Prepare for the most exciting flight simulation you've even experienced and enter the world of 3D as you've never seen it before! In FIGHTER BOMBER feel the thrill and reality of flying the world's most advanced military hardware and classic jet aircraft of our time. You'll be at the controls of devastatingly powerful machines, each responding just like the real thing. Master up to seven of the featured aircraft and enter the Strategic Air Command's annual bombing competition, where the action takes place in the skies above South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. FIGHTER BOMBER creates a whole world within your computer for you to explore. Fly over rivers, highways, mountains, pastures, farms, cities, lakes - an endless list of places to discover. Using the unique "free spirit" control, view the world from an infinite number of perspectives and zero in on the action. FIGHTER BOMBER brings you the future of 3D simulation software NOW!

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