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4 years ago#421
4: Do want.
A better idea would be to simply keep the whole archive, but in a different place to the main topic list. Users could click "Topic archive" to view the old topics, in a different section and list to currently active ones.
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4 years ago#422
3. It depends how it is implemented. Sometimes the archived topics have good info.
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4 years ago#423
4 Do Want
4 years ago#424

I think that while the archived topics are a great source of information, a lot of games make their information null and void.
4 years ago#425

I think this is a great idea.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#427
Kind Of Want

The worst part of this idea will be that noobs that turn off archived topics won't be able to find the information they need and will assume that it isn't in the archives. I like the idea, but as you said, it could hide useful content. I know a few boards where this will definitely hide the more solid info of the board. You might want to include a link or button that shows the list of archived topics (or something similar). I think you should develop the idea more before you implement it.
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4 years ago#428
3: Kind Of Want

I like the idea of the board lists not counting archived topics but I think there should be a separate switch to turn off archived topics in the actual board.
What now...?
4 years ago#429
5. Do Want Now.
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4 years ago#430
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