The first major code change is live... Whew!

#1CJayC(Admin)Posted 7/12/2006 3:45:15 PM
No fix yesterday, but a big one today.

If you're browsing the main GameFAQs site, you may notice a couple of minor changes across all the platform and game pages. Specifically, we've converted those pages over to Smarty, a PHP template system, which has the effect of reducing several hundred thousand HTML pages down to 2. This will also (eventually) greatly reduce our maintenance overhead, not to mention the incredible amount of time it takes just to push an update live on the site (regularly 30+ minutes).

If you notice any odd glitches or errors on the new pages, please report them via the appropriate feedback form (

Assuming everything goes well, we'll be rolling out more and more pages under the new code (and getting them under the new design as well) over the next few weeks, until we've finally reduced the entire site to around just 20 pages.

Once upon a time everything was lovely, but that was before I had to deal with people.