Has anyone ever thought of modding this game into what it was originally? SPOILS

#1YAMI_ANUBIS_XPosted 7/23/2010 7:40:32 PM

You know if someone had modding capabilities, they could use Soul Reaver on PC and turn it into the COMPLETE EDITION, you know the beta, which was completed but cut at the last minute cause they wanted to change the story to what it is now?

I mean if modders felt like it, they could just mod Soul reaver into the beta as in fight Kain in the time chamber and after that, you follow him to the mountain and when you get up there, you fight the priestess in the citadel, fight Turel and kill Kain.

You know that since theres a modder making a prequel, he could easily make Soul Reaver complete and use the knowledge and stuff off of THELOSTWORLDS to make it into a complete game.