Predator Warrior FAQ by CaoSlayer

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Aliens vs predator the arcade- Predator Warrior FAQ

Write by Caoslayer (tm)

Version 0.9 (first release,most typos will be corrected as soon as I get an 
english´s corrector)

This document have been created in window´s noteblock at a resolution of 
1024, I have test the file in lesser resolutions and works fine.

The first it is the first:

0. Boring legal stuff

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The game aliens vs predator it is (c) of capcom. Aliens and Predator are (c) 
20th century  fox.  None of them are related anyway with is document.
Also all this legal stuf have been pasted-copied-modified from another FAQ.

CAUTION, This is a game with high rate of animated violence, In the 
walkthrought I describe things what hapens in the game and can ofende some 
kind of people. You have the freedom to stop reading now.

Also the autor of this texts isnt english native and all this document have 
many kinds of typos, I apologize about butchering the english languaje And 
Ill fix the text soon.


0. Boring legal stuff

1. Introduction
   1.1 Aliens vs Predator universe
   1.2 the AvP arcade game
   1.3 the predator warrior, character preview

2. Predator Warfare:
   2.1 Predator basic moves
   2.2 Predator Specials

3. The Cannon fodder, list of normal enemies.

4. Complete walkthrough (full of spoilers)

5. The Toughtest, Bosses

6. Final stuff, filling space

1. Introduction

1.1 Aliens vs Predator universe
It is a future were the humans have spreaded atrought all the universe, 
eventually humans have set colonies in deserts planets.

the predators a race of aliens who enjoy hunting  the stronger creatures in 
the universe, eventually left some aliens eggs in somes deserts planes where 
the aliens build colonies that are aniquilated eventually by the predator´s 

And like you have guess, some of the Humans colonies were totally  infected 
with aliens.. and this was the way that the aliens war begans, with 
Predators hunting aliens while the humans try by all the ways not to be 
aniquilated by the aliens and eventually fighting against the predators.

This game story it is placed in the Earth.

Here it is a list of know  by me AvP games:

-Snes: a sidescroller where you incarnate a predator, poor game compared 
with any of the Capcoms sidescrollers

-PC:amazing first person shooter, it is the only one that allows to play as 
a alien. And had the option of using the heat-vision system of the predator 
while playing as one.

-Arcade: the game of my analisis, one of the greaters sidescrollers made by 
capcom, only the Dungeons and Dragons series surpass this game.

1.2 AvP the arcade game
Released in 1994 by capcom, this is one of their greaters sidescrollers, 
this game have a lot of features that only a few games have done well:
1º: basic weapons
    3 of the 4 the characters have a melee weapon that can be used with all 
the moves and
    ever power up them

2º: Firearms
    All the cast can use a ranged weapon with A button

3º: diferent character, diferent gameplay
    This is the main feature of this game, all the characters have their own 
moves, speed,      weapons, firearms and specials, by example,the Mayor, 
hitting the jump button in neutral     or a side position, will perfom a 
dash attack; Linn will do always a normal high jump       but can triangle 
jump in a wall, and both  predators if the hit a side position, they       
will do a dash, and if the jump in a up direction, they will peform a huge 

4º: In game storyline, this isnt a typical sidescroller where the plot it is
    only showed in the introduction and while rounds, in this game 
characters will make
    comments about what it is happening and will be dialogues with somes 

1.3 The predator warrior preview
There is are two predators in this game who have exactly the same basic 
moves with the same speed and skill, warrior and hunter, it is suposed that 
the hunter´s attacks  are more powerfull while the warrior it is less 
powerhouse but more balanced, this is mainly true, hunter´s specials 
(specially the cannonball move) are the most damaging of the game, but have 
the withdraw of that Hunter´s specials left him open when dont it all the 
close oponents, the predator warrior in the other hand have more recovery 
and ever their moves can be use to escape a tight situation making the 
predator warrior the BEST character in the game.

Game´s PW presentation:
Code: XX-000082
A warrior from the stars,
who lives for combat.                    SPEED: High
He searches the galaxy                   POWER: Medium
for worthy game to hunt.                 SKILL: Medium high
Equipped with poweful
weapons, his honor
will not let him take
unfair  advantage during
a hunt.

Primary weapon: Spear
Ranged weapon: Predator Cannon
Desesperation: Windwhirl spear or jumps and blasts

Why play as the Predator warrior:
  + Most balanced character
  + Best special´s moves
  + Basic chain with good range and damage (with weapon)
  + Specials arent almost changed when unarmed
  + Predator Jumps: can use high or low jumps and are very fast
  + only a move leaves him open and can be perfomed in another way safer and 
equally powefull

Why dont play as a Predator warrior:
  - ranged weapon only usefull for knocking down enemies (being available 
fasters and more damaging moves with the same effect)
  - nearlly useless chain combo when unarmed
  - when it is knocked down looses him weapon
  - Lacks of personality


2.1 basic moves

- Walk

  you can walk with the 8 directions joystick

- Ranged Attack

  A button
  The Predator will fire a blast from him pack cannon, the blast does low 
damage, but will knock down all enemies close to the hitting area, this 
blast can OTG (hit on the ground) and I usually use it to finish enemies 
with almost no life without   any risk. If you fire the blaster in the air, 
the blast will do an arch and go straight just a inch over the floor.

- Basic Chain Combo
  Hit B button 4 times with weapon, In air also can use a second chain with 
down held while hitting B
  The warrior with hit all enemies in weapon´s range with his spear, the 
final hit will be a strong kick of the predator   using the spear as a pole, 
it is a knockdown, hits lows and can autokill  infectoids and breack the 
defender's guard.
  While jumping the predator can kick-hit the enemy 3 times, looks to dont 
be damage diference bewteen the normal air chain    and the special (with 
down pressed).
  The grounded chains can be canceled into the rage jump special in any 
moment, it is great cancel just when have been done     the final blow of 
the chain.

- Jumps

Dash: Hit C while holding foward
        The dash motion it is use most for a escape move, the predator will 
move fast foward while a low jump, the air combos         are best performed 
while this jump.  The jump can be canceled antime into a Spear Sting - dive 
kick motion anytime.

Jump:  Simply Hit C
        the predator will peform a medium jump

High Jumps: hit C while holding up-foward-up.
        the predator will peform a ver high and fast jump, can perfectly go 
trought all the screen and can be canceled and         can peform the combos 
like all the other jumps.

Back Jump: hit C and back at once
        the predator will perfom a kick jump to the oposite direction 
without turning, you can do all the jumping attacks.
- Slide

  Short Slide: Hit C while hold down
               The warrior will do a low  kick that can kill facehuggers and 
the worms, this move have faster recovery                      that the long 
slide and only hit once
  Long Slide: Hit C while hold down-foward
             The warrior will do a low sliding kick that can kill 
facehuggers and the worms, this move have worser recovery                
that the short slide but hit twice
  both slides can be canceled into the Rage Jump

- Throw

  Walk close to a enemy, you will grab it, now you can peform any of this 
moves, if you dont do anything, the creature will    be free.
  1) cancel  : do the Rage kick, or ever shoot your cannon to finish the 
  2) pummel  : hit B fast various times, only grabed enemy will be hurted.
  3) Smash   : jump and in air, press B, grabed enemy get all the damage, 
but can hurt any enemy close when landing.
  4) Uppercup: press a direction and B, this move it is cancelable into Rage 
kick, and hit all enemies.

Special moves

The predator have only two special moves, but both of them are fast, 
vicious, and master them it is the key of beating the game.

Spear Sting

  Hit Down and C while in the air.

The predator will dive with his spear ahead damaging the enemy, can hit the 
enemy from 1 to 4 times, this rate of hit varies with the size of the 
enemie, the high of the start of the move and a matter of luck. This move 
can hit grounded enemies, but only one time.
The most important thing about this move it is the recoil, when the predator 
hits the group, he will rebound, and while this time, it is totally 
off-control. The trick it is that the rebound highness varies with the start 
of the move, being, higher move, less recoy. So the Dash Sting, it is the 
worst making the predator recoy very high, perfecto for being hitted by a 
jumping alien. and the best it is the high jump doing a very little recoil 
after, about the same high that the dash.
This move in anycase it is very fast and the best of all: has almost the 
best priority of the game, can beat anything before being hitted, but of 
course the things that cant been knocked down, still can hit the predator, 
so stinging Power loader. queen, Splits and chris. in ball´s form isnt safe.

When the predator it is unarmed he will perfom this move with his foot 
ahead, has diferent angle, can hit only 2 times and the recoil it is higher, 
anyway this is a very good move for get your spear back.

Mode of use: Use it everywhere a large group or a boss it is in front of 
you, but at medium, far distance. Can be use to stop smashers and R. guards 
charging at you.
Best long-medium distance attack.

Rage Kick
keep Down a bit and then up and B

This is another winner move, Have all the advantages that the others down-up 
moves of this game lacks: range and recovery.
The predator will jump foward at alture-speed of a dash, hitting hard 
everything in front of him. This move can hit about 3 times being the last 
hit-frames a knockdown.
The magic of this move it is that can be peformed almost any time while the 
predator it is in the ground, this move can cancel all, since the chain 
combo up to the slide. And this move isnt only a ofensive move, this move 
can be used as a escape, it is fast and just when the predator hits the 
ground... Can do another jump, being able to run from anything.

Just like the other move this inst recomended kick into things that cant be 
hitten, so look the list of adobe and add aliens high jumps that can lands 
in the predator´s head.

Mode of use: Cancel everything into this when where is not something that 
cant be hit by the move. Use this to get to a side of the screen and sting 
all the aliens if you go to be surrounded, you can use this move more that 
once to escape.
Use this move to hit the warriors-smashers-soldiers before they can attack 
Best close-medium attack.

3 The Cannon Fodder

This alien it is the Easier to beat, have a very short life, but be careful 
because this alien never attack alone, and one can hit your back while you 
are pummeling another.
This creature have two fughting stances, while standing can hit you with 
firsts and the tail, while crawled, can jump toward your. Any of his attacks 
does pretty damage.

All the Stages less 5.

the most common enemie, can attack like a stalker, but most of the time it 
is crawler, this alien have a lot more of life, and have a own attack: acid 
split; if you see a new warrior entering the screen running, or sees another 
jumping back, that means that it is going to split, so hit him fast, move up 
or low, or highjump; his split can hit you ever while in air.

All the Stages less 5

This also it is another special alien, this have a very hard head and runs 
towards you like a bull, this idea it is so funny. that ever the aliens 
laught about this, so always after a smasher´s laught, they do the Headbutt, 
this move can go sometimes trought your chain, and can priorize your rage 
kick, being the safer move the Spear Sting.

Stages 3-4-6-7

Another strange mutation, this alien it is specialized in jumps and of 
course his jumps can hurt you, It is a bad idea dash into one of them, and 
the best way to beat them it is simply standing doing the chain combo, they 
dont have a very good aiming landing most times in front-back of you (if 
lands behind, the rage kick it is a good move to escape before this attack) 
in close distances, the arachnoids does shorter jumps and hardly ever fails.

Stages 2 - 3 (Boss) - 6 - 7
Eggs and Face Huggers
The eggs are usually armored being very hard to kill, you need two chains to 
destroy one. When you get close, the egg opens and in little time a face 
hugger will jump from the inside, while it is open, it is more vulnerable 
and ever a shot from the cannon can destroy it. If you hit the egg with the 
deseperation move, you won´t be hurted.
the Face huggers are easiers to hit that chest busters, but, are more 
dealier, when one of them huggs your face, at start takes no damage, later, 
some, like a chest buster and finaly, just kills you. Move the joystick 
fast, youll be free, and in the way, the hugger will perish.

Stage 4
Chest busters
I hate those little worms the most, they can come from the roof, from 
corpses and ever from item´s containers and never does it alone. When one of 
them bittes you, start to drain life until you move the Joystick enough, 
only can be hit by low attacks, like the slide, the spear sting and the 

Stages 4-7

The thing about this mutation it is that can block all your normal blows, 
altrough, all the knockdown moves pierces this defense, so, the chain´s 
final, the cannon and the end of the rage kick can break the guard, the best 
combo to beat them fast, it is chain combo into rage kick, it will hurt them 

stages 4-6-7

Royal Guard
This is a big baddy, have always two bars of energy and takes tons of 
punishment, basically this guy it is the union bewten all the little other 
aliens, Can charge toward you, can hit you with a lot of range with his 
tail, can jump and impalate you, and finally can split acid, this is 
special, if you are close to him when gets up, the guard will spread acid 
everywhere near, so be careful. Like all the big guys, the chain-kick combo 
works great, and the sting can hit 4 times.

stages 2-4-7

These are humans controled by chest busters, they are slow talking, and 
altrought have very high life-armor, a simple one knockdown move, kills 
them. so, the rage kick, blaster, final of the chain, and most weapons. They 
way of attack it is very weird, sometimes carry weapons, but never use them, 
they always just grabs you, and after a little time (move the joystick for 
freedom) a chestbuster will bite you.

stages 3-6*-7

There are three types of soldiers, but the only one diference it is their 
amount of life. Alll the soldiers use weapons: Pulse gun, smart gun, knifes 
and grenades. The gun´s ones are the most dangeous. smart gunners start 
always to fire aiming low, so the the chance and sting him. Soldiers can 
drop their own weapons and you can use them to beat others soldiers. 
Sometimes can go into the screen groups of soldiers, shout something, and 
goes; all the grenade users are of this kind.
A unarmed soldier always runs toward the closest weapon to get it, in case 
that your are in the way, they´ll kick you, so unarmed soldiers are the most 
dangerous and the worst place it is stand in a pile of knifes.

stages 5-6-7

3  Walkthrough

All the the characters lines here where literally copied from the USA 
version, text without character it is a description  of what is happening on 
screen, and comments between () are comments, weirds things and jokes about 
what it happening and can be completelly ignored.

PW: Predator Warrior
PH: Predator Hunter
Linn: Linn Kurosawa
DS: Mayor D. Schaefer

I have separed the boss in another section for better reading since most 
people would like to find how the beat them instead of reading all the 
game´s story

Intro (after start of the game, the before game´s introduction varies)
Two Humans marines appears in screen shooting down a huge horde of alien´s 

DS:Eat this! you scum bags!

Linn:We are surrounded!

the situation it is hopeless, then a little ball of light flys toward the 
aliens and a big explotion hapens blasting all the aliens.

The soldiers notices that there is something behind them, three predators 
turn off their cloacking devices

Predator Warrior: Come with me if you want to survive!

(While the shooting down the life extern scores are show, there are some 
configurations, also you can see a Street Fighter´s sign in a cinema back 


(I choise the predator warrior, of course)


A big group of warriors are standing behind a fence, then some of them jump 
breacking the fence.

PW: There´s too many of them! Withdraw.

The game starts, this is a very easy zone, all your attacks do extra damage 
being able to kill the enemies very fast, this is a good place to train 
The aliens are all warriors, but with less offence that normal, in high 
dificulty set, they can split acid.
you can find here a disc, some pipes, gems, medium food and a super bullet.

Then you have killed a undetermined amount of aliens the green words 
"demostration" will pop up in the low left side of the screen. It means cut 
scene and/or zone change

PW: Too enemies at once!

the predator jumps toward a Storage building.
Zone change

Inside the storage the light it is off, the predator wonders:
They didnt follow us in. Why?

The warrior goes toward the switch and turn on the light

PW: It´s a  trap!

He realises that the storage it is full of inflamable stuff and that a huge 
alien in a Chrysalis go to attack (weird thing, you can fire like a madman 
here your blaster without risk of explosion)


After Beating down the big baddie, the party it is in a elevator:

Schaefer: We can escape from the city using the sewers.
          Keep a eye out for those slimebags!


The predator exits the elevator and looks in all directions

PW: It´s too quiet here. What... ?!

The predator jumps to a high plataform and spots some aliens

PW: At last, worthy game!
    They´re here.
    They're coming.
    (YAHOOOOO!!!!!, ejem... it is my imagination or he sounds just like 
obelix when see romans?)

After smashing somes stalkers, later somes arachnoids with warriors, and 
later more stalkers using a grenade launcher and a super clip (more fun that 
it sounds) you´ll notice the same green word, "demonstration", be fast and 
ge that tasty pizza.

The predator walks into an elevator that seems dont work

PW: It´s malfunctioned.
PW, walks toward the control panel and
PW: ....
Smash it, bumb one!
The predator hits the controller
PW: We´re moving

(side note, what does a japanese sign in a elevator in a sewers of a town in 

Two stalkers and a warrior will far to the elevator, minor trouble and a 
while after the elevator will stop

PW: Again?

yes, friend, again.

PW: Give the other controller a try.

ok!, Smash the other controller (D'oh!) fast, if you are too late, some  
extra warriors will fall to the elevator

once you have destroyed the controller, a big baddie will fall to the 
elevator and in short time more littles aliens.

Beat them fast using your specials, more info about R. Guards in enemys 

Once you have killed all them, a door will be opened.

Now you´ll find out for sure why the aliens warriors are so feared, you will 
be cornered by a big group of them, and when they comes running, they splits 
at you!!, to advoid them, smash them as soon as they show their faces or 
high jump.

Also DONT forget the medicine!!, it is either full life or 50,000 points, a 
very nice item, it is.


you get into some kind of control room, and surprise, there are some dead 
corpses in the ground, and looks like that one of them it is alive

(PW: Waaaaaazzzaaaap?)
Soldier: Get out of here, now!
It´s not a ordinary alien. Its speed is incredible... (expires, please, a 
minute of silence)
PW:These humans were destroyed instantly (I dont care them)
some dust falls from the ceiling, just abobe the PW
PW: Something´s coming. It´s close.

(it is a bird?, it is a plane?, it is superman? nooooo, it is:)


After the battle the party it is outside the city

The predator points to a direction
PW: These aliens all come from one hive.

Linn turns and looks in that direction

Linn: So if we destroy the nest...

Schaefer: Ok, let´s do it now while we still have time!

We´ll use the APC

PW it is in the top of the APC (the tank´s looking vehicule of the Aliens 

PW: We´ll head straight to the alien nest!
PW: The gun wont overheat now.
    Shoot them all!

This is a special round, just like my friend have said, you can blast with 
your blasting blaster everyone here, this is a plain a boring stage, ever 
the boss it is so lame (it is a simple arachnoid) that I dont going to spend 
time here, also I have never ever lost a life here, the only one advise it 
is walk a bit to the left at the start (onl a bit, it is for advoid some 
jumping aliens) let go to the next round

Post data correction: I have loosed a life once... just writing when I was 
writing this test, I was distracted and... come on guys... sometimes hapens 
this kind of things.


The predator it is the entrace of a weird looking building

PW: this is the nest
(oh, so that it is the building)

Kills all the warriors and smashers here, you can have the help of a disc a 
grenade launcher and a fire thrower, nothing is funnier that shoot a grenade 
when a smasher it is laughting at you (PW: HOW DO YOU DARE TO LAUGHT ME JUST 

After the carnage you will be in a place full of corpses

PW: Was this thing human?

A corpse began to move and then a chest buster apears

PW: Cocoons! (you are right, was an awful movie)

After beating somes busters and desmembrate some infected soldiers,  (the 
flamer it is a great weapon for this)just after a box full of smashers (The 
curiousity killed the cat) you will be at the end of the zone, here there 
are some stalkers guarding some eggs, it is good destroy the eggs from 
distance since when you get close to them, some warriors and smashers will 

Demonstration (isnt needed destroy the eggs)

The PW see some humans liying dead on the floor

PW: There humans were soldiers.
    What are they doing here?
PW: The hunt must continue! (we dont have time for diging two graves)

At the left you´ll find a soda (The first food since the near start of the 
round... and it is a pesky soda...)
At the right you will find, the normal most times gem, left often food and a 

Fight against warriors, smashers and two defenders to get something more 
tasty for eat. Also you will find two grenades, a gem-food and some weirdly 
packed stalkers.

Uh, oh, another Royal guard and now defended by two defenders, when one of 
the 3 it is dead, two warriors will rampant into scene.

now you'll  meet two smashers and just behind a barrel full of chest busters 
and somes grenades, so advoid hiting the barrel.

Now, we are just at the end of the level, so do the same that everything, 
kill and destroy all, first you´ll kill smashers and warriors, and them, a 
very large group of stalkers, after all (dont forget the big food here) you 
can guess:


The predator warrior blasts an area full of eggs and goes towards the final 

Boss 4, Alien queen, Egg generator

Congratulations!! you have beaten the queen, everybody comes from nowhere 
(where in the hell have been all your while I have been fighting every alien 

Schaefer get close to the queen and check if it is real dead

DS: We did it!
    I dont believe it! (PW: ¿?, I DID IT!, NOT WE)
Linn: Their egg generator has finally been destroyed!

PW: There are still many left to hunt. (eeeegh, sounds just like ryu)

PH: The rest are minor, unworthy of hunting (really means: are you stupid?)

This it is the end of the game?...

The whole party exits a building

-That drop ship seems to be in trouble

The party sees how the ship chrashes

-I Wonder what they´re transporting? (good point throught I was thinking 
about help the survivors... )

-We should check it out

-OK, let´s roll.

(note: it is imposible know who  is talking)

Yeah, more game to play! when the PW walks a bit he says:

PW: Strange. I wonder what they transporting...?

The fight starts agains! now groups of soldiers try to kill you, fortunally 
they are a lot easiers that the aliens, also they carry knives and fireguns 
that you can carry and use in them.

After eating a salad a very know green word will appear


The predator looks to see something behind two trees
PW: take cover!
he jumps behind one of them.

Fatty Baddy: Destroy all escaped aliens from the crash site!
Soldier: Yes sir!
A fat, bald, ugly and short guy in officer uniform it is close to a soldier 
inside a power loader (the robotic machine that Ripley handled in Aliens. 
Dont ask who is Ripley...) who it is burning some aliens.

PW: what it is that capsule?

Oh, thank you, there are also some broken capsules of any kind, their have a 
label that say:

Caution! Bio-war agent!
Wayland corporation transport capsule.

PW: A bio-wair project.

FB: That seems to be all of them
FB: Let´s head back to the ship now.

Soldier: Yes sir!

They go and of couse, you go after them, kill more helpless soldiers and be 
careful with a zone plaged with smarts-gun turrets, use the highjump to 
advoid them.

after the turrets, you will find a big food and them, a medicine (two +80% 
life items in a row?), just when you see the medicine (or the box) remember 
this: Get 3 pulse guns, 3 at least, this is easy because two groups of three 
soldiers carring this weapon appears here.
You will find out when some green word pops up


You meets again the fatty baddy, he is standing close to the crashed ship
PW:You cant use the prey as weapon
FB:What do you know?
PW:I will hunt you all down! (good diplomatic aswerd)
ummm, this guy werent was with someone?
FB:Your hunt ends now!
   With your death!

The Power loader breaks intro the screen and the Fatty runs like a chicken


PW: We have to stop them!
DS: Of course! they dont know what they´re dealing with!
PW: then let us hunt!
The predator show us his claws


The predator it is in the top of the APC, another shooting stage?
PW:Let´s  rush him!

noo!, they use the APC to smash the lab´s wall and so, the hunting game 
starts again, this is the same of the previous round, kill soldier, get 
weapon, kill soldier with weapon, repeat.

If you want have a easy time in the next room, get a smart gun before the...


The predator it is standing a closed door

PW: Search the uppers floors! (no, I cant, Im busy writing this)
(PW: Ok, I will do it for you)
And the predator starts to open the door (guess how)

The predator it is now in a elevator, when a thing... (the motor?) explodes
PW: It won`t stop!
the elevator goes crazy and starts the

SPECIAL STAGE (Boooonuuuuuusssssssssssssss!)

You have to destroy the motor of the elevator in less of 20 seconds, if you 
fails, you looses all the life (altrough you dont loose a life, but one 
sneeze can kill you) and if you do it, appart to no loose a bit of life you 
get 30,000 points, nice, isnt it?
There`re Two smart guns a pipe and a grenade for help, to destroy the motor 
you must destroy both sides first, this is easy if you can hit both side at 
once (The hunter can do this)  in the other case, you must destroy the right 
and then the left.
If you have been clever and have here a smartgun, now wait until the crono 
starts to run and just shoot, the smart can destroy the motor in 2 seconds 
geting free bonus.

Once you are out from the elevator, you will be in a room full of aliens 
bottleds, kill soldiers until a room (open the door like the PW did in the 
demonstration) with three boxes, one of them with food, very usefull if you 
loosed the bonus; here kill the lone soldier and...


The predator prepares to open the door and then...

(sounds of glass breaking)
Aaaaagh! (soldiers screams)
Soldier :It´s terrible!
Soldiers fall into the screen, one of them, gets up and some kind of red 
liquid (censured) goes from him neck.

PW: Something happened back there!

(note: through the predator it is in the same room, this is a diferent area 
in the game and so, you cant keep the food for later)

Now the predator goes back where the bottled aliens were to discover that 
the aliens are still here but... out of the tubes!!
PW: The prey is loose!
You have missed the aliens? well then you going to be happy, know you going 
to fight against all the types of minions stalkers, warriors, defenders, 
arachnoids and smashers!
Go back killing them up the door of the demonstrarion.
Smash the door and what it is in that barrel? A medicine!! If you are just a 
little hurted, can get a soda and a salad (nice combo) a bit foward.
This is the ending part of the level, kill the 3-4 groups of aliens and get 
the food before the...


The predator smash open another door (dont know any other way of opening a 
door?) a goes into an elevator, the predator check the elevator that begins 
to raise

PW: They moved the prey with this lift.


Somes familiar beams hits the elevator, the predator jumps back just in time 
and see a weird looking predator with blue skin

PW: You! XXXXX!! XXXXX! (He says something in Predator´s languaje, you dont 
need to know the language to know what means)

The Mad predator gives a Roar as aswerd.

PW: Alright! XXXXXXXXXXXXX... I'll Hunt you (predator warrior it is too 
mean,,, that was a very nasty insult to Mad´s mother)

Mad: GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (He is very, very angry, before the 
Pw´s words)


once beaten he will get up (wants more beating) and will shout something 
that I throught that is "no looser" and then he will do the harakiri ritual 
(he gets a razor, and kills himself, a way to keep the honor after a 

After the battle Linn it is standing with the hand in the security bar 
(Tired of doing nothing?)

Linn: Looks like we´re heading to the army docking port

DS: They must be transporting the aliens into orbit!

Then Schaefer looks to the aliens who are checking the fallen predator

PW: He was parasitized by the aliens!
We looks a about to die chest buster in the chest of the predator

PW: Your military is using my tribe to develop their weapons! He pulls out 
his claw, looks upset


be prepared, this is the longest round ever, smash somes boxes, get gems and 
a disc, the predator speaks:

PW: The real enemy it is up ahead. I must hunt them

Okey this is clasical aliens hunting, if you are here, you know what you 
have to do, and how do it. Isnt as hard as past fights and you have a 90% 
life item and a superclip as help.
Now you are in front of a close door and have got three grenades, son get a 
grenade and throw it to... the enemy soldiers that have appears behind you.
Once beaten you can go into to a area full of corpses and three barrels, 
with food, a flamer and gems. Some of the corpses are infectoids and the 
rests have chest busters prepareds to attack you, remember the flamer it is 
a one-hit killer of infectoids, you get a disc in a box, and get ready to 
one of the trickiest areas, this area it is full of lasers, the best it pass 
dashing fast ignoring the chest busters, be careful, at the end it is a box 
full of busters and two turrets. Beat everybody here to get out of here, the 
lasers are here more a help that other thing, but be careful, if you touches 
one, you´ll drop the spear.


The predator smash the door and enter inside. This is another alien´s 
infected area, ever most of the barrels are full of aliens, are you must 
free them if you wants the goodies inside. in the first three barrel´s set 
there are weapons, so take that nasty grenade launcher. In the second.. only 
grenades and chest busters (sigh) and in the three, food and... more food, 
medium and large size... big food=big troubles, and in this case... TWO 
ROYAL GUARDS (curious, each of a color), get that pulse from the container 
and show them how bad it is split everywhere. after dispatchered the two 
brothers and the arachnoids you walks a bit, finds a box and inside it is... 
More big food, and indeed... TWO CHRYSALIS!!!  They fights without help, so 
they are easier that   the first round, ever your have a flamer and a super 


Opens another door, and now it is another meeting with old enemy: power 
loader, and this time without ammo. At least he dont have help. some enemies 
more (get the pulses), three barrels wih a big food
PW: Soldiers are still fighting for a lost cause.

Some soldiers more and then,,, another power loader, with the pulses gun 
this guy isnt big thread, being the treath all the other soldiers what can 
hit you droping the weapon. Smash another door and you comes to an area full 
of stalkers and when I say full, it is full, it is the greatest 
concentration of aliens in the game.
After the carnage, just only left soldiers, Three barrels ahead are enough 
soda to get you full life (PW: BUUUUUUUUUURP!!!!, ejem,, sorry)

5 turrets after you reach the end of the are, all the guys here have go 
grenades and smartguns, so be careful.


PW: this must be their ship.
        they cant escape.
the predator goes into a  space ship (this time down smash the door) that 
goes into a very large one.

-We´re lifting off. I wonder if  we´ll get back
-We´ll make it. Just go to take care of a little business.

This is a turrets infected area, kill everybody and get throught in the 
middle of the area you will fight against some stalkers and chest busters, 
minor work.


Contratulation you just have arrived to the last area of the game, and an 
old know guy it is here waiting you.

Fatty baddy: Why do you resist us?
PW: My kind hunts the strongest prey! (by example: Fat, bald guys with a 
moustache, just like you)
PW:Who Cares about the aliens!?
FB:I have a thousands more back at the base!
FB: You cant fight them all!!
      Give up while you can!!! (and before you makes me a piercing with that 
And before you can surrender, he retreats and sends his hopeless soldiers at 
Advise, get ammo, lot of ammo

and finally, the last demonstration of the game!!!

FB: Curse you!

PW: What? (is that behind you?)

The predator jumps back while a big black sting, stings the bald general. 
then, a big alien bace looks to the general´s eyes... and a second later the 
alien´s tonge cut him in two parts.
General (inst funny calling fatty a guy who it is being cutted in two): 
Yeeeeeeaaaaaaarrggg! (curious mixture bewteen "yeah" and "arg"

The ultimate alien lands in front of the predator warrior with  the word 
revenge in her Eyes.

PW: She survived and came after us (You!!! Schaefer... didnt told all us 
that the queen was dead!!??, DS: sorry I forgotted it, aliens havent pulse. 
PW: D`oh!)

PW: Come then!
       You are the ultimate prey...



Yeah! you did it again! The party comes again from nowhere

PW: Time to go home.
        This hunt is done!
DS: Hurry!
      Get to the escape poll!
Linn: Go on!!
        I´ll catch you in a minute
PH: Quiclky!
       This ship  is crashing!

Now while the ending you can input your initials.... ummm, let me see.... 
M.A that it is, be fast, you can miss the ending

They finally take the escape poll
Predator: Where have you been? (Voice sample)
Linn: I have been reprograming the ship (I missed the exact sentence while 
inputing the initials)
Linn: She´s set to crash and detonate on impact!
DS:That ship´s big enough to take out the whole base!
DS:That should nail them all in one shot! (and all the survivor in the way!)
We see how the gigant ship crashed doing an atomic explotion
Linn: Wow!  we made it!
PW:  My sensors show no remaining aliens on Earth.
PH:  Then our hunt is over...


PW:Here, Take this
       You fought well.
The predator gives a razor to schaefer

Linn: Wait!
          Why did you help us?
Two predator´s trilight locks the two marines
PW: You will know
Two Predators (there are three... just like the begining, where have been 
the third...?) activate the cloacking device while the warrior says good 
See you soon

The Predator´s space ship lifts a go to the space while the marines see it 
from distance

Linn: I guess they dont allow poaching. What will we do?
DS:We´ll fight them!!
Linn: They will back next hunting season...

A imagen of the world apears while the sun it seting from a side, while, the 
next speech:

Against the prospect that Aliens will spread all over  North America with 
lighting speed, all of them were miraculously  annihilated due to explosion 
of the  nuclear fusion (good news, kids, no contamination) furnace caused by 
the crash of the space ship.
But it is very likely that the conglomerate "Wayland Yutami" plots to use 
Aliens for their commercial purpose again...

G A M E    O V E R

Let me see... 1st, 3139700 M.A , face of the warrior, ALL... not bad

Ok. the walkthrough is over


This is your first big enemy and isnt a too dangerous one at least compared 
with a room full of warriors.
The boss starts doing him rolling attack, he will roll a pair of seconds in 
the place and them will go in your direction, will it is in ball form only 
can be hurted-stopped by knockdown moves likes the blaster and the chain´s 
last blow, use any of then for a good start.

He fight like a queen guardian, have also that large tail, so never stand in 
front of chris ever doing the chain because the monster can hit you from 
When Chris it is a bit hurted, he will jump away and will scream, a group of 
stalkers will apear in short time, the second time that chris does it, 
warriors will come instead; while chris it is calling help, you can smash 
him freely.

The two best attacks to beat Chris fast are the Spear Sting that can hit him 
3 to 4 times doing good damage, or better a chain canceled into the rage 
kick in the final blow doing the most damage, anyway this isnt a hard boss.

Inside the boxes there are a soda can, large food and in most cases, a gem.

FINISH  10000

Ok, here it is one of the most dificult bosses, the dead soldier have 
reason, it is fast, very fast, so where is only one way to beat him: Being 
faster that him

Here you can find in the boxes a super clip, a pulse gun and sometimes food, 
but most of the time a gem.

The pulse gun it is nearly a must for this boss, the bullets are fast 
(faster that the razor) and hurts him badly, you can hurt about a 50% of him 
life with the pulse.

Without the pulse, your chain can hit him well if he walks into, if your 
dont know what Im talking about, this is the oldest tactic since Final 
fight, instead of geting close to the enemies and them combo them, you just 
hit the combo button just a bit adobe or lower and the enemy happily walks 
into your range getting pummeled; but the razor can sometimes hit you first 
and then you must jump, perfom a special or use your desesperation move 
since the razon can hit you before you can do your chain again.

Anyway the best and safer motion against razor it is the highjump 
Spear-sting, like all the big bosses hit 3-4 times, does decents damages, 
knockdown and the most important, have higher priority that any of the 
Razor´s attacks.

If you stands close to the razor while it is grounded, the razor will do a 
desesperation looking move in the wake up, so dont stand close

Warriors comes in help of the razor in the heat of the battle.

FINISH 15000

Shoot it down fast

FINISH  20000

This fight it is other of the toughest of the game, it is prett hard kill 
the queen without loosing a life, and very easy loose two lifes.
The Queen it is inmovile during all the battle, so cant be throwed or 
knocked down, the mayor trouble about the queen it is hard to see her 
attacks comming and dodge them, to survive the best advise it is: never 
stand in the same place, use your Spear Sting or your Rage kick to move from 
a place to another, the only one place safe it is far behind the queen, but 
she can turn and split acid to you.
A kind of trick it is jump and stand over the boxes just in the face of the 
queen, if you are close enough, you can hit , but  cant be hitten by the 
queen, but I only have been to do this once because the stalkers can still 
hurt you.
The pulse gun in one of the box it is a great help, but it is very risky get 
it because it is too close to the queen, good luck, anyway.

FINISH  25000

This boss it is another tought one, cabt be throwed and needs more than a 
knockdown to be knocked, and whem it is knocked, gets up in a blink of eyes.
Your best friend here it is the pulse gun, this stage it is full of them, 
remember that the reload when you gets one carring another; this means that 
you gets another full charge for the gun, being able to fire twice more 
The pulse does great damage to this machine, and with 3 full loads, it is a 
dead war machine.

If you have been unlucky and havent anmunition, the best way to beat him it 
is being fast, chain, kick or Spear Sting followed by a combo, After a 
while, a group of soldiers appears to help... you since two of them carry 
pulses, get them, and shootdown him.

FINISH  30000


This can be a very easy fight or a very hard one, the battle ring cant be 
more simple, no items, and no intruders, this is a man vs man... sorry, a 
predator vs predator fight.

This guy it is tought, very tought, all attacks does less damage that 
normal, his attacks are very predator´s like, he uses normally the unarmed 
chain combo of the two predators, sometimes he stands in place and a 
trilight apears, shooting the predator 2 beams there, as the normal 
predators, this shoots covers a good area, so jump far or hit the predator 
before his shoots.

Lets go to how to kill him, you can conect your chain-kick very easilly, 
this guy dont have great range, but take care, when he is close, he can 
throw you, also he can throw in him wake up if you are close. The best way 
to attack him is with the spear sting, jump high, sting him, dash, and 
repeat until he is dead, If him disapears, wait in place until he reapears, 
if he is close, chain-kick, if it is far, sting him.

Finally sometimes he jumps to the edge of the elevator and or jumps with his 
claw of slide shooting 3 blast covering all the elevator surface, both of 
them can be advoided with the desesperation attack, ok, you wont do a 
perfect if you hit the mad, but at least, he wont kill you, also if do the 
blasters, can dodge it without touching the mad, and so, without loosing any 

FINISH 50000


This is the hardest b**** that I have seen in my life, The alien queen have 
all the moves from the previous form, but this time can move and it is 
fast!, besides now can jump, she hurts if lands on you, can be grabed, but 
she can grabs you and in this case, she kills you, all the life. Also She 
enventually tries to do you the same thing that with the general, This 
attack drains in level 4 almost all the life.

And if all this isnt bad enough, she have full service and will send from 2 
chris to 2 royal guardians.

You only chance it is have a loot of ammo from the previous battle, and use 
also the another two guns of the right, you can also find a big food there.
I havent been able ever to beat this beast without the lost of 2 lifes (Sigh 
  U_U )
PERFECT: 80000
FINISH:  80000

6 Final Stuff

He always shout at you when you beat this "last" capcom sidescroller with 
only one token playing at least 30 minutes, there is no way of beating him 
without dont back again to that place again. I recomend go to places with 
lots of games and advoid flashing game because atracts crowds. Playing a 
twice of times before with a dummie character like schaefer also helps.

All the info have been extracted from a AvsP arcade rom USA. I only used the 
rom for extract
info like all the text from the game, it is harder pause a game in a arcade, 
especially with the extra boss.

Thanks to
Me, of course
To my mom and my daddy for raise me
To the extra boss for get this game, warrior of fate, metal slug 
series,samurai shodow, capcom vs series, D&D series and Bucky O`hare in him 
To my teacher of Computer´s technology, I was so bored of studing that, what 
I wrote all this faq instead studing.

And of course, to Minerva (inst a roman´s godness) without a clear reason.

No real living being was hurt in the realization of this text but my college 
final tests´s notes was very hurt.

No other faq made.
pleeze, no stupid e-mails.
I Would like anyway learn a bit about Alien vs Predator´s world. Games and 
comics made and specially what saids the predator warrior to the mad