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11 years ago#1
Official Patch:

The Ultimate Craft Pack. You haven't played XWA until you've played the game using this update. Basically it updates every model in the game, add a bunch of new ships, and a ton of other neat little things. Also included is the very scary 17.6km SSD.
**Note the system requirements, some might still have problems with it**

Complete sound updates. Go to the downloads section on the side.

NVidia cards have a text problem on some resolutions. The top one should work best at all larger resolutions.

The Ultimate craft pack fix. I needed it to beat on of the missions as a stupid frigate kept destroying itself. It sucked.

You'll need Xwing Install System install the "Xmod" UCP Patch.

Fun stuff to look forward to:

TIE Fighter total conversion. I'm still praying to every holy being that this gets finished. There hasn't been an update in a while, but I did email the creator last month and he promptly (3 hrs later) responded that it was indeed still active and that it was undergoing beta testing still.

XWing Alliance in the NJO. The site is down as of me posting this, but there was activity on the project within march of this year and the site was up earlier this week, so I hope it's just a small web problem.

Misc sites:

If you have a technical problem, chances someone here has had it too.

X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project:

Has a good list of links:

For the hardcore:
11 years ago#2
Awesome list here. If there are others to compliment this game please list them as well.
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11 years ago#3
'Bout time somebody put a list together. Esspecialy since there's been no record of it on this board since Emillist's (sorry if I got your name wrong) 3 year topic ended.
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11 years ago#4
11 years ago#5
Say Sa Da Tay and Feel Ok
11 years ago#6
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11 years ago#7

That site doesn't seem to have the UCP fix you speak of.
"Because it's written on a DISC. The disc never lies." - Horasu
11 years ago#8
Oh, now I feel stupid. There is was right in front of me the whole time. In big, yellow letters too. :(
"Because it's written on a DISC. The disc never lies." - Horasu
11 years ago#9
i wonder where the Star Wars Ep1-3 Extras are =)

Any word if anyone(s) working on them?
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11 years ago#10
Thank you a lot for the guidance, sir.
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