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'||'''|,        ||     .|';         '||` '||`     ''|, 
 ||   ||  ''    ||     ||            ||   ||     '  || 
 ||...|'  ||  ''||''  '||'   '''|.   ||   ||       .|' 
 ||       ||    ||     ||   .|''||   ||   ||      //   
.||      .||.   `|..' .||.  `|..||. .||. .||.    ((... 
'||                    ||    
 ||                    ||    
 ||     .|''|, ('''' ''||''  
 ||     ||  ||  `'')   ||    
.||...| `|..|' `...'   `|..' 
||       '''|.  \\  // .|''|, '||''| `||''|,  ('''' 
||      .|''||   \\//  ||..||  ||     ||  ||   `'') 
`|....' `|..||.   \/   `|...  .||.   .||  ||. `...' 

For play on Atari 2600
Presented by BoredGamer
Version: .7
Last Updated: 11/12/02
Phase: Technically Complete

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8/20/2001- This FAQ is currently under way.  Did the basic layout.

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information I could put on it, I certainly will.  Did most of the 

8/22/2001- The Legal Bit is up.  Completed the walkthrough section.  
Added a little to the FAQ.  Also did the Introduction and the Item 
section to complete this FAQ.  It's even been spellchecked!  As my boss 
would say, "What a deal!"

8/23/2001- Just got hit with some new information.  Thanks to CJayC, I 
can brush up on Pitfall 2 101.  Sections 1 and 3 got some make overs to 
suit.  I'll be correcting the fallacies within the guide tonight and 
maybe tomorrow if I don't finish. 

8/24/2001- Added the first reference to this game with a link and added 
it to my final section.   Added a new question to the FAQ section on how 
to dodge flying enemies.  I also revamped the walkthrough to suit the 
corrections.  So Quickclaw is no longer called "The Monkey."  But dang!  
I swear that looks more like a monkey than a cat!

8/27/03- FAQ-wide update...

Reference credit goes to:

Pitfall Harry's Lost Video Game Cavern 

Contents According to Joe
Section 1: Introduction
1A: Harry Returns
1B: The Game
Section 2: Enemies
Section 3: Items, Etc.
Section 4: Walkthrough
4A: Beginning to First Checkpoint
4B: First Checkpoint to Second Checkpoint
4C: Second Checkpoint to Third Checkpoint
4D: Third Checkpoint to Fourth Checkpoint
4E: Fourth Checkpoint to Fifth Checkpoint
4F: Fifth Checkpoint to End of Game
Section 5: FAQ
Section 6: Legal Bit
Section 7: Thank You and Goodbye



After the major success of the original Pitfall! (which deemed it worthy 
of the title "classic"), Activision soon followed up with a sequel 
called Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns.  They obviously wanted to take a 
different approach that most video games did not feature; an actual end 
to the game!  In Pitfall 2, you play as Pitfall Harry yet again.  This 
time, he's making his way through caverns full of dangerous animals and 
unknown perils in a cave beneath Peru.  

In this, Pitfall Harry, his niece Rhonda, and her cat Quickclaw have all 
been sent down to some unknown caverns after a treasure called The Raj 
Diamond, which was stolen a century ago.  However, Harry and the others 
become lost.  So, Harry decides to look for his niece, her cat, and the 
Raj Dimamond.  On top of that, there are also various gold bars from the 
US and a stone-age rat that someone really wants for research.


This is probably the most frustrating game I've ever played.  The action 
button allows you to jump.  Basically, you run through various areas in 
this game, mostly through a cavern.  You dodge enemies and grab gold for 
points.  Every time you are hit by an enemy, you are sent back to a 
place known as a red cross.  Red crosses serve as checkpoints in the 
game.  Not counting the one you start on, there are five red cross 
checkpoints in all.  As you are slowly returning to the checkpoint, you 
are also losing points.  The object of the game is to get to the 
almighty goal with as many points as possible.  

The major thing that makes this game frustrating is trying to dodge 
some/all of the enemies, especially in the last couple of areas 
(described in sections 4E and 4F).  The two that seem to be the most 
problematic are the bat and the condor.  Most of the other enemies pose 
very little threat, although they do pop up a quite often.  Also note 
that dropping from any height and landing on ground will reduce your 
points by 100.

The game ends when you've found Rhonda, the Raj Diamond, and Quickclaw.  


While you may have infinite lives, so to speak, there are still perils 
waiting for you down in the heart of the jungle and in the caves.  Each 
one runs the same pattern, so they can all be dodged with the same 

Bats- Probably the most common next to the condors.  These creatures bob 
up and down while flying.

Condors- Also very common.  They fly in a sort of wide, v-shaped 
pattern; rising to the top of the screen (or basically just the area), 
then descending.  

Albino Scorpions- Little arachnids that crawl on the ground.  Very 
poisonous.  They can be avoided by simply jumping over them.

Poisonous Frog- Usually found jumping over a hole or ladder.  To avoid 
them when they're over a ladder, wait until they are on the side 
opposite of you and crawl a little bit down the ladder.  When they jump 
back over you, crawl out and you're home free.

Electric Eels- Shock the water when they get extremely angry.  Not very 
commonly found. 


Gold- Worth 5000 points each!  Woohoo!  It's found all throughout the 
game.  There are 28 of them in all.

Rhonda- Can be found between the third and fourth red cross after using 
the balloons.  She's worth 10,000 points.

Quickclaw- Rhonda's cat.  You can actually see him below you at the very 
beginning of the game.  Worth 10,000 points.

Primitive Rat- This one actually keeps you from getting to Quickclaw 
from the beginning.  The only way to obtain this one is to grab it from 
behind.  Gives you 15,000 points.

Raj Diamond- Hidden somewhere in the game.  Worth 20,000 points.



You will start the game with 4000 points.  Below you is what appears to 
be a monkey.  That's actually Quickclaw, the cat.  He's one of the 
things that you must obtain to finish the game.  The other two being 
Rhonda and the Raj Diamond.  Now, move forward.  The first enemy you'll 
see is a common bat.  He's no trouble.  Just keep walking normally as 
there is no need to dodge the bat.  Notice that rat creature on the 
level below you?  That is the primitive rat that you can grab for an 
extra 15,000 points.  That is trying to keep you from having a shortcut 
to Quickclaw.  So, you cannot just drop into the water and make your way 
from there.  Next screen should have a condor.  Dodge the condor (if you 
should happen to fall in the water, there should be a gold bar in the 
next screen beneath the scorpion and one beneath the waterfall) to the 
best of your ability and move to the next screen with a scorpion.  
Timing is your friend here.  Jump over the scorpion and over the hole.  
If at any point you should fall into the water, don't fret too much.  
Just keep heading straight to the right and you should hit some land.  
Just be sure to avoid the eel.  After the scorpion should be an empty 
area with just a hole.  The screen after that has a frog.  In the enemy 
section of this FAQ, I told you the best way to dodge a frog in this 
position.  When it is on the side opposite of you, crawl down the ladder 
and wait until it jumps over you.  Then, crawl out and progress.  You'll 
need this tactic a couple times in this game.  After the frog is another 
blank screen with a hole.  Just keep heading to the right.  After the 
hole should be a piece of gold rewarding you 5000 points.  

Head back to where the frog is.  Now, this time climb all the way down 
and jump into the water and make your way to the left.  Underneath the 
dropoff/waterfall type thing from above should be some more gold.  Go 
for it.  Now, head back to dry land.  Right after getting on land should 
be a screen with a scorpion.  Jump it and continue.  You're almost to 
the first checkpoint.  Next screen should have about three floors.  
Climb down to the middle and grab the gold.  Finally, climb down to the 
bottom floor and step on the red cross.


After the red cross should be some gold.  Grab it and head down the 
ladder, then walk to the left.  Woohoo! More gold!  Grab that and head 
back to the right until you reach the screen with a frog.  You'll notice 
that there is also a bat a floor below the frog.  Only climb down the 
ladder when both the frog and the bat are out of the way.  This part can 
be tricky, but dodge the bat below the frog as best as you can and head 
left to grab some gold.  After that, work your way down some more.  The 
next three floors are pretty much useless, so just keep going.  You 
should see a floor that has gold just sitting on the right side.  Above 
that floor is an actual useful floor.  Walk over to the left and you'll 
see some gold.  Grab it.  Those other floors I deemed useless were 
really just drop offs to here, but either way it would've cost you 100 
gold (unless you feel that's a worthy sacrifice).  Now, walk back out to 
the main climbing area, descend and grab the gold on the right side.  

The left side is another drop off.  Keep heading down.  Avoid the next 
floor with the bat on it and head to the one below it.  Go to the left.  
There should be two bats flying, one higher than the next.  Dodge the 
lower bat and climb down the ladder to claim some gold.  Walk back out.  
Watch out for the bat and climb down.  The next two floors on the left 
side are dropoffs.  Just climb down to grab the gold on the right side.  
Keep climbing after you do.  After the floor with two boulders on each 
side should be one with a bat on it.  Dodge the bat and work your way to 
the left to grab some gold.  Continue climbing down afterwards.  Again, 
the next two floors are dropoffs.  You should come to some gold sitting 
on the left side (it's not on another screen because there's two 
boulders on each side of the floor).  Grab the gold.   The floor just 
above the frog should be a drop off.  You should notice that not only is 
there a frog on the next floor down, but a bat on the floor after it.  
Dodge the two of them carefully.  It could be tricky, but practice makes 
perfect.  Grab the gold on the right side after the bat and keep going.  
Eventually, you should reach the bottom.  Dodge the frog and move to the 
left.  Careful if you should fall in the water.  Not only is there a bat 
waiting, but an eel as well.  

The next screen should have a hole and a scorpion.  Dodge them both.  
After that screen should be the second checkpoint.


Do not drop into the water.  Walk to the screen on the left and wait on 
the ledge for the bat to pass overhead.  A balloon should appear.  Time 
your jump just right and grab the balloon.  It should take you upwards.   
To slow down the ascent, push down.  Do so above the ledge to the right 
and let the bat pop your balloon.  Now, head into the next screen and 
grab the goodies.  Grab the balloon and slow it down such that it pops 
due to the bat and you land on the left side just above the ledge you 
were on.  Run into the next screen and grab the gold.  You don't need to 
climb just yet.  In fact, I'd recommend you continue ascending with the 
balloon.  The next two ledges (right, then left) are pretty much 
useless.  The right side after that should be good, though.  Walk into 
the next screen and avoid the condors as best as you can.  Climb all the 
way up and grab the gold.  Now, climb down avoiding them yet again.  
Walk back out, rise up the the side on the left and into the next 
screen.  Grab the gold and walk back out onto the ledge.  Get to the 
next ledge on the right and enter.  Jump over the scorpion and get past 
the condor to get some gold on the top floor.  Climb back down and out 
and wait for another balloon.  You really don't need to go onto the next 
ledge to the left.  You'll be going that way anyway.  That does not mean 
that you shouldn't right now.  If you feel like doing so, then go right 
ahead.  The next one, however, has one last piece of gold for you to 
take.  It is also the last ledge on the right side. Just dodge the 
scorpions when you make your way through.  

Finally, grab the last balloon and head to the top left ledge.  There 
should be a checkpoint inside a few floors down.  


[NOTE: While there is one of the items necessary for the goal (the Raj 
Diamond) if you take one of the dropoffs, I'm doing a full walkthrough 
for this part assuming you take the ladders all the way down.  I will 
indicate at the necessary spot where the diamond  is]

Climb up all the way and get Rhonda at the top for 10,000 points.  Cool!  
You're 1/3 of the way to your objective.  On the floor below the man 
takes you to a dropoff on the left.  Use caution if you're going to head 
that way.  Assuming you didn't, dodge the scorpion on your way back down 
and keep moving.  Keep your eye out for the frog and continue to 
descend.  There should be another floor with a scorpion on it.  The left 
side will take you to another dropoff.  Use it only if you wish.  If you 
decide to, rock on!  You really don't need to take the ladders down, but 
it does add to the challenge factor a bit.  Why do I say rock on?  Jump 
directly off the platform (that is, jump to the left and keep holding 
left).  You should land on a ledge on the left side.  Enter the room.  
Inside is the Raj Diamond giving you 20,000 points!  Yipee!  Now 2/3 of 
the puzzle solved!  If chose not to jump off the ledge (which hopefully 
you did to get the diamond), then keep heading down the ladder.  After 
the scorpion, there should be three floors with the following enemies in 
this order: bat, condor, bat.  Dodge them all and make your way to the 
floor below the bat.  If you didn't get the gold before when you took 
the balloons, then do so now.  You should then come to four floors in a 
row with bats on them.  The fourth floor has yet another drop off on the 
left side.  If you still wish to endure the ladders, then read on.  Then 
there should be a combination of three more floors like this: condor, 
bat, condor.  Dodge them all and make your way to the floor below the 
last condor mentioned.  If you didn't grab the gold, there it is for the 
pickin'.  Again, the left side is a dropoff.  You sure you want to 
continue taking the scenic route?  If so, then continue reading.  Now 
there should be a series of four bats.  

The last bat is the bottom floor!  WOOHOO!  You made it!  Don't fall in 
the water, walk to the screen on the left and walk over the next 


After crossing the checkpoint, go left.  Jump over the scorpion and keep 
going.  Grab the gold on the next screen and climb the ladder.  Dodge 
the condor and walk right into the next screen.  There should be another 
condor there.  Argh!  Dodge it as well and climb again.  There should be 
a couple bats after that. Dodge them and ascend again.  More condors?  
It keeps going in this pattern for a long time.  After a couple bats, 
there should a small break in the cycle.  There're no enemies here, but 
there is a condor above you.  I refer to this place as The Safe Haven.  
You can also walk into another screen on the right and grab some gold.  
Yeah!  Walk back and climb all the way up.  There is no reason to go to 
the other screen on the right of the condor above The Safe Haven unless 
you wish to trouble yourself and possibly start this area over again.  
Dodge the bats and climb.  Again, you should get two ladders in a row 
and again you should climb straight to the top for the same reason as 
before.  Head left.  Dodge the bat and climb up the ladder.  Avoid the 
condor as best as you can and head right.  There should be another 
condor with gold above him.  If you didn't grab the ring, then you 
should be able to see it now.  Walk left and climb two floors.  Ahh... 
The final checkpoint!


The screen to the right of the checkpoint has some more gold.  Grab it 
and be prepared to make a climb.  Beware the condor and head right 
again.  After that should be a similar design with bats.  For the next 
10 floors, you will see this pattern without any breaks, gold, or side 
screens for a few floors.  So, from here on, all you do is dodge.  
Eventually, you should come to a part with a scorpion and a path to the 
left.  Head to the left and grab the gold.  Now, head back out.  Jump 
the scorpion and head to the next floor up.  Grab the gold on the left, 
head back out and jump the scorpion here too and climb the ladder to the 
top.  A roof.  Can it be... THE TOP! YES!!! Watch out for the scorpion 
up here and walk left.  Dodge the bat and climb the ladder.  There 
should also be a frog up there.  This is probably one of the trickiest 
parts of the game.  To get past the frog, wait until the bat is clear 
out of your way and climb the ladder.  Wait until the frog has been 
carefully planted onto one side of the hole and jump out on the opposite 
side.  Make sure the bat doesn't get you while you're waiting.    Get 
past the frog and there is the Quickclaw at the very top.  ... But wait!  
Head right and give the primitive rat a little push and it should run.  
Keep pushing him until it gets to the edge.  Push it at the edge and 
obtain the primitive rat, gaining 15,000 points.  Now, go grab the 
Quickclaw for a last 10,000 points and watch Pitfall Harry jump up and 
down for a few seconds.  That's it.  Game over.  You've succeeded.  Good 
job!  Now, try to see if you can grab all 28 pieces of gold, Rhonda, 
Quickclaw, the Raj Diamond, and the primitive rat without getting 
touched.  Sounds impossible, but it can be done.  

/  SECTION 5: FAQ  \ 

Q: Is there any way to kill enemies?
A: Nope.  You can only dodge them.

Q: Can you eventually get a game over from dying?
A: Strangely, no.  The only way to get a game over is to either grab the 
monkey or turn the game off.  Basically, "game over" is determined by 
your patience rather than your amount of lives.  Even if you run out of 
points, the game continues.

Q: Do you know where I can download the ROM?
A: As I've said before: Yes, but I'm not telling.  

Q: What purpose is there to gathering all the gold, etc.?
A: To get more points.  The object is to basically finish the game with 
as many points as possible.  The most amount of points that can be 
scored is 199,000 according to the instruction manual.

Q: Are there any secret rooms?
A: None that I know of. If someone out there does know one, do tell.

Q: Do you need to grab the rat?
A: No.  The rat is mainly just a bonus.  It is, however, necessary to 
grab if you're looking to get a flawless ending.

Q: What is that monkey thing at the beginning?
A: Strangely enough, it's actually a cat.  It's name is Quickclaw.

Q: What's the best way to dodge the flying enemies (bats and condors)?
A: Timing.  It's very hard for me to describe, but timing is a major 
key.  Basically, what I usually do is run away from the enemy with it 
right behind me.  When I see an opening (i.e. when it's about to reach 
the highest point of ascent), I run under it.  It's not something that 
comes natural.  It's something you're going to have to work at.  The 
more you try, the better you'll get at it.  Just a tip: Look out for the 
condor's wing.  I still get hit by the condor's wing quite often while 
it's down, even though the condor is pretty close to the the top of its 


This FAQ is copyright 2001-2003 to Joe Shaffer, aka BoredGamer.  Any use 
of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way, shape, or form without 
confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.  This can be 
used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is no 
profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this 
includes magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without 
my solid approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and 
probably will, result in legal actions.


Thanks goes to the following...

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for GameFAQs and for giving me a link to a web page 
with some extremely good information on this game.  I appreciate the 
fact that he actually took some time out of a busy day and send that 
information that would help me in making this a much better FAQ than the 
.61 version.

Activision and David Crane for giving birth to the Pitfall franchise.

Pitfall Harry's Lost Video Game Cavern for some extra information on 
goals and storylines (the whole instruction book was scanned there).  
You can find this great Pitfall site at 

My brother's friend, Jimmy, for trading this game to me for one I played 
a lot less.  This one turned out to be my favorite Atari 2600 game.

(c) Joe Shaffer 2001-2003