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####### ###### ### ###   ### ###  ######  ####    ###
  ##   ##     ### ###   ### ###  ##      ### ##  ###
 ##   #####  ######    ######   ####    ###  ## ###
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#   ###### ###   ### ###   ## ####### ###    ####
     DR  D A R K  R E S U R R E C T I O N  DR

            ~ D R A G U N O V FAQ ~
            ~  Table of Contents  ~

            I. Version History
	    II. Reading this faq
                II.A Legend
	    III. Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
                 III.A Similarities and Differences
            IV. Sergei Dragunov
                IV.A Why Dragunov?
                IV.B Story and Profile
                IV.C Move list
                IV.D Customizations
                IV.E Cuztomization Builds
            V. Dragunov Juggles
               V.A Dragunov VS Mode
            VI. FAQs
            VII. Legal Stuff
            VIII. Special Thanks
            IX. About the Author

                   PART I	

             ~ Version History 3.0 ~
No other wabsite except for my own HTML work, www.gamefaqs.com or
www.tekkenzaibatsu.com may post this FAQ without my permission

please ask for my permission first if you want to post this
also report any other website or thing so I may get pissed off at them.

also that this could be the final version of my 1st FAQ since i'm
concentrating on other stuff now. thanks 

this FAQ combines the author's own work and content from

Version 0.5(06/22/06)
- basic form of FAQ

Version 1.0(06/24/06)
- added tekken 5 dr story
- added dragunov section
- added more juggles
- added more codes to "legend" part
- added move list

Version 1.5(06/26/06)
- added more juggles
- added some counter-character guides

Version 1.8(06/27/06)
- continued the counter-character guides

Version 2.0(06/30/06)
- added more faqs
- added Dragunov vs Steve
- added more juggles

Version 2.5(07/4/06)
- added more juggles
- updated about the author
- added "Big Boss Costume"
- added "Samurai Costume"
- updated "Dragunov VS Mode"

Version 3.0(07/9/06)
- added more juggles
- added more costume builds

Version 3.5
- added "IV.A Why Dragunov"
- added "WWE Superstars" Builds

                    PART II

              ~ Reading this FAQ ~

I have adapted the techniques in reading other TEKKEN FAQs
This FAQ will use similar characters used in the said FAQs

Please note that this FAQ will ONLY FOCUS ON DRAGUNOV and no other
characters. I would be adding some information about the other
characters but not much information would be focused on them.

1 more thing: This FAQ is based on the Arcade version of
Tekken 5: DR.

                 ~ II.A LEGEND ~
         _____       ___        ___
        /     \     /   \      /   \
       |       |   |  1  |    |  2  |
        \_____/     \___/      \___/
          | |                  
          | |        ___        ___
          | |       /   \      /   \
         /   \     |  3  |    |  4  |
         |___|      \___/      \___/


from tekkenzaibatsu.com

1 - L-punch 2 - R-Punch
3 - L-kick  2 - R-Kick

u-up d-down b-back f-forward
qcf- quarter circle forward
qcb- quarter circle back
/ - diagonal
+ - and
,(space) - after this move, do ...
, - in sequence
= - can connect with ...
wall - wall hit
SS - side step
WS - while standing up
N - neutral
~ - immediatley after (move) do ...
F - hold forward
B - hold back
U - hold up
D - hold down
D/F - hold down forward
U/F - hold up/forward
D/B - hold down back
U/B - hold up back
FC - full crouch
WR - while running
( ) - no hit
_ - or
FC - forward crouch (WC+F)
SLD - slide
FCD - 
BT - Back Turned

more to be announced

                      PART III
           ~ III.A Similarities and Differences ~


Tekken 5 is the original version of the hit 2005 arcade fighting game
from NAMCO. It's on the PS2 (with special arcade style controller)
and Arcade. It features original characters from the earlier Tekken
series like the Mishimas Kazuya and Heihachi, the new JACK model, Nina
Williams, Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, Kuma and Marshal Law. It also
returns some characters like Ganryu, Roger(Jr.), Bruce Irvin,
Anna Williams, Wang Jinrei from Tekken 2. Jin Kazama,
Bryan Fury, Julia Chang and many more. More importantly
it includes new characters like the Ninja Raven, the
Kenpo Killing Machine Feng and the "new" Jun, Azuka Kazama. And it
also revives the "original" Jin(from tekken 3) as "Devil Jin." Tekken 5
has a new story wherein you would fight the founder of the Mishima
Zaibatsu, Jinpachi Mishima, father of Heihachi. Also, Tekken 5 brings
a new face to the Tekken Series by adding a data card. This card
enables you to have a win-loss record, rankings, and one of the best
features... fight money(G) and character cuztomization.

Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection features the same concept of Tekken 5
but with the theme "RESURRECTION", it has "resurrected" some characters
like Armor King, Eddy Gordo and the original DEVIL moves for Devil Jin.
It has more cuztomizations for the characters and it has made the
color purchasing at a flat rate - 10,000G only. It has more rankings
than before (5th dan to 7th dan and "Destroyer" rank). Has some
improvements on the graphics and sound. New moves for the Tekken 5
characters. It added borders to the ranking plate. And 2 new characters,
Lili and Dragunov.

                       ~ The Story ~

TAKEN FROM: http://tekkenzaibatsu.com/tekken5dr/index.php

After the conclusion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, 
an intense battle between father and son, Kazuya and Jin, 
took place at Honmaru in the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters. 
Jin emerged as the victor and Heihachi turned his back on Kazuya.

"What a pathetic wretch... Worthless coward!"

The battle between Heihachi and Jin began. Filled with anger, 
his black wings spread, Jin defeated Heihachi. Just as Heihachi 
thought he was doomed, Jin regained control of himself.

"You have my mother, Jun Kazama, to thank for your life." 
Jin said as he took flight.

The sounds of battle gave way to silence as Heihachi lay spread 
out on the ground. The silence was soon interrupted by 
approaching aircraft.
The roar of the aircraft increased and the sound of 
something being ejected was heard. A group of Jacks 
crashed through the ceiling. At first, Heihachi 
suspected that Kazuya was responsible for the intrusion 
but realized that Kazuya was just as bewildered by the sudden attack.

"Why are you here?" yells Heihachi as the wave of Jacks approaches. 
Heihachi and Kazuya battle waves of Jacks but reinforcements 
appear as fast as the Jacks are destroyed.

Heihachi starts to lose his breath. Kazuya betrays Heihachi, 
throwing him into the middle of the army of Jacks, and uses 
the opportunity to escape from Honmaru. 
Shortly after, Honmaru is devastated by a huge explosion.

Close by, the battle is watched by a man dressed in black. 
He raises his hand to his ear and speaks into his radio.

"Heihachi Mishima is dead..."

At that moment, a Jack attacks from behind but it cut 
in half instantly as the man disappears.

Honmaru is completely destroyed, a raging inferno in it's place. 
A pile of debris was blown apart as something emerged from the
earth, unseen.

The next day, news of Heihachi Mishima's death spread rapidly across 
the globe. Most people believed that Heihachi's death would 
bring about the end of the Mishima Zaibatsu, but behind the scenes 
someone else had taken control, and business went on as usual.

A month later, it was announced that the Mishima Zaibatsu will hold the 
King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

                        PART IV
                   ~ SERGEI DRAGUNOV ~

                    ~ Why Dragunov? ~
Why did I choose Dragunov you ask?
Well it's actually quite simple... this is why I chose him.
1 Day, I got lucky beating foreigners in DR with a 10 straight win streak
A week later, I did again this time with 7... so I said, it's a calling...
So I followed my "How to choose a Data Card" Rule which is
- Deafeat the default records for wins(in ATC it's 7) more than once
Then when I got my card... I screwed up... but don't give up!

Current Status:
Name: Sloth The Awakened
Rank: 3rd Dan
2P(I only use this cos.)
Head: none
Face: none
u. body: none
l. body: none
color 1: red
color 2: blue
color 3: white
Record: 72-84 (yea I did screw up... but got I to 3rd Dan, which is hard
in my place considering not everyone gets lucky enough to even be 3rd Dan)

now.. Why Dragunov for you?
Simple... I can break it down into 2 for you =)

The Style Factor
He does have some of the cheapest and best customs in the game.
I can guide you into what you can turn him into. People can say they
choose Dragunov because they say "He looks like Solid Snake." Yes, he does!
Defend your country using country flag colors. Or be the leader of the war.
Others say "Soldier look" or "Saddam(lol)." anyway, Dragunov has the
style. Choose from guns, hats, knives etc..

Fighting Style
The Strong Silent Type. Major Style Points! But.. it's in the fighting
style. Once you get a hang of Dragunov's moves, you can be unstoppable,
Dragunov IS one of the most confusing characters! One of the best POKING
characters in the game. Also the BEST attack to graple moves. Has Great
delays and pick-up moves(picking up from a back roll) and delayed moves.
Think of him as KING+MARDUK+NINA. Be warned though! NOT NOOB FRIENDLY!
Mastering Dragunov will take your time(& money) if you don't have the
right experience with Tekken. I think if you follow my "How to choose a
Data Card." rule you'll be fine!

Pros (+)
- Style!
- Cheap and Good-Looking Customs!
- Poking
- Attack-Grapple moves
- the confusing moves
- he's new, not everyone knows him

Cons (-)
- has some similar moves with other characters
- kinda slow..
- other than that... I think you'll be fine =)

                   ~ Story & Profile ~
Name: Sergei Dragunov
Origin: Russia
Fighting Style: Sambo Wrestling
Age: 26

[Unofficial translation by kurichan]

The coldest ground covered with an enormous river.

While conducting a geological survey for the purpose of resource
development, a peculiar body was found beneath the endless frozen soil.
The military quickly dispatched the Special Forces to quarantine 
the area, they later relocated the unknown body to their laboratory 
in total secrecy.

One month later, the military headquarters responsible for 
investigating the unknown body, thought of giving special orders 
to one man involved in the excavation. A man named Dragunov, 
a member of the Special Forces, the very symbol of fear on the 
battle who has been dubbed the White God of Death because of his 
overwhelming fighting prowess.

Dragunov stood silently, nodding his head in approval, as
he received orders to go to Japan.

                      ~ Move List ~
this the move list from 

grappling arts            name              escape  range
1+3 or f+1+3                                  1
2+4 or f+2+4              Airplane Spin       2
f,f+1+2                   Blizzard Rush      1+2
d+1+2 or d/b+1+2          Tundra Tackle      system 
= 1                    = Blizzard Hammer      1
= 1+2                  = Hammer Rush         1+2
= 2                    = Achilles Hold        2
f+1+4                                         1
f+2+3                                         2
u/f+3+4                                       none
d+1+3                                         1
left side 1+3 or 2+4      Tarantula Twist     1
right side 1+3 or 2+4     Reverse Arm Bar     2
[back] 1+3 or 2+4         Absolute Silence    none

Hit moves with grapple
 = 1+2                                        1+2
  =~B                 = Throw Shift Cancel   
 = 1+2                                        1+2
 = ~B                 = Throw Shift Cancel    
 = 1+2                                        1+2
 = 1+2                = Tundra Tackle         system         
 = 1+2                                        1+2
 = 1+2                = Tundra Tackle         system       
qcf+4                   Knee Trap
 = 1,3,4,2                                    1
 = 2,4,3,1                                    2

Basic Arts            name                  range
1                     jab                     h
f+1                   forward jab             h
FC+1                  crouch jab              Sm
2                     straight                h
FC+2                  crouch straight         Sm
3                     lateral kick            h
FC+3                  crouch spin kick        L
4                     roundhouse              h
FC+4                  crouch shin kick        l

special arts
   = 3
d+1                   skinner elbow
WS+1,3                double hit
b+1+2                 Blizzard Hammer
qcf_WS+1+2            frost charge
   = 3
   = 4
   = 4
d/f+2                 shrapener
d/b+2,1,2             ripper combo
qcf+2                 boost elbow
qcb+2                 flexible elbow
   = 3
   = 1+2
     = 4
WS+2                  Proton Upper
f,f+3                 Boost Kick
d/b+3                 Clipping Sweep
WS+3                  Sub Hilt
BT d+3                Nail Shooter
d+3+4                 Morgue Blast
4,3                   Propeller Kick
  = 4
  = d+4
f,f+4                 Caterpillar Heel
f,f,f_WR+4            Leap Knee Trap
   = 1,3
   = 4,3
   = 2,1
   = 3
qcf+4                 Knee Trap
FCD_SLD 1+2           Living Dead
b+1+3_b+2+4           high & mid reversal
b,b,u/b               wall jump

unblockable arts
b+2+3                 Sub Zero

10 hit combos         

                   ~ Customizations ~
the best customizations are always at

Punch Customs:

Head Items:
Helmet - 500,000 G
Brown Hair - 30,000 G
Dizzy - 30,000 G

Face Items:
Tactical Goggles - 60,000 G
Face Paint - 300,000 G
Eye Patch - 80,000 G

Upper Body Items:
Back Pack - 60,000 G
Sniper Rifle - 120,000 G
Assault Rifle - 50,000 G

Lower Body Items:
Knife Belt - 150,000 G
Knee Pads - 200,000 G
Aura - 40,000 G
Aura Random Change - 30,000 G

Kick Customs:

Head Items:
Formal Hat - 200,000 G
Wool Cap - 120,000 G
Dizzy  - 30,000G

Face Items:
Gas Mask - 300,000 G
Sunglasses and Pipe - 60,000 G
Eye Patch - 80,000 G

Upper Body Items:
Matle - 500,000 G
Emblem - 30,000 G
Assault Rifle - 50,000 G

Lower Body Items:
Sabre - 60,000 G
Golden Leggings - 150,000 G
Aura - 40,000 G
Aura Random Change - 30,000 G

Punch Costume:

Color 1 = Customize the Body Suit
Color 2 = Customize the Vest
Color 3 = Customize the Gloves and Boots

Kick Costumes:
Color 1 = Customize the Military Jacket
Color 2 = Customize the Gloves and Boots
Color 3 = Customize the Military Pants and Belt

Colors Available:
All Colors - 10,000 G
White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Brown, Gray,
Dark-Olive-Green, Dark Cyan

                    ~ Customization Builds ~
This is author's own work

Dragunov could look like many famous/infamous people/characters
from certain games, movies, tv shows etc. with the proper cuztom items
put on him. So here are some of my cuztomization look-alikes or as I
would like to call it, a Build.

Solid Snake
- yes, the one man army from the popular metal gear series could be 
  made from the proper customs for Dragunov.

MGS 1 - Punch Costume Only
Head - Brown Hair
Face - Tactical Goggles
U. Body - any (Assault Rifle looks best)
L. Body - Knee Pads
color 1 - Blue
color 2 - Dark Cyan
color 3 - Black

MGS 3 Jungle Costume - Punch Costume Only
Head - Brown Hair
Face - Eye Patch
U. Body - Assault Rifle (looks better) or Backpack
L. Body - Knife Belt
color 1 - Olive
color 2 - Green
color 3 - Green, Dark Cyan, Olive or Black

MGS3 Ending/Big Boss Costume - Kick Costume
Head: Formal Hat
Face: Eye Patch
U. Body - Emblem or Mantle
L. Body - none or Gold Leggings
color 1 - green or no change
color 2 - black or white(white looks more formal)
color 3 - green or no change

MGS2 Raiden - Punch Costume
Head - Brown Hair
Face - None
U. Body - any
L. Body - Knife Belt or Knee Pads
color 1 - Black
color 2 - black
color 3 - black or gray

Edward Scissorhands
- he's the lead character in the Tim Burton Movie "Edward Scissorhands"
  he's got a pale face like Dragunov but the problem is the scissorhands
  so here's an alternative

Punch Costume Only
Head - Brown Hair or Dizzy
Face - None
U. Body - Backpack or none
L. Body - Knife Belt (to replace the scissors)
color 1 - Black
color 2 - none or White or grey
color 3 - Black

Mime/Sad Clown
- because of the silent character of Dragunov
Punch Costume Only

Head - Dizzy
Face - Face Paint
U. Body - none or Backpack
L. Body - Knife belt or Aura
color 1 - up to you
color 2 - up to you
color 3 - up to you

Popeye the Sailorman/Sailor
- yes with proper items he could be "strong to the spinach because he
  eats his spinach."

Kick Costume(better look)
Head - Formal Hat
Face - Sunglass & Pipe or Eye Patch
U. Body - Emblem
L. Body - Gold Leggings or Aura
color 1 - white(for popeye look) blue or dark cyan(for sailor look)
color 2 - none or black(for popeye look) white or red(for sailor look)
color 3 - white(for popeye look) blue or dark cyan(for sailor look)

Canadian Ranger
- Dragunov may have been from Russia but it's alright to go "Oh Canada"

Kick Costume
Head - Formal Hat
Face - Sunglass and Pipe or none
U. Body - Assault Rifle or Emblem
L. Body - Gold Leggings or Aura or None
color 1 - red
color 2 - white
color 3 - white

Russian Communist Dictator/Army Man
- now to hail the country of many countries where he himself was from

Kick Costume
Head - Formal Hat(Dictator) Wool Cap(Soldier)
Face - Sunglass & Pipe(Dictator) Gas Mask/Eye Patch or none(Soldier)
U. Body - Emblem or Mantle(Dictator) Assault Rifle or Emblem(Soldier)
L. Body - Gold Leggings or none(Dictator) none or Sabre(soldier)
color 1 - red
color 2 - black
color 3 - red

World War 2 American Troop
- Dragunov can also be a WW2 soldier who fought in the jungles of my
  country, the Philippines.

Punch Costume
Head - Helmet or Brown Hair
Face - Tactical Goggles
U. Body - Any(Assault Rifle looks better)
L. Body - Knife Belt
color 1 - green
color 2 - olive
color 3 - green

Douglas McArthur
- the American who helped in letting my country being free
  "I shall Return"

Head - Formal Hat
Face - Sunglass & Pipe
U. Body - Emblem or Mantle
L. Body - Aura or none
color 1 - Brown, no change or Red
color 2 - no change, black or White
color 3 - brown, no change or blue

Philippine National Police
- the police of the Philippines look like this...

Kick Costume
Head - Formal Hat
Face - none
U. Body - Assault Rifle or Emblem
L. Body - none or any(except for gold leggings)
color 1 - blue
color 2 - black
color 3 - blue or black

- basically because of the sabre...

Kick Costume
Head - Dizzy or no change
Face - eye patch
U. Body - Mantle
L. Body - Sabre
color 1 - up to you
color 2 - up to you
color 3 - up to you

Kane (WWE Superstar)
- for some reason, I found this...
Kick Costume has the equips, but punch costume has better color effects...

Head - Wool Cap or none
Face - gas Mask
U. Body - Emblem
L. Body - Aura
color 1 - red
color 2 - black
color 3 - red

Head - none or brown Hair
Face - Face Paint or Tactical Goggles
U. Body - assault riffle or none
L. Body - Aura
color 1 - red
color 2 - black
color 3 - black

Undertaker (WWE Superstar)
- yes, the deadman is alive in Dragunov

Kick Costume
Head - Formal Hat
Face - None
U. Body - Mantle looks best
L. Body - Aura
color 1 - black
color 2 - black
color 3 - black

Head - Brown Hair
Face - None
U. Body - Any except backpack
L. Body - Aura or Knee Pads
color 1 - black
color 2 - gray or black
color 3 - black

more to be announced

                        PART V
                   ~ DRAGUNOV JUGGLES ~
This is the author's own work

u/f+4, d+4,4, d+4,1,3
d/f+2, 2,1,3, d+4,1,3
qcf+2, 1,2,1, 1, qcf+2
ff+2, d/f+4, ff+4, WS+4, d+4,1,3
d/f+2, 1,1,1,1, qcf+1+2
                       =wall, f, d+4,1,3
3+4, WS+4, d+4,4, d+4,1,3
d+3,4, qcf+2, f+1, d+4,4, d+4,1,3
                          =d+4,4, wall, d+4,1,3
ff+2, SS, ff+4, 4, d+4,1,3
d/f+2, 1, 1, f, d/b+2,1,2
               =d/b+2,1,2, wall, d+4,1,3
d/f+2, 1,1,1, f, b+4,2, d+4,1,3
                                = wall, d+4,1,3
CH b+3, b+3,1, d/f+1, WS+1+2
b+2,1,3, d+4,4, d+4,1,3
d/f+2, 1,1,1, f, 2,1,3
                      =wall, qcf+1+2
d/b+2,1,2, qcf+2, d/b+2,1,2, f, qcf+1+2
d/b+3, WS+4, d+4,4, d+4,4,3
d/b+2,1,2, d+1+2
               = 1
               = 1+2
               = 2
f+2,4, qcf+2, 1,1,1, f, 2,1,3
f+2,4, d+1+2
d/f+2, u/f+3, d/f+1, b+2,1,3
ff+1+2, N, d+4,1,3
d/f+2, f+2,4, d+3,4
f+2(no hit)
          = ,4, SS, ff+4, WS+4, d+4,1,3
                                = d+3,4
d/f+2, 2,1, f+3, d+4,1,3
CH 1+2, d+4,1, d+4,1,3
any wall, 3+4
WS+2, 1,2,1, b+2,1,3
WS+2, 1,1,2,1, qcf+2
WS+2, 1,1, b+4,2, d+4,4,3
WS+2, 2,1, d/f+2, d+4,1,3
f+2(no hit),4, d+1+2
b+4,2,1, d+1+2_d/b+1+2
                      = 1
                      = 2
                      = 1+2
b+4,2,1, qcf+2
              = u/f+4, d+4,1,3
              = 1,1, 1,3,1
              = b+3,1, b+4,2
                            = N, (opponent rolls), d+4,4, d+4,1,3
              = 1,1,1, f+1, qcf+1+2
              = 1, 1,2,1
              = 1, d/f+1, b+2,1,3
              = d/b+2,1,2
              = 2,1,3, d+4,1,3
              = 1,1, 1,2,1
CH f,f+2
        = f+3, d+4,1,3
        = f,f+4, WR+4, d+4,1,3
        = d/f+2, 2,1, 2,1,3
        = d+4,1, d+4,1,3
qcf+2, u/f+4, d+4,4,3
qcf+2, u/f+4, d+4,4, d+4,4, wall, f, 1,2,1, [CH]d/b+3
qcf+4, 1,3,4,2

more to be announced

                    ~ Dragunov VS Mode ~
This part will show you how to prevent adding a loss to your record
this is based on the author's own experience in the Philippines only.
I would add some GHOST AI and actual Player battles.

A. Dragunov VS Lili
Being a 2nd Dan Lili, here's what you should always avoid.

qcf, WR+2
   = 3
   = 4
   = 3
   = 4

Lili's ten hit combo goes like this...

h h m m l l m l h
 counter here (facing oppenent d/f or U[jump])
one of her most favored moves is the d/f+3+4, counter it by SS all the
way to her back and grapple her for strong damage or juggle her.

pros of fight:
you can always connect with a quick d+4,1,3
you can cheat her by using Tundra Tackle (d+1+2_d/b+1+2)

cons of fight:
she always connects with something unpredictable
less agile

B. Dragunov vs Marduk

falling down
ready postion(d/b+1+2) then tackle (1+2)
CH f+2
FC, qcf+4 

counter his tackle with SS or qcf+1+2
dont use u/f+4 often becuase he can catch you with a grapple(it happens)
Marduk is too strong to fall victim to a good grapple
falling down will just annoy you with the FC, qcf+4 until you die. this
really pisses people off.

your tundra tackle could give him a taste of his own medicine
d/f+2 and quick juggles
if you stick to him like glue with continuous moves like 2,1 b+2,1,3
d/b+2,1,2 just dont let him go.

he's stronger
has ready position
most Marduk users could really estimate the battlefield like an engineer

C. Dragunov vs King

the string grapples
SS grapples (like ready position)

if you fall victim to the string grapples, it's game over.
King juggles are not so good but his lifters are kinda clever
can stun you well

kinda faster
kinda stronger
you have better lifters and continuous moves that can connect with lifters

most Kings memorized the string grapple
falling down gives him a good advantage
a faster, equal strength version of Marduk

D. Dragunov VS Kazuya

f, N, d/f+2

the flash uppercut (f, N, d/f+2) is very deadly
if he keeps on doing the same moves (like 1,2,3 3,1 1,2,2 etc) its hard
can stun you well with lots of damage

more lifters
have better counter hits
can connect with quick moves
can trip him well
Kazuya has limited lifters

fast lifters
good stun
good connection with trips

E. Dragunov vs Jin

qcf+4, 3+4

I encountered a Jin that kinda distorts the graphics with a stance or SS

more lifters
almost all the way better but...

has ways to really beat you

F. Dragunov vs Asuka

1+4,2,4,4,4 ...

Asuka is agile, quick and confusing. I have a good friend that uses Asuka
and he uses the same moves but it's too hard to counter.

better throws
better juggles

she has almost every advantage (speed, agility, decent throws and juggles)
annoying continuous attacks
falling down often
roll back delay

G. Dragunov VS Nina

d/f+3,2,1 ...
SS moves
f, qcf+2

Nina, assasin, just those two words should piss you off.
Nina is an assasin for a reason, infact I'll give you some reasons to
make you hate her.

1. She does grapples like KING
2. Does great stun moves making you prone to juggles

you have the same favored moves, use this knowledge of her moveset to
your advantage

again, same moveset, if she knows what you're trying to do, your dead
I could name more, but the name NINA should just do this good...
for now...

H. Dragunov vs Anna

CH qcf+1
falling down

Anna, sister of Nina, same stuff but she'll be less trouble to you
unlike Nina.


continuous moves
falling down
some similar moves

I. Dragunov vs Steve


Steve is fast and strong too, the perfect boxer. So just watch out.
The good thing here is that he's just limited to punches.

you can kick (hehe)
quicker (different from faster, meaning no special stances needed)

falling down
d/b+2 is annoying

                       PART VI
                     ~ F A Q s ~  

Q. Will there be a PSP version?
A. Maybe... More of NO than yes becuase I DO NOT OWN A PSP AND I WOULD
   RATHER WAIT FOR THE PS3. Also, it would be pretty much the same thing
   only with a new devil within/tekken force mode, theatre mode, a
   separate survival, time-attack, story and arcade mode.

Q. How can I earn more G faster?
A. Win.


   Just Win all you matches you can, if you want some extra 225G then
   exchange 1 playcount and play the AI, beat Jinpachi and get the extra
   225G. Or you can get a ghost character to get G for you. Also, beating
   higher ranked opponents will give an extra 100 or 200 to your 1000G.
   1 last thing, some begginers get a "Tekken Roulete"(the red light on
   the time attack screen above the life bar) so just take advantage of
   this, and if you lose, you could still moultiply the G you earned by
   X2, X3, X5 or X10.

Q. How I can I leave a ghost in the machine?
A. I'm not sure.
   I never knew how I got my Lili become a ghost in the machine.
   You'll get a sign in your data card after inputting it in the machine
   saying "Your Ghost has Earned ___G". Here's some tips on how I THINK I
   got a ghost character:
   1. Win, simple right?
   2. Attain a high ranking (like Dan rank or higher, sometimes 3rd kyu
   3. Keep playing at the same machine. After being a usual customer, at
      some point you should be made a ghost.
   4. Defeat other Ghost characters
   I'm never sure how you could get a ghost but I just think this is how.

Q. I have the same name as another ghost, what do I do?
A. Change your name. Or you could make your character look different.
   Add some stuff like !! >.< :P and other stupid smileys. What's important
   is that you have a better fighting techniqe.

Q. How can I promote my ranking faster?
A. Here's how, depending on your ranking:
   Begginer - 1st Kyu = Just beat any non-AI character and gain a winning
   streak of 2 or 3, the 4th battle will give you a promotion chance.
   losing also works! hahahahaha!! >.<
   1st Dan and Higher = Beat higher level opponents(ex. 1st Dan[You] VS
   2nd Dan[him]) even if he's higher by just 1, it's all good. Gain a
   winning streak of 2 or 3 then there will be a promotion chance.
   NOTE: I noticed that sometimes you just beat non-AI characters with
   you Dan rank and fight a higher rank, you'll earn a promotion chance.
   NOTE: You can only get promotion chances whose at-most 2 ranknings
   above you(for first Dan and higher) ex. 1st Dan(you) vs Warrior(him)
   even if you won 100 straight matches before this, theres no way you'll
   get a promotion chance... sucks, dosen't it?

Q. Whats "Demtion Risk" and how do I avoid it?
A. A Demotion Risk match will warn you that if you lose the Demotion Risk
   match, your ranking will be lowered by 1. To avoid it is by winning.
   Getting a losing streak will give you a demotion risk, 2-4 loses will
   give you a demotion risk at your next match.
   NOTE: This only works for 2nd Dan or higher

Q. My data card is damaged, will I lose my chracter?
A. NO. depending on how bad it looks, I can never say. But if you play
   with the FRONT side of your card, its ok. I once pasted a picture of my
   favorite band on my card and it was still ok, I took it out, now it's
   all damaged and stuff, but it's ok. So the thing to remember is:
   NEVER PLAY WITH THE BACK SIDE OF YOUR CARD!! Tampering with the serial
   number will destroy your card.

Q. Theres a cheat in taking advantage of the Roulete, how do i do this?
A. The only time you can cheat the Roulete is by pressing start many
   times and the up or down buttons.. ex. if you have X2 it'll be X3 or X10
   if you successfully do this, hey a X3 is better than X2, better yet an
   X10!! :p


                      PART VII
                   ~ Legal Stuff ~
here is the legal junk...

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site except for tekkenzaibatsu.com
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyrite (C) 2006 Juan Miguel Villanueva

                      PART VIII
                  ~ Special Thanks ~

I would like to thank the following:
NAMCO for the best fighting game ever
tekkenzaibatsu.com for the information and for being the best TEKKEN site
gamefaqs.com for the best game site
youtube.com for the combo videos
All my friends in De La Salle Zobel
My Tekken Buddies in Alabang Town Center
My parents for supplying the money for me to play the game
and all who read this FAQ, thanks for your time in reading my work.

                      PART IX
                   ~ A U T H O R ~

Hi I'm Juan Miguel Villanueva, Juan Mig for short, 14 years old(07/04/06).
I study at DLSZ as of the momment and usually found at ATC every weekend.
I own a Lili named .:LuSt:.
a Dragunov named Sloth The Awakened
a Armor King named Greed The Restless
My Lili is just a 4th Dan and has a record of 268-130.
My Dragunov is just a 3rd Dan at a 72-84 record
My Armor King is just a 1st Dan at a 50-30 record
Thats all I could say about myself and thank you for reading this!

please if you have any corrections, comments, suggestions & 
violent reactions, please curse me, insult me, and mock me all you want
at my e-mail: juanmigv@yahoo.com or juanmigv_faqs@yahoo.com
thank you again!! >.<