Rogues are so OP 1-80s

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Well when I came back to EQ I wanted to make a rogue since I never had one past 13 in my 5 years of playing previously. Bought SoD starter pack for $2.50 and got into it. With a tank merc rogues are pure DPS gods most of the game. Purely due to the merchant poison bite of the shissar. It is essentially a proc that does usually twice the damage of a wizard nuke when it does proc. I got 63 on my rogue and about 130 AAs recently. My poison proc does 2700 on a regular proc which is more than DOUBLE a wizards nuke CRIT. Though the poison can crit for 5.4k which is insane in itself.

I find myself literally carrying people I group with. I enjoy grouping with people, and always invite people anytime I am alone and always seeing who is in my level range online. Though most the time unless they are a shaman/ench or someone who has a cleric merc. It really just feels pointless. I don't want to sound cock cause I am sure SoE prolly did this cause rogues weren't doing enough damage in raids. Yet when most your playerbase is still casual why make someone do 4x as much damage as anyone else?
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a well-played character can always standout. Its not that the class sucks. I have seen rogues played like they are boxed recently. Those players learn fast that lost potentials isnt rewarding & just being there doesnt mean anything to performance. To not perform at the level your expected to play will get noticed fast. Your guild will likely help you get to that level of play but if that fails you will soon find yourself out of most guilds.

Rogues were then & are now the one of the top classes in DPS IF the mob's back is to them. They always had the poisons. Its just nowadays alot more common to see those drops now.

Apathy also comes to play when you play a character for years. It takes some focus & determination to keep performing at the best you can play. Most encounters depend on when & where the DPS comes in to play the opportunity to burn the mob at a moment's notice.

But what if your always in burn mode where your peers need you to react to scripts of a raid encounter...

You could tend to get sloppy if others starts slacking.
You can pick up bad habits in your character's play when things dont do well in group and raids.

i honestly thought the recent skill addition with rogue getting triple attack was not needed. the backstab is like an autoattack of its own once its clicked. I always considered the rogue backstab as 1 round of an awesome 2Hander. Imagine connecting with flruries and multiple backstabs in 1 round. Imagin connecting good flurry damages + high multiple backstab damages.

however, i realize that after the fact that melee and hybrids in general are probably going to get a relatively similar boost in the future.
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Rogues were then & are now the one of the top classes in DPS IF the mob's back is to them

doesn't matter if the mobs back is to them anymore..
you can backstab from the front too... and even gain skill while doing it. it might still do even more damage from back, but you can backstab for considerable damage even in the front, face to face.. whlie soloing! and no it's not a rare thing, it happens all the time, unfortunately the few mobs that can backstab will also do the same thing, backstab to the face!!

they should just change the name to "vital strike" or "Juggular cut" or "weak spot stab" or something.. the only thing left is to make it so you don't need a piercing weapon, then it'd just be insane.
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hey let's not forget the throwing special abilities.. :)
rogues get a crit hit ability with throwing weapons, i think it starts around lvl 12, possibly depending on throw skill as well.. and from behind it becomes a deadly strike.

i forget the formulas but i think it was at least 8 times the damage rated from the front.. if i remember right back in the day i could do 36+ damage with a shuriken or throwing dagger rated for 4 dmg.. and that was with a very poorly equipped rogue, around 120 strength and dex.
and for the back i think you can double that... soooo..

if you could use something like this:

Skill: Throwingv2 Atk Delay: 5
DMG: 250
Required level of 70.
Effect: Precision Strike (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 80
WT: 2.0 Range: 250 Size: TINY

that's at least 4000 damage (if you crit from behind) plus the proc of 8000... i'm not sure who can use that item tho.

i know there used to be throwing boulders that dropped somewhere around north ro that were just about one silver each and could be thrown by barbarian rogues (was for large races only)... dmg rating was 32 if i remember right.. i know i had figured a rogue around lvl 20 could do about 600 damage with one.
why in the world would i capitalize the word i? it's NOT a proper noun.. we don't capitalize me.. most importantly a capital i looks like an L for some reason.
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This is weird news. I kept hearing time and time again that even with mercs rogues were the absolute worst solo class, and that other DPS classes were encroaching on their burst/sustained dps in groups as well.

I know for a fact that tank mercs (all but the absolute highest tier) absolutely cannot tank mobs past lev 70. This might be what people are referring to when they cite the difficulty in rogue's soloing....
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Rogues are still dependent on the rear arc and have to deal with all of the times other people who aren't become complacently lazy to maintain circle pins. Without backstab a rogue just autoattacking does less damage than the other melee dps classes autoattacking. Also, cannot triple from the front. Being too dependent on other class modifiers hurts in the group game... the TA skillup was nice but even for a raiding Rogue like me it was a 5% ish dps upgrade. Anyway Rogue is a class that comes into power near the end of expansions and has been for years; if you're not xping with Underfoot raid weapon melee you'll still be doing quite comfortable as a casual or raid caster dps.

The new poison system is really nice for the low level game and probably not balanced well though. It's a needle in the haystack at the top though ~.~

Here's hopin for an endurance revamp for all melee(including hybrids). =)

If you need any help or have questions pertaining to playing a rogue you can shoot me a tell on Tunare .. Umii is my name.
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Without backstab a rogue

but you are NEVER without backstab...

you CAN backstab from anywhere now.. even while soloing. skill increases and the damage is pretty darn good, it might be better if you are at the back, but it doesn't seem to matter from my experiences lately.

the poison that drops is actually pretty much over powered as well.. if you can find some place that drops it regularly for your level (only place i found was paludal, but that's the low level poison)
the second one, shissar 2 was doing 892 damage at lvl 36... that's almost a one hit wonder on some blue and white con mobs.

it also isn't to bad that you can easily max out all the important stats by level 35 with little effort and not even twinking.. a set of rough defiant armor should do it, actually i think i had about two pieces of ornate.. now i have a couple flawed, a couple ornate and 5 or 6 pieces of rough defiant armor and i have str, dex, agility, stamina all maxxed at 255 (can't go beyond that until i think 61) and wisdom is around 245.. and i've actually made more money then i've spent while going from 1 - 38.
why in the world would i capitalize the word i? it's NOT a proper noun.. we don't capitalize me.. most importantly a capital i looks like an L for some reason.
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turns out you can buy that poison and it's pretty cheap too..

poison merchant in Crescent Reach sells it for all levels, possibly other places as well, the version you get for lvl 35 does 1292 damage.. one application costs i believe it was ~6 gold, lasts one hour or i believe 60 procs, whichever comes first.. you'll probably get from 35 to 40 with about 5-6 of these.

the only bad thing i see is this basically makes poison making useless.. unless you want something other then damage.
why in the world would i capitalize the word i? it's NOT a proper noun.. we don't capitalize me.. most importantly a capital i looks like an L for some reason.
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Make poison is still pretty useful. Especially once you make the dd/aggro poisons that any class can use. Also the slow poison is still very useful.
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