Favorite secondary skill?

#1WhPlaguePosted 10/26/2012 4:19:24 PM
What's your favorite secondary skill? - Results (9 votes)
Repair item
55.56% (5 votes)
Disarm trap
22.22% (2 votes)
Staff Recharge
22.22% (2 votes)
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The warrior's repair item skill, the rogue's disarm trap, or the wizard's staff recharge?
#2Recoome_is_godPosted 10/30/2012 10:16:38 AM
Repair Item is probably the most useful one in a co-op game if things get tricky early on, but considering how easy it eventually is to just TP back to the surface and have Griswold/Adria repair/recharge stuff I'd say that realistically there's no considerable advantage to any of them.

Disarm Trap is largely useless. It would probably be my favourite though if the traps themselves didn't just flat-out suck.
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