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GameFAQs Topics Go Read-Only on GameSpot

#1SBAllen(Admin)Posted 5/7/2012 11:11:33 AM
Howdy all. Just wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on how things are going with the GameFAQs/GameSpot forum split.

As of now, all GameFAQs content on GameSpot is Read-Only. That is to say, GameSpot users can still see topics on the GameFAQs boards, but they cannot reply or create their own topics. In order to interact, they must log in to GameFAQs.

Now that we've gotten this far, we here at GameFAQs can begin to strip out all of the coding from our boards that was used to support posting from GameSpot. Once we strip out all of the unnecessary code from our own boards, we can begin to start upgrading our boards without having to worry about the upgrades working on two completely different systems. This means that we can finally start to add in much needed features for you all to enjoy.

Keep checking both here and on Message Board Announcements for the latest updates! You can also follow us on Twitter (@GameFAQs) or on Facebook ( to see these updates as well.
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