Questions on cheat codes. (Anyone still check these?)

#1Ejak2021Posted 1/27/2009 9:23:30 PM
It's been a while since I've played this game, and remembering how much fun it was (I was 7 years old, though), and seeing how turdy the Need For Speed series has been since then, I decided to play it some more. I remember the tracks in this series because each of them had a different character, like in Mario Kart (although not to the same extent), but you get to race with something faster than a dinky little kart. I think that my favorite tracks were in NFSIII: Hot Pursuit, but these were still awesome. Anyway, to my point: I'm too lazy to play through the game to unlock the tracks and cars, but I can't seem to get the codes to work.

For example:

The "unlock all tracks" code--TRACKS

I've tried just typing it in as "tracks", holding shift and typing it (TRACKS), and even turning on "Caps Lock" and typing it (TRACKS). I've done that in the first screen you see at startup, where you choose "single player", "multi player", stuff like that. I've tried it in the "single race" and "hot pursuit" main menus as well.

Am I doing it wrong?
You just lost the game.
#2GameFreakDuckPosted 1/31/2009 2:01:18 AM
You need the cheat enabler file from here:
#3Ejak2021(Topic Creator)Posted 1/31/2009 6:29:26 PM
Okay, thanks. Did you always have to do that or is it because I'm using a newer Windows?
You just lost the game.
#4Ejak2021(Topic Creator)Posted 1/31/2009 7:03:27 PM
When you run the HScheat program, is it supposed to be on screen for a second, then disappear? The codes won't work, and I'm thinking that an AntiVirus might be stopping it.
You just lost the game.
#5GameFreakDuckPosted 2/5/2009 3:55:13 AM
it is supposed to stay open.
i had problems with hscheat shutting down in 1sec or something but then i somehow managed to keep it on but i dont remember how (havent played this game in years..).
i'll try to figure it out