Question Bout Modin-(i would appreciate it if you blocked this off to non mods)

#1DarkPit7241775Posted 11/11/2013 3:16:32 PM
I don't care if I release this info to mods, or even others, but it would be easy if you still block it off from them.

But someday I wish to become a mod. I know, I know, I'm off by a GIANT 178 karma, but I will try to become a mod in 178-ish days. (btw I hate my username. lol I will try to change it to SlendySax77 by then. its my Trademarked name.) And right now my age is 10+7+4-14+6(so that you have enough time to block this off) but my b+day is in January so ill be 10+2+6-4 by then. but I want to know if I have to be older to become a mod or not. I want to know so I don't get my hopes up about even trying to make the application by being stopped first off because of my age.

(PS I'm srry if I make it seem like I know that ill become a mod, I know its very hard and this is all a "What If" so plz don't think im positive ill become a mod. I know you have worked very hard to get your position.)
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Yeah, get some new dreams.
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RaptorLC posted...
Yeah, get some new dreams.

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