks and punches straight out.

Another quick recovery move, use this along with the other basics up
close. Also note that if you use the Low Punch to duck, that is, if you
immediately hit d+P from a standing position, you'll duck in 10 frames,
as opposed to the 20 frames it takes to duck just by pressing down.

-Roundhouse Kick
Jeffry kicks high.

Though most useful as the 2nd hit of the PK combo, this kick comes out
fast and has a good recovery. Though in a situation where you can hit
high it is usually a better choice to go for the Hell Stab instead,
since it is quicker in both execution and recovery.<P>

-Low Kick
Jeffry ducks and kicks low and far.

The best asset about this move is it's range, since Jeff pivots on his
grounded foot. However, it doesn't do that much damage and is relatively
slow to recover. It's perfect for harassment.

-Side Kick
Jeffry kicks at mid level.

The Side Kick is a good move to use, with power and range as its assets.
Learn the maximum range for it and use it at that range often, and
against ducking opponents. This kick always knocks down, and can often
guarantee a pounce.<P>

-Hell Stab
Jeffry steps forward, thrusting his fingers at eye level.

This move comes out in 14 frames and recovers in 19! You can usually
block any retaliation in time. It can also float the opponent slightly,
enough to follow it up with an Elow or one Punch. It can do huge damage
inside a combo. Pai and Kage can reverse the stab. Akira, however, can

Jeffry punches upward, close to his face.

A good move to use up close. If it hits as a minor counter it knocks
down, and if it hits as a major counter it floats the opponent sky-high.
This is the Uppercut's primary asset. Plus, if you press P once more,
you'll get...

-2 Uppercuts
Jeffry does another Uppercut after his first.

If blocked, the 2 Uppercuts are uncounterable. They also do 44 points of
damage total. However, if you do the second Uppercut you will not be
able to follow it up further.

-Uppercut from crouch

Jeffry rears up executing an Uppercut.

This Uppercut is the best, since it comes out 2 frames faster than the
above Uppercut. It seems trivial but against quick opponents every frame
counts. Look for the float opportunity after hitting with it.

-Toe Kick
Jeffry delivers a kick to the opponent's abdomen.

Though seemingly slow to come out and recover, the Toe Kick is a good
move since it can be followed u with either a Hammer or the Crucifix for
the Toe Kick of DOOM. However, the Side Kick is quicker to come out and
has more range.

-Toe Kick & Hammer
After kicking the opponent in the abdomen, Jeffry axe handles the
opponent over his or her head.

If you haven't yet mastered the Toe Kick of DOOM use the Hammer as a
follow up instead. Your opponent might expect the Crucifix and duck or
not block, leaving them free to be hit with the Hammer.

-Toe Kick of DOOM
After kicking the opponent in the abdomen, Jeffry advances on the
opponent and grabs them for a Crucifix Piledriver.

See the Toe Kick of Doom section for more details.

Jeffry leans forward and bends his arm, striking with his elbow.

The Elbow comes out quickly, but recovers slowly, so don't use it too
much up close. The best opportunity to use it is against a ducking
opponent up close in closed stance. There it will stagger the opponent
and you can follow it up with a Punch-Kick combo, or with the Hammer. In
open stance the Elbow will miss.

-Elbow & Hammer
After elbowing the opponent, Jeffry axe handles him or her over the head.

The Elbow has to hit in order for the Hammer to come out. It's not an
often-used move so try it to catch the opponent by surprise and to keep
him or her guessing.

-Dash Elbow
Jeffry squats down and leans forward with his elbow. 

It's not like Akira's Dashing Elbow, but up close if blocked it is
uncounterable, just like Akira's. This move also sets up for the...

-Dash Elbow & Uppercut
Jeffry executes a Dash Elbow, and then rears up for an Uppercut.

This move doers decent damage, plus it forces ducking opponents to stand
up, ready to be thrown! Also, this move pushes the opponent back some,
so go for the Ring Out if you must.

Another neat aspect of this move--you can delay pressing P for the
Uppercut! This an excellent tactic to fool opponents with. See the
Tactics section for the painful options. And I'm talkin' PAINFUL!

-Drop Elbow
Jeffry steps forward, bends his arm, and drops his elbow downward.

This move is quick to come out but has a relatively long rcovery.
However this move can hit a ducking opponent in open stance. It changes
his feet position as well.

-Starfleet Maneuver

Jeffry leans back, and lunges forward with an axe handle. Watch any
fight scenes with Captain Kirk in the original Star trek series, and
odds are you'll see this move.

This move is slower to come out than Jeff's other elbow moves, and it
recovers longer too. Try not to use it too much up close, but it's best
use is in a combo. It also looks real cool. ^_^

-Heel Axe
Jeffry raises his foot to eye level and brings his heel down on his
opponent very quickly.

This move comes out very quickly and SMASHES ducking opponents! It's
good to use but remember it has a significant recovery time. It also
changes Jeff's feet position.

Jeffry jumps slightly off the ground raising his knee.<P> 

This move does MONSTER damage if it hits as a major counter, and floats
the opponent sky-high! It also changes his feet position. Prepare to
follow the Knee up with a mid-level move, the Senbon Punch, or Jeff's 2
Punches and Uppercut. May more combos are in the Combo section.

-Big-Ass Boot
Jeffry steps forward and thrusts his foot straight out.

Against opponents who'll try and dash in this'll send them reeling back.
It does nice damage and is almost always safe to follow up with a
pounce. It has a quicker recovery time than Jeff's Side Kick but it
takes an eternity to come out. Skilled Akira, Pai, and Wolf players will
see this move coming a country mile away and reverse it.

When Jeff's kicking foot hits the ground it is immediately possible to
execute a throw. See the Tricks section.

-Head Butt
Jeffry leans back and thrusts his head high.

This move has a very fast recovery time--13 frames--and can float the
opponent too! If your opponent ducks under it, go for a low throw if he
or she is close enough.

-Stomach Crash
Jeffry leans back and low and thrusts his head at the opponent's abdomen.

This move has great initial spped and is analogous to Shun's P+K Spiral
Backpush in that it can duck under a high attack and retaliate. 

-Flying Butt Attack
Jeffry turns around and jumps butt-first at the opponent.

This move is slow to come out, but there are few more satisfying ways to
deal with a ducking opponent. This can also be good for pushing your
opponent out of the ring. Otherwise, be careful when using move. Do not
use it much against crouch dashing Akiras, since their Single Palms do
tremendous damage, and it takes priority over this attack.

-Fireman's Carry
Jeffry grabs the opponent, drapes him or her over his shoulders, and
falls backward, slamming them into the ground.

This throw can be broken out of if your opponent presses P+G within 10
frames of you initiating the throw. Jeff can break out of opponent's
throws the same way. See the new P+G Throw Sections for more details on

Also note that Jeffry can execute this throw when he's crouching!

Against people that like to crouch in front of you or the CPU, when you
execute this throw and they duck or autoduck, a quick Punch comes out
instead. But your opponent will still be ducking when you recover so try
a low throw!

-Military Press
Jeffry grabs the opponent, lifts him over his head for a few seconds,
and then drops him to the ground.

Against P+G throw savvy opponents, try this throw. It is very easy and
quick to execute plus a simple P+G won't break it. But a b+P+G will. If
this throw is broken the breaker ends up right behind Jeff, so be
careful when you use this. Akira has a Guard Break with a similar motion
so refrain from using it too much against him.

Also, time is a factor when you use this throw. The whole process takes
over 4 seconds. If the timer runs out before the damage is done, it
won't count.

-Crucifix Piledriver
Jeffry grabs the opponent's arms, hoists him onto his back still holding
the arms, stretches them out like a crucifix, and then slams his back
into the ground.

This throw is his most damaging, and one of his collest looking. Follow
it up with a Stomp. Crouch dashing in is a great way to get this throw
off, because at the end of the dash a simple d/f+P+K is required. This
throw is also a great follow up to a Senbon Punch as well.

-Power Slam
Jeffry grabs the opponent at the shoulders and legs and slams them to
the ground, with Jeffry staying with the movement.

This throw is very easy and fast to execute, but the range on it is very
short. To get it off you must be in closed stance along with being
closer than the range for, say, the Fireman's Carry. Dashing in and
using this throw is a good tactic.

The really neat asset this throw has is that if it misses, you'll get
the Elbow, a mid-level attack! So if the opponent is ducking, the Elbow
may hit and stagger. If the opponent is standing, you'll get the throw!

-Single, Double, and Triple Head Butts
Jeffry grabs the opponent and administers up to three powerful Head Butts.

Seen during the intro, this multi-part throw is hard to learn, but well
worth the results. The timing here is doing the next for+P+K before the
next Head Butt hits. It should work out like this:


Be careful when you attempt this technique since if you only get one or
two Head Butts, the recovery time is very long. However, both you and
your opponent might be in a state of shock anyway. If "HeadButtus
Interruptus" occurs use a quick attack like a Punch or Low Punch, or

This throw is mostly for psychological advantage since the Crucifix with
a Splash or Stomp does more damage. 
-Chiropractic Adjustment
Jeffry grabs the opponent, twirls him aorund, and drapes his back across
his knee.

Lovingly referred to as the Chiropractic Adjustment, Jeff's Backbreaker
can make an excellent counter to attacks like Jacky's Bitchslap if the
motions are done quickly or buffered. The  motion also moves Jeff
forward a tad, giving it impressive range. If you hold down G when you
start the motion, it won't move Jeff back, giving this move even more

Here's a good way to practice this throw. Pick Akira and learn to do the
Bodycheck. Up close with Jeff, if you want to do the CA, it must be done
fast. But if you're far away, or recovering from a move (the best is the
Low Punch), buffer the b,f,f in, just like an Akira player can buffer
them. When they're buffered in the Akira player has 20 frames to press
P+K, and the motion gets Akira to run in, getting very close to the
opponent. Here the Bodycheck does TREMENDOUS damage. Jeff can execute
the CA the same way. Dash in with the motions, and press P+K+G when
you're close. SNAP!

This throw sets up some very interesting okizeme potential, or is good
to use after a high rising attack. See the Okizeme section under Tactics
for more details.<P>

-Behind-the-back Chiropractic Adjustment
Jeffry grabs the opponent from behind and DROPS him across his knee.

This does as much damage as Wolf's Twirl 'n Hurl, and sounds like an
explosion! Always look for the opportunity to use this. If someone has
the audacity to jump, get behind them, keep a safe distance from their
rear kicks, and make them pay.

-Iron Claw
Jeffry reaches down with one hand, grabs the opponent by the FACE, holds
him up squirming, and then viciously slams him to the ground.

One of the all-important low throws, this is the coolest throw Jeffry
has, but like the Power Slam, the range on it is short. Not only must
the opponent must be ducking, he also must be in closed stance. Unless,
of course, he whiffs one of the moves listed in the Low Throws section.

Machine Gun Knee
Jeffry reaches down, grabs the opponent, and rams his knee into the
opponent's face three times.

This is the trickiest low throw to execute. If you have trouble with it
read Joji's advice below.

        "Easiest way to do it is: Hold down, move stick to f and press K. This
will work if the opponent is right there next to you, crouching and
defending. Doesn't happen too often. You can, however, do it against
Shun's missed back push (d/b+P).... but only if it misses it by an inch
(not an inch on the screen!), and you enter the command in a window of
about a few frames ;)
        "Next way, which is the usual way, is to use it as a counter (ie
Bryants' leg slicer (d+K+G) or Shun's D,K+G, etc, etc). This usually
occurs by first doing a small dash forward to make sure you're in
range... then you tap down, bring stick back to neutral, and f+K. This
needs to be done very fast. If you can do this when you want to, you've
received the "You are cool" medal.
        "Against CPU. The only person you can do this with consistency
is Lion and Shun. Against Shun, make him drink, and he'll more likely do
those sweeps. Use the method stated above. For Lion, people may know
that P-crouch throw works like a dream.  For P-Machinegun knee, it's a
little tricky......
        "Do this: P,d(while the PP is still retracting),neutral,f+K.  It
may take some getting used to, but this is too cool to let it pass.
Trust me, your audience will love you for it. If you're trying to get
9th dan (1st grade with Jeff), this is the sure way of getting the throw.
        "Now, go have Lion say hello to your knee cap ;)"

Though it does less damage than the Powerbomb, this is only the case in
VF2.0. In 2.1 it does 80 points of damage!
Jeffry reaches down, scoops up the opponent, and immediately slams his
back into the ground.

This is Jeff's most powerful low throw, both in terms of damage since
you can also add a Stomp after it, and in range.

There's also a bug on some versions with this move--if Shun sits
cross-legged, you can do the Powerbomb from anywhere in the ring. It's
fun to see in slow motion!


Jeffry steps forward and stomps on a downed opponent.

This is a good pounce to use. After most throws this will connect. It
also changes your feet position.

Jeffry jumps up with complete disregard for his own safety and lands on
a downed opponent.

If you use this pounce, BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT IT HITS! If it misses
Jeff is a sitting duck. It takes a long time for Jeff to fully recover.
Also, if you're using "Jeff of the Jungle"--the 2P Jeff colors--this
pounce has very little range. Be careful.

-Butt Bomb

Jeffry jumps up with complete disregard for his own safety and lands
ass-first on the opponent.

This pounce is much more useful than the Splash, because if you miss
you're simply on the floor and not taking ages to recover. Though if my
tailbone hit the floor like that I'd take ages to get up ^_^

Also remember that Jeff of the Jungle has a shorter range with this pounce.


Jeffry has awesome and highly damaging float potential, almost as much
as Lau. Some of these come from Doug Rosengard's VF2 Combo FAQ, a couple
are mine, some were sent in, some were posted, and some were featured in
the Gamest video. But the fun part lies in finding new ones!

Most combos involving the Knee and Uppercuts require a major counter to
work. You'll know if it hit as a major counter by the "BOOM!" sound.

-2 Punches
P,P. Does 28 points of damage.

2 Punches, Uppercut
P,P,P. Does 56 points of damage.

-Punch, Kick
P,K. Does 44 points of damage. This combo almost always makes a good
counter for most moves, and is great to use after an Elbow stagger.

-Knee, Punch, Kick
f+K,P,K. Does at least 74 points of damage.

-Knee, 2 Punches, Uppercut
f+K,P,P,P. Does at least 86 points of damage. I call this combo Qantas
after the Australian airline. ^_^

-Knee, Starfleet Maneuver
f+K,b,d/f+P. Does over 60 points of damage. I call this one Beam 'em Down.

-Knee, Hell Stab
f+K,d+P+K. Does over 60 points of damage. I call this one Dante's Knee.

-Head Butt, Takeoff Kick
f+P+K,U/F+P+K. Does over 70 points of damage. This one is called the
Soccer Combo because Jeff treats 'em like a soccer ball. This one looks

-Knee, Dash Elbow, Uppercut
f+K,f,f+P,P. Does 68 points of damage. The Dash Elbow & Uppercut are
always good to tack on at the end of almost any float.

-Knee, Stomach Crash
f+K,b/d,f+P+K. Does 70 points of damage.

-2 Knees
f+K,f+K. Does 60 points of damage.

2 Knees, Dash Elbow & Uppercut
f+K,f+K,f,f+P,P. Does a whopping 98 points of damage!

-Knee, Punch, Knee
f+K,P,G,f+K. Does 74 points of damage. Up to three G-canceled Punches
can be put in between the knees!

-Hell Stab, Elbow
d+P+K,f+P. Does 49 points of damage. I call this one <B>Dante's
Elbow</B>. This is possible almost anytime after the Hell Stab hits if
it's timed right.

-Head Butt, Hell Stab
f+P+K,d+P+K. Does over 70 points of damage and guarantees a pounce of
your choice! I call this Paradise Lost. ^_^

-Head Butt, Stomach Crash
f+P+K,b/d,f+P+K. Does 80 points of damage and looks very cool! I call
this the Battering Ram.

-Big-Ass Boot, Knee
f,f+K,f+K. Does 70 points of damage. Despite it's looks, it is possible
to float the opponent off a Big-Ass Boot if it hits as a major counter.

-Knee, Punch, Dash Elbow & Uppercut
f+K,P,G,f,f+P,P. Does 82 points of damage.

-Knee, Punch, Drop Elbow
f+K,P,G,b,f+P. Does 74 points of damage.

-Knee, Punch, Head Butt
f+K,P,G,f+P+K. Does 84 points of damage.

-Knee, Punch, Heel Axe
f+K,P,G,f+P+K. Does 80 points of damage.

-Uppercut from crouch, Punch, Punch, Dash Elbow & Uppercut
D,d/f+P,P,G,P,G,f,f+P. Does at least 86 points of damage and pushes the
opponent back VERY far! I call this Joji's Justice since Joji posted it.

-Knee, 6 Punches!
f+K,P,P,P,P,P,P. Does a crushing 114 points of damage! This may only
work against the lightweight opponents--Pai and Lion. I call this
Darcy's Death Dealer since he posted it.


Jeff doesn't have the "crutch of speed" as do most other characters to
aid their abilities or bail them out of dangerous situations. To win,
Jeff should stay in the oponent's face, seize every opportunity, and
never let up. Here, various tactics that are good to use with Jeff will
be explored.

-Crouch Dashing
Crouch dashing came into vogue in North America after the Mother of All
Tournaments in Toronto, since the winner Akira Yeh(widely known
throughout r.g.v.a. as #4 Akira), used the crouch dash exclusively
instead of the regular dash.

To do it, you can use either d,d/f,d,D/F, or d/f,D/F. Exepriment to see
which motion works for you and your joysticks. Hold the last
down/forward until you actually see the crouch dash being executed.

A great tactic to use is to crouch dash in and throw the opponent,
especially with the Crucifix Piledriver. Here you can delay pressing P+K
until you get into range and then throw. You have a 28 frame window to
press P+K to get the Crucifix. This trick makes for one nasty Jeffry.

Jeff has a few fast-recovering moves, the best for bait being the Hell
Stab and the Head Butt, where they recover in 19 and 13 frames,
respectively. G-canceled Punches, Punches done with P+G or P+K, and
G-canceled Kicks make good bait too, especially against machi players,
most of whom will have knee-jerk reactions to anything you'll do. Don't
forget the uncounterable moves that Jeff has also--the Dash Elbow and 2

Get a feel for what your opponent might do. For example, a machi Akira
tends to favor his Dashing Elbow and Single Palm. Bait him just outside
the Elbow's range, and get ready to throw him as he recovers, or have
another move buffered in like the Drop Elbow. The possibilities are,
quite literally, endless.

-Low Punch As a Major Counter
Jeff's throw range allows him to capitalize upon a great opportunity if
the Low Punch hits as a major counter. While the opponent is recovering
from the hit, Jeff can dash or crouch dash in and throw the opponent! If
the opponent is standing, use the Crucifix or buffer in a Chiropractic
Adjustment while the punch is being executed. If the opponent is
ducking, use the Powerbomb. This was shown on the Wheel Of Fortune tape
with Kashiwa Jeff, and makes a formidable tactic.

Jeff can stagger the opponent with the Elbow and his Dashing Elbow. The
Elbow will stagger the opponent if he is crouching, and a good follow-up
is the Punch, Kick combo, which will almost always connect.

Jeff's Dashing Elbow--f,f+P--has many more options since it recovers so
fast. For best results, tap G to speed up the recovery. Not only can
this move stagger like the Elbow, your options are much more varied (and
painful). A Knee can connect, and float the opponent! Seize the
opportunity to combo.

Or, after Jeff staggers the opponent, crouch dash in and use the
Crucifix Piledriver, or throw of your choice.

Because of Jeff's huge throw range rising attacks against him are easily
punishable with throws. Duck just outside of your opponent's range, and
when the attack whiffs dash in and throw him. A float with the Knee or
Uppercuts may also be possible.

If your opponent is in the habit of rising with a low attack, here's a
tactic reffered to as "hoppy-zeme." Hop over the low attack, and low
throw the opponent! You can also use Jeff's u+K hopping attack.

Here's a good tactic to try after a Chiropractic Adjustment. Do not
pounce and constantly keep pressure on the opponent. If they rise with
an attack, either high or low, they'll miss Jeff, and his back will be
toward Jeff! You know what to do next. If they roll aqnd rise with an
attack, use a normal throw like the Crucifix. If they rise with a low
attack, a low throw may be possible, especially against Jacky, Sarah,
and Akira. With Lau or Pai low throws are not possible.

-Delaying Follow-Up Moves
In Jeff's series of moves where one follows-up the other:Dash Elbow &
Uppercut, Toe Kick & Hammer, Elbow & Hammer, 2 punches & Uppercut,
delaying the second move often lures opponents into attacking and
getting hit by the follow-up. This is a good tactic to try with the Toe
Kick & Hammer and the Elbow & Hammer.

With the Dashing Elbow & Uppercut, however, the results can be even more
devastating. If the opponent blocks the Dashing Elbow, but gets hit by a
delayed Uppercut, he can be thrown with any of your standing throws if
you dash or crouch dash in! Go for it!

Here's a neat one from Darcy, called the "I'm Not There..."

        "Stand... they come in, do a b,b,f+P. Jeff will step back, avoiding
their attack and return with the elbow drop.  If you're brave do the
Starfleet Manuever, rather than the elbow drop."

In the same vein, here's a trick from Doug Rosengard.

        "b,b/d,f+P+K-- Back up with a low h.butt.  The low h.butt is one of my
favorite moves to sneak in because it ducks back and low, avoiding attacks,
hits annoying crouchers and guarantees a pounce afterward.  It also does
nice damage..."

Orlando de la Cruz sent this about a weird happening if you miss a high
heel kick getting up.

        "...if you are kicking high as you get up and whiff totally, you can
interrupt it with the Military Press Slam.  His foot is out there and
suddenly he is lifting the opponent, and in this case it has
_tremendous_ range, and is practically a teleport throw like the Toe
Kick o' Doom.  Not too useful against a savvy opponent, but could be
thrown in there once in a blue moon, as when used too often they'll see
it coming and easily escape it."

Demetrius Wilkins sent this about a very nasty and damaging trick if you
try a Big-Ass Boot and it's blocked or it misses.

        "...If the kick hits, so be it, but if it misses do the
Xpiledriver(crucifix) right at the end of the kick animation. The
piledriver comes out almost immediately after Jeff puts his foot down. 
Once again this is something which works very well against the CPU as it
blocks my kick most of the time only to get Xpd(usually a human will you
out of this before it can totally come out unless you catch them by
surprise)." This trick was very successful at the Mother of all
Tournaments in Toronto. Mason Wood many times did this trick but used a
Military Press (b+P+G) instead.

-The Senbon Punch
Widely thought to be a bug, the Senbon Punch is actually a preprogrammed
combo. Jeffry can use the Senbon Punch since he has a Punch-Roundhouse
Kick for his Punch, Kick combo.

It is done by tapping P, then K, then G really fast. What happens is
you'll execute a Punch, then go for the Roundhouse Kick, but you'll
G-cancel the kick. Your opponent will still be stunned either from the
hit or from the block, but you will have an 11 frame window to either
execute another Senbon Punch or another move of your choice. Against a
standing opponent, you can do this literally until your opponent is KOed
or pushed out of the ring. But this is considered a dishonorable, cheap,
and cheezy way to win.

The Senbon's honorable use is twofold. First is in a combo in place of
an ordinary Punch. Often you can fit in two or three Senbon Punches!

Second is following up a Senbon Punch with another move. With Jeffry
this works best with a very damaging throw such as the Crucifix
Piledriver. This method takes practice but can be worth it.

-If Your P+G Throw is Broken
If the opponent doesn't break out of Jeff's P+G throw it lowers their
confidence as well as their life bar. If they do break out of it, check
out this snippet from Darcy Brockbank.<P>

        "I had some clever guys escape from my fireman's carry. Unfortunately
for them, this leaves them with their back facing Jeffry. Back breaker,
butt stomp. Hee hee. Keep this in mind if you're playing someone good
(i.e. prepare to do the backbreaker whenever you do a fireman's carry,
so get the F,F+P+D motions ready to go when you hear them do their

So, with this in mind, what are Jeff's options if his P+G throw is
broken? Anticipating your opponent's reaction is the key.

--Behind-the-back Chiropractic Adjustment
It's risky, as you have to dash in quickly to pull it off. And, of
course, your opponent could dash away. So run in after them--hold
forward after you hit it the second time. Use this if you know your
opponent will try to dash away and then turn around.

--Front Chiropractic Adjustment
If your opponent turns around with a high attack, buffer in the motions.
Delaying pressing P+K+G will help.

--Side Kick
If your opponent turns around with a slow attack, Side Kick them. If
they're near the edge of the ring, Side Kick them also. But DO NOT
attempt to sidekick Sarah or Akira in this situation. Their turning low
kicks will slip under the Side Kick and take you down.

-Back Off
If they just turn around, don't try any attacks or you'll be countered. <P>

Also remember that your Body Press throw--b+P+G--can be broken out of as
well with a b+P+G. If it is broken your opponent will be right behind
you. Try not to use it too much against Akira, since he has a Guard
Break with that motion. An Akira in back of you means one HUMONGOUS
buffered Bodycheck. If your b+P+G throw is broken, run away and turn
around without an attack.<P>

-If You Break Their P+G Throws
The other benefit of the P+G throw is if you attempt it within 10 frames
of your opponent's P+G throw, you'll break theirs! Here's what to do if
that happens.

Dash or crouch dash back! Don't crouch, or you'll eat an Elbow-stagger combo.
Crouch and defend. Must Sarahs will go for the turning Sweep. If she
turns and is standing, quickly stand up and defend since a turning
Punch-Kick combo will hit you if you're crouching.
Defend! Throw if he does a turnaround high attack. If Shun is in the
habit of rolling away, buffer in the Chiropractic Adjustment motions,
delay pressing P+K+G, and let him have it!

If she likes to immediately turnaround with her d+K, then wait and hit
her with your d+K. If she likes to wait for you to initiate the attack,
simply turn around without an attack! If you are fast, go for the back
throw, you might even catch your opponent offguard.

Back off. He can attack quickly.

Dash away and turn around. Your opponent might read this guide also. ^_^

Back off. Your back will be toward him.

He has to get up as if you knocked him down. Use okizeme tactics.
Behind-the-back Chiropractic Adjustment, baby!!! ^_^

Back off.

Special Thanks to Lars Sorensen for his help!

-Hopping And Jumping Attacks
Jeff shouldn't rely on air attacks since he is rather slow, but they can
be useful. Hopping kicks can punish sweeps or low rising attacks. Know
which attacks you will do depending on when you press K.

K when you press up--the Giant Eagle Single Kick.
K at the peak of the hop--the Hopping Kick.
K when descending from the hop--the Landing Side Kick.

Also remeber that hopping attacks are uncounterable! This is balanced by
the fact that you'll spend a relatively long time in the air. If your
opponent tries to attack when you land, retaliate.

Jumping in most situations results in Big Trouble. Unlike other
characters, Jeff and Wolf can only attack once in the air. Takeoff
Kicks--where you hold up and hold K--are good to use if you're facing a
Kage that likes to use the Roll and Flying Kick (f,f+P+K+G) or the Drill
Kick (f,f+K+G). Takeoff Kicks tend to take huge priority over these
moves, and can hit Kage from a great distance. Refrain from using
jumping unless it's to escape from the edge of the ring after you knock
down the opponent.

-Rising Attacks
It takes some skill, practice, and experimentation to learn which rising
attack you can use, and the best time to use them. A good strategy is
not to use them at all or when you know you can hit the opponent safely,
such as after a missed pounce. You may be tricked into using them. Don't
fall for it.

Rising attacks vary on your position on the ground and how you get up.
Tap G to roll to the side using the joystick to determine in or out of
the screen. Tap back on the stick to roll backward. Tap P to rise in
place. This is also useful to avoid Lau's second Stomp if you are lying
face up.

-Turnaround Attacks
Treat turnaround attacks like you would any other attack, especially his
Turnaround Punch. You can follow it up with a Kick! Other good attacks
are the Starfleet Maneuver: The Next Generation (d+P) and his Turnaround
Axe (d+K). 


Low throws take a lot of practice and skill to execute consistently, but
the rewards are well worth it. If your opponent wants to sit and duck
all day make him/her think twice by grabbing them. The best times to
snatch them are after moves that leave the opponent ducking. A good
example is Lion's two Low Thigh Kicks, since if you block the second one
he's down there for an eternity. It is easier to grab them after moves
are blocked as a general rule, but even if some moves miss Jeff entirely
you can dash in and snatch them. It is tough in a few cases, such as
anyone's Low Kick, but still possible. It is vital to land these throws
to get the higher grades in Ranking Mode--see the Making the Grade

Here's a list of what to look out for. A 'B' before each move means that
a low throw is possible if it is blocked, an 'M' means it is possible if
it misses entirely, and an 'H' means it's possible even if it hits!

Move                            Action
Jacky's Low Backfist            M
Jacky's Sweep                   B,M
Jacky and Sarah's Leg Slicer    B,M,H
Shun's Slow Sweep               B,M
Shun's Drunken Sweeps           M
Shun's Low Shoulder Backpush    M
Lion's 2 Low Thigh Kicks        B,M
Lau's Double Foot Sweep         B,M
Lau and Pai's Sweep but NOT as  B,M 
part of a PPPK combo
Kage's Roll and Sweep           B,M
Akira's Low Rising Attack       B
Jacky and Sarah's Low Rising    B
Shun's Rising Sweep             B


One of the most damaging moves in the whole game, if not THE most
damaging, Jeffry's Toe Kick of Doom (TKoD) takes a bit of practice to
master. The key is to get the timing down right. Different people I've
talked to and heard from have their own ways of knowing when to do the
last motion (QCT+P+K+G), which is the crux of why it is so hard to
learn. But don't give up, learning when to do it is the hard part.

First, kick 'em in the gut with the Toe Kick (d+K). WHOOF!

Let the stick go to neutral and leave the buttons unpressed.

Now, watch Jeff's kicking foot. When it is just a hair above the ground
do the last motion (QCT+P+K+G).

Knowing exactly when to do this motion might be different for everybody,
but it must be done quickly and when Jeff's kicking foot hits the ground
the movement should be completed. It depends on how fast you can roll
the stick.

-Some Vital Pieces of Information...

The TKoD can be escaped by crouching after the Toe Kick hits. Against
TKoD savvy opponents, a crouch dash plus Powerbomb will do the trick.

Also, since the Toe Kick takes a fairly long time to come out, therefore
making you prone to major counters, prefix the Toe Kick with a quick
move such as a Punch.


Thanks to Jirrawat Uttayaya and his Ranking Mode FAQ for this
information. To get 1st grade you must beat Dural, defeat CPU Akira
under 6 minutes 30 seconds, and score 100 technical points. Here is the
list of moves that count toward your technical points. Remember you must
do the same move in different matches.

Quantity & Moves                Motion
4 Fireman's Carries             P+G
4 Power Slams                   f+P
4 Chiropractic Adjustments      b,f,f+P+K+G
4 Triple Head Butts             See above
3 Military Presses              b+P+G
3 Crucifix Piledrivers          d/f,d/f+P+K
3 Hell Stabs                    d+P+K
3 Flying Butt Attacks           P+K+G
3 Big-Ass Boots                 f,f+K
3 Heel Axes                     f,d+K
2 Iron Claws                    d+P
2 Powerbombs                    d/f+P+K+G
1 Machine Gun Knee              d,f+K

Note that you will not receive credit for Fireman's Carries that are
broken out of. You will get credit for broken Military Presses though.

Do your Hell Stabs, Flying Butts, Big-Ass Boots, and Heel Axes in early
since CPU Pai and onward will block them. The CPU is vulnerable to
throws then especially. Try and work your Power Slams in early as well
since it has a very short range, and your Triple Head Butts also since
if it misses for whatever reason the non-throw Head Butt will come out
and the CPU will put a big hurt on you.

Try not to give mercy rounds to the CPU often since you must beat Akira
within 6'30". You might want to give one to Shun and Lion especially
since there are your best opportunities for low throws.

Look for the low throw especially against CPU Sarah, Shun, Lion, and
Jacky. As long as the Bryants' Leg Slicers don't knock you down they are
low throw bait. Grab Shun after a missed Backpush and a blocked slow
Sweep. Low throw the Frenchman at every opportunity. Try this against
him--P,G,low throw of choice. He'll autoduck the Punch and you'll Cancel
it, and Lion'll still be ducking, just begging to be low thrown. Slam
Jacky after a blocked or missed Sweep.


Since he's the man with 3 reversals, refrain from the slower moves, or
do them and G-Cancel. Play defensive up close because he has an arsenal
of dashing moves that'll stagger you and take you down, plus some
damaging throws, and of course the Stun Palm of Doom. Try and frustrate
him into trying his dashing elbows and palms from just outside their
ranges--machi Akiras often fall into this trap. Throw at every
oppurtunity. Otherwise stick to the nitty gritty. Akira cannot reverse
the Hell Stab.

Akira's Dashing Elbow is uncounterable if it is blocked. But if you use
the Knee, Akira will be hit if he tries anything else but defend,
especially if he tries a Low Reversal, and he will be hit HARD. If Akira
is in the habit of trying Low Reversals after the Dashing Elbow, an
Elbow or Drop Elbow is also good to use, depending on stance--the Elbow
will not hit in open stance. If you are in open stance use the Drop
Elbow instead. A low throw may also work. And if he stops using the Low
Reversal, Low Punch him! Then buffer in a throw like the Chiropractic
Adjustment or Crucifix!

If Akira is up close THROW HIM because odds are he'll be trying for a
Surprise Exchange/Bodycheck. So far Jeff doesn't have a 100% reliable
escape from the Bodycheck, but Jeff players worldwide are working on
one. Crouch dash away to minimize damage.

Ease up on the high and mid-level punches and kicks because she posesses
reversals. She also has a definite speed advantage. Up close stick to
the nitty-gritty, use the Dash Elbow and other relatively quick moves,
and look for the throwing oppurtunity. With practice you can grab her
with a low throw after a blocked Sweep. If she does manage to sweep you,
wail on the G button. If she tries to pounce and misses, you'll end up
right behind her.

Do NOT let him get up close. Any decent Lau knows that a slugfest will
usually end up in his favor, since he has the Punches, Snap Side Kicks,
and the vast array of Knifehands to do it. Keep him at bay with Jeff's
quick close moves. Make him pay after he tries a Cartwheel Kick. Make
sure to block high. If he sweeps you go nuts on the G button and you'll
end up behind him a la Pai.

A defensive Wolf is a royal pain for just about anybody. Avoid using the
Side Kick and Big-Ass Boot too often becuase he has a Side Kick
Reversal. He'll be looking for every oppurtunity to throw. Try and
emphasize the Fireman's Carry up close, becuase if you execute it first
and he breaks out, he lands a relatively safe distance away. If he
executes his Suplex and you break out, he's prime Behind-the-back
Chiropractic Adjustment fodder. If he's in the middle of doing a more
complicated throw you'll probably grab him first. If he tries an air
move you can punch him out of it.

Note that "Jeff of the Jungle"--the Jeff with the shin guards and dirty
toga--has shorter pounce ranges. Know Jeff's weaknesses so you can
compensate and make your opponent pay. Beware your opponent's Side

One of the game's "Total Packages," Kage is a tough opponent for Jeff.
Try and keep him away because he has the 10 Foot Toss. If he does come
up close use quick striking moves such as his Punches, Low Punches, and
Low Kicks. Also try throws that require only one movement like the
Military Press or the Power Slam. Be sure and mix up your attacks
because he does posess a High Punch Reversal, and he can reverse the
Hell Stab. If he tries his Roll and Flying Kick and he ends up behind
you, it's almost a guaranteed back Chiropractic Adjustment since he
takes forever to get up and his back will be toward you. 

She has a big speed advantage and a vast array of kicks. Try and lure
her into kicking and then block and punish her. If you block her
Illusion Kicks--her 3 Side Kicks in a row--dash in and punish her.
Beware of her Kickflip! If you do block it, dash in and punish her. If
she likes the Leg Slicer, make her hate it with a low throw. Watch if
she tries shunpuri because she has the fastest Turnaround Sweep in the
game, along with a fast Turnaround Punch, Kick combo.

Another of the game's "Total Packages." He's got speed and power on his
side. Get used to doing the motions quickly for throws so you can
counter a blocked Bitchslap with a Chiropractic Adjustment or Crucifix.
Stay on the defensive if you can, and watch out for his Kickflip. Go for
a low throw if he uses the Leg Slicer and you're still standing.

His Cartwheel Kick comes out really fast, but if you block it, Shun's in
DEEP trouble. A defensive Jeff can pose big problems for Shun. Watch out
for his Low Back Kicks which start off striking low and his Backpush.
Shun can dodge to the side rather quickly so take it into account when
you plan your attack. If he tries a slow Sweep, block it and retaliate
with your favorite low throw. Emphasize mid-level attacks.

STOMP on him if he tries to stay low. Jeff's Big-Ass Boot works great at
a distance, the Side Kick a little closer than that, and the Heel Axe up
close. Use a Side Kick if you block his 2 Low Thigh Kicks, or go for a
low throw.  He can flit in and out and to the side very quickly and
retaliate. If he knocks you down, go nuts on the defense button. If he
tries a pounce and misses, you'll be right behind him, ready to put some
serious hurt on him with a back Chiropractic Adjustment.


-More tidbits for fighting human players, especially Akiras
-More combos/floats
-Comments and Suggestions


Version 0.0, posted 8/25/95--Started out when I'm trying to get out of a
small rut. After a mediocre VF2 day (though I did beat Carl Morales for
the first time ^_^), I started to set down all my thoughts into this

Version 1.0, posted 9/1/95--Tons of information come pouring in, with
more on the way.

Version 2.0, posted 9/19/95--More information comes in. Low throws
section and strategies added.

Version 3.0, posted 11/11/95--More information on the TKoD added, plus a
few other tidbits. Error on a throw missing corrected.

Version 4.0, posted a while ago--I forget.

Version 5.0, posted 1/13/96--TKoD given its own section. D's changed to G's.

Version 6.0, posted 2/2/96--Move section overhauled, TKoD escape and
safety net added. Special thanks to Mason Wood for his in-depth Jeff vs.
Akira strategies, and Lars Sorensen for broken P+G throw analysis.

Version 7, posted 4/26/96--Lots of new stuff added to coincide with
Mason's upcoming Jeffry Supreme Tactics Guide.

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