A vicious band of roving hostile aliens has infested your planet's nine space stations. They are threatening the peace and security of your planet and the entire solar system.
It's up to you and the other members of your elite, interplanetary security force to regain control of the space stations. If you lose control of a vital station to the evil band, you have one last option. You must destroy the station entirely. To accomplish this final deed, you must find the secret code and take the code to the destruct console.
Play the game alone or with a friend. In a two-player game, each player has half the screen and controls a different member of the interplanetary security team. You can work together, level by level, to destroy the aliens in a space station, or work independently on different levels. Each space station has a different number of levels, from one to five.
During your adventure throughout each station, look for abandoned equipment and weapons. You can swap your Phaser for grenades and other more powerful weapons and gain added points, too! Explore the rooms on each level. Find food and sustenance to increase your health as you battle to win back those valuable space platforms.

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