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5 years ago#1
#1 - Ranger

Nobody is going to argue with this one.

#2 - Monk

This one seems a lot harder than it really is, mainly because nobody ever goes to the Barrows *just* for the Monk quest. Even then, it's not so much difficult as it is time-consuming. Even for a low-level party, nothing there should pose a great threat to you. Your biggest danger is getting paralyzed and (possibly) needing to head back to Stone City for a fix.

#3 - Knight

Pretty much the same as the Monk, except you have slightly more opponents to fight at once and you're required to kill them all. Still, Turn Undead and even a moderately-outfitted party should make short work of them. Even at low levels, you're far more likely to die from getting greedy and trying to open the disproportionately-hard-to-disarm chests that litter the mansion than you are from any (non)living thing inside it.

#4 - Cleric

Again, not really too hard at its core. Turn Undead more or less eliminates two thirds of the enemy threat in the Tidewater Caverns, and getting out there is a non-issue since you can just hop onto the water and "drown" your way over to the islands if you don't know Water Walk. It's not like you don't have a Cleric in your party to heal up afterward (because why else would you be so eager to get this quest out of the way so fast?) It ranks above Monk and Knight mostly for the inconvenience factor, since getting to the guy who gives it to you means taking a trip through a harpy-infested moor.

"Good luck and good gaming." -Klaravoyia
5 years ago#2
# 5 - Paladin

Now we're getting into the harder stuff. To a newbie, this seems like the hardest one by far. But because you only have one opponent - Wromthrax - the only thing you really need to take him down is patience. Even a level one party can take out a dragon by pinging it to death with arrows. But unless this is one of the first quests you do, you should be well-outfitted enough by the time you face him that you can kill him fairly easily. Assuming you have at least a fire magic expert, you can have two characters lobbing fireballs (this is a great place to use that wand you picked up on Emerald Isle), while the other two shoot arrows that are dealing an extra 2-12 points of fire damage.

# 6 - Sorcerer

This is the part where you need to start sorting out the difference between "hard" and "inconvenient". This is the promotion quest that involves the most travel, and it requires you to go to some pretty nasty places. However, the only real dangerous part to retrieve is in Avlee. Assuming you don't feel like fighting the water elementals, you can opt for a simple grab n' run - either way, you'll probably need water walk if you intend to survive.

# 7 - Druid

Much like the Sorcerer promotion, except with the added pain in the ass of keeping a fragile character alive long enough to reach the intended destination. The trolls in Tatalia shouldn't be too hard to handle with a Berserk/Fireball strategy, but the wyverns in Avlee are just plain evil. Compared to them, the fact that this is the only promotion request that requires you to finish another one first (Cleric) hardly even registers.

#8 - Archer

Lots of people talk about how hard the Paladin promotion quest is, yet nobody ever talks about this one. Even if you don't stick around to fight the medusas, your risk of stoning and paralysis is quite high. There are lots of potions lying around to combat this, but they're poisoned fruit to a low-level team, since you'll probably just get yourself killed by going for them. This is to say nothing of the oozes on the first floor. The only thing that really irks me about this quest, though, is that you have to travel across the entire damn continent to complete it (and, because the mine is tied to the main quest, you're far more likely to end up there before you ever set foot in Avlee).

#9 - Thief

This quest pisses me off. It pisses me off because, on the surface, it doesn't seem very hard at all. And I'm pretty sure it was designed that way on purpose. What looks like a simple grab n' go will annihilate a weak/unprepared party every single time. Unless you save/reload over and over again until you finally manage to slip past the guards, you're either going to have to do some fighting or cast jump like mad and still end up losing half your party on the way out. Of all the promotion quests, this is the only one where beefing up your survivability first is pretty much a requirement. And that sucks because there is no reason that this quest should be so damn hard. The magic class promotions at least offer you access to better spells. Rogues get, what, basic elemental magic? Yeah, really impressive. Go f*** yourself, Lasker.
"Good luck and good gaming." -Klaravoyia
5 years ago#3
Going to have to strongly disagree with your end order, mostly because I find the Thief promo quest relatively easy. I'd put it as this:
Ranger < Monk < Knight < Cleric < Paladin < Thief < Sorcerer < Archer < Druid.

You're really making me want to play some oddball class combination, however. :P
Ęther SPOON!
Resident junk computer part expert, owner of #aspoonedroom
5 years ago#4
Yeah, I looked back after I made that list and wondered that maybe I should've ranked Druid above Archer... I'm curious what your method of handling the Thief quest is that you don't find it as aggravating as I do.
"Good luck and good gaming." -Klaravoyia
5 years ago#5

I find the Archer quest by far the most irritating. If I had my preference, I would like to give Air Expert to my archer early in the game so I can use Expert Wizard Eye and save those points for my Sorcerer until later. And then when I decide I want to get to Master Wizard Eye, even the Sorcerer isn't good enough since you need the first promotion.

As the notes say it's hard to sneak in and out but even if you do, once you complete the quest you can't go back later when you're stronger and finish off the Medusas because the cave is sealed.

(message deleted)
5 years ago#7
I just, I don't know, kill everyone I meet? If I'm playing with a casting-heavy party, that means lots of sparks. Melee-heavy, I just beat the crap out of thieves with my monk(s). Yes, I utilize the Jump spell most effectively.
Ęther SPOON!
Resident junk computer part expert, owner of #aspoonedroom
5 years ago#8
I'd go Ranger, Monk, Cleric, Paladin, Knight, Sorcerer, Druid, Archer, Thief. Druid is only annoying because you have to do someone else's promotion to finish it. Archer is tougher, but maybe only because I always do it at around level 5.

For Thief, you need to be either higher level (to kill the Champions of Sword etc.) or have an upgraded Sorcerer and still kind of get lucky. I played a "no save/reload" game, and then it's *really* tough (pretty much have to wait until you can kill everyone).

(edited to fix a spelling mistake. Yep, I'm that guy)
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5 years ago#9
Oh, and also:
You *CAN* use invisibility while you are in there and just sneak out. It takes a hell of a lot of patience, and you'd need to have already done the Sorc promotion quest, but it isn't that bad. Just requires patience. :)
Ęther SPOON!
Resident junk computer part expert, owner of #aspoonedroom
5 years ago#10
I guess considering that I know exactly what to do and where to go, the order would be more like:

Sorcerer (I usually end up killing a few harpies, but everything else is reachable without fighting)
Druid (same, you run into some baddies but you never have to engage, although this one is by far the most inconvenient)
Paladin (I'm usually around Lv 7 when I get this one, but anyone could easily do it at Lvl 1)
Cleric (the first one where you have to fight stuff, but not that much stuff)
Monk (same as Cleric, but there's more to fight, and I usually get lost at some point in the Barrows)
Archer (although on the surface, it's not that hard. You can run by the 3 oozes in your way, rush the elevator, running by the medusas is super easy even if you don't save/reload, so you don't really have to fight anything. Like everyone, I tend to do this while saving the dwarves, so that increases the degree of difficulty. Just a bit, but still)

I'm still having trouble thinking anyone could do the Thief quest at low level without Invis, but I might just lack the skills.
"I don't know what a Hollaback girl is--I just know I want her dead." --Brian Griffin
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