Any newer similar games?

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7 years ago#1
Have there been any rpgs similar to the Might and Magic or Wizardry series released in the past few years on PC (or other systems too I guess)? Any other party based 1st person rpgs?
7 years ago#2
Elder scrolls 4 oblivion is simliar, in playstyle and feel and is available on ps3 360 and pc, I recently picked it up and its one of my favourite games now, it has been described as the only single person mrpg (no multiplayer online) there is so much to do and you can just wander around doing quests without advancing the story and the quests are varied in nature, my only complaint about oblivion is how the main land doesnt have alot of diverse landscapes but apart from that oblivion would be great choice for a similar game
7 years ago#3

I wouldn't say that Oblivion is all that similar to either MM or Wizardry. They are pretty different games, particularly in how the game mechanics work. Oblivion is not party or turn based and it doesn't an experience point system quite like any other RPG. It also very heavily emphasizes exploration and freedom making almost any part of the game accessible to you early on. It is another first person, single player RPG which there aren't a whole lot of around these days.

Another series of games that are similar to the Elder Scrolls games and maybe not quite what you're looking for are the Gothic games. I haven't played Gothic 3 yet, but G2 is a fantastic game and the first one is pretty good too. They are all first person fantasy RPGs. Fable is also a decent game.

If you're willing to step out of fantasy games, some other good first person RPGs include Deus Ex, Anachronox and System Shock 2.

7 years ago#4
I've got most of the games you mentioned. I still need to get System Shock 2 though, I've heard great things.
7 years ago#5
I just don't think they make games like that anymore....most people are satisfied with MMORPG :sigh:
You might wanna try wizards and warriors, a wizardry similar game. You can also try Lands of lore, haven't tried it myself but heard it was an ok game
7 years ago#6
I am playing icewind dale which is a cool game. SS2 is the best game I have ever played.
7 years ago#7
m@m 6 and 7 were very sweet, but no there is no other games like that. Oblivion does not compare. I am playing Icewind Dale right now and it is very fun. Not for everyone though, hard combat slugging d and d rules.
7 years ago#8
I tried Lands of Lore and it was a total buggy mess. Not even close to MM6.
7 years ago#9
Five Tigers///System Shock 2 is the best computer game ever made.
7 years ago#10

ALPHAM4G3 posted...
Icewind Dale right now and it is very fun. Not for everyone though, hard combat slugging d and d rules.

If you do like the combat and AD&D aspects of IWD than I would recommend The Temple of Elemental Evil. It's game that was clearly not entirely completed since parts of it are rather barren but it's decent enough that it's worth playing and it has the best combat engine I have ever seen in any game. It plays very similar to The IWD and Baldur's Gate games except that it's entirely turn based and it implements the AD&D rules pretty faithfully. If a game like BG2 had used that engine, that would have really been something.

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