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5 years ago#51
At first, I was going to say Don't care. But after through the topic and futher considering things, I wouldn't like this at all. I prefer just the URL links.

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5 years ago#52
1: Do Not Want - I hate this idea and would block it/leave the site if you added it

Oh, please no. I prefer having just "text to image" links for when I want to see an image. Although allowing people to turn "images off" would be a compromise I'd consider. So many people post too many images as it is.

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5 years ago#53
5 - This has been a feature on almost every other message board site for years. Just allow embedding of external images into messages as opposed to uploading onto a GameFAQs server and you wouldn't even need any additional bandwidth.
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5 years ago#54
5, using text to image has demonstrated that sometimes it is necessary to make a good topic a lot better
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5 years ago#55
1. I like GameFAQs' easy to load pages, and too many images clogs up my browser.

If you do include this, you MUST include an option for users to return it to the way it is now.
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5 years ago#56
1: Crazy abuse, pages would take longer to load, too much clutter, won't look clean etc
5 years ago#57
2: Do Not Care - I have no love for this idea, but no real hate either

That's what TTI is for.

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5 years ago#58
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5 years ago#59
1. Do Not Want.
As has previously been said, I like the simplicity of the site.
5 years ago#60

Only if it can be turned on/off and has options to limit how wide the images appear (obviously allowing you to click them to see them in full size).

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