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Pokemon Sun
  Hot: I like Verlisify
25.3K 590K 1 minute ago1m
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2
  Hot: Which original character will you play the most?
4.7K 90.3K 38 seconds ago38s
Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire - Trading
  Hot: Original Shiny Guild v.1264! #MakeTheSwitch
89.7K 2.69M 32 seconds ago32s
Battlefield 1
  Hot: So whats next?
1.33K 15.1K 45 seconds ago45s
Dark Souls III
  Hot: Are you disappointed that Yhorm is a gimmick battle?
46.7K 647K 8 minutes ago8m

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Fire Emblem Social/CYOA/Fanfiction Board
  A board for those who want to hang out and chat with...
843 80.8K 2 minutes ago2m
  Hot: The Awakening (CYOA)
37 2.4K 21 minutes ago21m
PlayStation VR
  Redefine your expectations of immersion in gaming....
55 386 8 minutes ago8m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  A place to actually talk about the GameFAQs Poll of the Day.
42 647 51 minutes ago51m
Zelda Series - General & Social
  Hot: Best Character #35 Long Live the King
284 8.5K 58 minutes ago58m

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Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #2908: The Top 10 Games Where You Play As A Ghost by Xoneris
22 481 8 hours ago8h
GameFAQs Competitions
  Gaming contests and competitions
101 6.76K 7 hours ago7h
Message Board Help
  Problems/questions about the boards? Ask/answer here...
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Site Suggestions
  Hot: Suggestion: More options for searching topics
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GameFAQs Contributors - FAQs and Guides
  Hot: FAQ of the Month Winners - September 2016
16 1.06K 6 hours ago6h

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