So do you guys have good PC build recommendations?

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User Info: Death_Of_Effie

3 years ago#1
I've been piddling around the idea of building my own PC, but I don't know what kind of builds to use, such as video cards, hard drive, and the such. What do the mods here use?

Also, I can't find that site where it shows what kind of builds you can use and the total price for the equipment. I really can't seem to remember the name.
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User Info: gmo7897

3 years ago#2
It really depends on what you're using your computer for. All of my computers are stock builds - the way they sit on the shelf in the store. My computers all do what I need them to do, but I also don't do a whole lot of computer gaming. However, if you have some specifics as far as what you're looking to do, I would be happy to help in any way I could.

Just so you know, being a mod here doesn't mean we have killer computers or we are really computer geniuses. As long as we can access this site, we can be a mod. ;p
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User Info: OTACON120

3 years ago#3
I'm planning on building a new desktop PC soon (on a budget; less than $850), and here's the basic build I'm planning on putting together:

Nothing too exciting, but it should allow me decent gaming performance while also allowing me to do my work without complications. :D
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User Info: NightingaleMD

3 years ago#4

building made easy at every level of budget
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