Why do all of the mods I see have at least 1000 karma?

#1J_AppleiPosted 1/6/2014 5:05:34 PM
I know that the minimum karma requirement for becoming a moderator is 351, but every single mod that I have seen so far have at least 1000 karma (much of the time they even have 2000, 3000, or greater amounts of karma). Are mods with less than 1000 karma just not around much or do users with less than 1000 karma just not bother applying since they might feel inferior to those with larger amounts of karma? Or am I just unlucky that I haven't seen one yet?

I have another question but it's sort of off topic. Let's say I apply to be a moderator when I have 351 karma and I fit all of the requirements (no karma loss violations in the past 30 days, good standing for over a year, used the word "defenestrate", etc.). Do users with greater amounts of karma have a better chance at becoming a moderator than I because of seniority (assuming they fit all the requirements I do)?
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#2billyb2004(Moderator)Posted 1/6/2014 5:19:55 PM
Karma isn't really the big factor when it comes to selecting new moderators. The last batch of new moderators mostly had under or around 2000 karma, some had just a bit over 1000 at the time.

There have been moderators in the past that have had less than 1000 karma when selected but it's not really a key indicator. Really all it means is that you've been on the site for a long period of time and more than likely have not lost a lot of karma. So if most moderators are selected have been on the site for at least 3 years, it may appear that karma means a lot but it really doesn't. If someone submits a good app and in whatever way stands out among other users with more karma, they can be considered but not based on just their karma number. Also many current moderators have applied more than once so they waited and applied again and when they were selected they had probably twice as much karma as they had when they first applied.

Just because someone has over 3000 or 4000 karma doesn't necessarily mean that they are more qualified or even more serious about considering applying and being a moderator over someone with less karma.

Kind of a long answer but hopefully it made sense. <_<
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That makes perfect sense. Thank you.

So if I were to submit an application on two accounts, one with 351 karma and one with 2000+ karma and put the exact same information on both and they were both very good applications... Would they choose the one with more karma over the other or would they just give both accounts the moderator status? This is assuming the accounts both have different IP addresses of course.
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You wouldn't have two mod accounts. The admin would (most likely) ask you which account you wanted your mod powers on and go from there.
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#5J_Applei(Topic Creator)Posted 1/6/2014 7:26:59 PM
Okay, thank you.
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