Linn Kurosawa by BYip

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Alien vs. Predator
Character guide for Lt. Linn Kurosawa

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This is unpublished, non-profit, copyrighted work by
Brian Yip. Go ahead and distribute as much as you want,
as long as you give me the proper credit and that you
do not modify or make any profit from it.

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Linn Kurosawa and Alien vs. Predator are copyrighted by Capcom

This FAQ is focused specifically on the character Lt. Linn Kurosawa
in the old Capcom game Alien vs. Predator which was released in
1994. This is still one of my favorite games, and I'm still lucky
that an arcade nearby still has it! If you still play this game, or
just started playing this game (yippee!) and want to have fun with
Linn, then this guide will go in depth about her and show you how I
play her.

About Lt. Linn Kurosawa (taken from the game):

A cyborg who lead the 13th Colonial Marine Corps. She is a master of
ancient martial arts which she combines with her super strength for
lethal effect. Always equipped with a Japanese Katana, the blade
represents her soul.

I like Linn as my favorite character because she has a good variety of
moves, she's reasonably quick, and hell... she looks good! I even like her
voice! She sounds so cute when she says "All right!" when picking up an item!
Okay, before I go insane and get commited to an instituion for guys obsessed
about game girls, I shall continue w/ the FAQ...


- AvP basics
- Linn's strengths and weaknesses
- Linn's moves
- Enemy listing
- Survival and Tricks
- How to beat the bosses
- Linn's sounds
- Conclusion

AvP basics


In AvP, every character is armed with a weapon of choice, except
for Shaefer, who uses his fists. The Predator Warrior uses a Spear,
the Predator Hunter uses a halberd known as a Naginata, and Linn
uses a samurai sword.

If Linn picks up the Spear or Naginata (in which the Predator dropped
after getting hit), she will throw it straight ahead, and it will act as
a knife, penetrating through all enemies until it reaches the end of the
screen and will bounce off and return back to the ground (even if there is
no wall present!). If she throws it and it is in the horizontal path of the
Predator that owns the weapon, the Predator will catch it!

Each character also has a secondary weapon, which is their gun. Linn's gun is
arguably the best gun in the game. More about her gun later.

Other weapons:

Disc: It is thrown about more than a half screen distance, and will penetrate
      and hit any enemies in its path and return. The unique thing about Linn
      is that when she throws it, it will also hit enemies lying on the ground!
      So potentially, she can hit an enemy once, and keep on hitting him until
      he dies! This is because Linn throws the disc low, thus, she can ALSO hit
      chest busters and face huggers! If used correctly, Linn can use the disc to
      clear out an entire level. When throwing the disc, if she gets hit, does
      another form of attack, or is not in the path upon its return, the disc
      keeps on going, leaving the screen (but at least still hitting anything in
      its path!). If it hits a wall, upon throwing or returning, the disc will
      bounce upward and remain on the ground again to be picked up. Some enemies,
      like a Crystalis, or Arachnoid require two hits to be knocked down by the

Knife: A simple, but very useful weapon. Thrown in a straight line across the screen
       it penetrates and knocks down all enemies along the same horiztontal plane as you.
       They don't necessarily have to be on the EXACT same path, they can be near it
       and still get hit. This is great against humans who have guns, since the knife
       will pass through their bullets and hit them. This will also kill all infectoids
       in one hit. If the knife hits a wall, it will bounce off to the ground again
       to be picked up.

Pipe:  Like the Predator spear or halberd, when thrown by Linn, it acts exactly
       like the knife. This is found by bashing up a pole, or sometimes in a
       box or barrel.

Flame Thrower: This weapon does great damage against enemies. It fries any enemies
               in front of you. You are still vulnerable from behind though, but the
               damage output is well worth the cost. Try to spend each use hitting
               as many enemies as possible, since there aren't too many shots.
               This also kills infectoids in one hit. Be careful, as it does not
               hit aliens that are "crawling".

Grenade launcher: A great gun. Does not have too many shots, so make them count.
                  This is for crowd control, and when fired, if it hits any enemy,
                  all nearby enemies will also be affected and knocked down. The
                  blast radius and damage is very good! This DOES hit aliens that
                  are "crawling".

Hand Grenades: Simple and plentiful when found, these have a smaller blast radius
               than the rounds fired by the grenade launcher, but they still get the
               job done. When used against a power loader, it gets knocked down!
               These little guys can also be used to take out chest busters and
               face huggers.

Pulse Gun: An automatic gun that fires pulse rounds. The rounds hit one enemy, but
           does very good damage. One burst will usually kill any human, and an entire
           clip can usually kill about 3 humans. When you have a pulse gun and pick
           up another pulse gun, the gun you have will be reloaded. This gun does
           more damage than the smart gun against bosses, so right before facing a boss,
           try to have a pulse gun in your possesion! This does not hit aliens that are

Smart Gun: A bigger, badder gun. Automatic like the pulse gun, but its rounds penetrate
           the enemy, taking out all enemies in front of you. A full clip is often
           needed to kill humans. This gun is good, but it seems to use up all the rounds
           and killing less enemies than the pulse gun. It's strength is where it penetrates
           and keeps enemies ahead of you from attacking you, but when the clip runs out,
           chances are that some of the guys will still be standing. Like the pulse gun,
           if you pick up another smart gun while holding one, you reload it. It also
           cannot hit aliens that are "crawling".

Super clip: When picked up, your gun is loaded at max, and you have 10 seconds in
            which you can fire indefinitely w/o reloading. In Linn's case, she can
            go nuts with her gun, which is VERY VERY VERY effective!


Whenever you find food on the ground, do not instantly pick it up unless you are
on the verge of death.

As for all "Final Fight" type games, food should only be picked up whenever the
food item picked up replenishes life up to an amount that is still less than full
life. For example, you would not want to pick up the medicine which restores 100% life
when you still have 90% of your life remaining. Leave food on the ground until you
need to pick it up, or when the area is clear.

But if you don't really care about conserving your lives (because you still got 10
tokens to blow), or if you're playing for points, or if you're that good (I know I'm
not) that you don't need food, go ahead and pick it up. When you have full life and
pick up a food item, you get points, and the more life it restores, the more points you
get to a maximum of a whooping 50,000 points when picking up medicine!

Strengths and Weaknesses

As any character in any game known to exist, each character has his/her own share
of strengths and weaknesses. Here are Linn's:


- A very effective gun. Arguably the best in the game.
- A good variety of moves.
- Her standard attack combo moves her forward, allowing her to hit most enemies
  in front of her.
- Her death blow (Senpuuzan) has the most range in the game.
- Soukeiha is excellent crowd control.
- Best user of the disc.
- Koeikyaku can be used as a good combo finisher.
- Her air throw is too cool.


- No grab. The first character in any Final Fight type game EVER that does NOT
  have a grab. Even Hannah in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs has a grab. But Linn does not!
- When having a weapon, her sword moves are disabled.
- Does not have as much crowd control as the other characers, due to her lack of
  of a dash type move the others have.
- Does not have a super powerful jump attack like the Predators.
- Her basic punch doesn't have as much range as the others (at least I don't think).
- Her damage per hit is the weakest of everyone.

So obviously, if you like the buff powerhouses in the games, such as Haggar in Final
Fight, then Linn of course, is not for you. She's pretty much the "Guy" of the game.
So if you like the quick, lots of moves type character, Linn is perfect for you.


Linn has a very good, unique arsenal of moves. Although she has no grab, she is
still very fun to play without it.

Here's a small key:
u - up
d - down
f - foward
b - back
A - button A (gun)
B - button B (attack)
C - button C (jump)

Now for the moves:

Standard attack chain - B repeatedly. Linn does a backhand, then a straight punch,
                        then a face punch, then a roundhouse kick, and finishes with
                        a low slice. The low slice is what dishes out the damage.
                        During this chain, she MOVES FORWARD, so that while moving
                        forward, enemies that were not in range before will become
                        in range and be a part of her combo. To add a bit more damage to
                        the enemies that survive the chain (bosses usually), immediately
                        after the slash comes out, cancel (just like in SF!) into her
                        Koeikyaku to add more damage. If done right, the kick can hit 3
                        times, and the damage done is insane.

Iaikiri - f, f - This is exactly the same as her sword slice at the end of her standard
                 chain. When she does not have her sword, or is carrying a weapon, she
                 will do her roundhouse kick instead. This move will penetrate through
                 a Defenders "defense" and is will also hit chest busters and face huggers!
                 This move is also essential to her "Sokeiha" combo... more on this later...

Jump kick - C, B - A low damaging jump kick. When B is pressed immediately after
                   jumping, or sometime at the peak of her jump, if she hits an enemy,
                   she will bounce off and jump the other way, where she can execute
                   another jump kick to hit another enemy, and if THAT kick hits, she
                   will bounce off again. Basically, if she is surrounded, she can just
                   do a simple jump kick, and keep bouncing off enemies until they are
                   all on the ground! This may not do much damage, but it sure looks
                   darn cool. The first character ever to do this!

                   If B is pressed when she almost lands, the jump kick is different.
                   If the kick hits anyone, it will knock the enemy down, and she will
                   land and not bounce off.

Air stab - C, d+B - Her answer to Chun-Li's stomp kick. She can do this repeatedly when
                    it connects, potentially doing many stabs before landing. After a
                    successful stab, the enemy will become uplifted, becoming a target
                    of an AIR THROW! Some enemies like a Royal Guard, Crystalis, and
                    Arachnoid require two stabs before becoming uplifted. This move is
                    sword dependent, so if she does not have the sword, or has another
                    weapon, she will do a jump kick instead.

Air throw - C, B when close - When she is overlapping an enemy in the air, she will throw
                              him back down to the ground. Her single most damaging move,
                              and her answer to the grabs the others possess. This also
                              creates a slight pause in the game to show how the enemy
                              feels the pain heh heh heh. She can air throw anyone except
                              the power lifter and alien queen. Yep, she can even throw the
                              MAD PREDATOR! Cool huh?

Slide kick - d+C - She slides on the ground with an extended foot. This can be used for an
                   additional hit to enemies lying on the ground, or can also kill a good
                   number of chest busters in one slide. This move can also be cancelled
                   into her gun, or Koeikyaku! If an enemy needs one more hit to die, the
                   slide kick will always finish him off before he gets up. This is the set
                   up move for her move involving the.......

Sokeiha - Hold B for 2 secs, release - Double palm wave. Her crowd control move. This is kinda
                                       like Chun-Li's Kikosho. When released, she will unleash
                                       a huge flash of light, knocking down any enemies in front
                                       of her. This includes most enemies that are not even on
                                       the same horizontal plane! If there are hordes of enemies
                                       on the screen in front of you, this move will send em all
                                       down to the ground. The charge can also be stored at any
                                       time. While jumping, while using her gun, while sliding,
                                       even while firing the pulse or smart gun. You can even
                                       immediately charge up another Sokeiha while unleashing the
                                       first one! During the actual execution, while her arms are
                                       forward, I'm pretty sure she's invincible. However, for a split
                                       second afterward, she is a vulnerable, so be careful. This move
                                       does not require the sword, so if you lose the sword, this is
                                       a good move for getting it back.
                                       NEW! - On a final note, the Sokeiha can be cancelled off
                                       the Slide kick -> Iaikiri! This can be abused. More about this later...

Koeikyaku - d,u+B - Tiger shadow kick. This move is pretty versatile. It can hit enemies up
                    close for a good 3 hits that does lots of damage. It is also the ONLY
                    "d,u" move in the game that can hit enemies lying on the ground. It can also
                    be used as anti-air against aliens that try to leap at you. But I found that
                    it is VERY effective as a combo finisher, especially against bosses! Right
                    after the final sword slash in her standard chain, do the move, and it will cancel,
                    potentially adding 3 more hits, doing LOTS more damage! But of course, like
                    all the "d,u" moves, she is vulnerable while coming down! So use wisely.

Jump off the wall - C up to a wall, then C+direction - She bounces off the wall just like Guy in
                                                       Final Fight. Not too many walls in the game
                                                       though, so this will not be done much.

Senpuuzan - Any two buttons - Whirlwind slash. This is her death blow, a move everyone in every
                              single Final Fight type game has. When executed, if the move hits
                              anyone, you will lose a little bit of life, but in most cases, it
                              is ALWAYS worth it. But unique to Linn, she can control which
                              direction she moves when doing this. When holding a direction,
                              she will move in that direction a full screen length! Thus, with
                              her death blow, she can hit a LOT more enemies than the other
                              characters can. The length of execution on this move is also the
                              longest of all the characters, so once again, more enemies will
                              be hit, since they can be hit on her way up and on her way down!
                              Arguably the best death blow in the game.

                              Unfortunately, like the Predators, her death blow is weapon dependent.
                              So if she is unarmed, or has a weapon in hand, she will instead do
                              a double sweep that still clears out enemies at both sides, but
                              doesn't have the effectiveness as the Senpuuzan.

Linn's gun:

Linn's secondary weapon is a large calibur pistol. It is fired in bursts, where she will
shoot at the floor at first, and then start firing ahead of her. While firing at the floor,
it can hit enemies that are lying on the ground, as well as chest busters and face huggers.
If an enemy is close enough, it will also receive these bullets, in addition to the bullets
fired when she starts shooting straight. This is what makes her gun so useful. Unlike the
Predators shoulder cannons which knock down enemies in one blast and overheat quickly and
Shaefer's SLOW gun, her gun can be fired quick, lasts a long time before her clip runs
out, and all the fire power is concentrated on one enemy, dishing out the most damage. When
she picks up a Super Clip, let that baby loose! Just fire in all directions, and all enemies
at all sides will take very good damage, since so many of her bullets are hitting!

Jumping up in the air and shooting can provide better aim, since you can aim in any direction.
This will also do lots of damage, so if you want to jump away from enemies, why not rain down some
bullets on them too? Heh heh. This works very well against the final alien queen, and against
certain big enemies with lots of life.

And finally, if you just want to get an enemy outta your face quickly, just fire one burst
and he's outta there! This is especially true against bosses if you just want to hit a boss
quickly before he hits you! The gun is just whipped out SO quickly that it will always beat
out the enemy's move!

Of course, like all secondary weapons, there is drawback. Her gun does not recharge like
the other guns. Instead, she has to use up her entire clip, and reload it. During this
reload time, she is completely vulnerable. So obviously, it is not wise to use up your last
burst of bullets when surrounded! The reload time is pretty quick, unlike the recharge time
of the other characters when an overheat occurs, so she can use her gun quite often, but
still take great care when using the gun. If an area is cleared out and the clip is almost
empty, then simply empty it out so you have full clip when entering a new one!

Her gun can also be used to "cancel" other moves, i.e. she can do her standard chain, slide
kick, etc. then whip out the gun for the finish! The gun can be used in so many useful ways
that IMO this is what makes it arguably the best and most fun!

Enemy listing


There are a good number of unique enemies in AvP, so I will try my best to list them all
and how to handle them, specifically when using Linn.

Stalker: An orange colored alien. While they have the least amount of life of all the aliens,
         they are almost always found in huge numbers. They only attack physically, and their
         most threatening attack is their leap attack! A very annoying pounce that will sometimes
         get you while you're recovering from moves, arg! Thus, in Linn's case if they leap,
         let em have it w/ a Koeikyaku! Otherwise, a simple standard chain is good enough to
         take em all out, or just use her gun to get em outta your face! If there are LOTS of them,
         repeated Sokeihas (charging up one immeditely after doing one) will do the job!

         Plus, the super useful, abusable combo involving the Sokeiha can wipe them all out
         EASILY! This pretty much applies to all xenomorphs!

Warrior: A grey colored alien. The standard medium class alien. They have an acid spit, which
         is probably their most threating attack. Try to avoid this spit by simply moving down
         or up, or at the very least, pulling off a death blow. Otherwise, handle them as
         you would a stalker.

Smasher: A green colored alien. It has a head ramming attack, which is similar to that of the
         fat guys in Final Fight. They usually announce this attack by hissing, so you'll know
         when they're gonna do it. While this head ram damages you pretty bad, it can be
         interrupted by a simple punch. Just keep on your toes.

Defender: Probably the most annoying aliens. They are blue colored, and have a shinier "dome"
          head than the warriors. They are like Axl and Slash of Fight Fight, in that they
          can block you! While they don't have much life, they can block your moves while
          other enemies move in and hit you while you're vulnerable! Plus, they can also attack
          you while you least expect it too! Frustrating! So in order to defeat them, you must
          keep attacking, as they CANNOT block the last hit of anyone's standard chain. And in
          addition to Linn, her f, f, move (Iaikiri), can penetrate the defender's defense,
          making them vulnerable to additional hits. A Sokeiha knocks ANYONE down, and will also
          pierce through a defender's denfense! They are also vulnerable from behind, vulnerable
          to a "d,u" move, and to most other types of weapons (knife, pulse gun, etc). I found that
          they CAN block against the disc. =( But they are still affected by all others. Unfortunately,
          while they are blocking, Linn's gun cannot penetrate either =(

Infectoid: These are the unfortunate humans that have been parasited by the aliens, and have
           been given the horrid fate of a chest buster bursting out of their chest, which is
           a death no one wants to go through. So you should grant them their wish, and kill
           them rather than have a chest buster emerge. These guys are usually not too much of
           a threat. But if they grab you, you really need to shake the controller like crazy,
           or else a chest buster is gonna burst out at you! Infectoids can be killed by
           any attack that knocks them down. A single knife can kill an entire row of them.
           A few shots from the pulse gun, or Linn's gun can kill them just as easily. A flame
           thrower can burn a few to toast. Sokeiha knocks em all down. But a standard chain
           will require all the hits... But all in all, they aren't too much of a threat.

Chest busters and face huggers: These little guys are a nuisance. While they don't deal much
                                damage at all, they still are things needed to be killed, which
                                is what makes them annoying. If they latch onto you, wiggle the
                                joystick quickly and mash the buttons to get em off you. They are
                                easily killed in one hit by anyone's slide move (d+C), or hand grenade.
                                Linn can also use her gun and throw the disc to kill them as well!

Arachnoid: Purple aliens. They are fast and agile and often take it to the air. In Linn's case
           they are easily air thrown! They are pretty sneaky, so don't let them catch you
           when your guard is down. They have the most life out of all the small types of aliens.

Royal guard: BIG aliens. You'll know it when you see it. These guys are the strongest of the
             non-boss type aliens. They can grab you, they have a jumping butt smash attack,
             have an acid spit, and have a ramming attack. Yikes. Patience is the key here.
             While they are spitting acid like crazy, the area DIRECTLY above or below them is
             one area that acid will not touch, so approach them from there. In Linn's case, I
             usually just get close and do the standard chain and end it w/ a Koeikyaku, OR do
             an air stab that uplifts them, then air throw em! If there are other weapons around,
             use them. Just be patient with these guys, and they shouldn't be any problem.

Crystalis: A boss of the first level, and also a sub-boss later on. These guys are also big
           aliens and have an armored back. They deal heavy damage like the royal guard, but
           thankfully, they have no acid attack. Instead, they have a move where they coil up
           and roll forward to ram you. While they are rolling, they are immune to standard
           attacks! But like the defender, they are still vulerable to other weapons, the final
           hit of a standard chain, "d,u" moves, Linn's Iaikiri and Sokeiha! It just takes a little
           more patience to deal with these guys.

Humans: These come in three flavors, and are all the same except in terms of life. They are
        private, sergeant and corporal. They are most deadly when they have weapons, since they
        usually try to outrange you and attack at a range in which you can't retaliate. This
        is especially true when they have smart guns... ouch! So if all else fails, do a death
        blow to avoid taking damage. Usually when these guys are present, there will always be
        weapons, such as knives, pulse guns and smart guns. These were made for these guys, so
        use them. Don't overlook the knife, because the knife cuts em all down! And if no other
        weapon is present, use your own gun, and that will floor them as well.

Power lifter: The boss of the fifth level, and a sub-boss later on, this thing can take lots
              of punishment, and dish out a lot as well, you have to really be careful. Try to
              avoid head-on attacks, since its main power lies in its arms and flame thrower.
              When it is constantly facing you, don't try to attack. Keep your distance and try
              to get behind it. Weapons that work well against it are hand grenades which will
              always knock it down, and the pulse gun which does LOTS of damage to it! But when
              these aren't available, always try to get it in its blind spot, which is directly
              behind. Sometimes it will charge up and reel for a ramming attack. This is when it's
              vulnerable. When it's charging up, attack it with your standard chain, and in Linn's
              case, end it with a Koeikyaku. This will knock the power lifter down, and you can
              repeat this process again. Like all big guys, it takes patience, and can be done
              w/o losing a life.

These are all the non-bosses. The bosses will be covered later!

Survival and tricks

- The importance of death blows -

One gameplay aspect that is standard among ALL (and yes, ALL) Final Fight type games, is the
death blow. Every single character of every single game as one, and they all share the
common feature of getting rid of enemies at all sides at the cost of a little bit of life.
In addition, from start to finish, you are COMPLETELY INVULERABLE while doing a death blow.
So, while the death blow does cost a little bit of life to use, NEVER be afraid to use it.
MUCH more often than not, the life you lose from performing a death blow will be much less than
the life you lose when getting hit because you didn't do the death blow. And I don't care if you
are a Jedi at Final Fight type games... there is ALWAYS a time when the best possible escape
from a situation is a death blow!

Some other tidbits about death blows:

- You cannot perform a death blow if your life is at zero.

- BUT, no matter HOW MANY enemies you hit while doing a death blow, whether you 1, 10, or
  26,344,323,963 enemies, the amount of life you lose will always be the same. Thus, never be
  afraid the death blow will sap your energy from full life to zero because you just hit
  532,363,383,676,748,378,374,368,375,236,157,257,367,356,373,895,879,001 enemies.

- You will NOT lose ANY life from a death blow if the death blow does not hit ANYTHING! Thus,
  if you just perform the death blow outta no where, if you do not hit anything, no life is
  lost. This can be used against bosses, like the Mad Predator, where the boss can unleash
  a heavy attack, and you use the death blow to be invincible to the attack. Then if you don't
  hit the boss, you lose no life! Very useful. Because if the boss hit you, you lose a LOT more
  life than what the death blow would do to you.

So why am I talking about death blows so much? Because in Linn's case, her death blow, the
Senpuuzan, is one of the best death blows I've seen!

Why the Senpuuzan is good:

- It does not have to be stationary. It has RANGE. Linn can leap a GREAT distance, either right
  or left, and hit many enemies, not just surrounding her, but also way out of her range as well.

- It has a LONG duratation. Linn's death blow is probably has the longest duratation I've ever
  seen. She jumps up very high into the air, and takes her quite a while to land. All the while
  she's spinning, striking down any enemy in the way.

- Since it has great range and duratation, it can hit much more enemies. And since no additional
  life is lost by hitting more enemies, that is always a good thing.

So when should you use this move? Anytime you feel you are going to get hit. In this game
each hit usually takes off more life than the death blow does. So in this case, it's better
safe than sorry. If there's an enemy behind you and you know you can't hit him in time, do the
death blow. If there's an enemy in front of you, but out of your range, and is reeling for
an attack that outranges yours, do the death blow. If a warrior alien is spitting acid at you
and you can't get out of the way in time, death blow. If a boss is going to nail you and you
can't avoid it in time, death blow. There are many times where the "death blow" could spell
the difference between life and death!

- Adding damage to Linn's standard chain -

Like I stated before, Linn (as well as the other characters) can cancel her final move of
their standard chain with her "d,u" move. The Koeikyaku has pretty good range as well, so it's
pretty useful to do so. Since there will be enemies that will survive the standard chain, the
Koeikyaku will add a little bit more damage, and sometimes, if all 3 hits connect, it will be
quite a bit, especially against bosses! So in order to properly cancel into the Koeikyaku, it
must be done immediately after the final slash. If she is weaponless, the final hit will be
her roundhouse kick, and the Koeikyaku doesn't connect as much after that. =( But of course,
more often than not, she will have the sword.

So to do it, simply do her chain up to the final slash. Street Fighter vets don't need to read
this, as cancelling moves is second nature. But for those of you who don't, just practice and
you'll get it down.

Simply hit, B, B, B, B, B, d,u+B. Right after her "Hyah!" hit d,u really really quick and hit B.
If done right, she should execute the kick after the first frame of the sword slash. It's a little
hard to explain in words, but if you did it right, you'll know you did. And if you practice
this often, your damage output will improve by quite a bit!

- How do to Linn's air throw every time -

Okay, okay not EVERY time. But at least consitantly.

Her air throw is something that probably isn't done too often in the game, but it's damage
output (her single most damaging move) is pretty good that it shouldn't be completely ignored.
Thus, Linn players should try their best to try to do it when the situation presents itself.

Sometimes you'll get lucky and catch an alien in the air, and slam in on the ground. It's a
great feeling, and you'll pat yourself on the back for that. But now you want to pull this off
even more. I'll tell you how!

Note that humans NEVER jump, so you cannot do the air throw unless you uplift them. So how do
you uplift enemies in order to get em with this move of complete style?

The key is, her air stab. When you jump, hold down, and press B. When she draws out her sword
to stab the enemy's head, it will uplift them. Right after connection, pause a bit. Just for
a split second. After this split second, the enemy sprite will overlap with Linn and then HIT B!

But this of course will not happen EVERY time. When doing the air stab, you need to stab the
enemy when you are directly above his head. If you are a little to the left or right of him
when stabbing, you may not get him, and instead jump kick him. In this case when you know
you aren't gonna air throw him, continue with more air stabs since that will dish out more

Also take note that some enemies take two air stabs in order to be uplifted. These enemies are
the ARACHNOID, the ROYAL GUARD, the CRYSTALIS, and the MAD PREDATOR. After two air stabs, THEN
it will be uplifted, and then you can air throw him!

Sometimes, you can also pull if off be simply jumping up, hold down, and mash on B. Basically
jumping up and stabbing the enemy over and over until an enemy sprite overlaps you so you will
throw them. This sometimes works. But often, you may end up just doing another stab. So what I
do is just do one stab to uplift them, pause a split second, then THROW! This way is much more
consitent, believe me. And once you get this method down, trust me, you'll be air throwing like

Note that you cannot air throw the alien queen or the power lifter. =(

- THE SOKEIHA COMBO!!! All props go to Niegen for this -

This guy Niegen must be a Jedi or something. Either that or I am just so blind not to notice this.

In addition to Linn's wide variety of moves, she even has a COMBO. A combo OUTSIDE her standard chain.
Oh man, when I tried this out, it definitely improves Linn's game a LOT! It is just so insane. It
nearly leaves her untouched, and she can do it again and again. Man, Linn is the BOMB! Okay okay, enough
ranting, I will tell you what it is!

First of all, you need to have B held down so that you charge up for the Sokeiha. There is no need
to worry about having held it down long enough, because by the time you want to let go, it will be
enough time for it to be stored and unleashed.

So, while B is held down, hold the down direction, and press C. Her SLIDE KICK.

While sliding, even if it hits an enemy or not, this is her ranged attack, and ranged attacks in
this game are always good. The slide kick also hits multiple enemies, and that's good too. So
while sliding, press forward twice. Her IAIKIRI. If done correctly, her slide will cancel its frames,
and Linn will draw out her sword, slashing the enemies. If she has a weapon, or doesn't have the sword,
she'll do the roundhouse kick instead, but that's okay too! So the slide has now hit, and the
Iaikiri has hit. What now?

RELEASE B! Don't wait for her to finish her Iaikiri. Just release it! The Iaikiri hits twice, and you
can even release B after the first hit. It is pretty much cancellable any time. Thus, once
the Iaikiri is pulled off, any enemies that were uplifed in the air by the move will now be
JUGGLED by the Sokeiha, and any enemies you didn't hit at all and are in front of you will
also be hit by the Sokeiha and knocked down!!! Defenders can't defend against this either because
the Iaikiri and Sokeiha penetrates! Chest busters and face huggers are hit by the slide!

So what now? Right after releasing B, hold B again! Then repeat!

So the combo is:

Hold B
Release B

Easy huh? And the results are nice.

The real magic here is that while doing the slide and Iaikiri, that already gives enough time
for the Sokeiha to be stored and unleashed! This leaves her almost untouched, and since the slide
kick and Iaikiri advance her forward, this GREATLY increases her range!!! Since the Sokeiha
is already a pretty good range attack, this covers almost the entire screen! It's just so insane!

For other little tricks, since the slide kick cancelled into Iaikiri already knocks down enemies,
if there are enemies coming from behind, you can hold the opposite direction and also release B,
and the Sokeiha will be unleashed in the opposite direction! Cool!

And finally, the Sokeiha itself is ALSO cancellable into her gun! Oh, the versatility of this move...
I cannot believe I did not discover this!

Hordes of enemies in your way? Do this combo. Still enemies in your way? Whip out the gun!

Upon discovery of this combo, it is now even easier to beat the game with one credit, and impress
the people watching as well! Man, Linn just gets better and better... she needs to be in a FIGHTING GAME!

How to beat the bosses

This is pretty much Linn specific, so I'll give the lowdown on how to defeat the bosses as
easy as possible with her. I've been able to beat each boss (except maybe final alien queen
sometimes) without losing a life.

Boss #1 Crystalis: This guy is easy. Just be careful when it curls into a ball, because your
                   standard chain won't break through unless you finish it. Line up with him
                   and pull off your standard chain and finish with Koeikyaku. Does insane
                   damage against him. Rinse and repeat. Don't even worry about the alien
                   sidekicks. They are easy to kill too.

Boss #2 Razor Claws: This guy is FAST, so you must use an even faster weapon... your gun! Linn's
                     gun is whipped out faster than anything, so when he dashes at you, just
                     shoot him! Just watch your bullets and reload if when it's safe. If it's
                     not safe, go for the Senpuuzan instead. There's also a pulse gun in the room,
                     and that of course, does the MOST damage to him. Fire the pulse gun in a
                     small burst which will knock him down, and when he gets up, use another.
                     If you get close, just do the standard chain into Koeikyaku like always, but
                     just be careful he doesn't get the drop on you first. Be more careful about
                     his backup aliens, since they are much stronger than before.

Boss #3 Arachnoid: Linn seems to have the fastest firing rate, and a really good angle for this
                   stage. There doesn't really need to explain much here. Just remember to fire
                   diagonally upwards to get those aliens from up above when they start to
                   drop down on you after the first wave. You'll kill the boss even before you
                   knew a boss was there.

Boss #4 Alien Queen: The alien queen here is stationary on the egg generator. She can be a bitch.
                     But with Linn, a good way to kill her is by going right up to her. Get as
                     close as you can so that are are in the "middle" of her. If you can do this
                     without getting hit (the Senpuuzan can help you a bit), then you are in a
                     good position to jump straight up and fall with repeated air stabs! Basically
                     what happens is that Linn jumps straight up and does an air stab, and does
                     it over and over and over again, making her "float" down, causing lots of
                     damage, and avoiding the queen's tail, claw and acid attacks. Then when she
                     lands, jump up and do it again! If you think you will get hit, death blow!
                     There is also a pulse gun in a box, and this can also do some great damage
                     on the queen as well.

Boss #5 Power Lifter: I've already stated above on how to deal with these guys. With this boss,
                      try to have a pulse gun picked up before you face him. Then when fighting,
                      unleash all the rounds, and then break open the boxes and use all four hand
                      grenades. After this, the lifter should already be at less than half its life!
                      Just attack from behind where its vulnerable, and when the back-up soldiers
                      come, one should be carrying a pulse gun. Use another pulse gun to finish the
                      lifter off!

Boss #6 Mad Predator: Surprisingly, he's not too hard. The way I do it is stay a small distance
                      away from him, and jam on B, punching like crazy until the punches connect.
                      Then when she is doing her standard chain, end with Koeikyaku as usual!
                      This can be repeated until he begins to jump on the railings or cloaks.
                      When he starts to jump on the railings, do the Senpuuzan to avoid getting
                      hit by his blasts or jump attacks. If he's too far to hit, shoot him with
                      your gun! When he cloaks and starts to lock on you, do the Senpuuzan to
                      avoid this as well. Patience, once again, pays off.

Boss #7 Alien Queen: The bitch lived and followed you! Arg! This time, it's much harder, and
                     even I have a hard time trying not to lose a life. In Linn's case, what I
                     do against the queen is jump and shoot my gun! This works surprisingly well.
                     If the queen charges, I jump backwards and face the queen, unloading the clip!
                     Then when it gets too close, Senpuuzan to knock it down and get away! Then
                     unleash a few more bursts! But of course, the backup aliens such as crystalises
                     and others always pose a threat. Senpuuzan these guys away. At certain times
                     when you deal a good amount of damage to the queen, it will jump to the ceiling
                     where it will try to hook you with its tail. To avoid this, just move to the end
                     of the screen and move up or down when it comes, or a Senpuuzan will always avoid
                     it. I try to avoid using the standard chain (although I still do it), because
                     the queen usually will interrupt you in the middle. So I rely on the gun instead!
                     Then when the queen is about at a 1/4th life left... pick up a pulse gun
                     in the lower right corner and finish the bitch off!!!

Linn's sounds

With the noisy arcade, sometimes it's hard to hear what Linn's saying. Since I got too much
spare time on my hands I'll tell ya what she's saying:

Sokeiha - "SOKEI...HA!"
Koeikyaku - "KOEIKYAKU!"
Senpuuzan - "SENPUUZAN!"
When knocked down - "My turn!"
When picking up an item - "All right!" (Oh it's sooo cute the way she says that)
When facing a boss - "Look out!"
After defeating a boss - "Ohhhh!"
After losing a life =( - "Uuaaaaaahh!"
...After coming back =) - "Hi there!"


I will just rant off saying that I think that Linn Kurosawa should've been in a FIGHTING GAME
dammit!!! She's got the moves, the combos, the skills, the everything that a fighting game
character has! I always say that if she was in MvC2, she'd be the Capcom Cable! I can just
see it! But noooooo!!! Ah well... but hopefully, we WILL see her in a fighting game one day.

Also, Linn makes some cameo appearances in other Capcom games. She's in the background on
Ken's SFA2 stage where she's standing at the edge of the swimming pool (looking pretty good
too!), and she's also in SF3 New Generation where she's at the top of the hot springs with
Chun-Li on Ryu's stage!

Well, this is the end of my Linn guide, and you have any questions, e-mail me. Please do not
e-mail me saying "Linn sucks!" or "This character is better because I beat the game in one
credit with him!" or "You don't know how to play the game at all!" Yes, Linn is not BY FAR
the best in the game. There is no game where there is a DEFINITE best character. I just wrote
about her because I like her. There are some guys out there that can beat the Striker 1945 games
without even dying as well, and that does not mean that the plane they used is the best. It's
all preference! =P So this guide was just to tell people why I prefer Linn and how I use her.

This was written purely from all game experience, and off the top of my head.

I do give credit for RKanzaki's general AvP FAQ for knowing what Linn's move names were!

BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIIIIIIG thanks to Niegel for e-mailing me that Sokeiha combo!!!

Thanks to all that read this FAQ, and to Gamefaqs for posting this FAQ up. I also have a
Garou Mark of the Wolves Kim Jae Hoon guide, and a Tiberian Sun guide ahhh!


Brian Yip
Copyright (c) 2001