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Will there ever be those karma % boosts?Sami_Khedira69/19 3:02AM
Who is in charge of the mods/admins? (Closed)iamlegend8239/19 12:13AM
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Regarding characters wearing a certain (slight Kill La Kill spoilers) outfit...Calwings39/18 4:28PM
When will we get opportunity to change our usernames again?MisterMyster61459/18 1:40PM
Mods: Do you like Youtube Poops? If so, which one stood out to you as the best?pigfish9919/18 11:40AM
question about site skins/colorsj3ffy39/17 10:01PM
Most amount of money youve spent in a single restaurant?
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robert21119/17 5:51PM
Your moderator application.
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_x_Phoenix_x_129/17 3:23PM
what was your 1st video game you've ever played?
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Mynameispaul96159/17 10:27AM
where is the board "i need to know" for questions about a game?gilbert1002129/16 10:34PM
Possible?GAMERTHELEGEND39/16 6:33PM
So Admins have to work certain hours, do they go to the office and such?Arcvalons69/16 4:55PM
Mods,what r ur opinions on wanting to date ur teacher
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PMDWarrior149/16 2:37PM
What happened to the LUE is it still around today? Is lueshi a bannable offense?Yombiee39/16 4:27AM
Why are you so incompetent.... (Closed)iamlegend8219/16 12:55AM
Pokemon questionFireMage777759/15 9:32PM