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   |  _  || |    | | | | | |  | | | |||_/ /||  |||  _/
   | | | || |__  | | | |_/ /  | |_/ /|   \ ||__||| |
   |_| |_|\____/|___||____/   |____/ |_|\_\\____/|_|     

Acid Drop FAQ/Walkthrough by red soul
Made originally for the European Atari 2600 version
You can contact me via e-mail at: numandina@gmail.com


Acid Drop is a game similar to Columns; columns consisting of three
differently coloured pieces fall down until they reach the bottom of
the screen. What you have to do is move the columns and change the 
order of coloured pieces so that you arrange three same colour pieces
next to each other, vertically of horizontally. Once you do that, your
created line of three pieces will disappear. The game ends when the
screen is filled with pieces and no more columns can go down.


Left/Right: Move the columns left/right.
Down: Make the column go down faster.
Up: Tilt the column horizontally or vertically.
Fire: Change the order of coloured pieces.


Similarly to Tetris, you'll see columns falling down and it shows
at the top what the next column will be like. You can push down to
make the columns go down faster and right and left to move the column
in that direction. The columns are vertical and contain three 
differently coloured pieces (sometimes two or three pieces will have
the same colour). Pressing fire will have these three pieces move to
an "upper" position so you could later arrange three pieces with the same
colour next to each other, either vertically, or horizontally. Once you
do that, these three pieces will disappear and you continue arranging

There are a few things to note about Acid Drop. First, you can't do
combos due laziness in programming. For example, look at the following
|        | Now if the column keeps falling down as it is, then three "%"
|        | pieces will be next to each other and will disappear. When
|   *    | they do, the pieces above them will go down in their places
|   %    | and there will result three "*" pieces next to each other.
|   #    | This should result in another three pieces disappearing but
|        | it doesn't happen for some reason.
| &* &%  |
| %% *@  | When two three piece lines happen similtaneously though, 
| #* &%  | the two lines that result disappear so thank god for that.
| %*#*@  |

Another annoying thing is that you can't arrange three pieces in a 
diagonal manner, thus making the game extremely simple and with no
strategy. This, along with the previous annoyance, makes it very 
important to always plan way way ahead and organizing columns very

Pushing up will make the columns tilt horizontally. Use this when 
you're with a column containing two or three pieces of the same colour
and another one or two similar pieces are at the bottom of the screen
lying horizontally. Other than this, its use is very limited due to
the short width of the screen.

After a number of points, a four piece column will come down. What 
you have to do is make this column touch as many pieces as possible
because it makes the pieces it comes in contact with disappear. This
column is white and is already tilted horizontally so quickly choose
the path with the most number of pieces in it and make it go down there.
After this happens, you will have finished the "level" and a new level
starts that has faster moving columns. That is all.


Q.How does scoring work?
A.For every piece that disappears you get 100 points multiplied
  by the number of level you are in.

Q.What are the different colours of the pieces?
  White (end level column).

Q.What the heck is that horrible music playing at the background?
  I now I've heard it somewhere.
A.It's Beethoven's Fur Elise, butchered and mutilated beyond belief.
  This is, without doubt, the most horrible musical piece in a video
  game ever.

Q.How many levels are there?
A.There are 30 levels.

Q.Is there any way around the no combo problem?
A.Well if the resultant three similar pieces are on the surface,
  you can put a fourth piece with them and make them all disappear,
  so it's not all bad

Q.What is the game screen's width/height?
A.7 by 18 pieces.

Q.When will I jump to the next level?
A.I'd say after a hundred disappeared pieces, give or take a couple.

Q.Was this game ever released in the US?

If you want this on your site, ask me first. Acid Drop is copyright
Salu, the Atari 2600 is copyright Atari, and this document is 
copyright red soul.

No thanks to Salu for making this game.
Thanks to Atari for making the Atari 2600.
Thanks to God for everything.
Thanks to CJayC for making GameFAQs.
Thanks to me for writing this.
Thanks to you for reading it.

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