Info on becoming a Moderator! please!

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User Info: MentockMT

3 years ago#1
i recently (start of new year) applied to be a moderator...

i was at the point where i just fit all written requirements (lvl, no bad karma, etc.)

my question is about the general process...

right now im at "Application Status: Filed"

if you can... what is the general process and what are the chances (speculation accepted) of me being accepted...

i have only lost karma (1 or 2 points total) and that was middle of last year...

should i be hopeful?

or is it a rigourous process?

this info isnt really given during the "paperwork" process.... so if you can please enlighten me!


KiK/GC: Mentock
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User Info: Error1355

3 years ago#2
Any application that does not get rejected for failing to meet a requirement will be filed.

Chances are very slim for anyone who has applied. There are hundreds of applications and only a handful of moderators added during each batch.
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