Advanced Akira Combo FAQ by DTrueman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/11/96 | Printable Version

Akira Advanced Combo FAQ ver 1.0

This is my combo faq for all you Akira lovers, and for all those
people who think that Akira doesn't have any combos other than
his preprogrammed ones.  So, in an effort to dispel this myth, I
wrote this FAQ.  It's not exhaustive; there are many more combos
which can be done, and I hope to add them in future versions.
These combos are all verified, though if you find that one isn't
possible, it's likely that your opponent is too heavy.  I plan on
adding more m-sgpm and m-dbpm combos in the future.  Right
now, I can't seem to pull them off consistently on the Saturn

Disclaimer:  These all work on the Saturn version of VF2.  If they
don't work for you in the arcade, go buy a Saturn.

2/3 SPoD:  The first two hits of the Stun Palm of Doom.  (P+K+G;
b, d/f+P+K)
SDE:  Super dashing elbow (f, f, f+P)
RBC:  Reverse body check (b, d/f+P+K)
SJK: Single jump kick (f, f+k)
DJK:  Double jump kick (f, f+k, k)
Stumble throw: b, d+P+G
SE:  Surprise exchange (d/b+P+G)
iaigeri: A high kick that is retracted on the 12th frame of animation
yoho: Akira's uppercut. (d/f, d/f+P)
m-sgpm:  Modified single palm.  (d/f, D/F, f+P)
m-dbpm:  Modified double palm.  (d/f, d, D/F, b, f+P)
senbon: PKG in rapid succession.
See Joji's Akira FAQ on how to perform the knee.

2/3 SPoD, m-sgpm
2/3 SPoD, m-dbpm (practically impossible on a gamepad, though)
2/3 SPoD, knee, knee, body check
2/3 SPoD, knee, yoho
2/3 SPoD, knee, double jump kick
2/3 SPoD, knee, body check
2/3 SPoD, knee, senbon, bodycheck
2/3 SPoD, knee, iaigeri
2/3 SPoD, SDE, SDE
2/3 SPoD, SDE, m-sgpm
2/3 SPoD, SDE, m-dbpm
2/3 SPoD, SDE, iaigeri
2/3 SPoD, SDE, knee
2/3 SPoD, SDE, double jump kick
2/3 SPoD, SDE, yoho
2/3 SPoD, SDE, bodycheck

RBC, knee, body check
RBC, knee, double jump kick
RBC, knee, yoho
RBC, knee, SDE
RBC, SDE, knee
RBC, SDE, bodycheck
RBC, SDE, m-sgpm
RBC, SDE, m-dbpm (again, high degree of difficulty)

stumble throw, SJK, knee, body check (this one's a BITCH, but it
can be done)
stumble throw, SJK, takeoff kick
stumble throw, SJK, m-sgpm
stumble throw, SJK, m-dbpm
stumble throw, SJK, senbon, body check
stumble throw, SJK, senbon, m-sgpm
stumble throw, SJK, senbon, m-dbpm (guess what?)  :D
stumbe throw, SJK, senbon, senbon, sidekick

SE, iaigeri, knee
SE, iaigeri, double jump kick
SE, iaigeri, yoho
SE, iaigeri, bodycheck
SE, iaigeri, sidekick
SE, iaigeri, m-sgpm
SE, iaigeri, SDE
SE, knee, SDE
SE, knee, iaigeri
SE, knee, sidekick
SE, knee, yoho
SE, knee, bodycheck
SE, knee, SJK

Yoho combos (hitting opponent out of air (ie. after a missed
takeoff kick) with a yoho)

yoho, sidekick
yoho, bodycheck
yoho, DJK
yoho, yoho?!?!  (It's JUST whiffing...d-oh!)

Doug Trueman: Writer of this FAQ, Akira brown belt and all
around great guy.
Henry Kong: Provided many of the combos; can smash anyone
with any character.  (his Lau is outlawed in nine different states)
Jamison Chan-Clark: Inspired me to focus on Akira.
Tyler Lawson:  Sinks his teeth into more bait than a school of trout.  :D
Lars Sorenson:  Manager of the Home of Virtua Fighter Page,
should get credit for that if for no other reason, and added many of the
more difficult combos.  A decided masochist.  :D
Joji Suzuki: Creator of the original Akira FAQ.  Everyone seems to
thank him, so I thought I would, too.  :D
Lan Bui:  My first Akira Sensei.  I owe much of my ability to him.
Sega: Created such an awesome game.
Yu Suzuki:  The creator of VF2, and head of Sega's #2 R&D

No thanks to:
The bastards who run the arcade at U of C, and still won't lower
the price down from $1.00 for 2/3.
EGM, for repeatedly raping rvga, and its self-aggrandizing way of
claiming that it's the best gaming mag around, when we all know
it's not.
God, who doesn't exist; if he did, I'd have more competition and
wouldn't live in the backwoods of Calgary

I can be reached at  Feel free to
respond, criticize, etc.  All letters will be replied to promptly.
(Except for those coming from Lars, who still owes me a copy of
the Denmark VF2 tourney, which is now over 4 months late.)  :D