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User Info: uberDave

5 years ago#1
I recently got this game btu I find it moves to slowly. I'm stuck on the mission right after leaving the home system (the one where you get bombers) and i wopuldn't mind replaying if everything weren't so slow. Is there a way to speed things up?

User Info: codysan87

5 years ago#2
None that I know of, aside from boosting the speed of every ship in a mod. But the game is meant to be slow by design.
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User Info: Luigi and Tails

Luigi and Tails
5 years ago#3
Indeed, the game was never meant to be a COD-style frantic fantastic. It's very lazy with the odd micromanaging.

If you want to speed things up, take a look at my ship editing FAQ on here. It'll tell you how to speed up ships if you're annoyed with anything larger than a frigate taking hours to travel a few hundred kms, and this is particularly effective on resourcers when combined with adding steroids to their resource collection rate. My own resource collectors move at 750m/s, can hold 2000 RUs of resources, and only take about 5 seconds to fill up.
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