We need the next Legacy of kain, BO, SR Where is it? Keep talkin it'll happen.

#1SeirsPosted 9/22/2008 7:07:39 PM

First off, we need to keep talking about this game make sure it gets done. LOK has got to be made. I would like to see a next-gen Blood omen 1 on some free-roaming Gta type game play incorporating all his powers from them. Getting around in wolf or bat form basically the same story line however placing some connections to the other games to promote continuity. This would be a beginning for most and new fans and a revisting for old die-hards. Then we can get a follow up to Defiance, the first of a two game sequel and conclusion. Cause we can't be off for 5 years and end it with one game. All I want is some damn confirmation someone up there talk yes they are making one but they're at a lost with all the bad luck or no we are not making one sorry, or we'll finish it in a graphic novel form please something. I have been checking for news everyday for the past 9 months ever since Bill Gardner said something for some news on the game but its only once in a while some one has something new to say. I need a new game we as fans need closure and with out this the coin is still turning and we gotta make it land on the side we want or land on its edge. But now that I think of it this could all be part of the Hylden's plan damn those heel-wearing fruit demons, they know the last game will have kain destroy them so they're having the game be put on hold from their banishment in the demon dimension. Wow they're good. (inna wanna kill them all kinda way) one ez