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#491Maxo996Posted 12/6/2010 4:02:52 AM

I would like to see this if implemented smoothly. Some split boards have such a small user-base or traffic it seems im usually put off posting on anything but the main board. If i could see them all meshed together with the appropriate board category, but also have it one one single board to where i know it's getting views, i would like this feature and dont know how it could hurt if you allow filters for the people who wouldnt want.
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1: Do Not Want - I hate this idea and would block it/leave the site if you added it

Honestly, I like some simplicity of GameFAQs. Adding features like this just isn't a good idea IMO.
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I feel that, though a smaller site could use such a feature, a site as large as GameFAQs would more or less be adding more clutter to the message boards.

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1 I've seen other boards do this and then the enforcing of them can get ridiculous. I've always viewed the 'split boards' option as a superior option. Less clutter in each topic type and it isn't really something you necessarily need to enforce.
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4: Do Want, I think this is a great Idea:) I made a error in my last post.