This game is AWESOME!

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4 years ago#11
That game was always on my mind hence I'm a huge fan of the series. I bought it via xbox LIVE. It was fun but short lived.
If only the military were in charge of politicians, instead of the other way around.
4 years ago#12
If any one cares i know a very good method for gaining your stats up but it's really time consuming and you need a good amount of gold. I'll tell if anyone wants to know.
4 years ago#13
Sure, lets hear it.
If only the military were in charge of politicians, instead of the other way around.
4 years ago#14
I will but since I haven't played this game in 2 years I have to remember every step and I can't mess up one of them but I will get right back into this game today or tomorrow. I remember that I used it though. I promise I will post it only problem is I forgot some of it.
4 years ago#15
On second thought I will just shorten it. It's nothin but playing the game all the way until the elixirs become available to buy. Spend whatever money you have on one of the stat raising elixirs then starting a new quest up till that point again and just buy another potion type. As stupid as it sounds it's worth it. It's very important to save your gold till that point. Gold will be the only problem. Playing scenarios that allow you to sell artifacts make this faster because you it gives plenty of gold. Sorry for getting every one hyped up about this but that's all there is to it.
4 years ago#16
Yea...I already knew that haha. But thanks anyway!

...I still havent continued my file yet. Im afraid I simply lost the motivation to play. Maybe in another year I will reconsider.
4 years ago#17
Don't feel bad, I almost never finish games anymore.
4 years ago#18
Yea I dont know what it is but it seems like I dont finish games either! I used to be totally absorbed when I was younger, but now its like...whatever lol. Maybe I will get the spark to pick back up some of these games I wanna finish.
4 years ago#19
For some reason this game just popped in to my head. I played it way back in the day, and I'm 21 now so I was pretty damn young when I played this. 11? 12? Had no idea what I was doing. I remember shape shifting I think. Werewolf? I might play this soon ><. Is it actually good, fanboyism aside (no offense, but if you post on this board in 2013 you're probably a little bit of a fanboy/nostalgic as **** lol)?

Edit: lol. After youtubing this game, I either am thinking of the wrong game or my memory was TERRIBLY flawed. This looks nothing like I remember. I wonder if the game I remember even exists. It was more of a standard third person game in my head, not isometric. Hmmm...
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4 years ago#20
Are you thinking of Project Altered Beast?
I like cheese.
I'm a completionist so of course, I will finish it all.
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