*blows dust off board* Does the PS1 version of this have missing missions?

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4 years ago#1

I can't find certain places like for example the fairy lake for the reed mission. I checked all 8 areas and I can't find it. Among other things as well.
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4 years ago#2
Never mind, I figured it out.
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4 years ago#3
But figuring out how to beat Draak is another story. I barely take any life from him meanwhile I'm chugging life potions like crazy. I have the time orb but even when I use it, I barely put a dent in Draaks life bar. BS really.
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4 years ago#4
Are you still playing? Im surprised to see any new messages on this board!

I've found the best way to beat Draak is to use the spell MAGIC BOMB and just buy a butt load of mana potions. I attach the mana potions to my belt and just magic bomb him like crazy until his health is 50% then I use the time orb and magic bomb to death. Its really the only way you can beat him in the alotted 30 seconds the time orb gives you (this game is unforgiving in its difficulty isnt it?)

But yes no matter what class I used I always ended up using magic bomb, mana potions, health potions (A LOT OF THEM)
4 years ago#5
I can't even get his life down. I'd hit him a million times and his life doesn't decrease........and my guy is a badass. Draaks health bar is yellow, is that normal?

My armor/weapons are at insanely high levels. But when I "fight" draak, I'm constantly chuggin' health/mana potions at a ridiculous pace (about 2 a piece per 2 seconds).

This game was fun as hell until now. btw I found this game in my closet and figured I'd give it a try.
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4 years ago#6
Well like I said I never found use in my weapons when it came to fighting Draak, so your best bet is either the spell Thunder or Magic Bomb (I think magic bomb has a cheaper mana cost and it has a requirement of only 55 magic to learn the spell so better off with that one!). Anyways thats always how I beat him, even right now Im using a thief character and right from the beginning of the game I made sure to get my magic up to 55 just so I could learn the spell magic bomb. Im not gonna play a huge magic user either, but that spell works wonders on killing many tough baddies, especially Draak. Heres my plan of attack when fighting Draak
1)Buy a few dozen, or more, of each the mana and health potions.
2) Run around him in circles while casting magic bomb very fast (when you run while using a skill or spell it will skip the animation and cast it quicker, it makes for using the spells or skills with EXTREME quickness)
3) Constantly chug mana potions to keep magic bombing him non stop.
4) health bar reaches alittle before half and then use the TIME ORB (essential of course or else he will heal to full health!)
5) now the clock will tick down from 30 seconds and in that time I keep repeating steps 1-3 until he is dead.

Now if you're using my method for killing draak then it should work just fine. I just started my new file yesterday so I will have to get to Draak and fight him again to refresh my memory about the yellow health bar thing, but as far as I know my method will slay the beast that threatens the land of Uma.

I love this game :)
4 years ago#7
I gatta check my magic stats. I never really used it except for the life magic spell. If I don't have level 55 magic requirement, am I screwed?
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4 years ago#8
No not necessarily! You can always buy magic potions to increase your magic stat up to 55. Of course this will require that you get enough gold to buy it (it costs 9500 gold PER potion of a stat increase type of potion) and also you will need to have your inventory bag overfull to where you can no longer carry anymore items or pick up any new items. Now when you go to buy the potion from Elmeric normally you can only purchase one potion because when you buy it it will disappear and go into your inventory bag...well since your bag is overfull it has no choice but to drop instead at your feet. The potion also will not disappear from the purchase window, allowing you to buy as many as you can with however much gold you have. This is the trick I often used to cheat the game and make a super EPIC character that can really hold their own in the later levels of experience (such as expert, master, and legend style gameplay). Also note that this trick to getting more of the same item without it disappearing from the purchase window can be done with any item from any vendor. So if you wanted to duplicate a powerful ring for example....it can be done!!!

Anyways thats how you can get your magic up to 55 if you need to. I've never beaten Draak in any other fashion except to use magic bomb on him. Its just the only way you can hurt him quick enough to actually defeat him.

Btw my current playthrough is cheat free, I'll still use the trick if I need to get my attributes up by a few points, but I dont intend on making an epic style character...I want to play this game HARD and really earn those crystals this time. Though for those of you who have played master and legend level it is still terribly difficult even when you have attributes in the 900's
4 years ago#9
Okay, I'm gonna try what you said. Looks like I'm gonna need a crapload of money because of what I spent on life/mana potions. I appreciate your hints btw.

Kinda off topic but what's cool is that I had a dream last night about beating Draak.

I was getting my ass kicked by Draak as usual (except I was really fighting him, not my character)......and it was friggin' painful. But then some of the towns people suddenly appeared. The two mages were doing insane magic and the blacksmith was in awesome armor with two swords kickin' some serious ass. The hotel guy even got in on the action throwing fish at Draak. They were fighting Draak through multiple levels with environmental factors being an issue for Draak including (fires, falling boulders, more people appearing and fighting Draak, and lighting).

I was just in awe of what I was watching (what my mind created), then they all screamed "use the time orb!!!" So I used it and the ending of the game was awesome, sadly I forgot most of the ending by now. When my room temp at night hits the mid 80's, I get really cool or really bad dreams.
I want to talk like Jeff Goldblum.
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