Can't get this to install. Help.

#1x-2tha-zPosted 7/4/2009 6:38:37 AM
I put in the CD and select Install but nothing happens. If I right-click setup.exe and run as administrator nothing happens. I'm using Vista 64bit. Anyone know how to get this to install?
#2mrle01Posted 7/5/2009 1:03:30 AM
Try this:

How to Install

* Press the Start Button
* Press the Run button.
* In the box type x:/setup.exe -Lgntforce Where x is the letter of your CD-Rom drive.
* Press Enter
* Follow the onscreen prompts.

Also check this to get the game running after you install it:,392.0.html

Those two forums have everything you need to knkow about getting SS2 installed and running.
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#3x-2tha-z(Topic Creator)Posted 7/10/2009 9:24:08 AM
^^^ That didn't work. Nothing happens when I enter it in run. When I shut down the PC after trying to run setup a message pops up saying it didn't install properly. I then select install using recommended setings and another message pops up saying it can't be installed on WindowsNT due to a DirectX 6.1 limitation. I'm using Vista Premium 64bit.

Anyone know how to fix this or am I wasting my time trying to get this to work?