How long does it take for Allen/Devin to respond to a feedback ticket?

#1Distant_RainbowPosted 11/11/2013 11:23:17 PM
I sent one a week ago.

And it still says 'Open'. Wouldn't it be registered as 'Filed' if he read it?

I don't think this is normal; the number of 'open feedbacks' fluctuate every day, which seems to show that he's reading and responding to the others, but not this one in particular. Any reason this is happening?

PS. It's a Throwback Mode feedback if that has something to do with it. Not something complaining about the change and wanting Throwback to stay forever, but some suggestions on what I want on the new layout that's on Throwback but not currently implemented.
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#2gmo7897(Moderator)Posted 11/12/2013 7:23:31 AM
None of us really know how those are handled, since none of us (the mods) have access to that part of the system. However, if I had to take a somewhat educated guess, just because it still says "Open", I don't think that exactly means he hasn't read it yet. Allen or Devin may have read it and chose not to change its status (I'm assuming they have the ability to set the status to whatever they want it to be). They may leave something as "Open" until they have a chance to address the ticket. In my mind, "Filed" means the ticket was read, considered, and stored away for future use (or non-use), but there's no immediate reminder that the ticket exists. I would think that they use the "Open" status, so they can see the ticket everytime they go through the open tickets.

It's either that, or they just weren't really monitoring the throwback tickets over the last week. As per Allen's post of SBAllin', this last week was pretty busy with behind the scenes stuff, and throwback issues and tickets may have been put on the back burner for the time being.

Those are my only guesses on the matter.
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