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Controls for grab and taunt?

How do you grab in this game? Is it like sf2 where you just hit medium punch or kick to throw or is it like sf3 where you hit both weak punch and kick at the same time? Also, is taunt like sf3 again where you hit both strong punch and kick at the same time?

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Freestyle471 answered:

In SF4 grab is:

Light Punch + Light Kick

In SF4 Taunt is:

Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick

In SF4 Focus Attack is:

Medium Punch + Medium Kick

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Darkmeltdown answered:

Light Punch and Light Kick pressed together will allow for a throw. Certain characters such as Chun-Li and Guile can use this command in the air. Hard Punch and Hard Kick pressed together will allow for a taunt.
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