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4 years ago#1
I use to play the HECK outta this game back in the day. Compared to other games these days, they are nothing like the unrelenting difficulty found in this misbegotten gem of a game. I mean by the time you get to the third land, on novice level, you really get hit where it hurts by the ememies. But I still loved this game, I made 3 characters an Assassin, a Wizard, and finally a Monk and it was with my monk that I beat this game over a dozen times. Anyways Im thinking about starting a file soon and seeing how long this game can hold my attention, hopefully beat it at least a couple of times!

I'll keep yall posted for as long I play, I hate dead gaming Boards *tear* :*(

Also I wanna hollar at my cousin Justin! Him and me were obsessed with this game back in the day and we always tried to one up eachother with who can find the coolest magic weapons and armor....I believe I won last time I checked hehehe
4 years ago#2
Alright guys I started a new file ^_^

I have beaten the game before, so I decided to use one of the new unlocked player character models. I am using the female thief with black hair and white streaks (she looks awesome!). I named her Valandra (she kinda reminded me of how Vala looked on Stargate so thats how I came up with my heroes name). I never liked the way the original female characters looked in this game but this model looks really good! She plays great too!

So I got started and went out to the land of Ardyl. I normal use the quick level trick, which is to fight all the baddies in the first land without using any level up points and without going into the dungeon or exiting the land, but I decided to see if I still leveled up just fine without doing that. Sure enough I used my level up points without trying to save them and I leveled up just fine! So I think that little trick is somewhat overrated. Anyways in the land of Ardyl I was set to the task of bringing the Sun Cross to Drakkus the dealer. I not only found the real sun cross but I made sure to steal the fake cross aswell (it sells for about 13,000 gold to perry the publican after the quest is completed). Drakkus turned on me and I slew him in his terrying demon form (he's chump change compared to my enemies ahead). I tried to steal a duplicate crystal of wisdom from him in his demon form but my steal skill wasnt high enough yet to grab it. You can cheat the game by having a extra usable crystal, it should be in the cheats section on here I posted it yesterday :P

I was so excited after I left Ardyl for the land of Terrnya that I went right into the dungeon upon finding it right when I came into the second land. So Dungeon diving before finding out the task at hand? Yea it turns out thats not a good idea hahaha! I had to leave the dungeon after searching it high and low for how to open this lever room. Anyways it turns out that this quest involved saving a chained up UNICORN! Whaaaaa? I hardly ever got this awesome quest! They are randomly generated from the beginning of every new game but some quests seemed rarer than others....anyways with the help of a fairy, she fly into the lever rooms and opened them up for me. I then had to face the evil Sorceror Felder who tried to capture the unicorn to use in his twisted experiments, this guy was tough! But still no match for my Thief and her +7 to hit throwing knife! I then proceeded to unchain the Unicorn and the fairy thanked me by giving me the crystal of VIRTUE.

Now I proceed into the land of be continued :)

btw I found that using a thief is perfect for when you want to play a straight game without using any gameshark codes. They are very balanced when it comes to the attributes and also they are specialized in long range combat, so less worry when it comes to taking physical hits from the enemies (save for the baddies who have ranged combat aswell yikes!) Also money is not as huge an issue if you level up your stealing skill, because you can steal a TON of magic items from your enemies before killing them right from the very beginning of the game. Most of the items I have stolen so far are magic items and they are more expensive than the items they drop when killed. At least for the first lands, its not until later that baddies drop powerful magic items; even then I can steal some powerful stuff from them. I have been able to accrue wealth faster with my thief than any other character.
4 years ago#3
Upon arriving in Marghor I searched the land ad discovered that it was going to be one of my favorite quests in the game "The Eye of Ra"! This quest is another rare quest and it is one of the most involved quests of the game. YAY!!!!! Anyways I speak with a blind monk who lost his faith and wishes to see again with the eye of ra. I also stumble on some temple ruins with rotted food left as an offering. I drop some fresh fish on the remaining offering stones in front of the ruin and THE DIVINE ERAS appears before me. He has no followers left and needs my help. So on to the dungeon! This dungeons puzzle was one of the most difficult in my opinion. You had to gather 3 statues and two ocular globes per statue to be able to pick up the statue...WHEW this dungeon requires you to navigate ALL its rooms, no speed run for this place! Anyway I got the statues and had to figure out where to place them on this sun dial in order for the room to open. I had to look up the correct placing because the clues the game gives were too vage to figure it out on my own...*sigh* well at least I accomplished the task. I give the eye of ra to the blind monk and behold his sight returns! He gives me a magnifying glass in return...WHAT? thats hardly a fair trade......anyways I get to use the magnifying glass on a signpost at an island in the land that gives me the correct directions to navigate a minefield and reach a treasure chest. Inside I find a blank bible? So I go to ERAS and he inscribes his divine teachings to the bible. I give it to the monk, go back to Eras and he gives me the crystal. Now come to think of it, isnt a crystal in good protection in the hands of a god? Well I suppose Draak is trying to reach the level of Godhood so I suppose he would have fought Eras for it at some point....anyways this game rocks!!! Btw it took me HOURS for this particular land and dungeon, very involved quest.

Now on to the land of Dywahd! This quest turned out to be the one called Horgans Amulet I believe? Anyways I had to kill an orc for this guy Horgan and he gave me his amulet so I can open the dungeon, simple enough right? The dungeon itself was a trial of defeating three powerful monsters that were raised to protect the crytstal from Draak. Which was perfect because around this time in the game I was able to purchase a powerful bow that did 20-24 damage, had 87 durability and also had +10 to hit, VAMPIRE 20% life per attack, and +9 damage points! Freaking COOL weapon, and perfect to slay these powerful beasts. I slew the beasts (and they were tough) and grabbed up the crystal in no time! I really like my thief character Valandra, she is turning out to be a good choice.

Now on to the land of Omar! To be continued...
4 years ago#4
Wow guys its been awhile since I gave an update! I got my computer back not long ago after a short hiatus but during that time I still played Darkstone! (more so because I had nothing else to do.) Anyways on to it! :D

I got to the six land and was doing great until some of my Crystals DISAPPEARED!!! I made the mistake of keeping them in town near a tree stump in the back, all neatly dropped. Well They were fine and occassionally I would check on them before I saved but lo and behold at the beginning of the sixth land I go to town and two of my five crystals had vanished! So I had to start a new file on novice level with the same character. I took Valandra on kind of a speed run to get back to the sixth land and resume it like nothing had happened. This time I kept the crystals in my inventory, just to be safe. I was able to beat the first 3 dungeons in just two hours!!! YAAAAYY! hahaha :) But after that I had to slow down and really fight the monsters, becuase they were beginning to become "fight worthy" again.

I got to Draaks lair and when I fought him he was WAAAAAAAY tougher than I remembered! But I had learned Magic Bomb (and learned it up to level 3 so it was more powerful) and I stocked up on a butt load of health and mana potions. The trick to beating Draak is to run around him in circles, Magic bombing him, ignoring the wyverns, gulping down health and mana potions, and using the time orb BEFORE he reaches half health...continue this and he will be SLAIN! Keep in mind I died trying to beat him about 5 times before I finally slew the montrous beast.

Right now I have moved on to the EXPERT tier of difficulty and am currently doing the reeds quest in the land of be continued :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~HERE BE SPOILERS BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~
When you beat Draak he drops the Astral Hand, a Dragon Scale, and a key, and sometimes a piece of armor or a weapon (usually nothing of note, and often weak). The Astral Hand is what you use on the Monolith in town to beat the game. You use it and one of the townsfolk will walk up to you and thank you for saving the land and roll credits. If you have any items you wish to sell before the game ends make sure to aviod Garth, Annie, and the Chicken (for some reason lol). So run to Elmeric, Gunther, Irma, Perry or Dalsin and do what you gotta do before talking to the other townspeople and finishing the game. The Dragon Scale is used for a specific room in Draaks Lair. Its a room with four Dragon symobls on the floor. You use the scale on each symbol and the symbol will give you elixirs for stat increases, other than that Im not sure what else to do with the scale? Now as for the KEY use it on the locked gate right behind Draak's Throne and you will find a HUGE pile of GOLD to loot!!!!...So it looks like Dragons do carry a treasure hoarde...:))))))))) Also you get new character skins to use for making new characters. My current character is the new thief skin, because I had already unlocked this :P
4 years ago#5
I fell out of playing as of late....I hope I can get in the mood to continue this fun game!
4 years ago#6
Once again....Im thinking about playing, we'll see.
4 years ago#7
If only the military were in charge of politicians, instead of the other way around.
4 years ago#8
Have you ever thought about playing a game, but you're not motivated enough to put the game in and turn on the system? haha =P

I keep posting on this thread because I dont want it to become "archived"...Im keeping the hope alive!
4 years ago#9
Have you ever thought about playing a game, but you're not motivated enough to put the game in and turn on the system? haha =P

Happens to me all the time.
If only the military were in charge of politicians, instead of the other way around.
4 years ago#10
I still havent beaten GTA San Andreas and thats another game thats on my mind.
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