Predator Hunter by VC viper

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Alien Vs Predator
Predator Hunter FAQ
Manufactured: Capcom
Designed by: Capcom
Year: 1994

Created by: Kevin He (aka Vc Viper)
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1.	Introduction
2.	Update
3.	Controls
4.	Predator Hunter's skill list
5.	Power-up/items
6.	Enemies/Bosses list
7.	Credits

1. Introduction

Alien Vs Predator is considered one of the greatest beat-em-up since final
fight. The game takes two species from two of the greatest sci-fi movie:
Alien and Predator, join them together to form an awesome 7 level of non-stop
alien bashing fun. In the game the player may choose from two human character,
the beautiful and agile Linn Kurosawa, or the tough and powerful Dutch
Schafer; as well as two predators, the warrior and hunter. Other than Schafer,
the other 3 characters have their own weapons to aid them in battle; each
character also have their own personal sidearm to further improve their
chances of survival on the field.

In this FAQ, you will learn the basic and all the techniques and strategies
for the Predator Hunter, one of my favorite characters.

2. update

V 1.0 3/10/06 Finished basic design

V 1.5 3/12/06 Finished move list

V 2.0 3/14/06 Finished power-up/items list

V 3.0 3/15/06 Finished enemies/bosses list

3. Controls

The controls for Alien Vs Predator are slightly different than your final
fight controls, but it's still fairly similar and easy to adapt to.

Joystick: Moves character in 8 direction

A button: fire sidearm

B button: attack

C button: jump

4. Predator Hunter's skill list

First of all predator hunter is similar to the warrior version, the only
difference (other than the appearance and weapons) are that the hunter is
slightly more powerful than the warrior, and the hunter is slightly slower
than the warrior and have less skills.

Predator Hunter's Weapons

Melee Weapon
The hunter uses a Naginita, a spear-like weapon with blades on both ends
(though the hunter only uses the front) The naginita happens to be the best
weapon in the game. Why, here are two reasons for it.

1.It has range
The naginita outmatches the spear by a mile long. With this range advantage
you can poke those annoying and quick aliens like stalkers and smashers
without fear and by the time they get close they have been slashes to pieces

2.It has power
Obviously, since I mentioned the hunter is slightly more powerful than the
warrior, his weapon must be stronger. When your playing you'll really notice
the difference, a standard 4 hit combo can easily take down 2 warriors and
many stalkers. It also makes those long boss fights significantly shorter.

If at anytime the hunter is knocked down by attacks, he will drop his weapon
and will be unarmed. In this situation, the hunter will use his wristblades
and kicks to fight, though its combat potential is less than the naginita.
Simply walk over to the dropped weapon and press the attack button to pick
up the weapon. You must be quick as the weapon will disappear after a while
if not retrieved.

The hunter's sidearm is the shoulder cannon, similar to the warrior's version
only slightly more powerful. Like the warrior's version the cannon will
auto-track the nearest enemy and attempt to hit the target (if not possible
it will land near the target and cause an explosion) targets hit by the
cannon will burn and fall, during this time if any other enemies comes in
contact with the burning enemies they will also be knocked down for damage.
The shoulder cannon will overheat if continuously used (at full charge a
maximum of 2 shots can be fired before overheating, each shot requires 50%
energy) which then the cannon cannot be fired until it cools down (cooling
time is roughly 15 seconds)

Predator Hunter's move list

Combo: press B four times

The hunter does poke followed by a thrust then a slash and finally finishes
with a big slash. This combo is extremely powerful and can deal as much
damage as Schafer's piledriver to multiple aliens.

If he loses his weapon, he will instead do a punch followed by a slash with
the wristblade then a swipe and finally finishes with a kick. The combo
is adequate for facing off lone aliens but not recommend when fighting a

Dash: hold forward and press C

The hunter does an incredibly fast low hop and flies across the screen.
It's great for moving and escaping groups. The dash can be followed up with
these two attacks

Dash kick: During dash, press B

The hunter will do a kick, if the kick hits an enemy, he can follow up with
another kick and finally a third kick. One thing to mention is that when
you kick in one direction it's possible to turn around and kick in the other
direction just by shifting the joystick in that direction. Useful if you
have aliens on both sides as it would knock them all down. Do note that
this will not hit aliens that are crawing.

Dash Tackle: During dash, hold down and press B

The hunter will do a flying tackle, if it hits pressing the B button will
allow the hunter to finish up with a wristblade slash. This hits less than
the dash kick but has a bigger hit detection area so it's easier to hit.
This will also hit aliens that are crawing.

Jump: press C

One of the special abilities the predators both have in common is their
ability to jump very high. By pressing C the hunter will do a medium jump.
If you hold up and press C the hunter will do a very high jump, this can
also be uses to jump forward and backward. Hold back and press C at the
same time will make the hunter does a quick hop backward, during this time
he is invincible to attacks, but becomes vulnerable again as soon as he
touches the ground. Also during the back hop the dash kick, flying tackle
and the diving roll can be used.

When near a wall, jump towards the wall and hold the opposite direction
and press C to jump off the wall, dash kick, flying tackle and the diving
roll can be used after jumping off. Can also be done with high jumps.

Uppercut: Down, Up, B

"Tiger Uppercut" is what I think of first when I saw this move. It's exactly
like Sagat's uppercut from street fighter. It can hit a maximum of three
times for major damage. It can be used right after the four hit combo, but
you must be close enough otherwise the uppercut would miss completely. You're
very vulnerable when coming down so make sure there is no one below to smack
you one.

Diving Roll: Jump, hold down and press C

The hunter turns into a ball and rolls down diagonally, during the roll
it can hit multiple enemies multiple times. The only flaw for this move
is that after landing there is recoil which propels the hunter back into
the air, in which he is vulnerable in the air. The recoil's strength depends
on the height the hunter did the roll, the higher he did the roll the less
recoil there is and vice versa.

Grab: Approach an enemy and touch it to grab, enemy will break free after
roughly 5 seconds if no actions are taken. Also alien queen, powerloader,
infectoids, face huggers and chest busters cannot be grabbed. After a
successful grab the player can follow up with one of three method of attack

Pummel: Grab, press B rapidly

The hunter will stab the enemy with his wristblade rapidly and finally
uppercut the enemy away. The first two stabs are slow and if you wish you
may cancel it into the forward uppercut. If not just keep pressing B until
the hunter pummel away, then you can stop pressing B as he will finish up
by himself. If any enemy walks into the hunter's pummel they will also receive
damage and pushes back. Pummel is best used when again a lone alien when
you're sure no others will interfere, also a good way to drain life from
bosses if you manage to grab it.

Forward Uppercut: Grab, hold forward and press B

The hunter will do the uppercut finisher from the pummel, only he moves
forward as he performs it. This is best used when you're surrounded by a
crowd of aliens and you grabbed on one, use this to knock down the crowd
that gets in your way.

Body Smash: Grab, jump and press B

The hunter grabs the enemy and jumps, in midair he drops down and slams
the enemy on the ground. Think of it as schafer's piledriver with a different
look and slightly lower damage. There is also an alternate version of the
attack, where the hunter suddenly slams the enemy fast and hard, doing almost
twice the damage. I have yet determined the ways to do this, but I believe
the predator's jump must reach maximum height before doing the slam.

Slide: Hold down, press C

The hunter does a short slide that can be used to hit face huggers and chest
busters. It can also hit enemy on the ground. By holding down forward and
pressing C, the slide is extended. Finally the slide can be canceled into
the uppercut, shoulder cannon and the deathblow.


Food Items: These restore your health. If at full health they give you points

Soda Pop: restore 10% health
Hotdog: restore 15% health
Hamburger: restore 20% health
Cheese: restore 20% health
Pizza: restore 25% health
Ham: restore 50% health
Pork: restore 75% health
Chicken: restore 75% health
Steak: restore 85% health
Lobster: restore 85% health
Sea Bream: restore 85% health
Medicine: restore 100% health

Weapons: These you can use in combat, if using guns picking up another will
reload it.

Standard combat survival knife, military grade. Found in some boxes and
on most marines. The knife is a solid weapon that's easy to use and useful
in many ways. First the knife can go through multiple targets (no amount
of enemies can stop a knife) while doing equal damage to all targets hit
by the knife. Defenders cannot block against the knife, and marines will
drop their weapons most of the time when knocked down by the knife. The
only way for a knife to stop is if it hits a wall, where it drops on the
floor and can be picked up again; if there is a wall on the edge of the
screen but can't be seen yet the knife will also drop on the floor when
it reaches the edge.

Standard metal pipe, found in some boxes and by bashing a metal poll. The
pipe is long reach weapon that produces solid damage. However only Schafer
can use the pipe with maximum efficiency as Linn and the Predator just throw
the pipe like the knife (which have all of its characteristic plus doing
a bit more damage)

A razor-sharp flying disc that belongs to the predator. Found in some boxes.
The disc is basically a boomerang, in which it will come back to the user
once it's thrown. The distance of the disc travels is about half a screen
length. Think of the disc as an improved version of the knife as it bears
its good characteristic plus the ability to come back to the user without
having to pick up after each use. Note that when throwing the disc, if the
user moves, is performing an attack, or is carrying another weapon, the
disc will continues to move until it flies off screen, unless it runs into
a wall (or an off screen wall) in which it drops like the knife and ready
to be picked up again.

Pulse Rifle
An assault rifle that fires high powered shots. Found in some boxes and
on most marines. Three shots are usually enough to kill a stalker. By picking
up another pulse rifle additional ammo is collected. The gun should be saved
for boss fights when possible as it quickly drains the boss's life, greatly
lowering the difficulty of the fight. The pulse rifle cannot hit aliens
that are crawling.


A heavy machinegun that fires armor piercing shots. Found on most marines.
These shots are less powerful than the pulse rifle's shots, but makes up
for its armor piercing ability. Defenders cannot block from the shots. Since
only marines carry these they are an excellent weapon against their
overwhelming numbers.

Standard fragmentation grenade, military grade. Found in some boxes and
occasionally dropped by marines carrying grenades. These hand-held
explosive are very handy to have, they will instantly knock down the targets
while doing medium damage. Against a powerloader it will always knock it

Grenade Launcher

Take several grenades, put them in a magazine and plug it into a gun and
you have a grenade launcher. Found in some boxes. This gun behaves just
like a regular grenade with a few differences. First you can fire several
shots in a row as opposed to picking up the grenades one at a time. Second
the blast radius has been improved and serves as a great crowd control weapon.
Finally a slight improvement in damage makes it a better weapon to use.

Take a tank of fuel and a lighter, strap it on a gun frame and you got yourself
a flamethrower. Found in some boxes. Apparently aliens don't react too well
with fire, this is very true as the flamethrower does large amount of damage
to aliens of all kinds. It's also useful against marines as humans don't
react so well with fire either.

This item instantly charges your sidearms to maximum, allowing you to fire
them without having to worry about overheat/reload. You have nine seconds
(ten if you count the second the moment you pick it up) to take advantage
of this feature before it's gone. It's found in some boxes and appears when
the player continues or a new player joins.

Point's item: These will add more points to your current score.

Small-2,000, Large-4,000



Small-3,000, Medium-5,000, Large-8,000

Lapis Lazuli







6.Enemies/Bosses list

Found on: All stages except stage 5
Attacks: Claw strike, tail strike, acid spit
Endurance: Medium-High

The warriors are the backbone of the alien army. They serve as fierce warriors
as their names suggests and do not fear death. Their attack consists of
standard strike with their claws and tails, and occasionally they spit acid
that does medium damage. As the level progresses their endurance increase
but their behaviors remains the same. They can be easily defeated with
standard combos; just don't get caught in big groups.

Found on: All stages except stage 5
Attacks, Claw strike, talk strike, bite, jumping claw
Endurance: Low-Medium

Think of it as a tuned down version of the warriors. Stalkers are merely
cannon fodder, its only purpose is to distract you as they and other aliens
gang up on you. They have similar attacks as warriors as well as the ability
to bite at close range and perform a jumping claw attack (however they cannot
spit acid like warriors does) Fight stalkers the same way as would with
warriors, try to eliminate them fast so you can concentrate on the tougher

Found on: Stage 3, 4, 6, 7
Attack: Claw strike, bite, ram
Endurance: Medium-High

They look similar to warriors other than the color difference. They don't
have the ability to use tail strike and acid spit like warriors, but their
claw strike and bite have improved in terms of damage. They have their own
unique attack: they will ram you with their head for decent damage; they
spin their head around before performing this attack. This ram attack seems
to have a high hit detection so it may take priority over your attacks.
Attack them as soon as they show up, their high damage attacks will greatly
lessen your chances of survival if you leave them alone.

Found on: Stage 4, 6, 7
Attack: Claw strike, bite, jumping claw, uppercut, block
Endurance: Low-Medium

A different version of stalkers. Defenders acts and attacks like them
(although defenders cannot use tail strike) Defenders have the ability to
block attacks. Here are the attacks that they can block

Standard combo (exclude the knockdown attack)
Schafer and Linn's sidearm
Slide attack
Spear Dive
Diving Roll
Jump kick
Air Stab

These are the attacks that they can't block

Knockdown attack (the last hit of a standard combo)
Shoulder Cannon
Palm Wave
Character's special attack
All projectile weapons except pulse rifle.

Found on: Stage 4, 7
Attack: Grab, release chest buster
Endurance: Medium-High

They are infected human containing chest buster in them. If one of them
grabs you, it will release a chest buster and bites you, shake the joystick
rapidly to break free. If you wait a while they sometime will release the
chest buster and die. They may have a large life but any knockdown attack
will kill them instantly, also all character's sidearm, projectile weapons
(including knife, pipe, disc) special attacks and deathblow can archive
similar effect.

Chest Buster
Found on: Stage 4, 7
Attack: Bite
Endurance: Very low

They are hidden in certain boxes and sometimes drops from the sky, infectoids
also carry them. They attack by jumping on you and bite. Shake the joystick
to break free. They can be killed with any attack, slide attack is best

Face Hugger
Found on: Stage 4, 7
Attack: Face hug
Endurance: Very low

Same as chest buster, they are easily killed. They are found inside egg
chambers and will jump out when the egg is open and you're close to it.
If they jumps on you it will start to drain your life rapidly (though not
right away) shake the joystick rapidly to remove them.

Egg Chamber
Found on: Stage 4, 7
Attack: None
Endurance: Very high (when close), very low (when open)

The egg chamber contains a face hugger that is launched when the egg opens
up, which happens when you get too close. The egg has very high endurance
when it's closed and normal and range weapon do little damage. Once it's
opened it can be easily destroyed.

Royal Guard
Found on: Stage 2, 4, 7
Attack: Claw strike, tail strike, bite, acid spit, charge, jumping stomp,
grab and bite, piledriver
Endurance: High-Very high

A powerful enemy. It has attacks similar to warriors with some changes and
some new attacks.  The claw/tail strike and the bite have been improved in
damage and range. The charge is like a smasher's ram, only even bigger hit
detection and more damage. The acid spit goes around the royal guard instead
of forward. As for the new attacks it can jump up and stomp the ground,
grab and bite you until you die (shake the joystick rapidly to break free),
and use its tail to perform a piledriver.

Found on: Stage 2, 3, 6, 7
Attack: Claw strike, tail strike, bite, jumping bite, tail uppercut
Endurance: Medium-High

An alien with a totally different appearance. They have the same attacks
as warriors and stalker (no acid spit) plus they can do a tail uppercut
that does heavy damage. They will also jump into the air and bite as they
come down; a variation of this move is when they suddenly drop down with
extreme speed.  They like to jump around a lot and it's really hard to predict
what they're going to do. Combine standard combo and special attack to
eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Found on: Stage 5, 6, 7
Attack: Shoot pulse rifle/smart gun, throw grenade/knife, slash/stab with
knife, whack with pulse rifle/smartgun, kick
Endurance: Low/Medium/High

These are the only humans (besides Schafer and Linn) in the game, and they
happen to be bad guys. Other than the different appearance and different
endurance they behave all the same. Almost all of them carry a weapon of
some sort. Knock them down to make them drop their weapon for you to use.
They will always go and get a weapon first if they don't have one, or if
no weapons could be found they simply retreat. They attack by shooting if
they have guns, if they have knife they either throw them at long range
or slash/stab at close range. They can also whack you with their guns too.
Some of them carries grenades and throw them at you before retreating.
Finally if you get close they will try to kick you as well.


Found on: Stage 1, 7
Attack: Claw strike, bite, tail strike, charge, jump and bite, jumping claw,
Endurance: Very High

Think of this alien as a massive warrior/stalker hybrid. It's got all the
moves of both aliens (again no acid spit) plus the ability to ram its head
against you like a smasher. In addition to these attacks it can sometime
roll into a ball and try to run you over, while in ball form it blocks attacks
much like a defender does, and any attack a defender can't block it can't
either. Standard combo with special attack works well, if there are aliens
supporting be sure to knock them down so they don't bother you.

Razor Claws
Found on: Stage 2
Attack: Claw strike/stab, rushing stab, jumping stab
Endurance: Very High

You might wonder what kind of alien is called razor claws, well once you
meet it you'll see it suits the name well. Again it appears to be a giant
warrior with different color. It's attack is slightly different (no acid
spit and tail strike) the main form of attack comes from its claw, which
are so sharp it uses to slash/stab you with for massive damage, and it excel
in range too (it ties in range with the hunter's weapon) Sometime after
knockdown or at anytime it chooses to jump to a location and quickly does
a rushing stab. There are two ways to beat this boss with the hunter, an
easy way and a slightly harder way.

Easy way
IF you saved the grenade launcher from the beginning of the level (hard
but not impossible to do) as soon as the boss drops down hit it with a shot
and it will take a chuck of life out. Move forward a bit and wait for it
to get up and fire another shot, repeat this process until all shots are
used. By then you would have eliminated 95% of its life. Once it's done
hit one of the boxes in the room and grab the pulse rifle, fire a couple
of shots to finish the boss.

Slightly harder way

As soon as the boss lands do your standard combo and finish it with an uppercut.
Now break one of the boxes and grab the pulse rifle, fire it at the boss
(make sure all the shots hits. You can also choose to use the gun later
its up to you) you should have done roughly 60% damage. Now just continue
with the standard combo/uppercut and you should win in no time. Just remember
his attack range and stay away from it.

Alien Queen
Found on: Stage 4, 7
Attacks: (Stage 4) claw strike, bite, tail strike, acid spit, grab and throw,
grab and bite. (Stage 7) claw strike, tail hook, jumping stomp, grab and
throw, grab and bite.
Endurance: Very High

The mother of all aliens. She is the toughest alien of its race. On stage
4 she is immobile and can only turn left and right. However she can use
her tail to stab you painfully, as well as using another mouth inside her
mouth to bite you. Like a warrior she can also spit acid for same amount
of damage. If she grabs on you, shake the joystick to break free, otherwise
she will either throw you for medium damage, or bite you continuously until
you die, don't let that second one happen. On stage 7, she is mobile and
can move around freely. She still has those attack from before (although
she doesn't seem to spit acid anymore) as well as two new attacks. One of
them is the jumping stomp, which is similar to the royal guard's one only
with a different animation. Another attack is when the queen jumps up and
off the screen then moments later you see her tail coming down and moving
up and down tracking your position; after a moment the tail dashes across
the screen, if you're hit it will hook you and hit three time and take out
as much as 80% of your life, which is a very large chunk.

To beat the immobile queen, first break the boxes and grab the pulse rifle
and shoot her with it until you run out. Afterwards use a standard combo
and when finished high jump over to the other side and do another combo,
repeat this process until she's defeated. (you may also finish the combo
with the uppercut to inflict more damage but you'll be at a greater risk
of a counterattack by the queen.

To beat the mobile queen, again use the pulse rifle and make sure all shots
hits to inflict maximum damage. Now here is where it gets tricky, since
she is immune to hit stun she can still attack you when taking damage. I
recommend using a standard combo and uppercut finisher, but as soon as you
land if you think you're going to get hit use your deathblow to knock her
down. Move to a different location and repeat the process (don't use the
deathblow too much because of the life draining aspect)

Found on: Stage 5, 7
Attacks: arm strike, dashing strike, drill charge, shake and burn, grab
and throw uppercut, block, flamethrower
Endurance: Very High

Doesn't' this look familiar, it's the powerloader that's used to defeat
an alien in the movie, and now it's a boss to fight too. One thing differ
the game version from movie one is the blowtorch, which has been replaced
with two flamethrowers. From time to time the boss will light them up, make
sure to knock them down or they'll start walking around with them on. It's
standard attack consist of striking you with one or both arms, charging
up and drill you with the arms, and uppercut with both arms if you try to
jump over it. If it grabs you it can either shake you and burn you with
the flamethrower, or just throw you after shaking. The easiest way to beat
the boss is to get four pulse rifles just before the fight. When the fight
starts fire your rifle until it falls over (make sure control your fire
so shots don't get wasted) repeat until out of ammo, by then the boss is
almost dead, you can eliminate it anyway you want, but I prefer break the
two boxes to the right and grab one of the four grenades and throw it at
the boss which will always knock it down. Throw one or two of them and you
have won.

Mad Predator
Found on: Stage 6
Attack: whack, rail jump and slash, wall jump slash, rail jump shot, shoulder
cannon, cloaking, throw, forward uppercut
Endurance: Very High

As if fighting aliens and human weren't enough, you have to fight a predator
as well? The day just keeps getting worst. Anyway the boss is similar to
the two predators you control, with some differences. First it doesn't have
melee weapon to fight, second its shoulder cannon does three times the damage
as yours do. Finally it has incredible defense and takes a tremendous beating
to go down. If you get close, it may whack you up to three times for a major
50% damage. It will also jump up to the railing and jump off with a wristblade
attack (another version is when it does a wall jump), or it may chooses
to fire off three shoulder cannon before jumping off (the triangle shows
where the shots land) If it stands still you will see the laser sight on
the ground moving towards you, the shot will fire soon after a triangle
is formed. When it's life gets low it will cloak and become invisible (don't
worry it cannot uses the above mentioned attack while in this state) and
does two things. It will either reappear in a same/different location, or
you'll see the laser sight again as it attempts to lock on and fire the
shoulder cannon (it's impossible to determine the boss's location until
he fires the shot, in which then you can hit him out of his cloak) Finally
if you get really close (not recommend) he will either throw you for around
25% damage, or does the forward uppercut similar to your for a total 85%
damage (his most powerful attack) Do not fight in close range, attack with
your naginita's range advantage and use combo and uppercut finishers. This
fight is basically a test of endurance, keep up the attack and you will
win in the end.


I would like to thank the following people for making this FAQ possible.

Naru2000 for his/her excellent FAQ (I manage to get the point item's
information from it)

Capcom for making this great beat-em-up.

CJayC for hosting the FAQ and maintaining a great site.

Me for writing the FAQ

And you for taking the time to read it, thanks everyone.

Well this is the end of the FAQ, hope you enjoy using Predator Hunter and
enjoy the game. Good luck.

"My People are the greatest hunters in the galaxy" -Predator Hunter