Boss FAQ by quiquer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/12/04 | Printable Version

VV    VV 
VV   VV      NNN    N          TTTTTTTT
 VV  VV  EEE NNN   N  DD    EE    T           AAA
  VV VV EE   NN N  N  D D  EE     T  TTTTTT  AA AA
  VVVV   EE   N  N N  D  D  EE    T    T     AA AA
   VV   EE    NN  NN  D D  EE     T    T     AAAAA
         EEEE  NN  N  DD    EEEE  T    T     AA AA
                                       T     AA AA

"You ain't leavin' this town alive."!

VENDETTA (Crime Fighters 2) BOSS FAQ
V.1.0, last updated: October'04

Written by Quiquer

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As you may expect he's the dumber of the bosses, however don't be so 
confident if you don't have a plan further that just throwing him a massive 
quantity of kicks and punches. Just remember these tricks: 
- using the Special (the one you don't have to move your controller) move of 
your character with the rockers that will jump into the truck with throw'em 
away to the road, an easy death for those bad guys! 
- when Bravado falls to the ground you have time to do three floor attacks if 
you are Boomer, Blood or Sledge, and one with Hawk. And then, if you don't 
wanna be hit when he raises, move away. Knock him to the ground, and repeat.
Having this in mind, he shouldn't pose a problem when you get the method.


There's only one mid-stage boss in Vendetta, and he's Ohsugi. As a mid-stage 
boss he shouldn't be a problem for you, he hardly will knock you to the floor.
Just punish him hard and quick. Sometimes he will try to gain distance to use
his far range attacks, don't let him to do it.


Until you have a method of attack against ML, you'll 
surely be killed more than once. There's a nice method against him, althought 
for some odd reason doesn't work well with Hulk Hog... Hawk. The method is 
series of 3 kicks against ML all the time. Move to him, 3 kicks, wait for him 
to raise, 3 kicks again. Repeat until his end. When he is gonna jump over you, 
you can either run away, or "standing special" him when he's gonna do the first 
jump (may sound risky, but is a safe method if you know how to do it). 

 *Trip*: if you are good in the last section of this stage, when the lift has 
gone down, the first wooden crate you will see has a chicken. You could bring 
it ahead and crash it close to the place ML appears, so you have that extra 
energy if things go bad.


 '!' defeating these two is seriously difficult if you 
haven't a chicken close, that's why you should have thrown here the previous 
wooden crates. The best method to defeat these freaks is killing the little 
one before, without being in the attack line of the big. Do Specials all the
while and don't stand in the same place too much time, and you'll survive 
this. By the way... the little brother is grabbable, I have managed to do it
just a few times, but is really funny the way he moves when grabbed!! :-P


 This guy is easier than you think. Just try to grab him with the knee grab, 
ever. When he goes to the right to call an assistant (you'll know because you
can't land any attack on him), just go to his side: if the assistant is a 
molotov attacker, he will land the cocktail in the face of Kurt (just move 
away when the cocktel is thrown , so it doesn't hurt you too).
Try to adivinate when he's gonna crash is anchor against the floor, and when
hes gonna spin himself just move away until he stops spinning. If you are
patient (patience here is basical), you'll kill him easily without losing any
life bar.


 This fat pimp, as you may guess, has some dirty tricks. If he 
manages to throw you away, he will move close to you, and when you raise, he'll
launch an unstoppable fist against you that will drain 4 of your life bars. And
he will call two times for an assistant. I suggest you kill his helpers as soon
as possible, and quick in series of 2 hits, moving away right after they land,
so he can't do his nasty blocking. You have two chicken crates in the screen, 
and two iron bins to throw when you want, so feel free to kick his awful butt.
By the way: keep an eye on his energy bar. When it reaches THREE, he will run
towards the right side of the screen, don't let him go away!!!! He will pick
a tommy gun and will begin to shoot around! Just before he begins to do it, 
he'll stand there a mere second; be at his side throwing punches madly. If you
are lucky when the invincibility of his standing pose fades off your punches 
will reach him. After he bits the dust one or two times he will run cowardly to
the left side, again, don't let that fat bastard run away! He will repeat
the same proccess, so repeat it you too: punch, punch, punch! Hopefully the 
last punches will impact that fatty face of him, and you will sing your 
*Addition:* I've found a nice strategy to beat the crap out of Faust (until he
begins to use his tommy gun). Just try to corner him against one of the 
screen borders (if possible, best to the right) and special him all the time.
Even if he guards against your first attack he shouldn't be able to cover 
against the second, because he hasn't place to move back either. So stand 
special him without mercy.