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How many mods play MK8?Momogirl128/22 11:52PM
posting you arent >=13 yo
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Nykza168/22 11:48PM
hiya mods. what is your favorite type / brand of pickle?
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Mr_Lightbulb138/22 8:01PM
have you ever gotten offended by video games?Mynameispaul9668/22 2:43PM
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Can someone lose his/her account by jokingly saying "this is my brother posting" (Closed)CaioNV38/22 6:37AM
Meat sandwich (Closed)retrogoods78/21 9:29PM
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Mods, I have a question. (Closed)Diayamondo28/21 6:04PM
Is there a limit to how many links you can include in a topic/post?.Tweedsiders48/21 3:40PM
Why isn't there a board where mods can ask users questions?Luigi4President68/21 12:12PM
For those who played the original pokemon red/blue, which starter did you pick?
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Mynameispaul96118/20 10:28PM
Is it against the TOS to PM a mod a question?Realgully58/20 10:18PM
Do Mod debate and discuss in thread?supermichael1148/20 5:04PM
Would the secret of Santa be considered a spoiler?SalsaSavant38/20 4:56PM
Do you wish you were rich/famous? And are you jealous of rich people?Diayamondo88/20 11:45AM
Can I add any of you as friends?LightningAce1128/20 5:17AM
Not sure if this is the correct place for this but...tote_all28/19 10:53PM
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