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6 years ago#1
What can you do to make sure your roller coaster's have high excitement rating but keep medium intensity ratings? all mine seem to be ultra extreme intensity and low excitement.
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6 years ago#2
Well, make sure it doesn't have too many loops or Corkscrews. And AVERAGE SPEED. Try not too make the coaster too high with fast drops. A good average speed would be around 20-30 mph.
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6 years ago#3
Small things that may increase your roller coaster's excitement rating are making a part or two go underground. Also, build lots of scenery around it, inside it,, make it really look good. If you're up on the highest peak of a roller coaster, seeing all the trees below makes for a good sight, and so does passing through a tunnel or so.

To reduce intensity, don't make sharp turns straight after a drop, give a few straight segments then have the track bend sideways while turning. Don't include too many corkscrews or those straight twisting tracks. Imagine you're on that roller coaster and picture when you'd need breathing space before the next drop.
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