FAQ/Walkthrough by red soul

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Superman FAQ/WAlkthrough by red soul
Made originally for the NTSC US Atari 2600 version
You can contact me via e-mail at: numandina@gmail.com


Superman. A very common and well known Atari 2600 game
and quite possibly the very first adventure game ever
made. After a day of world saving Superman returns to
the ground and changes to Clark Kent to head for the
Daily Planet. But on his way Lex Luther appears and
destroys the bridge leading to Clark's destination,
thus prompting Clark to go back to the phonebooth and
change back into Superman once again. Will Superman
succeed in putting Lex Luther and his evil minions
behind bars, fix the bridge that they had destroyed
AND reach his job in time? Of course, he's Superman!


Stick: Move/Fly
Fire + Direction: Use X-Ray vision.

World Map

You can find a map of Metropolis I made over here:


It will help you in getting around the non-grid complex screens
of the game. 

Objects and Characters

There are a lot of different things in the game that you can
interact with. This is indeed a very complex game for its time.

Phone Booth

This is where you start the game. After the bridge is destroyed
go here to change into Superman. And after the bridge is repaired
and all of the bad guys have taken care of, go back here to change
back into Clark Kent to head for the Daily Planet. You cannot use
the phone booth except in these two situations.

Daily Planet

This is your objective. You need to go to the Daily Planet as Clark
Kent. When you do that you'll have completed the game. But in order
to be able to change back into Kent you'll need to have fixed the
bridge and got rid of the bad guys first. If you go to the Daily 
Planet as Superman you will reach a screen that goes into other
subway screens in all four directions.

Subway Entrance

There are four of these and they look like some kind of door. When
enter one of them you'll be transported to a subway screen that leads
to another part of the city when exited. Use it as a shortcut when
you need to go somewhere in a hurry.

Bridge Piece

There are three of them and can be found in any screen (not random,
but a certain jet will change its position every now and then). You'll
need to collect three piece to fix the bridge. Gather them one by one
and drop them off at the bridge's location to have it magically rebuild.


They're the dudes wearing helmets and carrying around a machine gun.
They won't hurt you and you should pick them up one by one and drop
them off in jail. The number of thugs left in the city will be apparent
at the top of the screen. Each small rectangle represents a thug and the
big square represents Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor

He's riding a jet-pack and flys similarly to superman (albeit slower)
and can carry around objects and drop them off as well. Your job is
to pick him up and dropping him off in jail. He is represented by a
square at the top of the screen (next to your score). Since he can
pick up bridge parts and toss other items around it would be better
if you take care of him as fast as you can.

Jet Plane

It's a plane that will carry around anything it sees and fly around
with it. You can't do anything to it except lift it and drop it off
someplace else or take whatever it's holding. To tell you the truth
though you're better off just leaving it alone and only interevening
when it carries around something important like a bridge piece or 
Louis Lane.


It's a glowing thing that moves around and makes an annoying sound.
If you touch it Superman will lose the ability to fly unless he is
saved by Louis Lane. In the easy difficulty Louis Lane will always
be around when you touch Kryptonite but in the hard version you'll
have to look for her everwhere while on foot. Use the X-Ray power
to see whether or not Kryptonite is present in the screen you want
to go next so you could evade it accordingly.

Louis Lane

She's normally found wherever there's Kryptonite (easy difficulty)
or being carried around by the Jet-plane or by Lex Luthor. You can
tell it's her by the green dress she's wearing. When Superman touches
Kryptonite and loses the ability of flight, go to Louis Lane to have
her kiss you and give you back the ability to fly.


Q. Can I die in the game?
A. No. The game ends only when you reach the Daily Planet as Clark Kent.
   There's a timer that will tell you how good and fast you were as well.

Q. Any cheats?
A. Yes. As soon as you start hold fire and look at all four screens
   around you. Now when you come down you can go left or right without
   changing into Clark Kent first. Meaning you won't have to see the
   bridge explode and you will continue the game normally but without
   witnessing this certain scene, and without needing to collect the 
   bridge parts, thus saving a lot of time in the game.

Q. What's your record?
A. 56 seconds, without cheating.

Q. I want to share my record with you.
A. Fine, e-mail me and I'll put your score in the FAQ.

Q. I want to put your FAQ and/or your map on my site.
A. Just ask me first, okay?


Superman and the Atari 2600 are copyright Atari, 
this document is copyright red soul.

Thanks to God, Atari, CJayC and me for making this FAQ happen
and thank you for reading it.